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Review #1, by Crazy101 Hogsmeade

22nd July 2013:
First review for new chapter! Huzzah! All hail oh mighty one!

Err. sorry. Got a bit carried away. Anyways, amazing story!!! Continue, eh?

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I will continue with this story but I can't really make any promises in terms of regular updates... x

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Review #2, by monopoly Run, Rest, Recover, Repeat

29th January 2013:
UPDATE PLEASE - I waited for this to be updated for so long and even though I'm supposed to be preparing for my assessment I'm here reading!:D

Author's Response: Thanks so much, but I'm absolutely swamped with school work and just life in general, so updates will be few and far between for a while :( X

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Review #3, by imacullenpottergirl Run, Rest, Recover, Repeat

28th January 2013:
Omgosh. Can I just tell you how excited I was to see that this was updated? I was so happy. This is probably one of my favourite stories on here :)

Harmony's character is really developing well, and so is James's!! We are seeing a more gentle side to him, which is just adorable :) I'm glad Harmony is realising that she needs to open up more, and make more friends. Maybe get closer to James? Im sure well all like that ;)

Great chapter aswell, very well written, and it's good to read another chapter after a while. I've missed it!! But I totally understand. Sometimes life just gets in the way, and not matter how hard we try, we choose sleep over writing. It happens to the best of us ;)

And it's the holidays anyway!! Well, they are nearly over, 2 days for me until school. Yuck. Just plain disgusting.

Anyway, great chapter, and I am looking forward to the next one!!!

- Abhi

Author's Response: Yay! I was pretty excited to get another chapter up after so long, and I'm glad you liked it. I think I'm finally figuring James out, and my plan is for Al and Fred and the others to all be central characters, so I'll keep working on that. :)

I start school on the 1st of Feb, so not looking forward to it - I haven't done the homework or read the books or anything so I'm pretty stressed. Hopefully I can get my shit together and organised in the next couple of days.

Thanks so much for the review, I really appreciate it! X

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Review #4, by Immy Not a Quitter (generally speaking)

9th December 2012:
I have read all of these chapters and think that this is a great story. Please please please write some more/ continue this brilliant story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am still writing, but I'm at a bit of a loss and things aren't flowing as nicely as they were a few weeks ago. I promise I'm working on it - hang in there! X

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Review #5, by Scar Face Awkward

4th December 2012:
Great chapter, can't wait to read the rest! :)

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Review #6, by Gaylord Focker Awkward

4th December 2012:
I really loved this chapter!! James is so cute

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Review #7, by Bob Hawke Because I Can't

4th December 2012:
Such a good chapter I thoroughly enjoyed reading it :)

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Review #8, by mrsronaldweasley262 Not a Quitter (generally speaking)

4th November 2012:
I think this is one of the best written stories I've ever read! Seriously, it's so good! I love Harmony. She's such a real character, and even with all that dark stuff in her life that she has to deal with, she doesn't let it consume her. This story is awesome and I find Harmony's sarcasm to be really funny! I liked when she was talking aboute Fred and Dart's eyes darting towards her and then she says 'ha. darting'.

Im glad that this story is so real and it's not all 'oh my god I'm so hot and so cool and so crazy.' Because that's not how most people are and this story really shows how someone who seems really normal has all these different sides to her. I'm really hoping that she starts to come more out of her shell with James and co.

Wow, this review is pretty long. I guess your story is just that awesome! :)

Please keep writing and update soon because I love this story and I really want to see what happens when Harmony goes shopping with the girls and what happens during lunch. Well, acutally I just want to keep on reading and reading. I truly love your writing style!

When the time comes for her to buy a dress, can you explain it in depth? I love hearing about what people wear (I know it's kind of weird). Also, I think Harmony's dad should make a surprise appearance and totally shake up her life when things start to get really good (aka if/when she and James finally get together as a real couple)!

