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Review #1, by ms4aisa Define Evil

24th November 2014:
please please please update soon!! and think about a sequel! I totally love this story and I swear: I've read it at least 5 times so far. It's one of my long time favorites and I need to know what will happen next! Your were genius for putting in 2 plot twists, I totally didn't expect that when I read it for the first time!
again, pleaaase update!!

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Review #2, by maskedmuggle Extended Invitation

6th July 2014:

I really enjoyed reading this opening chapter, I thought it was really well written and has such a great idea to it! First off, I love next-gen stories because of all the character you can use, and I'm already loving the cast you have here. You've characterised Rose to be a really likeable character to read about, which is great, and her personality seems pretty balanced too, in that we can already see some of the flaws (and the awesome things) about her character, such as how she worried what her friends would think of her. I liked her interactions with the other characters, in particular Zander, because I loved how you characterised him really differently from his parents so that he actually talked, with some sass :P Also, I think I'm already shipping Grace/Lysander and waiting for that to happen!

Now onto my guesses about the Dragon Club.. perhaps it's just a fan of people who love dragons? That's so obvious I'm not sure if that will actually be the case or not lol. Maybe it's some club that actually has no purpose other than serving as a way to meet new people regularly.. I have no idea, but I can't wait to find out! I'm hoping for Rose's sake there's a genuine party there and that she won't be humiliated or embarrassed in any way... This is already such an exciting fic and I can't wait to read on! Written really well so far :)

- Charlotte/maskedmuggle
House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #3, by SketchCyanide The First Meeting

6th July 2014:
- House Cup 2014 Review -

Okay, so when I first saw the title The Dragon Club, I honestly thought it was some plan concocted by Hagrid so he could finally have his pet Dragon!

However, I am liking this a lot, a secret club where you can do whatever you like and no one can talk about it outside of the meetings? Sounds like my kind of club, please can I be invited?

You're moving pretty quick, which is good for impatient people like me, but there is quite a lot to take in as you're introducing quite a few new people and ideas. Perhaps expand on these a little?

I actually really like the fact that Goyle doesn't just grunt and stuff like his father did in the books (he and Crabbe always seemed so bland and empty) Just because he's not too smart doesn't mean he can't think for himself.

And finally, I cannot resist some ScoRose :') So, you've definitely got me there! I am interested to see how everything pans out, and how they act outside of the club :D


-- Jez

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Review #4, by Lululuna The First Meeting

6th July 2014:
Hello! :)

This is really interesting so far! I like Rose and the cast of characters who are set up, and especially enjoyed in the last chapter with how both James and Albus hid their father's artifacts from one another by putting them in the girls' dorms. That was a really nice detail that stood out. Goyle and Malfoy are interesting as well, and I'm curious to learn more about why exactly Rose and Scorpius hate each other so much, other than their family names. Goyle is so creepy as well though he seems a little more articulate than his father was. I think that you did a good job of showing why Goyle and Malfoy would think of inviting Rose: she was there at the right time for the idea to occur, and the bet made sense for why they would want her there.

The Dragon Club actually sounds like a lot of fun, and I liked how welcoming they were and how open your characters are about inter-house friendships. The tattoo idea is especially interesting. I originally wondered if there was some more sinister background to the club, and perhaps it has a bit of a sketchy history at times, but so far it just seems like a really great thing for Rose.

If I could offer one piece of advice, it's that the story is flowing very quickly right now. You've introduced a lot of interesting moments and anecdotes, like Viola, and even the Fat Lady's cameo, and expanding on those and slowing down the pace of the story could make it even more impactful. Just a thought in case you ever feel like coming back to edit and need something to go off of! :)

Great job!

