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Review #1, by scarlettandgold Fire

25th September 2011:
Laura, you've done it again.
First off, my apologies for this taking so long >.< I've wanted to get around to it for so long but school, etc kept getting in the way.
This lovely little piece drew me in from the very first line. Music, people, parties, it all created such a wonderful aura about this piece! I then fell in love with Molly because she's so lovably awkward! I could completely relate to how flustered she felt when the other man was hitting on her, etc, it all felt so real! And of course when Arthur comes, they're both so cute I just want to squish them. Sorry that's a little weird, but you get what I mean.
I loveee the relationship you created between them. In the books, we see that the two of them are so much in love but their relationship is rarely explored. I love that you took a chance with a sort of unusual shipping and made it work so wonderfully. This piece is adorable and beautiful and I LOVE it just like I love all the rest of you're writing. You're so so so talented, don't ever stop writing!

Author's Response: Helloo!

Oh, gosh! I feel like I start every response to your reviews with an 'Oh something or other!', but I think its because I'm always astounded and flattered by your reviews! Thank you tons!

Arthur and Molly, to me, define soulmates, and I wanted to write this piece because they're awkward soulmates too! Being in love isn't meant to be romantic or over dramatic - you're meant to have fun and not care about anyone else. I imagine Molly to be uncomfortable around other guys, because her heart always has and always will belong to Arthur. I had a lot of fun writing this to be honest :)

I'm so glad that you liked that I chose them for this piece, because I am too! They are so under loved. And you are too kind! I feel over loved! Thank you tons and tons and tons, times forever! You're the best!

Laura x

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