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Review #1, by Aether You don't deserve this

22nd May 2012:
Nice job! I am intrigued by Rose, though. It's very interesting how cruel she is in this one-shot. I don't think I ever imagined any of the trio's kids being like that. But now that I think on it, they did grow up around fame and all sorts of potentially corrupting influences. Your story is very original and well-written! I really enjoyed it. 10/10


Author's Response: Thank you very much! This review really means a lot to me, actually - recently I've been busy and distracted and so haven't updated/promoted any of my stories in so long, and as a result of that I haven't had any reviews or even just views on them in months. It made me feel even more lazy "Ah, no one cares anyway, there's no point in updating/writing anything more" but now just coming on and seeing a random review has really made me want to continue you writing - specifically with my story Obliviate. Anyway, thank you very much!! Megan xxo

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Review #2, by Luna Dominique Potter You don't deserve this

5th April 2012:
This is really good!
I could see all your characters in my head perfectly and each of them had a distinct personality. Great characterization!
Also, you're really good at writing all of Dominique's emotions. I literally felt all these things with her.
I like your slight cliff-hanger there, too. I like to imagine that Scorpius breaks off with Rose to be with Dom. ;)
Anyway, awesome story. 10/10. :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I really enjoyed writing this - although it was a bit of a struggle - and I think it's the piece of work I'm most proud of so I'm glad you like it :-)

And that's great that I managed to make you feel Dom's emotions and empathise with her - I've personally never been in a situation like this so I'm glad I managed to portray her feelings as correctly as I could.

Hahaa, I'd like to think so too! You never know ;) Thank you very much again -

Megan xo

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Review #3, by Roots in Water You don't deserve this

23rd December 2011:
It's your secret santa (who's not so secret anymore...)!

This was very touching. I could feel her regret and guilt very clearly from her words and it was heart wrenching. To be so close, and yet still so far from the one you love is awful and worse still the one she loves is in love with someone else. Poor Dominique!

You described her very well- she was very clearly in love and yet you could still sense her youth. She worked perfectly as a contrast to Rose, making you hate Rose and ache with sympathy for Dominique. You wrote those characterizations very well and I think that you gave good reasons for Dominique to be "evil", incorporating canon into it. It wouldn't be a problem for her not to be as intelligent, except that she forces her brother to do her work for her- false pretences. It wouldn't hurt so much for Rose to be with Scorpius, except that she isn't faithful at all and is only using him to hurt Dominique. You wrote Dominique in such a way that made me want to tell Scorpius myself... I wish that Scorpius didn't have such blind faith in his girlfriend.

The way you wrote this was very well done. Dominique's voice is clear and you wrote the story so that it feels whole, though it's not too long.

The one thing I noticed was though Dominique criticized Rose for wearing too much makeup, she herself was concerned when she met Scorpius during the Christmas break with only "minimal makeup" on. I realize that this is something that most teenage girls would be concerned with, but I did find it a little odd/hypocritical for her to be so concerned about the amount of makeup she was wearing.

I definitely enjoyed reading this and I must say that I'm so glad that I was chosen to be your Secret Santa. I don't read too many Next Generation stories, but this story has made me interested in reading others. I think that this was very well written- you did a great job with it!

Author's Response: Secret Santa! Thank you very much for reviewing all of my stories, I really appreciate it :-)

I do worry about characterisation - have I added enough depth? Are they like real people, or are they Mary Sue's? - and so I'm glad you liked it!

Yes, Dominique is quite hypocritical there - but she is hypocritical throughout the chapter. She is angry at Scorpius for being blindly in love with Rose, but she feels the same towards him. She is angry at Rose for being with Scorpius all the time, but if she was his girlfriend then she would never leave his side. She is annoyed that Rose wears so much make-up and still looks natural, but then when she comes face-to-face with Scorpius then she wishes she had put some more on, as she feels it would have made her look better. I can see why you thought it was very odd though :-)

Thank you once again- and I'm glad you're interested in reading more Next Gen! I have to say, I was never really interested in writing Next Gen, but my prompt from the challenge really wanted to be written in this era, haha!

Megan xo

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Review #4, by Miss Lily Potter You don't deserve this

23rd November 2011:
This is a really good story. :) I quite liked your characters, and I felt bad for Scorpius, not knowing. I felt bad for your main character, too - she's too afraid to tell him, for obvious reasons. Rose isn't the greatest, though, taking him from her. Argh.

This was sad and sweet, and I really enjoyed it. :) Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the lovely review! Yes - usually I love reading the stories where everything is lovely and the two main characters end up happily ever after...but it's sort of nice to write a more bitter story :-)

Thanks again!

Megan xo

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Review #5, by Illuminate You don't deserve this

23rd November 2011:

I love this! Your descriptions are so accurate and I just feel like I've been in your character's position many times. You describe her helplessness very, very well. Your characterisations are good too. They're all very full, and the flow's good, too. You made a well-worn plot, a love triangle, feel very real and relatable (which they are, most of the time). Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I have never personally been in her position, so I'm glad I was somehow able to make it accurate and relatable :-) Thank you again!

Megan xo

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Review #6, by Jemma You don't deserve this

4th October 2011:
Wow! These are seriously amazing!!! You are great, keep going! Love you megs!!! You should show someone this!

