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Review #1, by AlexFan Dear Teddy

5th December 2013:
I like where this is going. Although I have to say that Victoire's experiences in France are kind of putting me off of visiting there. It doesn't sound like a very pleasant time by the looks of what she's going through.

I love how sarcastic she is though, it's like she's being serious about what she's sayin but you can tell that she's really not. And I look forward to reading some more about Victoire's adventures because they sound really interesting.

They're bound to be more interesting given the fact that they're being told from her point of view. I like this Victoire, I always get so excited when I come across stories that have Victoire Weasley with an actual personality and some more depth to her than just being mean.

As for that ending, I thought she got robbed for a couple of seconds but then someone was apparently in her room. I have a feeling it's Teddy but I'm not entirely sure about that assumption.

If it is him though, I feel like the next chapter is going to be incredibly cute. Speaking of which, you should definitely update whenever you have to the time so that us reader's can find out who is in Victoire's flat.

Author's Response: No don't worry, France is a wonderful place, this girl is just cynical! You will have a lovely time there, and I must say I am jealous :)

And thank you for the review, and I know, and update is needed, I hope to put one up soon!

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Review #2, by Flying mandarin Dear Teddy

21st November 2013:
Hi there!
I really enjoyed this first chapter! I like Vic's personality and her relationship to her sister! Your writing is easy ad fun to read, yet very descriptive and complete!
Your french seems good but it's le métro instead of la! I'll be delighted to read the next chapter.
Keep writing

Author's Response: Thank you! My french is a little rusty it's true, so any corrections are welcome!

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Review #3, by nightingale14 Dear Teddy

26th February 2013:
Also, I love this story and deffo think you need to keep writing it. It did make me happy :)

Author's Response: HOW GOOD IS IT!? Thanks for the review, though I doubt you'll ever read my belated response :)

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Review #4, by Chloe Dear Teddy

17th December 2011:

I really really really liked this story, it was very well written (in contrast to all the crap written in a voice that seems like a hanna montanta-obessed 10 year olds that I seem to be coming across very often on hpff). This is the first of your stuff that I have come across and I'm off to read the rest!


Chloe B

Author's Response: Well thank you very much for the kind words (:

I'm very happy that you liked it (and that I don't sound like a hanna-montana obessed 10 year old) and hope you like the rest just as much!

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