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Review #1, by Endless_Forms The Day it Worsened

10th January 2015:
Wow, this is fantastic! I haven't read very many McGongall fics but this one is easily my favorite. It fits right in with the canon, which I consider to be the best kind! Thank you for writing this and I look forward to reading more!

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Review #2, by janette The Holiday in Between

1st August 2013:
Pretty Pretty please update this. I came across this whilst searching for stories and i'm begging you to continue it.

Author's Response: I will! I have lots of plans! more soon, Janette! :)

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Review #3, by rez The Holiday in Between

8th June 2013:
I hate that you ended this chapter there, whyy!? gorgeous chapter though, I was so excited when I realized another one was up! minnie-pie is just too cute! and aw, Peter!! but yes I agree. Walter totally loves her too. who would've thought minnie such a boy magnet?

Author's Response: I think it's thanks to you i FINALLY got round to writing this chapter and updating. Glad you liked it! I actually think Minnie would have been a total boy-magnet, because she's like really intelligent and confident and has that terrifying-but-fascinating strong woman thang going on ;)

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Review #4, by Cirque Du Freak The Holiday in Between

2nd June 2013:
MINERVA THE SEX SYMBOL. That is a sentence I thought I'd never hear about someone like Minerva McGonnagall - goodness me she's not at all what you'd expect of her. :P That was a fantastic line, hahaha - I was putting it up to Francesca (out of the lot of them) to make the lovely string of boys all together in one neat little row. I mean, really, you've got shipception going on here ALL THE BASES COVERED. I am amused. Give me cake.


(can you tell side-along reviewing is happening over the fact that I cannot contain excitement over this)


I just djashfaskjfhskadjfsa I don't even know what to say coz I'm so excited and this is too freaking cute and awa awawawawa DONT RUIN THIS MOMENT IN THE NEXT CHAPTER FOR GOODNESS SAKE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU
just let them be :(
please please
blahasdushdas this is so exciting and depressing all at the same time. Forever shipping Minerva/Peter ok? ok.

p.s. update now. kthxbye.

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Review #5, by Cirque Du Freak The Days of Complications

2nd June 2013:
isfhosdufhjasdfj I couldn't side-along review this, because I was just so into it the whole time - having to stop and tear myself away would have been very painful indeed. The emotions in this shine out of the chapter and it makes me very sympathetic to Minnie and everything that's going terribly wrong for her, but then she isn't exactly helping herself when it comes to reacting to Riddle and his crappiness, which just keeps coming along.

Blahhh I don't even know what to say I just want to give her a big hug although I risk popping her arm out of her socket or you know hugging thin air because she's not actually real, but that's besides the point.

MY EMOTIONS OKAY MY EMOTIONS. Min has always been my favourite teacher out of the lot of them (besides Dumbledore and I shipped Dumbledore/McGonnagal as soon as I started reading the first book) and blah there's too much happening and you should update this more often because I think I actually don't know what happens in the rest of this so I'm rather enjoying the ride. ♥

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Review #6, by Cirque Du Freak The Evening Hell Descended

2nd June 2013:
ihuwaidrwqhdrfjwsa I really feel like slapping everyone at the beginning of the chapter - I don't know I feel quite a bit like Minerva and everything's going a bit pear-shaped here and I feel protective over her ok and I like this story so.

And then everyone's all getting up in her business and blech I don't like it and I don't understand her immense composure, but then Minnie has always been like that (suppose we just see a lot more emotion than she would usually hazard in the books considering there's multiple homicidal attempts made on her favourite student & friend ever).

bleuch this was a bad chapter I did not like it one bit over all these happenings and I had forgotten Walter gets Petrified ack. And then you see what you were referring to at the end of the last chapter, where Tom was completely evident in his behaviour and actions and Minerva ended up overlooking things.

Poor Minnie things arent looking up at all :(

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Review #7, by Cirque Du Freak The Night of Change

2nd June 2013:
Of course once Minnie swears off Tom completely they are instantly drawn together, which means lots of Tom/Minnie fun and banter and, you know, creepiness on Tom's part because he makes my spine shiver in a not-so-good AND kind-of-good way.

And skjahnsiaufhsa I know exactly how Minnie feels about all the sneaking around its all really discouraging and makes your heart sit in your throat and blahdsjhdgshsjsanfjsa poor Minnie who's never really broken the rules before.
(also nice touch with the surrounding of all these cats ITS PRECIOUS)

And then I read rest of the chapter in one sitting and decided to be completely and utterly appalled and remember how crap it was that Tom decided to Petrify cats and that the chapter ended on a very serious and very downward turn. Well, perhaps, not quite so as she managed to help Peter, but it is very strange the roles everyone plays in a war no matter how big or small its still all very important.

