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Review #1, by SerpentineOffering Through Tuney's Eyes

22nd March 2012:
Wow! I absolutely adored this story! I just had to add it to my favorites. I really like the way you wrote it, from Petunia's POV. It's very well written, and definitely believable. I felt like I was sitting there with Petunia! Great story!!

Author's Response: Great, thank you very much!

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Review #2, by Giola Through Tuney's Eyes

19th December 2011:
Hey there! Your secret santa here leaving another review ;)

I think this is a sweet idea. I love that Petunia was curious enough about the magical world to try the food, and it's nice that you show that side of her. Yet you also manage to show the opposite, and her anger at Snape and her jealousy of Lily. That must have been hard to pull off, but you managed well.

I love that you slipped in the mention of Arthur being Head Boy, that was a really nice way to tie in that generation. I have no idea if he was actually Head Boy or not, but it seems fitting.

Well done! Merry Christmas!


Author's Response: Thanks again and Arthur being Head Boy was just a random thought that popped into my head so I'm glad you liked it. I wasn't sure about the food and if she was going to try/like it or not so thank you for mentioning it. Your reviews are probably the best ones I have got so far so thank you very much and Merry Christmas once more!


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Review #3, by CloakAuror9 Through Tuney's Eyes

11th October 2011:
Hello! It is I from the forums!

Loved the story! I loved the way you wrote Petunia's feelings and thoughts about Lily and Snape going to Hogwarts. I liked the way that you showed that at some point of Petunia's life, she trusted and ate magical food from the wizarding world. I think your story is perfect! But I would make it longer next time but other than that I enjoyed it!


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am so sorry that i couldn't reply sooner but I'm so glad you liked it! Thanks for reviewing.


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Review #4, by kira lovegood Through Tuney's Eyes

4th October 2011:
I really enjoyed reading this chapter.The way you described Petunia's feelings as a kid was just adorable:) I loved it! You're a talented writer.Keep going:)
P.S. I would love it if you could read my new fic 'I hate love stories' and review.Thanks.

Author's Response: thanks so much! thanks for all of your reviews and I will read your story. I tried to get Petunia's jealousy into the words and according to you, it worked!

thanks so much

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Review #5, by hedwigs_theme Through Tuney's Eyes

17th September 2011:
It is really good for your first one-shot!

Author's Response: thanks! i had a little bt of trouble with how long i should have wriitten it but now re-reading it, it seems fine!

thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by MadamePuddifoot Through Tuney's Eyes

16th September 2011:
I really liked this. It was very interesting coming from Petunia's point of view. Little things made it even better, like Arthur being Head Boy and Lily hoping Dumbledore wouldn't die!

All in all, a great one shot.

Author's Response: thanks so much! i tried to interpret little things like that into it but not sure how it would go, so i'm really glad you like it!

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