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Review #1, by slytherindraco Sad times

29th March 2012:
I'm sorry I haven't reviewed, I just saw that you'd updated, and there were chapters I hadn't read. Anyways, fabulous chapter, perfect, I LOVED it!!!:) Please update soon! Yay I got a little bit of Bella!:) Poor Bella!:(

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Review #2, by AriesGirl40 Comfort

7th February 2012:
I can't believe Harry had the kahunas to use her baby against her like that. I'm glad she slapped him.
I'm sure Draco will get her to stay out of this one. Seems she will be needed in the chapter after. Things don't look good for Draco or Harry. Relative, and enemy. daddy needs to be stopped before he completes that potion. How will you ever stop him if he completes it?
Till next chapter!

Author's Response: I know could you imagine someone saying that to you!! I woulda Crucioed him :P
The scary thing is.If he does complete it... who could even stop him??
See you next Chapter
p.s. Thank you for reviewing

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Review #3, by AriesGirl40 Familiar Journey

26th January 2012:
Oh I see come on letís get inside Iím starting to get a creepy feeling standing outside hereĒ she shivered in her heels.

ďGet used to it; itís how the Manor welcomes its guest, well anyway Welcome to HellĒ He pushed the door open and walked in.

Best line I first came across :)

Author's Response: Aww Thank You!
Hope You enjoy the story and thank you for reviewing :)

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Review #4, by slytherindraco Were in this together

15th January 2012:
Aw, Draco's such a sweetie!!! I hope you bring back Bella soon, I miss her!!! Thank you so much for mentioning me, that meant the world to me!!! Glad you like Abused so much, I love writing it!!! Again, thanks so much, words can't describe how grateful I am to you!!!

Author's Response: I know , I fell in loe with him all over again haha! I'll get to bringing her back or will i??? :O:O
Aww your every bit welcome, you really deserve a mention :)

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Review #5, by slytherindraco Reuniting of some sort

8th January 2012:
I'm guessing that's Ron. *cough cough* bastard! *cough cough* Aw, poor Hermione!!!:'( Please hurry with the new chapter!!!

Author's Response: Hello you!
And its already in the system waiting hopefully tomorrow we have lift off haha
And it only gets worse for *cough* bastard *cough* :O haha

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Review #6, by slytherindraco Goodbye

18th December 2011: sad!!!:'( I always liked Narcissa she's my favorite charecter next to Draco and Hermione. I'm going to miss her!!!:( You can tell Draco really loves her, and that she really loves him as well. RIP to Narcissa Malfoy!!!:(

Author's Response: You know it pianed me to do it :(
but i thought it was the stepping stone to the story and sort of the reason Draco isnt the Malfoy we know? and then aswell i wanted to show that there was even love between the two
thank you for reviewing again!! hope you like the story even though one the favourites is gone :(
thanks you again :):)

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Review #7, by Jakumo1 Hope

17th December 2011:
Please write more soon!...PLEASE! :-3

Author's Response: Aww, thank you!!
Dont fret im just waiting for the validation there's plenty more for ya!! glad your enjoying this little fic :):)
thank you for the amazing review and couragement !!!

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Review #8, by EverDiggory Two lives

30th November 2011:
Gonna read the next chappie!
May the odds be ever in your favor,

Author's Response: Aww thank you my Dear :)
How ya liking it anyway??
hope it all good, trying my hardest
Thanks anyway for the review super duper cool of ya :)

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Review #9, by Jakumo1 Leaving

30th November 2011:
Aw come on! What's with the cliffhangers?! Lol! :-3

Author's Response: HaHaha i'm so sorry if i keep leaving ya with a few cliffhangers!! but keep reading it will all make sense eventually!! hope yar enjoying it anyway :P
thanks you for reviewing

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Review #10, by Wizabhir Familiar Journey

23rd November 2011:
waiting for ur next update...
hope its soon,...

Author's Response: Hi Its getting tweeked and will up and ready for ya to read, thanks so much for reviewing means the world!!! Hope ya enjoy the next part :):)

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Review #11, by WhiteRose Questions and more answers

26th October 2011:
There are some grammar issues but it's pretty good. Can't wait for you to update it!

Author's Response: HEY thank you so much for the comment feel free to point them out and ill sort them out english has never been a strong one for me :P but thanks again for the review:P update on the way for ya !
thanks you so so much :)

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Review #12, by lol help came

12th October 2011:
Very OOC for Draco! Otherwise it seems like a good start!

Author's Response: Hey thanks for the review i know it totally out of character for Draco But im new and i kinda wana give him this new side but dont worry the one you love is evident in the next few chapters :):) thanks again for the review !!!

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