House Cup 2014 - Educational Decree 1

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Review #5, by Hopeful that you see this message Define Evil

6th June 2014:
Hi, I saw that you haven't updated since 2012 but i'm hoping that you still might check your account. This was the first ever fan fiction that i ever read and i hope to see it finished. I've read it a few times now and haven't stopped enjoying it. I found the way that you have told the story and written the characters to be interesting. It's one of my favorite fan fictions and I really hope that you do still check your account and finish the story. Each time I start the story again I don't want to stop reading. You've written these characters well and i hope to see you write another chapter as i find your story interesting. I understand that you haven't updated since 2012 but i'm hopeful. If you don't see this message or decide that you won't write another chapter (which would be wonderful and i would look forward to reading)thank you for writing a well written story. The best of luck to you in the future. Have a great life.

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Review #6, by katie Define Evil

21st February 2014:
Absolutely fantastic story, and high past time you updated! Next chapter please!

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Review #7, by GillyH No Pressure

6th November 2013:
I love Zander so much!! He's the best original character I've come across in all my HPFF reading. Seriously, HE'S SO FUNNY. Please tell me you're going to create an amazing character for him to fall in love with?? I wanna see what he's like when he's head over heels in love :P

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Review #8, by GillyH Rescue

6th November 2013:
Dude, this book is AWESOME!! So different from all the other Rospious stories. I love it. You are a genius and I'm incredibly excited to see where this story goes!! Well done :)

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Review #9, by GoldenAura13 Define Evil

19th August 2013:
OMG THIS STPRY WAS GREAT!! Have you written the
dragon club 2 yet? Or is there still another chapter?

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Review #10, by emilytyler Extended Invitation

29th May 2013:
I absolutely love this.
xx ET

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Review #11, by jowilliams Acceptance

4th May 2013:
I read all the chapters of this fanfiction already and i think it's awsome. Love RoCorpius.
Thanks for writing,

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Review #12, by _Sly_Slytherin_ Define Evil

1st April 2013:
please update? this is the best fanfic i have read on this site, i love it!!!

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Review #13, by E.B First Encounters and Present Planning

3rd March 2013:
October the second is my birthday!!! :D this made my day :)

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Review #14, by anonymous Define Evil

26th February 2013:
i absolutely adore this story!!! im so so impatient to read what happens afterwards!!! most addicting and well written rosius i have read so far :) youre an amazing writer :D

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Review #15, by Fangheart Define Evil

26th November 2012:
I absolutly love your story! It's so amazing and I looove all of them! I never thought that I'd ever love a Goyle, haha :P With that said, I really miss your story! It's one of my favorites and you're a really good writer! I hope that you'll upload a new chapter soon. Don't keep us waiting (it was a really good cliffhanger by the way) and keep on writing, love.

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Review #16, by WillowDragon98 Define Evil

15th October 2012:
oh this is exciting im looking forward to draco and hermiones memories! great chapter will be sad when this story ends! glad there'll be a sequel xx

Author's Response: I just updated the next (and final) chapter! Hopefully it will be up soon! :D

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Review #17, by bffchey Define Evil

23rd September 2012:
Love it. Post agin soon please!

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Review #18, by SlytherinsHeir1 Define Evil

25th August 2012:
Please update soon! I love your story so much its my favorite

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Review #19, by _Sly_Slytherin_ Define Evil

9th August 2012:
Prtty pretty pretty please update? This is my favorite story on hpff and i've been waiting to see what comes next! Love this story 10/10 :)

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Review #20, by Daniel Define Evil

3rd August 2012:
please update, i really miss this story

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Review #21, by haznation Define Evil

17th June 2012:
have you abandoned this or what?

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Review #22, by tcannon Define Evil

16th June 2012:
please write the next chapter, i'm keen to read it.

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Review #23, by IvoryRavyn Define Evil

13th June 2012:
Hurry up with the next chapter... loving the story .

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Review #24, by elcee01 Define Evil

4th June 2012:
i just read all 26 chapters at once, i just couldn't stop reading...wanted to know what happens next! i really like this story, you have written it well.

found a fan in me :)

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Review #25, by toyah Define Evil

3rd June 2012:
I quite enjoy reading your story, i find it cute and interesting. I really don't want you to quit on this story as i enjoy reading it so much, please keep adding to this story?

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