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Review #1, by ilovesnapeandlily Heaven

12th September 2011:
this is my favourite fanfiction. ever

Author's Response: Thank you SO SO SO much!!! Your review just made my day!!!

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Review #2, by Happy Heaven

9th September 2011:
Why would Lily be so unloyal to James as to keep watching the man you got them all killed and insured that Harry would be an orphan?

James deserves a better wife.

Author's Response: Maybe he does, but I always imagined Lily as remembering Snape fondly. NOT for being a Death Eater or betraying them to Voldemort (though he did try to stop Voldemort from killing them) but for the good things he did: saving Harry's life at that quiddich game, trying to stop Quirrell, saving Harry, Ron, and Hermione from Remus when he turned into a werewolf and was going to kill them, switching sides and betraying Voldemort, always remaining loyal to Dumbledore and doing his utmost to keep the school, and its students, as safe as they could be while Death Eaters ran the place. He did all that for LILY. She would have seen some of it anyway, just by watching Harry. I think that she would have been watching for Snape anyway, remembering the good times with him, before he became a Death Eater, and when she saw what he was doing, she started watching him more. But she knew that James wouldn't like that, even though he, too, would have to admit that Snape had changed. So she did it in private. I think that while she would never return Snape's love in a romantic sense, she would always love him like he was her brother. Thanks for your input, I just don't agree with what you said. You are, of course, entitled to your own opinion. Thanks for reading!

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