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Review #1, by LittleLionGirl The Amazing Bouncing Ferret

22nd January 2014:
Wow. I was trying to find any neglected one-shots and I now see why it was so hard to!

I enjoy the fact you had Draco acknowledge his life was quite easy. Most of the time I just find whining and it makes my eyes ache to read. The challenge task was a little- odd. However you did a smashing job of writing it! I understand the whole jinxing Potter thing- because Harry always got just as defensive when someone talked about his father.

The whole idea of Draco being teased is just hilarious because that is something you'd never imagine- much less from ickle first years. The whole Pansy characterization really was spot on. I think he really was running from her- not the munchkins lol. I enjoyed watching how the different teachers reacted to the event. And Moody's badgering(or ferreting perhaps?) was written. It was like he was equal to how Snape treats Harry. Hagrid's reaction was by far the best. All and all? Job well done!


Author's Response: Thanks for the swap!

I'm happy you felt like Draco's characterization was realistic and that he got his just desserts in this one-shot :) I agree that Moody's characterization comes off as kind of mirroring how Snape treated Harry, which is kind of funny to think about.

It's tough for me to write humor but I'm still pretty proud of this attempt. Glad you felt like it was executed well and provided a good response to the challenge prompt :)

Thanks again for your sweet review!


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Review #2, by ValWitch21 The Amazing Bouncing Ferret

14th March 2013:
I would almost pity Malfoy, if I wasn't a stone-hearted creature who enjoys sniggering at other people's expenses.

You just don't insult Lucius Malfoy, not in front of his son. MY FATHER WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS!

I giggled the entire way through your story, but that ending really was amazing. I don't think I would ever, ever have imagined Hagrid doing something as petty as that, though it was great to see Malfoy get a taste of his own medicine!

Why is it that you can pull off any type of writing so well? Will you teach me?

Off to read some more!

Author's Response: I think people tend to not like this story as much as the others because they expect it be laugh-out-loud humor, and I just can't seem to write that, so maybe it's a disappointment to them. I'm glad you liked the more subtle moments and jokes that I tried to plant along the way, though, and seeing the events of the canon series through Draco's sarcastic eyes.

I am quite proud of that ending. Hagrid's got some layers, I know, and I thought this would be a good way to get revenge without putting Draco in harm's way or being overly cruel.

Thanks so much for another wonderful review! (Although I cannot pull off any type, no way!)


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Review #3, by SerpentineOffering The Amazing Bouncing Ferret

14th May 2012:
I loved this! Reading in it Draco's point of view was a change. I almost felt guilty for laughing cause he seemed so upset about what was happening! I couldn't help it though, this was a funny one-shot! :)

As always your writing is wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Great job, Academica!


Author's Response: Hi there! Finally getting around to those responses :)

I did think it would be interesting to see these events from Draco's perspective, and I'm glad you could sense his frustration (and better yet that you found it amusing, since that was the goal). The ending to this piece is what sparked the plunny, and I couldn't resist writing it, but I was a little unsure about how humorous it really was. I'm glad it worked for you, and I appreciate your very kind review!


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Review #4, by Siriusly3 The Amazing Bouncing Ferret

5th April 2012:
Aw. The Hagrid bit at the end was so sweet! Aw I love Hagrid, right, anyway.. This was a really good inbetweenthelines fic and I loved seeing Draco's thoughts because I always tend to dismiss him as a villain. And his thoughts and speech were really in character (except, I don't think he would have shouted at Seamus, I think he would have made a racist Irish/mudblood joke). I also loved the little bit of Pansy that we got :') and how Draco cried! What a girl. I hope you weren't meaning to endear him to us because this made me laugh at/hate him (and feel a teensy bit sorry for him) haha. Great one-shot :)

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for coming by :)

I love Hagrid too (really, who wouldn't love Hagrid, except for Draco) and I thought it would be fun to let him get some revenge on Draco for what Draco and Lucius put him through in Draco's third year. I'm glad you liked getting a chance to see Draco's thoughts, and that you felt like he was in character for the most part. It was definitely fun to write this, and you're right, it certainly wasn't meant to be endearing in the least.

