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Review #1, by dinthemidwest Cold

13th March 2016:
Beautifully written; I just saw this and hope you might write more!

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Review #2, by magicmuggle01 Cold

12th October 2011:
A nice start to your story. It'll be interesting to see where you go in the continuation. So I give you 9/10 for the start and add you to favs so I'll know when you update. So plz update soon.

Author's Response: Really sorry! I really wanted to keep going, but I'm not good at continuing stories! Well, it's not that really but that it was hard to get the same point of view from Snape in the second chapter! I made it into a one-shot. Maybe, I'll come back sometime, look at it and get a brilliant idea to fix my story. I just felt that the end of this chapter was really final, do you know what I mean? I'll also try to write more stories so that if people look at my stories they don't go, "Ew, only one story, LOSER!" Because people tend to judge on how long or how many stories you have. This is a really long reply. Anyway, thank you for reviewing. . . . . . .but to answer your continuation "question", I was going to cover some years before Harry gets to Hogwarts and then have a chapter for each year. So they might be long if I do decide to do that. In the end, if I DO decide to finish it, the story would be about 10-12 chapters long.

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Review #3, by WonWonWover Cold

2nd October 2011:
Hi people. . . .are the authors allowed to review on their own stories? Can't you guys review! It's been up for like a month now!

Author's Response: OK i am writing the next chapter.dont hate me! but now im thinking this might just be better as a one-shot. ill consider it, but i will try writing more!

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Review #4, by Dragoness101 Cold

22nd September 2011:
Hey, here is the review i promised i would write. I think that this has lots of potential. I look foward to seeing how this story progresses. I gave you a 9/10 just because i dont read Severus and lilly fics. :)

Author's Response: :) thanks, i'm favoriting you as an author! yup, this is me responding to reviews in the early hours of the and my bleeding mouth! owww, dont ever get your wisdom teeth pulled! well youll probably have to... but me as an 11 year old, my mouth is in pain :( anyway, i should probably be talking about the review rather than the things on my face. thanks, for the 9/10 and just so you know i am a horrible updater, but.well...i have homework, ok?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Review #5, by hpotterfan1 Cold

17th September 2011:
I love this so o o o o o much! Can't wait to see you!

Author's Response: :) tank youzzz! me excited... i am writing the next chapter right now, i will give u a shout out in the author's note :)

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