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Review #1, by Anonymouse the james potter love bug

25th June 2012:
This is BRILLIANT! Please, sir, could I have some more?

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Review #2, by yellowpetals the james potter love bug

16th January 2012:
Wow, was this hilarious. I love the story, it is immensely fun and the gang is out-of-this-world cool. They have "all their shit together" now, too, don't they? :D
Can't wait to see how hell will break loose at the party, so don't abandon the story.

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Review #3, by honoraryweasley the james potter love bug

29th September 2011:
I vaguely remember leaving a distinctly cracky review on the first chapter. The first chapter which, in my vague memory of it, was distinctly cracky. And had enough blood and sarcasm and if-I-was-drinking-milk-it-would-be-coming-out-of-my-nose moments to bring me back! :')

Oh, my days. There was enough painted bathrobe/Asian fetish/sh-- togethering (keeping it 12+!)/cursing to bring me to tears. Happy tears. Tears of happiness, those tears were. I love this story to uncertain death. DEATH, I tell you. It's turned me slightly loopy but I hope you do grasp that I love it a lot.

And this story is now my baby. I was about to say that I'll have finished reading every validated chapter date before you can say GUBRAITHIAN FIRE! (which I can't). But then I realized that you haven't updated past this chapter :/

Please do work on that. Or YOUR IMPENDING DOOM.

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Review #4, by keepsake31 the james potter love bug

20th September 2011:
I really love this set up, can't wait for another update!

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Review #5, by fairytaled the james potter love bug

20th September 2011:
Once again, fantastic chapter title. Painted bathrobe to look like a kimono? That's extremely cracky.

I adore Miranda, she's crazy but not in that annoying quirky fangirl way.

I loved the letters between karma and Miranda, you need to stop being unbearably witty and funny.

♥ ♥

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Review #6, by losers_lurgy the james potter love bug

20th September 2011:
Hahaha i'm already loving this story its hilarious! I just love the whole idea of these random teens having a blackmail tea party. Every time James speaks I want to go "awrh" he's just so dayyum adorable. Update this great work soon!

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Review #7, by fairytaled there should be an iconic pop song playing us in (an overture)

11th September 2011:
I love this, it is insane. ♥

Violence, swearing, utter-looniness and an awesome awesome narration stance. The third person singular is awesome and it carries the tone of the story wonderfully. You can just feel all the thoughts of the characters.

Witty chapter titles ♥

Also, I love all the names of the characters, their not too outlandish but very awesome at the same time.

Update soon!

Author's Response: Insane is my favorite vaguely-fic-related adjective :D And violence, swearing, looniness, and vivid narration are just some of the things I /love/ seeing in fic. Basically this story is extremely self-indulgent and hopefully amusing because of it. The one thing I was a bit iffy about was the present tense, actually, because when I write it, it's usually very angsty and full of narrator-comments like "He is an idiot, and he will never realize it, which is why he is so ironic." See, very angsty, so this was a rapid shift for me, and I'm glad it worked :D

Witty chapter titles are love and naming is usually very difficult for me (never indulge me if I ask for naming help, because in all likelihood I will not listen) but these pretty much just came to me. (Also, I've used three of these names before in other fic, both published and dead. Their AU selves are probably trying to stab me for what I've done.)

So basically, I was really happy to see this and thank you for reviewing!

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Review #8, by honoraryweasley there should be an iconic pop song playing us in (an overture)

1st September 2011:
So upon seeing the name of this chapter, I began giggling in that giddy way, so I began reading, and as I did so, the giddy giggling turned into loud laughing (all this alliteration is unintended, I promise), and then into all-out snorting. The embarrassing kind.

This was so entertaining. The third person was a really great choice, because it wasn't even really third person because you get all of Miranda's thoughts. "Head Person" sent me into a bit of a spaz attack.