Blah okay yes onwards I suppose :( almost scared as to what happens next as I can't quite remember now and THE UNKNOWN it haunts me.

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Review #8, by Cirque Du Freak The Days of Calm

2nd June 2013:
Ah Minnie the feminist revolutionist as always ♥ I remembered enjoying this chapter the last time I read it and ah so cute with the whole broom and Dumbledore's office bit just like Harry and Minnie - I loved that bit :D

And yaaay plot-y things happen and Tom Riddle (and how you almost turned him camp - this conversation was hilarious looking back on it it).

And I can't wait to see what happens with the Walter/Minnie/Peter thing & I can't wait for more Tom and Walter and especially Peter ♥

I HAVE SQUISHY FEELS FOR THIS. ITS SO FLUFFFY (& not in the three-headed dog kind, but not in the Mexter kind either, because thats just way too cute ok)

loovveee and all that good stuff ehehheehehe

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Review #9, by krysten The Holiday in Between

26th May 2013:
cliff hanger.
usually i read finished stories, but i suppose i knew it would happen sooner of later.
really enjoying the story though

Author's Response: Ahhha, should be more up soon. Sorry about the cliffie and thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #10, by miluv The Holiday in Between

22nd May 2013:
AWW! That was so cute! Although to be completely honest with you, Jane and Francesca really do irk me. And, gosh I keep imagining what McGonagall thought when the Chamber of Secrets opened the second time. She must have been so remorseful considering she sort of helped Riddle, you know with Transfig and the lot. Other than that though, great as usual and love you loads!

Author's Response: Ahhha, they irritate Minnie too (but in a sort of affectionate way). I've been thinking a LOT about what she thought the second time too, and it's really helping me shape the events here nd it's really FUN and yeah. Thanks for the awesome review, Miluv! :)

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Review #11, by miluv The Days of Complications

20th May 2013:
So you said that you didn't think i was following this one, and I was like whaaat? A story of ac's that I'm not following? Never! So I did a bit of searching and here I am! I read all 6 chapters in 32 minutes and am now eagerly awaiting a seventh:D Hurry up woman! Lol jk but seriously, youve done mickey g so well I can't. By the way, how do you think she'd take to that nickname? Lolol okay bye, laff you dahling :D

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Review #12, by rez The Days of Complications

11th May 2013:
this is brilliant, it's amazing! I've read a few Tom/OCs (I'm not even sure that this is one) but I love love love the dynamic between Tom and poor 'Minnie', it's as good as I could ever have imagined it from the way Voldemort is described in canon,you are so talented. And I LOVE how subtly you led up to that twist, of Walter being attacked! I swear in half the stories I see, every plot "twist" is preceded by all of these blatantly obvious hints and I looove that this was so unpredictable! I honestly have no idea where you are going with this (partly because I'm just a bit slow on the uptake anyway) but I love that, and I'm so looking forward to seeing what comes next

fan forever x

Author's Response: Ah, Rez! Thank you so much for such a really lovely review! I've really loved writing this story and one of the reasons is Minnie's interactions with Tom (because the dynamic is really reallly fun :D) and I'm so glad that you like it so much! Lots of twists and what not coming up soon. thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #13, by dancingsnow02 The Days of Complications

12th March 2013:
I'm in love with this story. It's weird to see Professor McGonagall as a student, but I think that's why I love it so much. I cannot wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for this lovely review! I've loved writing this story and it's great to know that you enjoyed it :D

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Review #14, by luciusobsessed The September it Began

22nd June 2012:
Wow wow wow! Stunning use of detail! I love your aptitude for being so meticulous! I must say, I love classroom scenes, as I myself have included a few of those in my fanfics as well! Love how I can relate to that! Wonderful flow and characterization, just like the first chapter. Can't wait to read on :)

Author's Response: Hey there luciusobsessed! Thank you for leaving me such a lovely review. I had soo much fun writing this story with all the details and the mystery. Thanks for such a lovely review :)

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Review #15, by luciusobsessed The Summer Before

22nd June 2012:
I've never read a story about McGonagall before, but I must say, I'm really enjoying this!

