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Review #1, by academica The Quidditch Pitch.

2nd February 2012:
Hey! Here from Slytherin Review Tag :)

This is a really original idea, and I can sense the passion in the piece. I like how you recounted so many events in the pitch's history, both the tragic and humorous, as well as the everyday. It really made me feel like the pitch had a soul of its own.

Great job!


Author's Response: You seem to be raiding my Author page - pretty soon there'll be nothing left O.o

I had the idea come to me and I thought well why not give life to the Quidditch pitch - why can;t it have a life? a soul? why can't it talk about people or who goes there? etc.etc. It lives - sort of - as well ^_^

Thank you for your lovely review !! :)

~Karni, xx

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Review #2, by megan2u The Quidditch Pitch.

11th November 2011:
Hi! Sorry it took me so long to get this up, RL has been busy.
What a touching story, in so few words you were able to convey danger and sadness.
I do think you could get more emotion from your readers if you used more of the human side of things, like showing that helpless fight or the aftermath effect on other students.
This was a very original idea though!

Author's Response: Hi!!
Don't worry about the wait at all, it's no drama ^_^
I was actually going to write two more pieces to this one shot similiar to what you suggested and now that you've suggested it I might just do that ^_^
Thank you so much for your awesome review
~Karni, xx

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Review #3, by AnnaKay The Quidditch Pitch.

30th September 2011:
I never thought of it that way. That the pitch would be able to think, everything like that.

But I think in the Wizarding World, most everything surprises us. I think this was taken really great, and I loved it!

Author's Response: Helloo ^_^

Thank you so much for your review, I get a little scared when people who are not registered with the forum lave a review as I fear it could be a flamer :/ but ya know ;) Thank you soo soo much!! >.< xx

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Review #4, by harry_vampire The Quidditch Pitch.

23rd September 2011:
Hey-a!I'm here with your requested review!

Short & Sweet!Well, the topic which you choose was completely different & unique.I never read anything like this before.Your one-shot was worth reading! :)
Your have great sense of describing places!I should even say you are very creative.
There were some few errors!And also you had capitalised few randow words which was bit unneccessary.Except that everything was PERFECT!Thanks for asking me to read this!I completely loved it!:)

Greta Job!!



Author's Response: Hello!! ^_^

I didn;t actually really like writing this, I did but I didn't if that makes sense :O I wasn't sure weather it wold be a good read to others or nt becaue it was so different and awkward and odd lol.

Nwww I'm glad you think it was worth the read. :)

Creative O.o Wow, thank you ^_^ !! Errors, grammar, punctuation... Next *sigh* I am terrible with Grammar and everything else. I just suck at it :(

I am glad you enjoyed reading this!! ^_^ Thank you so much for your review!!

~Karni. xx

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Review #5, by bri_5_stars The Quidditch Pitch.

20th September 2011:
I'm sorta jealous after reading this. You are very, very good at describing things and places. And what's more you even gave a place character, which is pretty much art if you ask me. Bravo!

Author's Response: nawww you so sweet; possibly too sweet ^_^ Thank you so much for saying what you said, and there is no need at all too be jealous!! Your a fantstic writer!! x so do not ever think anything less !! :D If anything I should be jealous!! ^^

It hard giving a place character, :P I would never recommend it too anyone to try lol.

thank you for another wonderfull review :D x

~Karni. xx

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Review #6, by Crimson Zeal The Quidditch Pitch.

18th September 2011:
This was AMAZING!

I remember being emotional when I first saw the Quidditch Pitch burning down in the movie, and reading this has reminded me why - because of all the memories it holds!

This was especially unique because it's from the Quidditch Pitch's point of view. It was very well-written and very emotional.

Great job!

Author's Response: Amazing? Really? Wow, thank you so much ^_^ that is so kind of you ^_^ xx

Thank you for your review!! :D


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Review #7, by Mutchiie The Quidditch Pitch.

15th September 2011:
This is so beautiful.

Author's Response: oh thank you soo much :D x

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Review #8, by Niffler_13 The Quidditch Pitch.

