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Review #1, by NixiePotter Summer's Here to Play

13th January 2017:
Really enjoyed this story. Please write the sequel. Thanks.

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Review #2, by nadiah Summer's Here to Play

24th December 2015:
i want to know if ashley will find out her true identity?

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Review #3, by nadiah Crap was that today?

24th December 2015:
well, it quite interesting story. Gryffindor win the quidditch cup at least. And i'm thinking if harry and ashley will know that they are twin?

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Review #4, by Sarah Aimee Summer's Here to Play

11th November 2014:
Wow. What an interesting story. I really hope that you plan to write about Ashley's further adventures at Hogwarts, and I can't wait to see her reaction when she finds out about her birth family!
Good job! :)

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Review #5, by Ginny Wealsley A Summer Choice

14th July 2014:
We'll hope this motivates you and it is spectacular this story how odd you get the idea!

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Review #6, by Ginny Wealsley An Easter Surprise

14th July 2014:
Brilliant super spectacular mega awesome amazing chapter/story I love it and I did not review because you said I review cause you deserve them!

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Review #7, by Ginny Wealsley You've Got to be Kidding Me

14th July 2014:
Thanks for the unicorn yay! It was amazing the chapter was!

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Review #8, by Nicole Swift Summer's Here to Play

4th April 2014:
I enjoyed this story very much. I like her friendship with Neville. I would like to read more of the story, so I hope you still plan to write it. Would like to read about how she finds out about who she is, and how others feel about that. You have hooked me.

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Review #9, by Nicole Swift You've Got to be Kidding Me

4th April 2014:
"it reeked like a blend of a beach full of dead fish and milk left out in the July sun" I read this and I could just smell it. Made me gag, it was so easy for me to imagine.

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Review #10, by Rhiannon Summer's Here to Play

24th November 2013:
I really liked your story, but to be honest I was expecting it to be a bit longer. How does Ashley like wand lore and her summer with Oliander? Does she find out who she really is, and how do her and Harry react to that? I would love it if you wrote another fanfic continuing Ashley's story.

Other than the ending I think you're an amazing author and really enjoyed the twist!

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Review #11, by 8th Weasly Summer's Here to Play

15th February 2013:
I loved Lily's Daughter?! This was the first fanfiction story I read, and this story made me get obsessed with harry potter fanfiction! Many people will be disappointed if you don't create a sequel, myself included!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it! Reviews really help me keep writing. And I'll have you know I'm writing the first chapter as soon as I finish this review!

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Review #12, by schiwi8.5 Summer's Here to Play

15th February 2013:
Loved it! I wonder when she'll find out about her birth parents... And is there any thing going on between her and Neville? Any way, I'm really looking forward to the sequel! I really love your story! But in my oppinion Ashley is a bit too perfect... :/ That kinda destroys a scene sometimes... But thats just my oppinion. Im still happy I found this story and I like the idea.
>3 schiwi

Author's Response: As to your first question, wouldn't want to ruin the story now would I? Same goes for her and Neville. I'm glad you enjoy my story! I've actually had to same issue with Ashley being too perfect raised before, I've been trying to slowly correct it. In my head Ashley had a perfect life before she turned 11, parents who loved her and friends but now it is starting to both unravel and weave back together at the same time...sorry I know that doesn't make very much sense...

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Review #13, by Jacque I Guess It's Not Happily Ever After...Not Even Close

15th February 2013:
This was probably the most well written chapter so far! (you did have a few mispells though)

Author's Response: Thank you, and sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors I do not have a beta

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Review #14, by Jacque Flying is nothing more than falling...with style

15th February 2013:
Hermione was muggle-born as well therefore it doesnt make sense that she would be excited to learn about muggles, if she was one. lol. on another note i do enjoy reading your version of the story, its interesting. good work! =]

Author's Response: Whoops sorry that wasn't clear. I didn't mean Ashley was teaching her about muggles, I meant like muggle school subjects since Ashley has finished high school. And I'm glad you like it, reviews mean a lot to me!

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Review #15, by avid fan of yours Of School Things and a New World

20th November 2012:
this is amazing as well as your criminal minds reference :) It made this story a billion times better.

Author's Response: So glad you like it, and yes I love it when people get my random references!

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Review #16, by Carlee The Test

18th November 2012:
I have been reading your story and I really like it, I did not know if I would like the new twist to my favorite boom but I is a great ideal!!! Good job!

