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Review #1, by Breuann101 And the misery fest continues.

21st February 2015:
please update its been about 3 4 years can you update for me please.

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Review #2, by Dezire_427 And the misery fest continues.

23rd May 2012:
You sure you've not published a novel yet? If not you seriously should. You're good enough to be a world's class writer, and I would be the first and best reader of any book, story, etc. you come up with. This is the third of your storys i'm reading, and I'm really in love with all of 'em. You are awesome. Enough said.
Until next time. . .
-Your #1 fan, Dizzy.

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Review #3, by Annevader  And the misery fest continues.

25th September 2011:
Brill! That was fun-tastic dahling. Love her commentary. Oh an that idiot with his homely definition :D i actually grin like a maniac throughout each chapter. I'm so proud! More jamesy please! Update soon!

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Review #4, by Anna Brilliant.

16th September 2011:
I love this! Your main character seems like someone pretty much every girl can relate herself to, and I absolutely love that. It's realistic, it's funny and it manages to be in rhythm. Please update soon. And give us more of James ;)

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Review #5, by Annevader  Brilliant.

16th September 2011:
BRILLIANT. The second chapter did not disappoint and i hope the third one is up soon...
Nice character Intros. I love your writing style, it's light and really interesting. Your story has flow- which i think is really important in a good work of fiction.
UPDATE. 'Kay, bro?

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Review #6, by Annevader  Awkward.

16th September 2011:
That was faaab. No, really, it was brilliant. Definitely a 10/10.
I love the short letters she writes to Merlin, those are really original, not to mention hilarious. Love the dysfunctional family and the introduction of Harry as a celebrity. For some reason, nobody ever thinks of that when writing fics, yknow? I mean, for the rest of the wizarding population, Harry Potter is probably like...I dunno, a real-world saving Tom Cruise or something...Or whoever.
Anyway, reading the second one now...

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