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Review #1, by LittleWelshGirl99 love & then disgust

28th September 2012:
Hello :)

This was really clever. I love the way you broke the piece into Ďscenesí Ė it reminded me very much of a play actually. I could see each scene acting out in my head, and even though you donít reveal who Isabellaís ďmagic boyĒ is, that just adds a whole new level of intrigue. I donít know why, but I was imagining the magic boy as Scorpius from the beginning. :D

Itís really beautiful and sensitive :3 I sort of want to smile and cry at the same time because Iím not sure whether this is happy or sad. I know itís about the boy leading Isabella on, but perhaps that was just Isabellaís perception? Iím not sure. There are lots of different ways you could interpret this!

Isabella is interesting. We donít really get to know all that much about her, but I donít think we need to. Itís section three that fascinates me the most Ė especially the part where sheís yelling to be heard over a Ďstormí and the boy is saying that itís quiet here (but ta the same time seems to understand). I sense that there are layers of meaning and itís very mysterious but delicious! ;)

The ending was brilliant. I love the way it ties into the title.

wonderful :3

-Annon ♥

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Review #2, by Secret Santa love & then disgust

23rd December 2011:
Wow. I really enjoyed this. It's very different to anything I've read before, both in terms of not naming the other character and it being written in so many short segments. Isabella's character was lovely - perfectly developed - and I liked the way she pines after the magic boy even though she knows he's trouble, and not just hers. It's so realistic! I do wonder who you were thinking of when you wrote it... Lucius/Draco, perhaps? Regulus? Hm...

Secret Santa

Author's Response: Wow!!! This review has made me smile so much -- Isabella's character, perfectly developed?! EEK. :D I can hardly believe it :') I was kind of relating the magic boy in this one-shot to someone I know in RL, so that might be why you thought it was so realistic. However, I was thinking of developing a short story or something as a spin-off of the one-shot, so thank you for the ideas you just gave me as to the fanfic identity of the magic boy! :D

Thank you so much for this kind review!

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Review #3, by Snapdragons love & then disgust

30th September 2011:
Hi Jordan! ♥ I'm here from the QTR birthday extravaganza and I have to say how excited I am to read your works. I can't believe I never have before! Even reading just this first one (though I plan to get to many more soon!) made me realize how much I've been missing out on - I really, really loved this!

This is beautiful! Why aren't there lots and lots of reviews on this? It needs them! I enjoyed every piece of it.

I loved the style of this. Your use of metaphors and imagery was so wonderful. I loved the idea of the hurricane in the sea and "the roars of the school monsters in the stands are ever so overwhelming". I personally really enjoy the whole short segments style of writing, and I think you pulled it off very nicely here.

The other thing I really enjoyed is how you never gave the "magic boy" a name - I thought that was a good idea! I'm left with my suspicions (a Potter boy would be my first guess), but really, it could be any boy in really any time. I love that!

He is Isabella's magic boy, but he is everybody's magic boy. and
A few days later, she will see him being another girl's magic boy. were just some lines that really stuck out to me. The idea of him being special to everyone in some way, and how he moves on quickly... loved it!

Section six was definitely my favorite - all of it! I liked how it brought the idea of a cycle into play, connecting back to your title. And that last line - oh, it was perfect!" After all that, he leaves her hanging."

It was certainly not god-awful, no worries! In fact, I really really enjoyed it and I'm so glad that I've been given the opportunity to read your stories. I'm a lucky duck! :) wonderful job!

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