You go very in depth about her character, showing that she has a soft spot for Muggles and the current events of their lives. I like that about her. It's very canon, as I've always imagined her as the type to welcome all kinds of people, whether witch/wizard or not.

I can tell Peter is very special to her, and I truly hope this isn't the last I hear of him.

Excellent chapter! Looking forward to reading more :)

Author's Response: Hey there Luciusobsessed! I've never really read that many McGonagall stories before, but I really enjoy writing this so I'm glad you enjoyed it too!

Plenty more on Peter, definitely. McGonagal always seemed like this in my head... and this might be my Head Canon even though Pottermore canon sort of ruined things :P

Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #16, by NaidatheRavenclaw The Days of Complications

20th June 2012:

It's sad how much I've missed this story. Minerva is so lovely. And even though I love her and felt really bad when she didn't do well as Beater, I was glad that she did fairly okay verging on bad because what is it with everyone either being a prodigy or apalling at Quidditch? And that was a really bad run on sentence. Okay Naida. Let's not throw all rules of grammar out the window, yeah? Anyways, thoroughly enjoyed her little Quidditch endeavor.

And then Tom was his usual bratty little self. I feel sort of odd calling the Dark Lord bratty but it's so true. MINERVA STAY AWAY FROM THIS CREEP. But the way he said "sentiment" was just so Sherlock and Tom you do not deserve to use that line. You are defiling it. Oh, and the bit with the soul was genius.

I'm now wondering if Dumbledore knows something about Minerva's theft...he does do things like that and no matter what you say, you write canon characters perfectly, so...hmmm...LOTS TO THINK ABOUT.

This story really needs more love :( Update soon, yeah ♥


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Review #17, by minnie The Days of Complications

18th May 2012:
I love this story. There aren't many good stories about mcgonagall in her younger days :) It's nice to see her with normal human emotion and I also like seeing the chamber of secrets era in more detail

Update sooner!!

Author's Response: Hey there Minnie! I'm going to try very hard not to take so long this time... my other stories all get a lot more reviews than this one, so I just find it easier to get inspired for the others. But, I love this story. Won't leave it so long next time!

Thanks for a lovely review :D

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Review #18, by AndrinaBlack The Summer Before

11th April 2012:
I've wanted to read more Minerva stories than I have for a long time, so when looking for a story on your page, this caught my eye. But I also got interested because of the summary. I'm already really into this story.

I don't think I've read anything of yours before (unless I've read an older story which I didn't spot while scrolling down your page) and I really like your writing. Your story flows really well, though I can see that this would be a quite difficult chapter to write without making it too heavy, with all the background and little action or dialogue. The way you wrote it just pulled me along. I especially admire the way you got in the first letter to the chapter, without writing it all at once.

Just a little nitpicking, if I may do that. Just to get in some CC. :P I think you used for instead of from at one place and wonder instead of wander at one time. Then this sentense took a couple of reads for me to figure out: "Minerva was as disinterested in muggle music as she was Wizarding music, and had found that even more frustrating than achieving nothing from her efforts." I think you mean that what's frustrating was to get just half a song from the radio instead of some news or something, so it might work better if you started with the last part of the sentense "She had found that even more..." and continue with something like "because she was as disintrested in muggle...". That would connect the frustration both to the previous sentense and the disintrest part better. But you know, that's just a little thing (just takes long to explain.)

And I was going to say how I love to read this historical timeperiod, which you also seem to have thought about and researched properly. You get in a lot of info about that and how it's for muggles and wizards and witches, and at the same time we get a lot of info about her life, her character and some sort of feeling about her friends.

A great chapter and beginning of a story all in all! I'm glad I found it!

Author's Response: Hey there! I've always found Minerva stories interested and when I got this for the challenge I just couldn't resist. It seemed so new and exciting :D

I'm pretty sure you've never reviewed anything of mine before, so I'm really glad that you enjoyed my writing! I had a lot of fun writing this chapter, actually, and I really enjoyed writing the letter and stuff :)

I'd actually just gotten a beta right before receiving this review, ahha. So I think that some of those things have been changed slightly, but I'll go back and look at that sentence about wizarding music. Thanks for pointing it out for me! I really appreciate it :)

Not knowing much about History (starting to regret dropping it two years ago), I bugged my friend about it a little and then started googling and stuff.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And thanks so much for reading :D

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Review #19, by Violet Gryfindor The Days of Calm

24th March 2012:
Another great chapter! The scene with Riddle at the end had me glued to the screen because the tension between the characters was fantastically realized. They definitely are intellectually matched, though I have to agree with Minerva that being the favourite of Dumbledore is far more meaningful than being the favourite of Slughorn. You've written Riddle very well - his odd presence gave me the chills, as though just by being there, he sent the temperature of the room plummeting.

