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Review #1, by Dmlong chapter three - Major Buzz kill

27th February 2012:
Well at least now I know why she dislikes James so much. I think it's time to get over a childhood grudge though. I see potential in those two. :) Or maybe her & Freddie, who knows. Update soon!!!

Author's Response: Like i said most of the storyline is based around them three. But keep reading the next chapter is going through edits it'll be up before this week over. :D Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #2, by Dmlong Of Potter boys and old friends

27th February 2012:
Aw poor Delilah. Why is she so hateful towards James? :( So is she just going to be living alone? Just wondering. Keep up the great work. :)

Author's Response: Well i can't tell you it would ruin the surprise.Thank You for reviewing, keep reading you'll find out sooner or later

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Review #3, by Bella Bug chapter three - Major Buzz kill

21st February 2012:

Ok this is a great story a little jumpy and strange areas where you decided to switch perspectives but really good! I like the fact that you recounted the same scene from both perspectives just be sure when you do you change it a bit more it gets a little repetative (sp?) (Wow apparently my spelling doesn't want to be smart today lol)

Anyway! I love the idea of the entire story and the fact that it's jumpy reflects Delilah's head but when you go into James' POV try and make it more clear because there were times when I was lost because of all the jumping around.

Great story idea! I love the 'vision' angle!

It's kinda strange how Delilah's only 14 and she's living by herself, you make her seem a lot older when you right and makes you think what year she's going in when it's obviously 3rd...but I guess the loss of a family forces you to become more mature...but she's still not quite the right maturity level.Idk how to say it... :P DON'T GET ME WRONG I LOVE THE STORY!!!

So because you left me a laugh out loud review I decided to review your story too and it definatly deserves more than one review!!! So keep writing you really have talent!!

Bella Bug

Author's Response: How i met your mother is my favorite after Frirnds of course.
Thanks for reviewing. I'll try make things more clear with the pov jumping,
Delilah is complicated, i just want to show her in the right way with out making her to depressing.
I love your story to. it's interesting and original.

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Review #4, by Dmlong The beggining

15th October 2011:
I am loving this so far! :D

The ending was really sad, but your doing a great job with the story. I can't wait to read more! :)

Author's Response: Thank you. This is my first fanfic so I'M worried i might screw it up.Hopefully it lives up to your expectations.
i've updated it chapter three will be up in the next few days.
Thanks again for reviewing

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