Author's Response: Hope I don't bother you too much with my playing with the book, but I'm really glad you're liking it!

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Review #17, by plo Crap was that today?

17th November 2012:
Nice to see some more chapters from you, i was starting to think you'd stopped :( however it seems you've stuck to your word about not stopping so that's good :) anyway i'm still enjoying your story despite the long horrible wait ;) i actually completely forgot about the quidditch match that occurred when Harry was in the hospital wing so this chapter was a nice reminder, i can definitely picture Ashley drifting around causing trouble while looking for the snitch, and of course Gryffindor winning is always good :P anyway like i said before keep writing and chances are i'll be reading as i like the story :)

Author's Response: Glad to hear you don't hate me and didn't abandon my story! I'll be doing my best to get chapters up reguraly, but with my life that may not always be possible. And I loved writing the Quidditch match chapter, glad you liked Ashley's mischief :D

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Review #18, by Ia98 Hidding from Everyone and Midnight Wanderings

9th November 2012:
Hasn't Harry realized anything about Ashley being his sister,even after seeing his mother in the mirror of erised.she resembles her mother so much

Author's Response: Its the fidelus charm Dumdledore used, even if James and Lily were alive and looked at her they would know they have a daughter but the wouldn't know she was standing right in front of them. Just remember the spells weaken over time ;)

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Review #19, by ia98 Collateral Damage

9th November 2012:
I noticed she knows about basilisks even though harry and group found out in second year.she's read up on the magical world even more than Hermione :)

Author's Response: Yep she is quite the reader

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Review #20, by ia98 The Potter's Daughter

9th November 2012:
i'm confused dont they get the prophecy AFTER harry is born??

Author's Response: I took a bit of artistic license...

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Review #21, by Amy Could Someone Please Tell Me What Just Happened?

3rd October 2012:
love love love it, next chapter asap please :) x

Author's Response: I'm am so glad you love it, and I am so so so sorry it has been so long! I promise I'm not abandoning this story!

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Review #22, by TheRealNerdyTeddy Could Someone Please Tell Me What Just Happened?

16th September 2012:
This is freaking amazing.
Will there be more? Please insert lots of English slang. That shiz be chillin me.
I wish I was a gangsta. Or really smart. I would even settle for moderately unaverage. But, no. Sadly the only awesome thing about me is that I can read. And I waste my 'talent' on fanfiction.
But this time, it's not being wasted. IT'S BEING CHOCOLATE WASTED!
Sorry. I watched Grown Ups last night.
At first I was all, meh. Adam Sandler is okay. The pregnant lady is normal. And then suddenly... Things got weird.
I love weird things! Do you love weird things? There should be more weird things in Lily's Daughter. Converse are just not enougth.
I hate converse.
Jokes they are brilliam. I have two pairs of them except they're not high-tops because I'm an idiot and I keep getting the wrong ones.
Maybe, after finding out her true identity, she can go on an adventure where high-tops do not exist, and magic must be used to save the day?
I would so read that.
Okay bye.
And I love this. It's epic.
Seriously, bye.
Wait are you going to say something?
I'm hanging up now.
Have you hung up?
Okay on the count of three...
Dammit. You still there?
Yeah. I'm worried that you have something else to say.
Whatever. I'm out.
*hangs up*
(basically the ending of me and my best friend forever FOREVER's conversation. Every freaking time.)
*just want to say, I'm not retarded. Probably. But my parents thought my brother was because he didn't say anything non-pokemon related until he was four. What a messed up mofo, I know.*

Author's Response: Glad you're liking it, there will be more to come (although a converse adventure is unlikely), and always embrace your inner crazy that's my motto :)

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Review #23, by kendra Could Someone Please Tell Me What Just Happened?

28th August 2012:
i really like this story i think you are a great author

Author's Response: Thank you so much, reading reviews like these just makes me so unexplainably happy and helps motivate me to keep writing.

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Review #24, by Michelle When It All Goes to Hell in a Handbasket...

26th July 2012:
Please write more I really enjoyed it!!!

Author's Response: I will I promise but unfortunately this chapter I'm writing is not allowing me to write it, it jusr won't bloody work!

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Review #25, by Michelle The Potter's Daughter

26th July 2012:
I love it so far!!! Can't wait to

Author's Response: Glad you feel that way, and thanks so much for the review!

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