It feels like Minerva gave Walter the brush-off when they entered the party. I wonder what's going on there - he obviously has a crush on her, but is too shy or polite to say anything, and she's just too distracted by the millions of things going on in her life to notice. It makes me feel a little sorry for him, but he is, like she said, very uncomplicated, almost boring. He's quite a contrast, not just to Riddle or Tristan, but also to Peter, who is very much the one for her. It's interesting how she's surrounded by these wizards - it makes her push harder to have her voice heard and her actions acknowledged. The world you've constructed here is very limiting for witches, and she stands out as one who will fight to the very end to do as she wishes. It sets this story apart from other Minerva-centered stories I've read and adds a further layer of complexity to your plot and character development.

There are a few typos riddled throughout - for instance, "steel" instead of "steal" - so you should look out for those. Otherwise, fantastic work! I look forward to seeing what happens next and how Minerva will deal with everything that's going on. :D

Author's Response: The first time I wrote the scene with Riddle in he came off really really camp, it's not even funny. I actually still have a PM about it on the forums (me begging for help) and I've kept it due to the wondeful name... so I'm glad that I managed to get rid of that before this got posted. Chills and temperatre is exactly what I was intending (rather than campness) so that's a good thing. Thank you :)

Minerva probably wouldn't notice even if he did say something, but I like Walter and I think he's sweet if not complicated enough for good old Minnie. I found it difficult not to see Minnie as a bit of a feminist. At first I was trying to juggle dates and stuff to see whether it would be realistic for there not to be the same Quidditch opportunities and stuff, but, I don't know... I really think she's just a hell of a woman in canon and I can imagine her being just as strong in her teenage years.

The typos don't surprise me, as I spend all this time working towards a perfect chapter and then when the queues cleared I tend to think that a fast update is better than a perfect update, and that I'll edit later... then I rarely do. Bad habbit.

Thanks for the lovely review :)

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Review #20, by Violet Gryfindor The September it Began

24th March 2012:
Excellent chapter! You covered a lot of ground here, all the way from the train station to the classes, then the Quidditch, and finally that cliffhanger! Minerva definitely is very busy at school - no wonder she gets so bored at her parents' new home in Scotland, though Hogwarts can't really be that different in terms of weather or landscape. But the place has more meaning for her and feels more like home, and you really show that well here.

I loved the classroom scenes (always a soft spot for those, and you did them particularly well - very canon), but I especially loved when she was flying. You made it feel so airy and filled with endless movement - I could picture it all vividly. It was perfect to include Dumbledore like you did, a mirror of what will happen to Harry years later. It's not a surprise that Minerva will be the first girl to make her way onto the Gryffindor team, though it's more shocking when I think of how the Slytherins still don't have girl players in Harry's time, years later. I'm looking forward to seeing her putting Peakes in his place, though the character I'm more interested in learning more about is Walter.

Ahhh! There's so much going on now! I'm definitely hooked and hope to read on as soon as I can. There's so much more I could mention, but then I think I'd be commenting on every part of this chapter, so I'll just end off by saying that this is a fantastic Minerva story and I hope that you keep updating it! :D

Author's Response: Originally this chapter was taken over by the shennanigans of September 1st, but I didn't like it because it was boring and they almost got cut competely, but I'm glad I left those bits in.

I love writing classroom scenes too. I swear in some fics no one ever seems to go to class, ahha. I couldn't resist drawing the parallels between Dumbledore seeing Minerva flying and Minerva seeing Harry flying, as in my head Minerva always had quite a close relationship with Dumbledore even when she was just a student.

Eee! I'm so glad you're enjoying it. That's such a compliment! I haven't updated for awhile due to lack of inspriation (hence why I put this one down for the fic exchange) and I think you reviews have definately reawkwaned my muse for this story. Thank you! :)


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Review #21, by Violet Gryfindor The Summer Before

23rd March 2012:
I've had my eye on this story for a while, and I'm sorry that I haven't gotten to it until now. Stories about McGonagall are always a treat, especially by authors with your reputation, and it was a stroke of good luck that I got your story for the TGS review exchange. Finally a shove in the right direction! :D

And this story does not disappoint. You portray Minerva in a way I haven't yet seen her - it's refreshing to give her this deep connection with the Muggle world, not to mention making her less inclined toward study and unhappy in Scotland. She's very realistically written - she comes alive, feeling fully developed from the beginning.

