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Review #1, by ArtsyTigs To Save a Slytherin

8th April 2015:
You did trick me. I thought that her "going away" was to be suicide so she could be with him. Very well done. Thank you for sharing.

Author's Response: Oh, boy. This story was from quite awhile ago and I should probably delete it. LOL!

I couldn't kill him off. I just couldn't do it! :)

Thanks so much for commenting!

Dark Whisper

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Review #2, by DracoFerret11 To Save a Slytherin

11th January 2014:
Hello there! I just happened to find your stories through your MTA while moderating on the forums, and I ADORE Dramione, so I thought I would give them a read. I'm starting with the oldest and moving forward, so this is the first! I review everything I read, so hopefully I can be of some help. So, let's go over things:

First Random Thought: This is marked as a short story, but I think it would be better labeled as a one-shot. ;)

Second Random Thought: Why did Colin Creevey have a picture of Draco?

Plot: You definitely tricked me! I was so upset thinking that Draco had died, and wondering how Hermione was going to live away from the magical world and all her friends, but the ending was so sweet. I'm so happy he lived and that they'll be together. It was really lovely. Well done. :) Only, I've had the realization that Hermione will never be able to tell her friends about her life and I think she'll miss them eventually... :/ Hm.

Characterization: Hermione was spot-on! I never expected her to be such a good actress, though. I was surprised that Ron agreed to let her leave, but thinking on it, I bet he would want her to be happy. I don't know if she could have lied to Harry as well. And it was a little surprising that she chose to leave her friends, family, and life for Draco...hmmm. Draco was pretty good, but the pet-names he used for Hermione (although sweet) detracted from the scene in my opinion.

Descriptions: I loved when you set the scene of Hermione sitting alone at the window when Ron walked in. I would have liked to have more imagery about how things looked, sounded, smelled, felt, etc. after that scene though. It all moved a bit quickly and I couldn't quite orient myself.

Emotions: Wow! I was so touched at the beginning with the explanation of Hermione helping Draco. That was so sweet. And the ending! YES! I love Dramione. I'm such a sap.

Interactions: The friendship between Hermione and Ron was really, really well-written. I loved their hug before she left, and the line, "The embrace of two friends that had been through far too much." Gah! That was just so sweet. I wish I had had more of a moment to understand the relationship between Hermione and Draco before the end of the story, though. Such as, how and when did they get married? What is their bond like, exactly? They've only been speaking for a few months, after all. Or, at least, that was the impression I got. Just a bit more explanation would help.

Style: The only thing that bothered me in the story was the sporadic use of italics. It really didn't seem necessary and was quite distracting from the actual plot and dialogue. :/

Overall, though, I think you did really well! This was a short, sweet one-shot and I enjoyed reading it! Expect other reviews from me in the near future!


Author's Response: DracoFerret11 (Emily) :)

Well, first it is wonderful that you found me from the Forum my fellow Dramione fan! Although, to me, you picked the wrong story. LOL! XD This was one was written in a rush 2 years ago with a limited word count because it was done for a contest on another site. Jay asked for HPFF'rs to do it, so I hurried and wrote something. And I'm not sure if this really qualifies as an actual story. :D I've done so much better since this was written. I do hope you read one that I'm actually proud of... "When a Wizard Grieves" or "Winds of Azkaban" or if you really want to read something of length, you can try "Delilah's Black Book of Poems." People REALLY seem to love that one. I should probably delete this story, its so terrible.

Anyway for this story...
You are right about the one-shot. I went ahead and updated that.

Creevy: In my mind that little kid would've taken pictures of everyone and everything, so it would be okay for him to capture Draco looking at her. That's all.

Plot. Yes, I just couldn't keep him dead. I wanted him to live in hiding. To me, I figured that she will not be away from friends forever. This is only a temporary thing until things die down and Draco starts new.

So glad that you liked their characterizations. I do try to keep in line with their personalities so that they are believable. She won't be away from them forever. They just need some time away. And the pet-names. Sorry, it was a bit fluffy at the end there. ;)

Thanks for mentioning the beginning at the window. That was actually my favorite part, and again, this was really rushed.

Emotions: Well, if you do try my other stories (mentioned above) you will see some very emotional stuff between these two. I love writing (and reading) sad stories with a little bit of hope at the end.