Thanks for your kind review! :)


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Review #5, by bri_5_stars The Amazing Bouncing Ferret

2nd February 2012:
Okay, I love this! Anything based around Draco just makes it that much better especially if its funny. I love his POV too. :D

Author's Response: Thanks! I really like Draco, too, and it was fun writing his irritated POV in this part of his life. I'm glad the story made you laugh :)

Thanks again for your kind review!


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Review #6, by Beeezie The Amazing Bouncing Ferret

21st October 2011:
This was hilarious. I literally could not stop laughing.

That scene is one of my favorites in the books, and you have definitely done it justice. You got Malfoy's spoiled boy syndrome down perfectly, and I absolutely loved it.

And the bit at the end, with Hagrid, just made the piece.

Amazing job! :)

Author's Response: Oh, aren't you lovely for coming to review? :)

Yay, laughter! I was going for laughter, obviously, or at least an amused smile or two. I'm so happy that I did the scene justice and that you liked my characterization of Draco. And good for Hagrid, right? Poor Buckbeak.

Thanks again! You're too kind! :)


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Review #7, by EnigmaticEyes16 The Amazing Bouncing Ferret

2nd October 2011:
Oh, wow. I love that it was Hagrid who did it, for Buckbeak. I never saw that coming. You're story was very well written and very good. I really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks so much for your kind review! I'm glad the ending was a surprise, and an enjoyable one at that; that's exactly what I intended :)

By the way, I just finished writing my entry for your challenge! It'll be dropped in the queue, bannered, and posted ASAP :)

Thanks again!


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Review #8, by babewithbrains The Amazing Bouncing Ferret

25th September 2011:
This was really funny! One thing that I find is heavily overused in fanfic is indeed the ferret thing, but you kept it in its context nicely and stayed in the realms of in-character humour. I particularly liked the last sentence said by Hagrid.

I see you've responded to my review. Hmm. If dialogue punctuation is done the other way, I'm afraid it's wrong. Never have I seen dialogue punctuation done this way in a book. You probably have seen it in some of the other stories on this site.

I'm saying this from experience -- HPFF are quite lax grammar wise anyway, but MuggleNet FanFiction is a lot stricter on grammar, and I once submitted something with incorrect dialogue punctuation, like how you have formatted it, and it was rejected. Just Google "dialogue punctuation" and it should help. Google's brilliant for grammar -- just not for celebrity gossip, LOL.

I don't often know what I'm talking about but when it comes to grammar, I usually do. I know what you mean about staying consistent, but that's when something is correct.

Sorry, I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi so excuse the rambling. I hope I'm not being negative here. Point is, your stories are very good, only the slip-ups in dialogue punctuation distract me a little.

Oh, I just wanted to add that when you're *not* using a "saying" word like "said", it's better to use a full stop/period instead of a comma. Parts like this:

Of course, sir. Draco nodded, shifting his bag as he felt his arm begin to cramp up.

Well, anyway, you've left me two reviews, and I've left you two, so now we're even! :P


Author's Response: Hey again :)

I appreciate you coming by to review this story, and I'm glad you liked it, but it bums me out a little bit that you spent almost the entire review arguing with me about grammar. I don't feel that the sentence thing is enough to distract someone from the quality of a story, unlike some other grammar mistakes. I think we'll just have to agree to disagree on this point. Anyway, I do appreciate you coming by to review. I'm always flattered when someone reads my work!


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Review #9, by Tom_DracosGirl The Amazing Bouncing Ferret

8th September 2011:
Aw poor Draco!!! this was well written, I really enjoyed it and I was suprised at the ending! I wouldn't have guessed who was responsible for it, & although I love Draco and don't like to see him suffer or see him humiliated, he kind deserved this after what he has done in the past to Hagrid!!! & I really loved the mention of Buckbeak, I think that really made the story for me.