Author's Response: Haha I don't think so :P But thank you very much lovely! xxx

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Review #7, by xxFlutterStutterBOOMBOOMxx You don't deserve this

1st October 2011:
This is absolutely wonderful! Sorry it took me so long to read it- I was just crazy busy! So glad I finally found time! Anyway, I absolutely adored this. I especially love your depiction of Rose- I don't think I've ever read an anti-Rose fic before! You people with your amazing stories, making my decision so hard!
Thanks again for participating. Results will be up in the Hall of Fame soon.

Author's Response: Thank you - and thank you so much for the second place! It means a lot :-) thanks again!

- Megan xo

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Review #8, by Manga_girl You don't deserve this

1st October 2011:
Ohmygawd, I love this so much! It is so emotional and I love your language and wordchoice, its so effective! Shame this is a One Shot, it would be great if you could continue this as I want to know what happenes when/if he finds out about Rose!

Emma xx

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I really appreciate it, and you never know - one day I might just think about making it longer :P (although I doubt it)
Thanks again,

- Megan xo

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Review #9, by Logamind You don't deserve this

24th September 2011:
Hey it's Logamind here from the forums.

Sorry this review took so long, my internet decided it didn't want to be my friend for the last few days.

This was a brilliant, it was so wonderfully sad. I usually am an avid Sco/Rose shipper but in this fic I hated her. It was such an origional perception of Rose. She is usually the nice girl who everyone loves. This version was unique to me and extremelly interesting.

Dominique was written beautifully. The way she acted around Scorpius and her thoughts about him and Rose were just so genuine and you turned her into a wonderfully likable character who was easy to relate to.

I thought the flow of the story was good, you didn't drag it on which can sometimes kill a perfectly good one shot.

All in all this truly was a great little story and so sad. You've got me wishing it wasn't a one shot just so I know that Scorpius sees past Rose and Dominique finally gets to be with him.



Author's Response: Thank you so much :-) And don't worry about the time at all. Ah sorry to change your Sco/Rose ;) Thank you thank you! Lovely review. Ha, you never know, I might decide that I want to write more one day!

- Megan xo

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Review #10, by imaginary lines You don't deserve this

23rd September 2011:
imaginary lines here, with your requested review!

honestly, most stories i've read with dom have made me hate her. in those stories, she's too confident and self centered and its usually rose who is the one overlooked. but i was oddly pleased by the way dom was portrayed; i couldn't hate her.

scorpius seemed like a hopeful little boy, the way he chased poor rose around. i wish he could see that there was a beautiful girl in front of him, begging to be noticed! oh, but i adored how you left the ending open, as though something could happen in the future!

i also liked how you analyzed what love was. love for scorpius was obviously different from love that rose felt. i enjoyed it. the beginning of the story was dedicated to describing love and the feelings of love and i loved it!

there were a couple of awkward sentences, just at the beginning. and i've never been a huge supporter of the word 'you' in stories, so there were a lot of you's in the stories. just a minor pet peeve of mine, of course.

lovely story, megan. i really enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I've heard before that I've portrayed Dom differently to usual, and I'm glad that I have - it's nice to be original! :-)
Thanks again!

- Megan xo

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Review #11, by GrowAPear You don't deserve this

21st September 2011:
This was a very well written story, I love it!
However, it made me really sad- I hope Scorpius realizes what's going on soon! D:

Author's Response: Thank you! And I hope so too :3

- Megan xo

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Review #12, by magnolia_magic You don't deserve this

21st September 2011:
Hello! magnolia_magic here with your requested review!

I enjoyed reading this. It's very sad, but I like that you left it sort of open-ended. It's like, even though things don't look good for Dominique now, you never know what's going to happen down the road, so it's hopeful. At least, that's what I got out of it. Maybe I'm just too much of a hopeless romantic :)

I really liked your portrayal of Dominique. In most of the fics I've read, she is this ultra-confident, popular girl who is comfortable in her own skin, but your Dominique isn't that way. I thought it was a really interesting perspective on her. And I love the way you voice her inner thoughts--they are so dramatic and tragic and hopeless, just like any teenage girl :) Especially the part where she's saying that Scorpius will ALWAYS be in love with Rose, and she doesn't see the possibility of that ever changing. I thought that part was really realistic, because people Dominique's age (which I assume is about 16 or so) are just so fixated on the present. So basically, I love the way you write her. She seemed very real to me :)

And I enjoyed Rose and Scorpius too. They added a lot of color to the story. I kind of wanted to hit them both--Rose for being an awful person, and Scorpius for being blind to it.

This was a great read. I like your plot--unrequited love is always compelling, and the way you write Dom's point of view makes it even more so. This story is dramatic and yet so true to life. I think you did a great job with it! Thanks for requesting!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely review :-) I have to say, I've had a rubbish day and this has really made up for it, so thank you. I really appreciate everything you've said! Eee I'm very happy now - thank you again!

- Megan xo

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Review #13, by Beeezie You don't deserve this

17th September 2011:
Aww, you're welcome. :) I was happy to help.

It's turned out really well. I hope you win!

Author's Response: Thank you!! :-)

- Megan xo

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Review #14, by Goldemort You don't deserve this

17th September 2011:
I loved this. It was really well written, and although I am a Scorpius/Rose shipper, you wrote very convincingly that he didn't deserve it. It flowed very well and I really enjoyed it. 10/10. :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the lovely review! :3

- Megan xo

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