Stylistically, I really liked the way that you integrated the letters into the story, especially her letter - your exposition is artfully and tastefully included, literally fitting "between the lines" of her letter. Surprisingly, though, I liked Peter's letter too - he's much better at writing them and describing his feelings whereas Minerva keeps a lot to herself, which your narration fills in for readers (if not for Jane).

There were two lines that could be edited to smooth things out:

Then she’d walk down to the Anderson shelter at the Anderson’s - the name is unnecessarily repeated.

They couldn’t understand just how they managed to live with the convenience of magic - do you mean "without the convenience of magic"? I may be misinterpreting what you mean with the line, though.

Otherwise, great work with this story! I look forward to reading on and seeing what happens when she really does break the rules. It's a great way of fitting your plot into JKR's hinted backstory and I'm excited to see how you'll develop it. :D

Author's Response: THe beginning of this review sort of made me trip over my words for a couple of minutes, because I was utterly startled that someone like /you/ (who, in my head, is a member of the elite writers club who all write clever, amazing hings) wanted to read it and then... reputation. Then I squeed for a little bit in a darkened room. But I'm so glad you got this story!

I really liked writing Minerva. As a bit of canon-phobe (Ocs are my friends), I thought she'd be really difficult but then she came alive in my head and, well, I'm glad it came out that way too :D

Whooops, yeah I meant 'without' in that line. I'll go back and edit those at some point. Actually, quit being Lazy AC, I'll go do it now.

Thank you for this lovely review and I hope the next couple of chapters don't dissapoint! :)


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Review #22, by Remus The September it Began

30th January 2012:
Hey! Perelandra here with your review! SO SORRY it has taken me forever!!! :(

But I'm here now, right? XD I'll be reviewing this as I read along.

Minerva's relationship with her father seems believable. Specially in that time period we're reading about. British men always had an issue with displaying emotions, specially towards their daughters, so kudos to you for portraying that.

“Yes, it was okay,” Minerva returned, “You?”. 'You' shouldn't he capitalized. Unless you add a period after 'returned'.

Minerva having a issue talking to someone's parents made me giggle. Such a teenager thing to feel like. However, the way you make the reader feel like the parents are always the enemy here. I can see how that's 'true' from a teenager point of view as well...

I absolutely LOVE that you're doing a whole woman revolution at Hogwarts. Your fic reminds me of a TV show Downton Abbey...when it comes to women in the world and the 'shocking' things they would do. Anyway, cliffhanger in the end!

This was def. a good read! Your narration is fantastic. Details are great and not way overdone that bores the reader to sleep. And even your OCs are fun to read as well. Francesca's last line, priceless.

Feel free to re-request when I'm open once again! :D

Author's Response: NO, don't worry! Review requests take ages, I understand that, and thank you for leaving me such a lovely review. I really appreciate it :)

I am honestly terrible at punctuating dialogue, so thanks for pointing that out now. I am /aware/ of how it goes, it's just that whenever I write my hands don't seem to agree with the general grammatical conventions.

MINNIE: leader of the WOMAN REVOLUTION. Well, we'll see how that works out fo her ;)

Thanks for the lovely review! And I'll keep my eye out for the free slots :)


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Review #23, by magnolia_magic The September it Began

26th January 2012:
Hi, I'm back! My internet's been down for a few days, or I would have been here sooner :/

I liked this chapter a lot; it's a really nice read. Minerva's got a really serene, matter-of-fact narrative voice, which matches perfectly with her dialogue and with what you've shown us about her character. I think you're doing a great job with her! I never thought of her as someone who would fly, but when we find out it's part of her plan B, it makes sense.

I really like all the OCs as well. Francesca seems like a fun girl, and Jane seems really sweet and down-to-earth. I really enjoyed reading the friendship between the three girls :)

As far as plot progression goes, I think it's going well up to this point. This chapter has tons of background information and filler stuff, which is fine. But in the next chapter I hope to see the story get off the ground a little more. I'm especially anxious to know more details of Minerva's plan, and see how she puts it into action.

This chapter has a pretty dramatic ending, but I do wish there was a little more attention given to that part. What was Minerva's reaction upon seeing the blood? What about everyone else in the room? Are they curious, worried? Maybe it's just me, but I would have liked to see some added emphasis on those things.

