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Review #1, by chiQs09 1

1st September 2007:
Your writing style is good, I'm quite impressed. Many people are really too narrow-minded for fictions like this. I'm honestly not fond of incest fictions, but this is actually very chaste, that I think it was cool. I've read one that was really obscene (with Ron/Ginny, too), and I felt ew, sick.

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Review #2, by HPGryffindorStarlette 1

15th June 2005:
Great story, I love the loving bond you created between Ron and Ginny. Good job and keep it up.

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Review #3, by lisa 1

27th March 2005:
i read people's other reviews. they should be open minded. ok, insets may be wrong, but people think gays and lesbians are wrong. just carry it on mate, ok? oh yeah, it is kinda good by the way, are you sure me and the other 2 reviewers have got it right? you are trying to say that ron likes ginny yeah? or is it just brotheley love and we just rushed to a decision? xxx. lisa

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Review #4, by InnerJoy 1

28th December 2004:
sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong sick wrong sick wrong sick wrong

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Review #5, by ?? 1

6th April 2004:
you should tell people that is what they are reading!! Ron and ginny are family!! ITs rong!

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