15th September 2011:
Dear Author/MyMyMiss
Wow, your story is amazing. It was really beautiful and I really loved how the 14 heroes had no name, it gave the story a misted quality. It is a truly fantastic story and after printing it(ages ago) I've gone to all this trouble to find your story and write/type here to tell you that this story was so emotional and beautiful that it made me cry. Literally.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this experience.
Keep writing more breathtaking Fanfics- 15+ please;;)

Author's Response: O.o Its not that old hun, its only been on the archive for a few days now maybe a week or three? What exactly did you print my story out for? :O x are you plag'ing my work ? :O lol jk ;)

But! Thank you soo much for re-finding my story and I am terribly sorry that it made you cry, I hope it didn't affect you too bad *hugs* here have a cookie!!

Thank you so much for all your loveliness in your kind words :) and ill try and writ more 15+ lol ;) Thank you. xx

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Review #9, by Roots in Water The Quidditch Pitch.

11th September 2011:
It's Roots in Water here with your review!

I think that this was very well done- I've never thought to write a story based around the quidditch pitch, but you really made it work.

I really enjoyed how you mentioned that the quidditch pitch was more than just a place to place the game. I found it touching that it was also the place where people would go to cry and rage at the world- it was, as you mentioned, their sanctuary.

These aren't grammer errors, just personal opinions to help the flow and feel of the story, so feel free to ignore them. :) Firstly, "to lots and lots of" feels out of place with the story. I would use "many" instead. As well, with "was too far away to run back up there" I would use "was too far away to reach" instead. The flow of the first one feels awkward to me. With "all too impressed" I would add "by the reason" at the end to help create the impression that the pitch is alive and to complete the sentence. Finally, with "Blood spilt and head injuries occur", you had a really nice rhythm happening (come and go, make-up and break-up) that I think should continue with this pair. I would take away the "head" from the sentence or switch "head injuries" with "concussion".

I think that this story was the perfect length. It wasn't too short- it covered all the points it should have to make this effect.

I really enjoyed this story- I think you used the various qualities of the story to great effect and I think that your ending fit wonderfully with the rest of the story. Thanks so much for requesting a review and I hope my comments were helpful.

Author's Response: Hello!!

Oh really, wow thank you so muhc :) I didn't expect many people to tell me I "made it work" as I struggled alot with the inamation of the story :/ It's not easy -sigh-

I didnt want the pitch to just be there for the Quidditch Season, I wanted it to have life, character, a soul as I said in the story. I wanted it too be... alive :P lol I wanted it too be like a home away from Hogwarts in a sense :/ Poeple went to Hogwarts (Harry) to escape the life that they lived at home, so where would the people who had a semi/natural/Brilliant(Malfoy) Live at home go when they needed an escape from Hogwarts? TO the Quidditch pitch of course.
I also added the part about the frouteen students not knowing the stuents because I thought it was different and a slight be strange that people who didn't play Quidditch or go to it, fought to protect it. :/ That sounded stuck up ... sorry.

Your Issues :P Were fixed lol. They where parts that had been pointed out before and when I re-read them it made alot more sense so I went with it, lol.

I am so glad you liked it :) and all your comliments have gone to my heart making me all giddy and happy ^_^ Thank you soo much for your lovely review, it means alot too me!! *inserts heart here*

~Karni. xx

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Review #10, by Manga_girl The Quidditch Pitch.

11th September 2011:
As I said before, I really do love this peice, and thanks for mentioning me! Your language is really beautiful and describes what you want to get across perfectly. The thing about the maze and the Tri-Wizard you did flawlessly. I really love this, 10/10!

Emma xx

Author's Response: Nawww thanks hun :)

I;m glad you stuill enjoy this!!

~Karni. xx

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Review #11, by Salem The Quidditch Pitch.

10th September 2011:
Agnes here with your review!

This was just absolutely beautifully written. I've never read something quite like this before--I really love how reading fan fiction opens my mind to new, unique things. Reading from the perspective of something inanimate, though claiming it still has a soul, somehow left a very deep impression on me. I especially loved the ending line.

So, thank you for giving me the opportunity to read this!

