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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap This is what you would call

9th April 2012:
It has taken me a few days to get to you after you recommended your stories to me (hahaha), Liz. Hello! I decided to start with this one because why start with the new? The older works need some love too!

I enjoyed reading this. It kind of shows me where your love for Harry and Ginny started. I can see why you write the pairing, you really give them this wonderful love story that not many of us do. I think people like tearing Harry and Ginny apart because their story isn't something that happens in real life all the time, how many people stay with their 'school sweethearts' and are happy still 19+ years later?

One thing:

Sounds go to me.

'go' should be 'good'

Author's Response: To be fair it's taken more than a few days to reply to your lovely reviews, which I really want to thank you for, that you chose my page is awesome!

Actually my love for them started with Things we can't say aloud, this was just clicked at the wrong time for edit.

Harry and Ginny that's who. I'm not going to deny that they didn't have it all the way perfect, she lost family so did he, I see there relationship like an amazing friendship, there just the other's perfect half.

All the time. I've got faith for everyone whose looking for love, everyone will find the Harry to there Ginny, it's normal we just see and hear all the bad love stories which make it seem like it's not normal, but it is, I know it is :)

Thanks Deeds, I'm glad you liked it!


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Review #2, by the_edge_of_love This is what you would call

15th February 2012:
This was a really sweet fic!

I like how you present Ginny, and how she feels more comfortable and calm around Harry. They are so cute together!

I thought the ending was a bit abrupt (with her ditching her family like that... perhaps she could wait after dinner/lunch with them or something?), but I can see where that came from. I actually smiled when she talked of that promise:D

~ Angie

Author's Response: I'm thrilled you liked it!

Harry and Ginny are better people, happier people, the best kind when they're around each other.

I thought it was to when I wrote it, by I was just happy with the fact she wanted to keep her promise to Harry that I left it like that.

Thanks for reviewing. I'm happy you liked it.


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Review #3, by jellybean2109 This is what you would call

25th December 2011:
the best sort of stories ive read in the last 48 hours i wish my stories would turn out sooo great but your stories are really well there really good because its all about my fav characters in harry potter but the are sooo cute and totally awsome

Author's Response: Oh thank you! Your really nice, I'm sure your stories are wonderful. I'm glad you liked, and I love Harry and Ginny to, aren't they wonderful?


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Review #4, by SilverRoses This is what you would call

17th December 2011:
Oh that is just the most perfect ending ever conceived in the mind of all mankind! I absolutely adore this one!

You know, Harry does know just how to charm Ginny, doesn't he? And we all love him for it.

The best scene, though, was right after he gave her the bracelet: that scene alone was.FREAKING BRILLIANT! You are such an awesome writer! Thanks for sharing your lovely work!

Best Holiday Wishes!

Author's Response: Thank you, god, that was just the nicest thing anybody could say. I really love Harry/Ginny, and I promised myself that I'd never write anything else, but them. I have to much love for them, and this...this is my way of showing it, but when people like you come just made my day wonderful, and I thank you for that, I thank you so very much.

Love this review so much :) Thanks again,


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Review #5, by sbmcneil This is what you would call

24th November 2011:
I love it!! Very sweet :)

Author's Response: Thank you, I had a lot of fun writing it. Thanks for the review!


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Review #6, by A Botruckle's Niffler This is what you would call

20th November 2011:
I love it! It was so cute I love it I love it I love it

Author's Response: Really? Aw thanks so much! I'm thrilled :)


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Review #7, by bri_5_stars This is what you would call

9th September 2011:
This was very cutesie, and romantic. There was only a few small errors in the way of grammar and spelling. Overall it was pretty good. You seem to have Ginny down pretty well. :)

Author's Response: I'm gald you liked I'll have to edit agian, :)

Lizzie :)

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Review #8, by Levana This is what you would call

9th September 2011:
"Sounds go to me. But now that you mention it, I have never seen you drunk," Haha this line made me laugh!

