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Review #1, by The Empress Two Years Later

18th November 2012:
Drool worthy men in uniform (and Lucy). Reads like my cup of tea dearie :D
As usual, I love the way you write your characters. There's such an easy flow between them that one can see their close friendships and established relationships without having to be regaled with their entire history. Flawless, per the norm.
Can't wait to see what comes next!

Author's Response: You are too kind to me, Shiloh, really. However, I am beyond happy that you like it! I haven't updated this in forever, but maybe, just maybe, an update will be around the corner!

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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Iceland

26th July 2012:
"No one deserves that sort of punishment!" Lucy bawled at banshee levels.

"At least it's not Greenland!" Molly threw in, hoping to lift her spirits.

^ Haha. I love Lucy! I feel like no one ever really writes her, it's more Rose than anything so I'm so excited to see another Lucy story on the archives.

I really liked your characterization for everyone, especially Audrey. She was so annoying, so motherly.

I guess because my mother is nothing like that I find that annoying. My mother is motherly but she isn't 'pat you on the back when you're crying' or 'yell at the top of her lungs' for you to come downstairs.

If anything she'll text me (honestly, right?). I remember when I got rejected to a few schools when applying to college and she pretty much shrugged and said, "All well. Better luck with the next one."

^ Really not what you want to hear. Maybe I preferred Audrey's response better.

I'd like to know about the Percy/Audrey relationship and what it was like growing up for Lucy. Iceland...what's in Iceland anyway?

Author's Response: Oh, I know! And I adore Lucy - at least the head canon that I have developed for her. Rose is lovely and all, but she's so overused that it gets a bit boring.

I had a blast writing Audrey - she's uppity and snobby, but she's also a good mum.

Nothing's in Iceland - that's the whole point. Lucy knows that and doesn't want to go there because she worked so hard for that intership but didn't get it. Imagine the disappointment!

Anyway, thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by MajiKat Iceland

14th September 2011:
love it! i absolutely love it! i love all the characters and the family dynamic! lucy and molly are particularly awesome and i adore the way you have written audrey. ive seen so many different interpretations of all three characters and yours is up there in my favourites!

can't wait to see where you take this hun!
Kate xx

Author's Response: Oh wow, Kate, I wasn't expecting a review from you so imagine my surprise and utter delight when I woke up and found this. Squealing might've occurred, lol.

Molly and Lucy are my favorite siblings in the Next Gen era, so I love playing with the different aspects of their relationship. And I'm quite partial to my Audrey - slightly condescending, a bit of a perfectionist, but a good mother nonetheless. I'm so happy that you like the characterizations; that's usually my primary concern when I'm writing.

Thank you, dear! I'm glad you like it so much!

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Review #4, by The Empress Iceland

12th September 2011:
No punching?

Oh well, was sufficiently entertaining without it. :P

Which is to say YAY! I LOVED IT.
Iceland. Bleurgh.

I think I would feel bad for Lucy, but I know (sort of) what's coming. Oh ok, I still feel sort of bad for her. She lives with her mum after all, and I can attest to the horrors of that. (you know I love my mum, but STILL)

I adore the relationship between Molly and Lucy. Unlike some you nicely balance the love with the snark and the violence. Sibling violence is to be expected in normal human beings. But, I still felt the love.

Audrey is a nightmare. (adore)

Can't wait for the next bit! (Sexy men = drool)

Did I mention I love it? I REALLY DO


I'd say more, but you pretty much got it all in one go and I love you for it.

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Review #5, by scarlettandgold Iceland

10th September 2011:
Ooh, Molly, this story is off to such a wonderful start! I love the chemistry between Molly and Lucy and I cannot wait to see where you take this! Great first chapter! ^_^

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I have a lot of fun writing Molly and Lucy; out of all the Next Gen characters, they're my favorite siblings. I just think they'd have a really awesome relationship, which is why I write about it so much.

Anyway, thank you for reading!

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Review #6, by DarkLadyofSlytherin Iceland

10th September 2011:

You have a new fic! yay!

First off I'd like to say, when the heck did Audrey and Percy divorce? Will that be covered? Cause it sort of threw me for a loop. I wasn't expecting it. In fact, I was kinda confused about it. It wasn't up until Lucy asked if Audrey was getting back with Percy that it was confirmed and I was still like O.O

Other than that, I absolutely loved it. Despite the fact that I was confused about the whole Percy/Audrey divorce thingy, I can actually see it happening. It is very original. No one really takes time to think about whether or not the characters who last together.

I feel sorry for Lucy. I think the girl needs a break. Which, I'm hoping will come. But I love that she is a bookworm like her dad. Molly sort of irritates me. I think I'd probably go nuts if someone started sucking at their teeth. That's just gross.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. You have done an excellent job setting up the story.

Author's Response: I do indeed!

They got divorced when she was sixteen, and that'll be covered in the story, I promise! It's not a long or complicated or even very dramatic story - Percy and Audrey just sort of...fell apart. IDK, it will be covered, though, i can promise you that!

I'm glad you liked it! Lucy's not so much a bookworm as she is a procrastinator, but she does love to read, even if her only reason for doing so is to ignore her mother. Molly is supposed to irritate you because she irritates Lucy; Molly's actually not that bad, but her worst qualities come out when she's dealing with her younger sister.

She'll get a break! I promise! The next chapter jumps ahead three years into the future, when she's all nice and situated at her job.

Thank you so much for your review, Len! I'm so happy you liked it. I hope you come back for the next chapter! =)

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