I like how, even though this was a relatively short piece, it felt as if it were longer while I was reading over it. The description you used matched the mood well, and I just became so completely absorbed while reading.

As for things I believe you could better, I think you could do with different word choice in this part: "to lots and lots of Quidditch players"--I think it would be better to say, maybe, "several" or even "many, many" instead of "lots and lots." To me, those words just seem...weak and they don't leave enough of an impact on me, honestly. And since that line is in the beginning paragraph, I think it's important to draw in the reader with words that emphasize the situation.

A few errors I noticed were: "to hear their tantrum unfold"--tantrum should be in the plural form here since "children" is the subject.

And "The pitch itself had seen"--I noticed that everywhere else, "Pitch" was capitalized except during this particular line.

Author's Response: hello! I'm glad you made it over here ^_^

Nawww thank you so much for your compliment ^_^ That means alot to me that you think it was ;beautifuuly written' Thank you soo much! x

You are absoultley welcome! x Oh am really flattered that it left an impression on you :D It made me all giddy and happy ^_^

You were obsorbed in my first ever one-shot? Wow. I really am speechless about that, thank you very much for your lovely compliments! xx

I will look into all your tips on wording and grammar, as I know my Grammar is shocking, so I am greatfull that people can pick it up, and As I have said before, even though all of my stories have a beta, I do not expect any of them to pick up every minor detail that I get wrong, but still thank you so much for giving me those little tips, ill look into it and fix it right up ;) xx

~Karni. xx

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Review #12, by Woodrow Rynne The Quidditch Pitch.

10th September 2011:
Just one word comes to my mind after reading this- wow. Seriously. This was so beautifully written. I had never imagined I would read a fic from the pitch's point of view, and you've surpassed so many levels of originality and creativity, truly.

The way you described its feelings was wonderful. I loved the words 'unnamed heroes'. :) The ending was very, very powerful. I simply loved it. On the matter of betaing this, I don't think there's any need; everything flowed together really great. :) I'll still look through it, though, and tell you by tomorrow?

A really enjoyable read. :)

Author's Response: Just one word comes to mind ... nawww ^_^

I wont lie it was a struggle to write as are many of my stories/chapters at the moment, :/ Maybe its just me :P lol. I wanted to take a swing on the pitch as many of people in the cinema I noticed were horrorstruck when the pitch fell and got a little bit sad so I thought why not write about an inanimate character :D I am so glad you enoyed this!! :D xx

Thank you for all your help!!

~Karni. xx

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Review #13, by Giola The Quidditch Pitch.

9th September 2011:

Wow, this is such a unique piece! I had no idea what to expect going into this, but I loved it :) Writing about an inanimate object per say is something that scares a lot of people, and I commend you for doing it. You have a really good grasp on description here, something you need for this type of writing.

For something with no characters or ships, this was beautiful. I could see the 14 students in my mind, and the pitch's take on it all was so sad, it was heartbreaking.

9/10 for a few very minor grammar issues :)


Author's Response: Hello my dear ^_^ thank you soo much for reviewing this ^_^ It mean alot too me,

I have been alerted about the grammar issues and am about to run it through a processor again ^_^ scary thought that really isn't it? Putting it through a processor? O.o

It was a struggle to write, i'm not going to lie :/ but thank you for your amazing review ^_^ I'm glad you liked it :D x

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Review #14, by TenthWeasley The Quidditch Pitch.

7th September 2011:
I saw this being advertised about on the forums and decided to pop by and give it a read. I liked the subject you chose for your story -- it's definitely unique, and a story about the pitch just stands out.

I think you've captured the sentiments of it nicely, and I can sort of tell where you drew your inspiration -- I've got a very vivid image in my head from the final movie of one of the stands crashing to the ground, set aflame. I love being able to see that, too, because the story takes on another meaning for me in that respect. :)

One thing I noticed throughout is that you seem to have capitalization in odd places, but what's more, what you've chosen to capitalize isn't consistent throughout. Nouns like 'pitch' and 'blood' and 'trophy' and 'students' don't need to be capitalized as you have them. And the semi-colons were a bit off, as well -- where you've used them they generally don't make sense. Semi-colons should be used sparingly and only to join two like sentences where there would otherwise be a period. You do not capitalize the first letter of the word after the semi-colon, either.

