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Review #1, by A Peeling the Perfect Picture

14th January 2015:
This story feels... incomplete. What there is of it was good, but it feels like there should be more, some kind of explanation. Was Dorcas correct in her assumption that Sirius had found someone else? Did she misunderstand? Did she recover? Or perhaps it could even be what happened beforehand. How long have they been together? How did they get together? How did Sirius become the only good thing in Dorcas life? This scene could be the end or the start of a story but as is there is just not enough information, by which the reader grows an attachment to the characters, to make it really strike a note like a suicide scene should.

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Review #2, by Pretense Of Perfection Peeling the Perfect Picture

9th July 2014:
Hello again, I just couldn't stay away!

I literally can't believe that I'm the first person reviewing this, it's such an amazing fic!! And wow, that ending, I definitely didn't expect that, what a shocking twist! i'm guessing that he really wasn't actually cheating on her, and she is just so torn up inside, insecure with herself, and hates herself so much that she sort of transferred those negative feelings to him. I think you wrote about a very sensitive topic, and managed to do it with delicacy and grace, while still doing justice to those that feel they have no other option. Her thought about her own personal form of sanity really hit home for me, and they rung so true to anyone who has even been in or known someone in this situation. You really did a beautiful job with this, and I am in shock that you don't have more reviews. I typically don't like stories that switch POVs, especially when they are written in the first person, but it was necessary here and actually added to the quality of the story you told.

Loved it.

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pretense of perfecion, gryffindor

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