Good job. Well done!!

Author's Response: Hi there! I'm so glad you liked it, especially the ending! I love Draco very much as well, but it's nice to see a character as "good" as Hagrid (and also Buckbeak) find some justice :)

Thanks for your very kind review!


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Review #10, by honoraryweasley The Amazing Bouncing Ferret

1st September 2011:
Honoraryweasleyy from the forums here, with your review. My apologies for the delay!

I made a note to keep an eye on the entries to this challenge, because the list is hilarious. You did really well with the humour - I chuckled out loud a couple of times (it was more a delirious giggle, but oh well), but it was the kind of fic where the biggest joke is in Draco's character. Which brings me to how well you captured that! I was so impressed, honestly, because people attempt to write Draco so often, and usually fail. Either they make him completely OOC, or they make him a vain, fussy rich boy. And although he may be just that, depictions of him usually lack the depth that you added.

I'm a grammar Nazi, so I appreciate the lack of grammar errors in this, and I know a lot of other people will too. I spotted one mistake (you capitalized a dialogue tag, if I remember correctly), but I'm going to let that go ;) The flow was so perfect that one mistake couldn't detract from it. Your paragraphs were very long, and I might suggest breaking them up, but in actuality this is a very long one-shot and I don't see why us readers shouldn't have to really focus to read it ;)

Now, onto the ending. That was BRILLIANT. Only excellent authors can tie everything together like that, so simply and seamlessly, and you did it particularly well (that was one of the places I laughed out loud).

I pride myself on offering critique on almost every fic I read... but I CAN'T in this case. Well done!

x J

Author's Response: Hello!

Wow, what an unbelievably flattering review! Thank you so much for stopping by, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. The challenge really is interesting, and I'm glad that you found the story appropriately humorous. I'm also happy to see that you were impressed with my treatment of Draco's character. He's one of my favorites and I tried to do him better justice here, in a situation where I'm not attempting to make him into a romantic protagonist. I wanted to try to stick to canon, and it seems like I did that, which is wonderful to hear.

Thank you for pointing out the mistake; I'll have to go back and take a look. I'm a technical (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.) buff as well, so I like to know when I've made those errors. I am pleased to see that the flow made up for it, however, and that the long paragraphs didn't bother you too much.

The ending! It's my favorite part, and I'm so glad that you enjoyed it as well. I'm so incredibly flattered by your assertions, and I'm happy to see that it was tied together well. I wanted it to seem that way.

Thank you very much! Again, I'm so taken aback by your praise, and I appreciate your attentive review!


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Review #11, by TheGoldenKneazle The Amazing Bouncing Ferret

31st August 2011:
Hi there! It's me off the forums with your review :)

This is a very funny idea for a one-shot, and I actually really enjoyed the insight into Malfoy's mind. His initial hatred of Moody was interesting to watch unravel, and his effortless arrogance and knowledge of his place. I also liked his take on Harry - how everyone loved him but would do nothing about Draco's taunts.

The descriptions of Draco's varying moods were also very good; I loved how he re-watched the day while lying in bed, and then how you kept the hatred of Moody and his upcoming lessons all the way through; it worked really well! I also liked your small descriptions of the people and places as Malfoy walked by.

The end of this was very unexpected and clever; having Hagrid pay the first-years to come out at him like that! The only complaint I'd have is that you didn't make it very obvious about the firsties at the end - what exactly are they doing? But I love how you slipped in that bit about Pansy at the end, it was very clever. I also liked that you had the ending in Hagrid's POV - it made it a lot more funny and easy to relate to!

Overall, great job!

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for coming by :)

I'm glad Malfoy's characterization worked for you. I really enjoyed writing his feelings about Moody and also looking at Harry from his side of things. I tried to nail down the typical Malfoy arrogance, so I'm glad that worked, too.

I love details, and so I'm pleased that you appreciated the ones I included in this piece. I imagined that he would most likely dread Moody's class right up until it happened, and I tried to convey that with the first couple of scenes.