But that's just an idea and I'm sure you've already got a really great plot all sorted out. :)

Thank you for writing such an amazing story!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much. This review actually has me smiling like an idiot, I really appreciate you taking the time to write all that stuff down! It's such a compliment.

I do see Harmony as a real character, because parts of her are very similar to parts of me. I also find writing her in the first person pretty natural, because I just ask myself how I would respond in that situation, and the answers usually come quite easily.

I have a few different ideas in mind for her dress for the Ball, but I'm sure I'll describe it in detail! I don't want to give anything away about future chapters but if her dad appears - still a very big if - it won't be for a long time. Right now I'm just focusing on the Hogsmeade trip. :)

Thank you very much for this amazing review. Hopefully I'll get another chapter up shortly! X

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Review #9, by lilyandscorpius Not a Quitter (generally speaking)

4th November 2012:
THIS STORY IS ACTUALLY AMAZING! I was a little doubtful at first, because most stories without banners suck, but I saw the amount of reviews and read this. THANK GOODNESS I DID! This is absolutley incredible.

Author's Response: Haha thanks, I really want a banner but I can't quite figure out the process... thanks for the lovely review. X

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Review #10, by BBWotter Not a Quitter (generally speaking)

28th October 2012:
okay, I'm a silent reader, and this story is actually kinda beautiful, I cant wait to read more. AND I LOVE HORMONY'S SARCASM! (just putting it out there :)) And Jimmy is just too cute!

Author's Response: Yay for reformed silent readers! I love Harmony's sarcasm, too. And I love James, haha. X

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Review #11, by SwiftPotterhead Because I Can't

28th October 2012:
So good. I love this story and can't wait to read the next chapter. Actually, I'm going to cut this review short so I can read it now- bye!

Author's Response: Haha aww, you're sweet :) X

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Review #12, by Akash Parvatikar Not a Quitter (generally speaking)

23rd October 2012:
You shouldn't care what people think about U or ur stories.. U just should love to write... no matter what and yeah.. The stories are coming up pretty good.

Author's Response: I know, and it's really easy to say that, but as much as I love writing, I am conscious of other people's opinions. I don't want to be writing a story, thinking it's alright, when there are people out there thinking it's really stupid. It is reassuring when I get positive reviews but sometimes I just get really preoccupied with wondering what others will think. X

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Review #13, by Akash Parvatikar Delinquents: Part Two

23rd October 2012:
You said me to write something and I wrote.. I think U have to introduce some of harmony's friends..

Author's Response: Thanks for responding to that! One of the big things about Harmony is that thus far, she doesn't have any friends. I thought I'd made that clear? X

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Review #14, by Akash Parvatikar Fix it All

23rd October 2012:
I would say it is a bit dull... I think you have to make it a tad cheerful..anyways, nice work!

Author's Response: I'm still in the indroduction stage, developing Harmony as a character and revealing her backstory, which admittedly is not very cheerful. However she is undergoing a change, so hang in there. Thanks for the review. X

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Review #15, by imacullenpottergirl Not a Quitter (generally speaking)

10th October 2012:
What are you talking about?! Pathetic?! Gah! Perfect more like! Another great chapter, and I can't wait to see what happens next! James was adorable in this chapter, and Harmony was just, harmony. Snarky and sarcastic as usual.

Oh darling, I promise to always leave a review, so now at least you will always have me. Not that i'm worth much, but yeah.

I totally know what Harmony was going through in this chapter, running is death for me. Argh. I need to get fitter.

The first bit in this chapter about Marcus and Harmony was quite enlightening, and adorable. Keep him please?! He is so sweet.

Another great chapter!
- Abhi

Author's Response: Oh my god. I love you. Like, actually. I look forward to reading all of your future reviews.

And running? Running is my enemy. If I had to eliminate one thing from existence, it would be running. I just had basketball training today and it was TORTURE. But I sort of promised myself I'd get fit for summer, or something, so I'm going to work on that. Maybe. Wish me luck.

