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Review #1, by Logamind Forgetting You

2nd October 2011:
Hey it's Logamind here.

Sorry this took so long, I actually thought I had reviewed this but clearly my mind has gone to mush. Thanks for participating in the challange!

This was a lovely one shot. Such a sad ending. Poor Blaise you've just increased my dislike for Ron. The way Blaise just lets her go even though he realises he loves her.

The characterization of Blaise especially was wonderful. Hermione was also well written but Blaise stood out. Especially when he caught Hermione with Ron.

This was a really good little story.


Author's Response: Aww, thank you very much, love, it means a lot to me. And I enjoyed writing this, a lot. :) Thank you for making a great challenge!

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Review #2, by DracoFerret11 Forgetting You

23rd September 2011:
Hey there, it's DarkRose from the forums. First off, thank you for participating in the challenge!

Good job working the pairing through the story. I really liked your characterization of Blaise and Ron. Hermione, I wasn't so sure about. I feel like you made her a bit too fickle. :/ Hm. Personal opinion, there.

Okay, plot-wise, I think this story was pretty good. I wish there had been more to it, you know? But it worked. I just wish I could've seen parts of the three months they were together or something like that. (On that note, if you could add in more descriptions, it might help with conveying the story.)

Good job, overall, though. The end surprised me. I wouldn't have expected Blaise to just walk away from her like that, but I liked it a lot. I think it was the better decision for him, though I was really sad that he'd fallen in love with her, just to have his heart broken. Bummer...

Good job, though! I'll let you know about the results in the Challenge thread after the deadline. So check there sometime after October 15th to see if you won! :]


Author's Response: Ah, thank you for your review. The trio was never my prefection, especially Hermione. I didn't know how to write her, so I just made her my own instead. Blaise was pretty easy, though.

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Review #3, by sam Forgetting You

21st September 2011:
What?! no happy ending?! that's horrid! and it's a one-shot... is there going to be more? it just can't end like that! O.o

Author's Response: No more xD It ends like that, teehee.

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