At the end, the first years were sort of closing in on Draco, and had he stuck around to hear it, they would have chorused the phrase of choice as a whole. The point was to create a dramatic effect by increasing the intensity of the repeated phrase. But I wanted to show that Draco was increasingly bothered by it, and so I had him hightail it out of there rather than just have them corner him. I hope that makes sense. In the end, Hagrid achieved his aim; Draco was too humiliated to show his face in public anymore that day.

So glad you thought my little twist was clever, and that you liked the bit about Pansy. I always find her very amusing to write.

Thanks again for your review!


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Review #12, by nitenel The Amazing Bouncing Ferret

29th August 2011:
Well here's your requested review! Just a little late...

Well there were no noticeable grammar or spelling issues. That can always "make or break" a fic to me. So that alone raised its standing in my mind.

I found it funny but no LOL funny. I smiled a lot but I just didn't laugh at all. Then again, I don't really laugh that much when reading. It takes a miracle to make me laugh while reading.

It seemed a little choppy, but I think you can fix that easily by simply breaking up your paragraphs a little. I think that would help a lot.

My favorite line was:
You just dont insult Lucius Malfoy, not in front of his son.

The one thing that ran through my head was, You wait until my father hears about that. (I think that's what it is, I haven't seen AVPM/S forever!)

All in all, this was definitely a good first humorous fic! My only two humor fics are anti-Twilight and barely humor, so good job to you!

Author's Response: Hey there! Thanks for the review!

That's okay about not laughing; as I've mentioned to a few other reviewers, I didn't really design it to be side-stitchingly hilarious. It's more meant to create a slightly humorous mental image for you, and your smiling indicates to me that maybe that did work.

Thanks for your comment on the choppiness as well. I'll try to go back and see what you mean and fix it in future works of mine.

I really appreciate you stopping by to review :)


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Review #13, by marissa lily potter The Amazing Bouncing Ferret

28th August 2011:
Hi there,

To be completely honest with you, I was going to read this story today anyway but had just forgotten. Thanks for requesting a review and reminding me that I wanted to read it!

But on with your review. This was a great one-shot. I love Draco Malfoy stories but sometimes, the way people characterize him just doesn't fit Draco Malfoy. I think you managed to capture the real essence of him quite well. The whole Draco Malfoy package was here along with the arrogance, stubbornness and the want to blame others for things that go wrong.

The grammar and punctuation was perfect! I really appreciate that and I know that many readers will. You have an amazing skill for imagery. It was fantastic. With all the description you put in, it seemed very subtle and not overpowering, but at the same time, I got a very clear and vivid image of what exactly was going on in my head. You have a great gift for that.

The details in this fic were great! I absolutely love details. They make me so happy and I am very pleased to have noticed much detail here. The humour in the story was subtle, but evident. I liked it. It wasn't die-hard laughter constantly, but it did make me chuckle every now and then. The ending especially made me laugh.

I think the ending was spectacular. It was very simple, but it explained a lot! I like how you ended the fic because it wasn't an ending that was expected. The entire fic I didn't know what to expect even though the details of the challenge were described. I liked being kept on the edge. I was very happy with the ending. I think that simple is the best way to go a lot of the time, and it was definitely the best way to go here.

This seems like a hard challenge to respond to, but you seem to have done it justice. I think you responded well to the challenge. Most of the action in here was very subtle, but it was noticeable which is what I like about it. The response to the challenge was quite subtle at all, but that's also what made the fic great.

Over all, great work! You're a very talented writer and that is quite obvious with this fic. The amount of detail you put into your fic also brings out the amount of effort you put in. I loved this story! Draco Malfoy is such a unique character who's hard to write but you definitely did him justice. I think he'd be proud of your interpretation of him because I definitely am.

-marissa lily potter

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you for responding to my request so quickly, and I'm so pleased that you took an interest in my story!