Ah, yes. I don't hate Ron. I just want Hermione with Draco, that's all. :) With everything that they went through, that is how I see them... deep friends.

Yes, I was rushed to finish and did not go into any detail of Draco and Hermione's relationship. That is why I originally left this as a short story, thinking I'd come back and elaborate in the next chapter. But, I never did and so it remains as is. I was going to elaborate that no one would visit him after the war, not even people that he thought were his friends. He was close to suicide when she arrived. They would've talked in depth about everything during the war and she gave him the idea of living... albeit hidden for now so that he could rebuild his life. I should've used "fiancé" instead of bride. He really wasn't sure if she would actually show up and he called her 'bride' because that is what he wanted her to be soon. Should've fixed that bit. Sorry. :)

I do tend to use italics more than I should. I'll take note of that for future. :)

Thanks so much for the in-depth review and CC. It is a wonderful conversation with me and I appreciate it so very much. I just wish you'd picked a better story of mine. LOL!

Hope to see again sometime. Hurray for Dramione!
Dark Whisper

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Review #3, by anord To Save a Slytherin

4th September 2013:
I enjoy your writing
I didn't think that their history was really needed. I can't explain why I thought that that wasn't necessary, it just felt right

Author's Response: anord,
Oh, thank you for saying that. I suppose sometimes everything doesn't need spelled out and people can use their own imaginations as to 'how' they came to be in this one. Thanks so much for finding this story and commenting.

Dark Whisper

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Review #4, by Splendiferously_Awesome To Save a Slytherin

4th April 2013: really had me fooled there! I could hardly stand the thought of Draco dying and I almost stopped reading because it was so sad.

Nice characterisation, excellent plot twist and a great story overall, well done! :)

Author's Response: Splendiferously Awesome,

Thank you for getting past the beginning. LOL! I know, it was tough because I've felt the same way. Like, what? How could you? It is really hard to continue when your favorite character is already 'dead.'

In the end, I just couldn't do it. He had to live and happily at that.

Thanks so much for Reading and Reviewing!

Dark Whisper

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Review #5, by MadiMalfoy To Save a Slytherin

18th November 2012:
I don't normally read one-shots, but, since you are a favorite author of mine, I decided to. This was very good and you caught me off guard at the very end. Loved it! :)

Author's Response: MadiMalfoy,
Well, I'm glad that you tried it and thank you for the compliment. :)

This was written quite fast and in a bit of a rush. I'm so glad that you liked the little twist at the end. I just couldn't kill him. LOL!

Thanks so much,
Dark Whisper

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Review #6, by Lexie To Save a Slytherin

4th October 2012:
you should definitely post more! its so good :)

Author's Response: Lexie,

How sweet of you to check out my old stories. :) Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I actually wrote a little bit of a second chapter, but I'm not even sure if I can find it. LOL!

Thank you so much for the encouragement. I'm glad that you liked this little story with a surprise ending and a huge plot hole of how it came about. Perhaps one day I will re-visit it. Thanks so much for taking the time to review.

Dark Whisper

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Review #7, by Loving_Sirius_4eva To Save a Slytherin

17th August 2012:
I have to admit that i was depressed and teary at the beggining when Draco suicided. My jaw literally fell when he came back :)
This is amazing chapter and would pass as a one-shot.
I'm not sure if you're continuing, but it be great if you did. I LOVE the stories you write :) You're a great Author.


Author's Response: Loving Sirius 4eva,

Ah... you found my story, "To Save a Slytherin." Yes, this one had quite a sad start. But I just couldn't have it end sad. It was full of promise and most of all... love for each other and a fresh start.

It was written as a one-shot, but I left it open just in case I wanted to add how they fell in love... sort of 'fill in the gaps.' But I'll be leaving it for now.

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. They truly make my day.

Dark Whisper

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Review #8, by longlivehpff To Save a Slytherin

6th February 2012:
Hmmm.,how to start.
First off the more of your stories that i read the more i realize you have a true gift of understanding the characters souls. You seem to really get how Hermione's brain works to analyze every detail of every situation. When it comes to draco you bring from within him the heart every fan always knew he had without taking away all of the darkness he fights to rise against. I truly love your stories and believe them to be written quite eloquently. Please keep up with the fantastic work.