I love your thorough descriptions in this; every scene has photographic detail, and I think it's so much fun to read. Especially during the flying scene towards the end--I almost felt like I was on a broom, seeing all the things that Minerva was seeing. It's just wonderfully written :)

Thanks again for requesting! I'm really enjoying this a lot! :)


Author's Response: Thats okay! Don't worry about it for a second and sorry that it usually takes me a couple of days to respond to reviews. I try to answer them as soon as I get them, it just never works out.

I was really unsure about her /flying/. I just wasn't sure if I could visualise her on a broomstick, but it turns out she can. Yeah, this chapter is probably the most fillerish one of the lot and I wasn't exactly sure about that. It felt neccesary, but it also felt like it might be a bit boring? But, yeah, the plot definately comes into furition more in the next chapter :)

I hadn't actually thought about the lack of attention to her reaction so I'm really glad you've pointed that out. This is why I love review requests! Thank you! I'll be sure to go back and edit that slightly at some point.

Thank you for the loverly lovely review! :)


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Review #24, by magnolia_magic The Summer Before

23rd January 2012:
Hi! magnolia_magic here from the forums! I'm so sorry it's taken me this long...RL has been a lot to handle lately. But I'll try to get these chapters reviewed as soon as I can :)

I'm completely in love with this idea: it's so unique and compelling. I've never really thought about a wizard's role in a muggle war, and it's just so interesting to be able to see that. I totally get the neighborhood's reaction to the McGonagalls. Truthfully, it kind of annoys me that they just act like nothing is happening while their neighbors are losing husbands and sons to the war. I'm pretty sure Minerva would agree with me on that :)

Speaking of Minerva, I really like her character so far. There are details that remind me of the books: her dislike for the unpredictable Scottish weather, and the fact that she hates the name "Minnie," for example. Those things make me see her as a serious person who likes order and control. I think she is a great character, and I look forward to reading more about her :)

Peter and Minerva's friendship is so sweet; I love how they open each others' worlds to new things. He seems so funny and precious, which makes it even sadder when he writes about the war in his letter.

I love the interspersed lines of the letter throughout this chapter; they add a nice contrast to the narration. Overall, I think this is very well-written, and I love Minerva's voice; it seems very soft and controlled. It's a very nice read :)

I am so looking forward to reading more of this! I'll try really hard to give you more reviews soon, so please bear with me. This chapter is just wonderful...thanks so much for requesting!


Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me this lovely-lovely-lovely review! Take as long as you need, I know full well that RL can be a bit of a pain... and even when its good it sometimes detracts from HPFF time :P

Oh yeah, Minerva would be totally with you on the whole lets-just-ignore-it-because-its-not-happening-to-is - she's not so hot on injustice, no matter how or where that should come about :)

I love writing Minnie so much! So I'm really glad you're enjoying her as a character - she just sort of burst into life, and I'm really glad about that.

Awhh, thank you so much for this lovely review! And sorry it took me a couple of days to respond :) :) :)


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Review #25, by Cirque Du Freak The September it Began

13th January 2012:
I can't believe I haven't reviewed this yet - that is so rubbish and I am SO sorry.

I must tell you how much I love this story, because I really do and its about Minnie and Muggles and just its all so canon and wonderful and you've done such a good job with it and I'm so proud of you. You've only just reinstated that Minnie mind-state where she really is a true Gryffie and this just shows it. She is SO loyal and aw.

I love the internal monologues and the description because it really sets the scene and you've set it aside from your other stories and I'm so jealous that you can do that.

I like how she's distant with her parents, because that explains a lot about her character in the books and because I've read ahead and everything you've made it so that it comes together so well.

I particularly love the Dumbledore bit - I'm jealous of anyone who can do Dumbledore, but just that small interaction and how we know they have such a close friendship in the future it was really nice.

Obviously I loved it and I will stop gushing.

Love you dear. xxx

Author's Response: Hey thats okay! This story got two reviews today and that really excitement. I got all like YAAAYYY because I always get SUPER excited when this story gets reviewed because it's one of my favouries :D

I think this is where my new canon love orginated from, and now I'm just loving everything and yes yes yes.

Ahha, forsho I can't write Dumbledore to save my life. Mostly I just slip him in very minory and hope no one pays attention to anything he says because... oh, he's just too hard! Maybe one day -le sigh-

Thank you very much you beautiful human being!

Love you too

Ac xxx

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