Thanks for your very long and detailed review. I get so happy when I see a reviewer take the time to really put a lot of thought into their reviews, as so often people leave very nice but short reviews that don't tell you much about what they're thinking. I'm so glad that the imagery, details, characterization, and technical details all worked well for you, and also that you felt I responded well to the challenge. I'm happy to see that my first attempt at humor worked for you as well, and I agree that it's a difficult but very interesting challenge. I was also quite pleased with my chosen ending and I'm happy to see you were as well. I really like Hagrid, and I wanted to offer him a small measure of justice here.

I'm so glad to see that I impressed a Draco fan; I'm one myself, so that means a lot to me. I'll definitely be sure to re-request next time I do something Draco-centric. Thank you so very much for stopping by, and I'm glad that you appreciate my work! :)


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Review #14, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Amazing Bouncing Ferret

28th August 2011:
Hello! Dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap here with your review request! I was actually going to read this before you requested your review because I'm doing the challenge as well and I can assure you I did not write anything as clever!

I LOVED the detail. From the first sentence you had me hooked with just the mere mention of the tear of his curtain. I thought the ending was pure genius. I hadn't expected Hagrid to pay off the first years and all for Buckbeak? That melted my heart a bit. It was great how the story progressed as well, from the morning there were small whisperings, a mention from one first year 'the amazing bouncing ferret' and then it sort of started to double as the day progressed which I thought was good.

I like that you didn't make the story too 'laugh out loud' funny. Or maybe I mean extreme? It stuck well to the character of Draco which made the story believable. I chuckled at a few parts though! I really did.

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by, and I glad you would have taken an interest in the piece even without a request! :)

So glad you liked the detail! I tried :) I really wanted to convey the horror Draco felt at reliving the events of the previous day, and his utter bafflement at having experienced something other than a perfect day. I'm so glad you liked the ending as well; I thought it was a bit clever, and don't Hagrid and Buckbeak deserve a little bit of justice? I'm glad the progression worked for you as well.

Thank you so much for saying that! It means a lot. A few people have been disappointed that it didn't make them laugh out loud, but I'm not sure that I wrote it with that purpose. Still, I'm happy that it got a chuckle or two from you :) I'm also pleased that I made Draco believable; I usually turn him into more of a romantic hero, and I wanted to keep him canon for this one.

Thanks again for your fabulous review! :)


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Review #15, by forsakenphoenix The Amazing Bouncing Ferret

27th August 2011:
Hi there!

So I really enjoyed this light-hearted story. Your descriptions are fantastic and you really bring your words to life. I love the small details you pay attention to, like the tear in his curtain. It just makes things more real, you know?

I think you did an excellent job with Draco's characterization here. At the beginning you really brought home the idea of Malfoy's privileged life and his ego so it was interesting to see the contrast between that arrogant Malfoy and the humiliated Malfoy you wrote here. Writing from the POV of Malfoy the ferret was great too - you really made the reader see the scene from the height of a ferret, you could just picture Malfoy's body changing and seeing his small paws through his own eyes.

I was a bit surprised by Draco's reaction first to Seamus and then the first year who interrupted Moody's class. I don't know but I thought he'd be a bit more angry and defensive. Maybe because he was still humiliated, but I always thought even when he was embarrassed, Draco made it a point to...well, not be vicious, exactly...but be a bit more nasty, I guess? Just my personal opinion.

I loved that Hagrid had paid off the first years with chocolate to mock Draco whenever they heard his name. To think he did that for Buckbeak, it's just so precious. I loved it. :)

It's interesting to read this type of story from you because you write angst so well. I think the story flowed very well but I'm not sure if I found it that funny. It was humorous for sure but I kind of wish that I actually laughed reading it. I think maybe I didn't find the tone of the narrative to be funny. I hope you continue to explore this genre and continue to improve because I think you have the potential to be a great humor writer given the correct plot and characters.

Overall, it was a nice, light-hearted fic that I really enjoyed. Good luck with the challenge! :)

Author's Response: Hey there! Thanks for stopping by :)

I'm glad you liked the description; I did try to focus a little on that in order to help bring the ferret experience home to the reader and emphasize how traumatic it was for Draco.