Author's Response: longlivehpff,

Oh, you found another one of my stories? How sweet of you to seek them out! :)

This was a sad one, with a twist to make it all better. ;)

Wow... your kind words mean so much. I understand what you mean about these characters 'souls'... as I've read some authors that I feel are so in tuned to my take on them, that I've told them they are 'spot on' the way they should've been.

There are many that don't like Draco and Hermione together and only want to see Draco as JKR wrote him in the books.

But then there are those of us who can read between the lines and watch scenes play out differently and pick up on something different... something with depth... of things unsaid and unseen that bring to life feelings and emotions that we wished we had felt and seen between these two.

I am one who believes that Draco's character has so much wonderful and interesting potential... the stories that can be made for him are endless.

It is refreshing to read your words of someone who 'gets it.'

Your review of this particular story shows me that you have a wonderful way with words yourself and I'm wondering when your first fanfic will be posted. :)

I want to encourage you to give it a try and see what happens. Maybe a one-shot first to get your feet wet. It is exciting, I must say. And when you get your first review of it, your heart will soar. I promise.

Thank you so much for your wonderful words. They encourage me along my journey to become an author someday... and I consider them worth their weight in gold, (so to speak).

Dark Whisper

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Review #9, by megthechef43 To Save a Slytherin

1st February 2012:
Yes, I really thought he was dead. I was like "This is the most depressing story ever". But, then it wasn't. I enjoyed reading it.


Author's Response: Meg,
Just when I forget I wrote this story, someone wonderful comes along and writes a review for it. XD

Yes, it was extremely depressing, wasn't it?

But in the end, they made plans to kill off the old Draco so that he could live in freedom that he'd never had... and in love with the one he was never permitted to have.

So, yeah... I wanted some strong emotions, but then wanted to redeem myself and let him live. :)

Thanks so much for reviewing!

Dark Whisper
P.S. That chapter that you've been waiting for should be up today or tomorrow at the latest. :)

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Review #10, by TheUnknownSlytherinReviewer To Save a Slytherin

31st December 2011:
Draco/Hermione = best ship ever on the planet! I wanted to complain to you since you killed Draco Malfoy and I was going to say 'How cold can you get?!' but I have decided that I won't flame you! Instead I shall shower you with love and praises.

Thank you so much for not killing Draco. I would've been really sad if you did! :( I love him so much. To the end of the world. The story is really brain wrecking since you kind of go like 'omg. she killed him. how could she do that?!' and all that. (presuming you're a she. xD)

I really enjoyed the story! :D Keep writing!


Author's Response: Well, hello there my 'unknown' Slytherin House comrad. Thank you so very much for stopping by to review this little one-shot.

I so agree with you that Draco/Hermione truly is the best ship. I can totally see how us 'serious' fans would get horribly upset that I so rudely killed off Draco like that. It's just terrible. ;(

And so... I just couldn't do it. He HAD to live and live with her. He couldn't live and be Draco anymore. He wanted to shed that skin and become someone else... Hermione's loving husband because she is so wonderful for him. She gave him something to live for.

Oh, my stars, they HAD to do something drastic... and so they made plans to escape and let everyone in the wizarding world think he was dead. Shame on her for actually helping go through with the plan, but she did it... She did it to save her Slytherin.

I'm so glad that you liked it and I hope that someday you will come back for more of my other writings.

For a short read, I invite you to "A Man Barely Breathing." It is only 4 chapters and is complete.

Thanks so much...
From your Slytherin Sister...
Dark Whisper

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Review #11, by BettyMaeStrange To Save a Slytherin

31st December 2011:
Very short, very sweet, and very unexpected!

I'm glad you decided to let Draco live - I think with one-shots, unless you go into great depth about their death, then you really mustn't kill off the main character so suddenly - it lacks a lot of emotion that could be stirred from the reader.

I love Dramione relationships in any shape and form, and though their relationship seems quite OoC, you make us realise that there's been a past between those two, so it's very believable.

Very sweet, nice job! :D x

Author's Response: Betty,

Ah, thank you so much for participating in the review tag. I'm glad that you chose this story because it has so few reviews.

I'm so happy that you found it sweet and unexpected. You are so right in killing off a character so soon. ;)

And really, I suppose I left that part about their relationship coming together to the the reader really. I'm sure they could imagine it in an infinite number of ways.

Thanks so much for reviewing this little one-shot!