Thanks so much. X

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Review #16, by argetlam shadeslayer Not a Quitter (generally speaking)

8th October 2012:
No, no, I loved it! This chapter was the farthest thing from a load of rubbish. It was wonderful, and I absolutely loved it, every bit, from Harmony's flashback and the interaction between her and James. Seriously, I really enjoy reading her internal monologue - she's so snarky and honest - and I thought you developed the relationship (dare I say it, friendship?) between Jarmony (yes, Jarmony; I now ship Jarmony, it's pretty hardcore) rather beautifully. There were so many wonderful, raw moments in this, and it was perfect. Loved it. Fantastic job! I can't wait to read more. (:

- emma

Author's Response: akjhgaskdj Jarmony! It's funny, I hadn't thought about a 'ship' before but the thought came to me when I was in the shower (as thoughts tend to) and I think Jarmony sounds cool. Thanks so much for the review, keep reading love. X (and we have the same name)

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Review #17, by Karen Not a Quitter (generally speaking)

8th October 2012:
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that this is the very first HP fanfic I've read. I was a little nervous about someone ruining the Hogwarts atmosphere, but I have to say, you're doing a really great job. You've got a good story going, some great original characters, and you're doing a good job bring James and Albus to life. I'm intrigued by Harmony's story, and you've done a nice job weaving her backstory in gradually instead of dumping it all in the first chapter, as some would do. If I were giving a grade, I'd give you an A. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Wow, you're lovely. This is so nice to read, and I'm glad I haven't ruined HP for you! Thanks so much for the review. Keep reading. X

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Review #18, by countrymusicfanatic Meditating

9th August 2012:
This story has been really great so far! I can't wait to see where you take this and I want to hear more about all of the Weasley's and especially James' backstory. I hope you continue to develop James more because he's still a bit of a mystery. He seems to get a lot out of her but he doesn't really talk about himself. Anyways, update soon! ! !

Author's Response: Thank you so much, you're too kind. I'm having a burst of inspiration at the moment, or something along those lines, because I'm going back and editing the first few chapters (they were much worse than I remember them) at the same time as writing ahead. James is proving quite difficult - it's like I know what he's like and how he thinks, I just don't know how to write that shit down. It's quite frustrating, but we'll get there, I'm sure. Thanks for the lovely review. X

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Review #19, by imacullenpottergirl Meditating

4th August 2012:
aw, that was such a cute chapter. Thank you, and yes, it was definitely worth the wait.

Author's Response: glad you think so, i'm sorry it took so long. x

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Review #20, by Hannah Don't Call Me Jimmy

8th May 2012:
hey! I just wanted to say i LOVE this story, and I'm dying to find out more! You're a really good writer, please keep it up! Hannah xoxo

Author's Response: thank you so much, reviews like this honestly make my day. let's hope the next installment will be up soon, so you can find out :) x

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Review #21, by D Positive Thinking (or something like it)

5th May 2012:
This chapter, this whole story, is so damn good.
Her sarcastic thoughts are hilarious and how you write the other characters, esp the potter boys, is so amazing.

Author's Response: thanks love, means a lot :)

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Review #22, by owlalwayslove Don't Call Me Jimmy

2nd May 2012:
Go for the long chapters! I love it!

Author's Response: thankyou :) to be honest I think longer chapters are better, so I'm going to work on that x

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Review #23, by blackangelwings Don't Call Me Jimmy

21st April 2012:
good chapter, update soon!

Author's Response: I'm struggling a bit, but hopefully it isn't too far away x

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Review #24, by x Positive Thinking (or something like it)

2nd April 2012:
oh al. i love that boy.
just add more of him and their bromance please :)

Author's Response: More of Al coming soon, :)

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Review #25, by foandac Positive Thinking (or something like it)

2nd April 2012:
The flashback. is so good.
I knew it would be family issues. gah its so intense!

Author's Response: I'm really glad you liked it :)

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