A sweet and rather poignant little piece. Congratulations on your first one shot!

Author's Response: Hello ^_^ I was glad when I saw your name here and I was like Oh, un-requested review here loving it ^_^

My Grammar is horrible :/ but I am about to run it through a processor again ^_^ So thank you so much for pointing out those things :D It means alot.

I did try really hard with this considering it was my first one-shot ever, so It was hard to write and grasp as far as emotions and stuff went but I did try ^_^ lol

Anyway thank you so much for your lovely words :D xx

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Review #15, by adluvshp The Quidditch Pitch.

7th September 2011:
Aw this made me smile. Even though I've read this and beta-ed it, reading here got me touched. It really is a very sweet piece of writing. Great work here dear =)

10/10 as always


Author's Response: nawww love you :) x

Thank you soo much Angie :D xx

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Review #16, by forsakenphoenix The Quidditch Pitch.

6th September 2011:
This was lovely. I'm left with an overwhelming sense of sadness after reading this but I finished with a smile, like the Quidditch Pitch because of its fond memories.

I don't know if I've ever read a story from an inanimate object's perspective so this may be my first and you've certainly packed a punch. You evoked a lot of emotion and put such beautiful details into the story that you brought the Pitch to life.

I think my favorite part was the paragraph about the Pitch during Goblet of Fire, how it was annoyed with the maze marring its natural beauty and how it didn't need magic to be beautiful because it already was. That was just lovely.

I found it interesting that the students who died to protect the Pitch and their school were ones who hadn't sought comfort or played Quidditch there but still felt drawn to this piece of Hogwarts' history and the students that lived there. The imagery of them fighting for the banners of their individual houses but having them standing together, just gut-wrenching.

There were a few awkward sentences such as:
It lent an ear to listen to meaningless rants and emotional outbursts and it provided shelter when rain pounded hard on from the heavens above and the warmth of the castle was too far away to run back up there. - I don't think 'to listen' needs to be in that sentence and the 'on' after 'pounded hard' sounds awkward as well.

Some words were randomly capitalized as well. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not but it threw me off while I was reading.

Other than that though, this was such a wonderfully sad one-shot. The ending was perfect. Really, really nicely done. :)

Author's Response: Hello ^_^

Really :) Oh thats a relief I was so worried about posting this as it is my first ever One-shot :P

Took A leap in otherwords right? :/ Maybe o.o Sorry im a little slow today :P That's what I was aiming for ^_6 To give the pitch life, so Im glad you could see that ^_^ x

I didn't actually have that in there first off, Mangagirl told me to add it so I did :) so now i'm glad they suggested it ^_^

I didn't want it to be people like that we knew... That had minor parts like a few of the Slytherins such as Theodore and Millicent, or susan bones... blah blah blah.. I just wanted them unnamed and haveing little history with the Pitch as possibly ^_^ so i;m glad you liked those parts.

I'll refix that shortly ^_^ Thank you for your loving words and awesome review ^_^ It made my day >.< x

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Review #17, by Logamind The Quidditch Pitch.

6th September 2011:
This made me cry and I can tell you not a lot of fics do that! Especially when they don't even involve a human!

You truly are a great writer. You captured everything perfectly. You know you're good when your readers crying over a quidditch pitch! There was just so much emotion in it!

10/10 you've made me a blubbering mess!


Author's Response: nawww i'm sorry it made you cry :( x

Oh thank you :) that makes me smile ^_^ Thank youu sooo mcuh :D x

~Karni. xx

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Review #18, by hpgrl The Quidditch Pitch.

6th September 2011:
Hi, I just wanted to say that I really like this short piece. It was well-written, and I love that you were able to give life to the pitch. You really made me sympathize with it and the ending was so sad. I loved the last two sentences as well, they were the perfect end to the story.

Great job!

Author's Response: My first review on my very first one shot :) Nawww Thank you soo much ^_^ x

That means alot too me :D I wanted to do something different :D So I'm really really glad you liked it :D

~Karni. xx

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