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Review #1, by thesinandthesinner Vow's Aren't Forever

20th April 2012:
I've read a lot of Tom/Minerva pairings before but never come across one quite like this. I highly enjoyed the first half of this fic, with the descriptions of the chaos going on reminding me of Britain during WWII and I really loved how you rendered McGonagall. I also liked how you described Tom, but I thought the ending was a bit rushed or out of place with the rest of the story, perhaps if it was longer, the transition towards the final scene would be smoother? That's just me, but for the most part I really liked the even pacing between the events.

Author's Response: Thank you! Well, thank you for the review and one day (if I can ever be bothered) I'll go through and edit the ending because when I wrote it it was defiantly rushed haha.
Thank you!

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Review #2, by LysLovesHP Vow's Aren't Forever

30th December 2011:
Beautiful story! It is amazing. I have never read this pairing, but the way you write is just perfect. The way you capture McGonagall's emotions, I'm lost for words to say how amazingly perfect it was. I can't believe this is your first fic for this pairing. Everything about it is strong and even. The line "Never trust the devil, but trust me what I say that, Minerva, vows aren't forever," I don't know, but you get under my skin with that. I am going to nominate that quote for the Dobby's. :) The very last paragraph may be the most beautiful paragraph I've ever read. Dark and cold, yes. But beautiful, Y.E.S.

As for the pace of the story, it might be a bit fast, but for this dark of a story, you're fine with that.
I hope you keep writing. This was amazing!
Lys :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! The story took my ages to write but I think I did alright :D
Dobby's? Really, thank you!
Thanks for the review! It really made me smile :D
*Jaz, x

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Review #3, by Cassius Alcinder Vow's Aren't Forever

25th November 2011:
It's me from the forums with your review!

In general I'm really skeptical of the whole Tom/Minerva possibility, but you sold it really well here!

First of all you set the scene really well with the descriptions of everything that was happening with the war. I'm guessing Hannah Potter is Harry's great-aunt?

You did a good job of showing how Tom and Minerva were both coming from brojen homes with nowehere else to go, so they actually had a lot in common on a certain level despite their differing motivations and allegiances.

You captured Tom's transition to Voldemort very well, he felt so creepy! You did an excellent job of capturing the really dark feel of the whole thing.

Good job!

Author's Response: I love Tom/Minerva; they're such an under loved ship.
Thanks :) and yeah Hannah is. I'm glad I captured his transitions well, I was really worried about it.

Thanks for this review, it's been helpful :)

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Review #4, by lilypotterfan123 Vow's Aren't Forever

14th October 2011:
Sorry this has taken so long to review! That was such an emotional story, breathtaking. Minervas character has been portrayed really well. The plot flowed well and I was so hooked on this story- I never wanted it to end. If you decide to write anything like this again, PLEASE let me know asap :)
10/10 for sure!!
Bex :)

Author's Response: Thanks, I was really worried that you weren't going to like it because I'd never written a story like it before but I'm so glad you liked it and I think I might write another Tom/Minerva story later because I actually don't mind it but I'm really glad you liked it :D

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Review #5, by yO Vow's Aren't Forever

12th October 2011:

Author's Response: Thank you :) x

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Review #6, by Verynice Vow's Aren't Forever

5th October 2011:
That was good! Shame that no one has reviewed this... You have captured the change from Tom Riddle to Voldemort very well!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it :)

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