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Review #1, by liltle Fierce

3rd March 2013:
Love. Love. Love so much this couple. Your story is amazing. It goes from top-notched sassiness to sexiness to sweetness at the end. Lovely fic!

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Review #2, by Claw Secret Santa Fierce

30th December 2012:
Ahahahahaha! I just about died laughing when I realized why the story started with Roxanne walking into the Great Hall. I figured she had to have done something weird and probably against the rules because she waited until most of the teachers were not in the Great Hall and she wanted the attention on her but I didn’t quite expect her to have walked into the Great Hall in just a bra, underwear and high heeled shoes. Just…not what I expected. And not what any of her cousins expected either. Haha xD

I also loved how you didn’t come out and just say what was going on…you let it sort of come out through the course of the story. You set the scene, did a flashback and then went back to what was going on. It really was a good layout plot wise and it was very easy to follow. It honestly was very enjoyable because you also characterized Roxanne and Lysander well. I got a good feel for the characters and they were quite believable.

I did notice one small thing though: “Running a hand through her hair she started to loose her glare until she was just looking at him in curiosity.” –You want ‘lose’ not ‘loose’.

Otherwise, this was very fantastic and I quite enjoyed it! :D

~The ‘Claw Claus

P.S. This review is for the first gift! I apologize immensely for how late this one, along with the three others are. I don’t know where my brain was but I was smart enough to save these reviews in a word document and not actually post them online after I finished them and I only just discovered this yesterday. So huge apologies for that! xD

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Review #3, by Casper Fierce

31st October 2012:
This was really cute :) I love getting a look at characters we don't see much! This was awesome! A continuation would be cool- I'd definitely check it out!

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Review #4, by NicolaEve Fierce

6th March 2012:
this is a brilliant story!! and i love the banner, who is the girl on it?

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Review #5, by Giola Fierce

19th December 2011:
Hey Nikki!

I love this :) You've captured the light, fun attitude really well. Roxanne's definitely out there, and you do a good job at portraying how self-confident she is, and how competitive she is.

I love the banter between Roxanne and Lysander, even though they can't see it at the time, they have chemistry :P The light-hearted banter is something we see so often, but you made it hilarious with the underwear thing, which, well, was a little unexpected. You made it work though ;)

This was a pleasure to read, it's easy, it flows well, and there's no major issues (aside from the Victorie thing, but you know that :P). Good job on writing non-cliched next gen that actually has a plot!

Merry Christmas :)

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Review #6, by Secret Santa Fierce

16th December 2011:
Oh wow... I absolutely LOVE this!

I love how you portrayed Roxanne through this; she is very wild and in many ways untameable, and extremely brave! You showed her pride and determination to win against Lysander really well, and her constant taunting of him. I love how she was so knowing about everything but this one important thing, on which she was clueless!

It was just brilliant the way she would take a point to far just to prove herself right, and the constant taunting attitude that she would go through a heck of a lot for. She just loved to get Lysander's attention, and didn't know why, and you showed it just brilliantly!

I love your portrayal of Lysander, too. He was playing along with the banter really well but there were subtle hints that he wasn't as completely taken over by it as she was. And then when they were in detention, I loved how he was half being his banter-self and half the person he wanted to be, trying to get Roxanne to realise - it really got his feelings across but helped us see it all from Roxanne's point of view.

I loved their relationship that you showed - their quidditch banter, how they annoyed each other as much as they could, how they had the funny looking-at-each-other thing going on... and the trophy room scene was just amazing! I love how they were swapping between banter and confusion as they tried to work out the other person, and then how Lysander eventually just went over to Roxanne.

Also, the fact that they were going on to a proper relationship was really great - there's far too many random snogs going on in fanfic, and you wrote them so amazingly I would not have wanted them to be apart!

Definitely 10/10!

~Secret Santa

PS. Would have loved this just as much if next-gen wasn't a favourite genre ;)

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Review #7, by maskedmuggle Fierce

13th September 2011:

Gahh, I loved this! :) I absolutely adore Next Gen fluff, humour and romance, and the fact that your writing is absolutely brilliant just makes it even better! Oh my, I also adore your Roxanne and Lysander! I admit, I tend to stick with reading Rose/Scorpius, but I absolutely loved your characterisation of Roxanne and Lysander. Their witty insults and conversation was just so amusing to read!

Ahaha, I loved Roxanne's guts, and I liked how you started the story with Roxanne surprising everyone in the Hall, instantly getting my attention, telling me the backstory and then bringing me back into the present. I just expected Roxanne to be like, wearing a really short skirt or something, but to imagine her just wearing just what she was wearing was hilarious.

I also really liked the nicknames of Annie and Sandy! I've actually never heard those two being used before, even though I haven't read much Roxanne and Lysander. And I adore happy endings, so it was so sweet to see them get together! OH dear Nikki, now I want to read even more of this! I want to see the rest of the Weasley Potter clan's reaction to Roxanne/Lysander and how they cope with it! :P

Such wonderful and entertaining writing. GEE I really should read more of your writings! I'll be back soon ;) Well, I really loved this story!

- charlotte :)

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