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Review #1, by onestop_hpfan18 who do you see?

11th December 2011:
Aww, you dedicated it to me -hugs- I'm sorry I'm just now getting to reading and reviewing this, too. Things got a bit hectic with classes, but I'm here now.

Anyway, I really loved reading this again. It was actually better the second time around. I could feel the emotions and intent behind each word as I read. And I easily pictured everything happening in my mind as though a home movie reel were playing in my mind's eye. Over all, excellent voice and characterisation of Dominique and just over all flow of this. Brava! :)

Author's Response: Of course I dedicated it to you! You're my favorite Fez ♥

Thank you for such a lovely review. I'm so glad you liked it. And thank you for reading it the first time around!
You are too kind :)


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Review #2, by MajiKat who do you see?

14th September 2011:
hi darling
i thought i would return the favour of your awesome reviews with one of my own.


this is so sad, so very sad and i felt for Dom. her voice is wonderful in this piece and i love the narrative style. i love that she is talking to teddy, that he is the 'you'. it would not have worked any other way i don't think.

there is such poetry here and the opening paragraph contains the most wonderful imagery. i love the comparisons she makes between herself and her sister throughout the piece - that made it real and very human, because we always compare ourselves to those we think are better than us.

this is my fav line: But I invite you inside anyway, inside with me and my fragile heart and my doubts.

just beautiful. i am adding this to my favs. such a lovely piece of writing and so heartfelt.

Kate xx

Author's Response: Thank you Kate ♥
I was not expecting this when I opened up new reviews, it absolutely made my day. Thank you so much.

I'm so glad you liked it! This was the first new piece I'd written in quite some time, and the first I've ever written that could possibly be Teddy/Victoire, so I'm rather fond of it. And nervous about it too! So it makes me happy to know you enjoyed it.

Thanks dearie

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Review #3, by scarlettandgold who do you see?

11th September 2011:
Oh Shiloh, this is beautiful. It was so so incredibly well done - from the description at the beginning to the heartbreaking word at the end. It's so carefully sculpted and executed. I'm in awe! You're so incredibly talented, dear! This was tragic and yet I loved every bit of it! Very, very well done!

Author's Response: Thanks love :) I'm glad you liked it. It was... interesting, for me to write.


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