Much appreciated, my fellow Slytherin.
Dark Whisper

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Review #12, by Jakumo1 To Save a Slytherin

28th November 2011:
AAAWWW!!! It's so sweet! :-3

Author's Response: Oh, Thank you so much!
You are reading all of my stories! Thank you!

She was willing to do a lot 'to save a Slytherin'. Really... she could be in very big trouble for going along with such a huge secret plan, but she would do it to save her new love.

I'm glad that you like this very short story.

Thank so much for leaving a comment!
Dark Whisper

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Review #13, by Black Buttafly To Save a Slytherin

22nd November 2011:
So is that the end or does the story continue? U had me going for a second. GREAT JOB!!!

Author's Response: Black Buttafly,

Thank you! I'm not sure if I'm going to continue this story or not. Currently, I'm completely wrapped up in writing my Delilah story. XD

So, honestly, this will be it for awhile.

Thanks so much for reviewing. It is much appreciated!

Dark Whisper

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Review #14, by magicinthemoonlight29 To Save a Slytherin

12th November 2011:
So beautiful and simple - and you really got me! I totally thought he was dead!

I just love them together. I love playing with Draco's character and molding him. I think he has so much potential to be loving and caring and kind. I really do.

Great job, as always! :)

Author's Response: Thank you!

Yes, this one is just a simple little story with a bit of a twist at the end.

She did a lot "To Save a Slytherin"... but really I believe it was her idea and being the brightest witch of her age was able to pull it off. :)

I love these two together as well. I couldn't agree more with Draco's potential to be loving. I really do too.

He has this epic story quality about his character... such depth that I absolutely love writing and reading about him.

Thanks so much for commenting on this little tiny story. I'm glad that you liked it.

Dark Whisper

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Review #15, by Gin-gin06 To Save a Slytherin

11th September 2011:
You are evil!! I was completely tricked! I was crying my eyes out and then Hermione said ''they're at your funeral'' and i was like oh my god oh my god he's alive!!!

That ''goodbye'' note to Hermione is what made me cry by the way, it was... too sweet and innocent that i HAD to cry or it would make me a heartless person... i don't think I'm making much since... i'm really tired but i found this and had to read it.

Again you write so wonderfully it actually makes me jealous, i love your stories so don't ever give up!
keep writing please,

-- Gin-gin

Author's Response: Gin-gin...

Mwahaha! That's my attempt at an evil laugh. LOL!
I am sorry that I made you cry though! Sorry about that. This one was very emotional, I admit.

But these two made plans to kill off the old Draco and live on with the new one. Yeah!

Thank you so much for finding this and reviewing! I usually find my stories by asking 'what if'. This one was... what if Draco faked his death so that he could live to be the person he wanted to be?

I'll admit, this one is a really short, short story. But I might post a 2nd chapter on how they came up with their plans. :)

Thank you so much for reviewing this fic. Your words are so encouraging and kind.

I have a story due Sept. 30th called "Disappear with Me." If interested, be on the look out for it!

So thankful for every word...
Dark Whisper

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Review #16, by kyrnin To Save a Slytherin

8th September 2011:
Man! You totally got me! Wonderful as always.. Please continue to write.. I enjoy coming back to the site and see what is new from you. You are an amazing writer. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Author's Response: kyrnin,

You are too kind! I don't think very many liked this fic, considering yours is the only review. LOL!

Thank you so much for it. It is so sweet.

Yes, I couldn't kill him off. I just can't do it. He wanted to be done with his life, so she convinced him to go ahead and kill the old Draco so that he could finally be the person he wanted to be and they made their plans. She was the only one that came to see him... the only one that cared. And so naturally he would fall for her, right?

She ended up risking much 'To Save a Slytherin.'

Well, I do have some bad news... a virus attacked my computer and wiped it out. That includes everything I had written for ALL of my stories. I'm setting up an appointment to try to recover my files. We'll see. :(

If all goes well, I'll be posting a story called "Disappear with Me". It is for the "Language of Flowers Challenge" on the Forums due Sept 30th. My flower is the violet rose - meaning love at first sight. It is a Dramione, of course. :)

At any rate... you have been such an encouraging reviewer and I thank you so very much as you really do help keep me going.

Thanks so much!

Hoping for the miracle of restoration...
Dark Whisper

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