I've gotten a couple of comments on Draco's muted response, and I think it's a good point. When I wrote it, I was picturing him as being a little too much in shock to come up with a comeback of Malfoy-level proportions, but I can also see him snapping out of it more quickly and letting that snark go full force. I'll definitely remember that next time I write him.

I thought people would like to see Hagrid get his turn at Malfoy :) He and Buckbeak went through way too much for Malfoy to get off scot-free, and I bet Hagrid would love any excuse to hand out sweets to the firsties.

Thanks for your feedback on the humor. I'm not exactly sure if I designed it to be laugh out loud funny, but I'm happy to see that it at least entertained you a bit. It's my first attempt, so hopefully I'll grow with it as I try other humorous pieces.

Thanks :) And thanks again for the review!


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Review #16, by alias093001 The Amazing Bouncing Ferret

27th August 2011:
Funny, but wrong indeed. This was too funny. Especially the end. I never expected that it would be Hagrid who convinced the first-years to torment Draco. Payback for what Draco caused Buckbeak to go through.

I think you captured Draco well, especially how he felt about Moody after the ferret incident. As for the incident itself - how it felt for Draco to be a ferret - it was described well. While I was reading that part, it felt as if I was a ferret myself.

Author's Response: Hey there!

I'm so glad you found it funny, and that you liked the ending. Poor Hagrid had such a terrible year with the Buckbeak incident, and I think he deserved the chance for a little payback! :)

So glad you liked my characterization of Draco. I tried to describe the ferreting-out as well as possible, and I'm pleased to see it worked for you. A little scary, isn't it? ;)

Thanks for your kind review!


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Review #17, by Everlasting Faerie Light The Amazing Bouncing Ferret

27th August 2011:
At request for review, this is what I have to say:
First off, I'd like to say that I love the way you wrote the story. The words flowed nicely, making it easy to read. It's a very good piece of literary work and I must applaud you for that. Second off, I like the way you portrayed Draco's character. Yes, you managed to capture that iconic egotistical and bitter side of him, but you also managed to give him some insecurities making Draco a believable character, especially in a situation like this. There were actually moments where I felt sorry for him. To be in a situation like that would be humiliating, even if he deserves it.
As for the humor aspect of it, there were a few witty moments that did make me chuckle. It was a pleasant read and it lightened my mood, but I believe that maybe you can maybe add a wittier or more quirky tone to the dialogue and text to really make it a laughable fic. I also believe that at the part where Seamus was talking about the incident and Malfoy intervened, he would've said something more nasty or biting to the Gryffindor. However, I did laugh really hard at the end. Brilliant idea to have Hagrid paying off all of those first years. It does seem like something he'd do Overall, I think that your first attempt at a humor fic is rather well done. The strengths of this fic are the how you kept the characters mentioned in canon, the smooth flow of the writing, and your ability to characterize Malfoy. Again, I loved the ending alot. If you write another humor fic, you should try and integrate more scenes or dialogue similar to this.

Author's Response: Hello there! Thank you for responding so quickly with such a thoughtful and detailed review :)

I'm glad you liked the flow of the story, and I'm extra happy to see that you liked my characterization of Draco. I usually tend to soften him up too much in my fics, seeing as he usually appears as a romantic figure in my work, so I'm pleased to see that I successfully balanced his canon Malfoy side with a little bit of insecurity.

Thanks also for your comments on the humor. I'm glad you found it funny, as that was my goal, and I will work on including more funny moments in future humor stories. I'm glad you liked the ending as well; I thought it would be brilliant to have Hagrid finally get some revenge for the stuff Draco and his father put Hagrid and Buckbeak through back in third year.

I appreciate your little summary at the end of the review; it really helps bring the point home. I'm happy to see that I can write humor, since I usually stick to angst. But hey, that's what challenges are all about, right? :)

Thank you again! I truly appreciate your review.


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