Oh but one thing - catsup = ketchup. In these Britishy parts. :D

Author's Response: Giddy giggling progressing to loud laughing and then silly snorting? You don't say! (I like alliteration but I'm really bad at it.) And embarrassing to boot? ^___^ The third person is there mostly because Miranda's voice isn't the only one we'll be hearing through the story -- trust me, everyone's got the potential to be a little bit cracky and hopefully they won't disappoint. And huh, I figured ketchup was too pedestrian a term for Britishy parts, but I shall rectify immediately. And thank you, of course, for such a lovely review.

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Review #9, by frenchliam there should be an iconic pop song playing us in (an overture)

30th August 2011:
this sounds entertaining! You have a snarky, impressive way with words. I'm looking forward to reading more (;

Author's Response: Entertaining is all I can hope for! And snarky is my favorite way to use words right now, so huzzah and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by Loony_Scorpy there should be an iconic pop song playing us in (an overture)

28th August 2011:
This looks like it's going to be amazing. :D I can't wait for an update to see what happens!! :D oh and the fact that you have managed to pull a cliffy already?! Good job! But now I need to know what happens :/ haha love it already :D

Author's Response: Teehee, I can only hope ^___^ Uni's just started up for me so updates might be on the slow side, but they will come, never fear! The cliffy will be resolved. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #11, by peppersweet there should be an iconic pop song playing us in (an overture)

23rd August 2011:
GUBBY. I didn't even realise this was coming! I knew there was a Gina banner in the works, and I knew there was a Nathaniel somethingorother swanning around skypeland naming seshes, but I didn't anticipate this fic coming up! BUT I LOVE IT. Oh my. It's like...violent and cracky and sweary and witty all at the same time. And I love that sort of fic...weird but true.

This is so hilarious. The names, the names that Clunkerella McLame gets lumped with (see? Just made one up). The fact that Miranda is all sorts of hardcore and br00tal and yet kind of sucks at magic. Nathaniel, Nathaniel!

'...Are you a biscuits person? I'll give you biscuits and tea and scones and little cucumber sandwiches and everything, it'll be a whole tea service-". This would bribe me anyday. Awkwardina McStinkface doesn't realise what she's missing out on.

I will be favouriting, and stalking, and then stalking some more. ♥

Author's Response: JULIA. The Nathaniel somethingorother swanning around (lolol that's such a brilliant word, swanning -- I shall endeavor to use it more often) was for a very different fic. There were gangsters! But then it got boring, so I transferred the name to this and... voila! Cracky things! AND I AM SO HAPPY YOU LIKE IT. Not weird at all, because clearly I like it too.

omg I am jealous now, your nicknames are way better than mine :( In my defense, Miranda isn't exactly creative, is she? I was totally just channeling her character. She doesn't suck at magic, per se, but she gets flustered easily. Espesh when there's, you know, a lot of blood and bone and bubbles around. And biscuits! I've gone for chocolate bar bribes before, which was really fun, and now I need someone to scheme and let me catch them and offer me tea as a bribe. I will add this to my to do list.

Eee, eee, and eee some more ♥

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Review #12, by HarrietHopkirk there should be an iconic pop song playing us in (an overture)

23rd August 2011:
GUBBEH'S GOT A NU STOREH, GUBBEH'S GOT A NU STOREH! AND IT'S GOT LOTS OF SWEARING AND NON-12+ AND BLOOD AND SQUEAKY BLONDE HUFFLEPUFFS AND ALL THE THINGS I ADOOORRREEE. Eee... this is so exciting Gubby! It's looks pretty awesome, so well done. Twas well funneh and all that. Have some hearts because I can't really think of anything constructive to say: ♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: HATTEH LIKES GUBBEH'S NU STOREH! HURREH! (... this works better with -ie/-y than with -ay, doesn't it?). Teehee didn't you know, I wrote this /exactly/ with you in mind and all of the things you adore. Well, not entirely, BUT I AM GLAD THE THINGS /YOU/ LIKE AND THE THINGS /I/ LIKE ARE SO SIMILAR. Hearts are like my favorite things so here's some for you: ♥ ♥ ♥

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