I loved this one-shot too! My reaction always seems to be the same when I read your one-shots! I'm always like "Aww! so adorable!" So don't stop writing these! Or I'll be upset! ;)


Author's Response: I'll never stop writing these one-shots I love writing this pairing more than anything! I'm glad you like them, that makes me so happy.

I like that line too, I can just picture Harry saying that to Ginny :)

Thanks so, so, much!


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Review #9, by justonemorefic This is what you would call

8th September 2011:
Cute fluffeh banter! Like a corgi! Or a penguin. Or a corgi and a penguin. So much relationship flirting, Harry's got a lot of time to spread the love after beating the Dark Lord eh? ;D

Oh, stop teasing the boy already, Ginny, he already saved the world. What else does he need to do to get your attention? xD It's one way to get a bracelet, ;D isn't it?

Author's Response: Well of course he does! Come on his to best friends are snogging there faces off, he's starting off with his job, he has to deal with Ginny's brothers.So Ginny is most likely to keep he the happiest.

I reckon he wants to do the same for her :)

Ginny will never stop teasing Harry, and Harry will never stop trying his best to flirt with her...No matter what :)

Well who doesn't love a nice bracelet?

Thanks so much!

Lizzie :)

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Review #10, by BrightStar This is what you would call

8th September 2011:
Hey! This is my fifth review of the night. i am seriously going to have to go to bed after this, but i will come back! not only cos i owe you reviews, but youre reminding me that i love harry/ginny, even though i havnt really written it since potters got it bad!

this was so cute! i always love "ginny the quidditch player", and how i think harry would really support her! again, so lovely, such a great moment in a great relationship.

i bet ill be having harry.ginny dreams tonight :L

Author's Response: Well if it's your fifth then you don't owe me anymore!

I'm glad I'm reminding you about how wonderful Harry and Ginny are. They need more love!

Of course Harry would support her, as would she for him. Though they would both scare the crap out of each other.

Good! I love Harry and Ginny!


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Review #11, by TenthWeasley This is what you would call

2nd September 2011:
I've never read a story about Ginny playing for the Harpies before! I like that aspect -- the fact that not a lot of people write about it gives your story a bit more originality, and that's always a very good thing when writing for a site that has 72,000 other stories. :D

You've written Harry to be, like, the perfect boyfriend, and I just want to snatch him away and keep him with me and make him love me forever and ever. Give him Amortentia or something, although the poor boy doesn't even deserve it.

FINE. I guess Ginny can have him, as long as I get to read about how adorable he is. :3 Only you could perhaps mention to him I'd like a charm bracelet, as well?


Great story, as usual! You've got a very natural Harry/Ginny going on and it's so refreshing and fun to read. Thanks once again for writing!

Author's Response: I love Harry! I so badly want to take him away, and make him fall in love with me, so you are so not alone on that.

Personally I think Harry would be the perfect boyfriend so...I'm glad you liked that!

I love writing Harry and Ginny, so keep your eyes out. I mean they are the perfect couple! I don't understand how people can not love them.

Totally, I tell him you want a little charm in the shape of a notepad for being such a great writer:)


I'm so glad you liked it, that makes me so, so happy!


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Review #12, by leannemariesnape This is what you would call

2nd September 2011:
This was adorable! You captured Ginny's emotions really well, and I loved the interaction between Harry and Ginny. It was so cute! XD It was really well written, and I don't think I saw any spelling and grammar mistakes. Well done! As I said, this is adorable! Well done on this! XD


Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it, that makes me super happy!! I love writing Harry and Ginny they make wish I was in love.

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Review #13, by prongspotter123 This is what you would call

1st September 2011:
love the end! good job!



Author's Response: Thank you so much, I liked the ending too!

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Review #14, by lunalovegood2009 This is what you would call

24th August 2011:
Ah-Mah-Zing. :D Happiness is definitely the right word to describe this. I know, whenever I am feeling down, I can just come to your page here on HPFF and smile because that's what your stories do. They make people smile.

And this... It's probably one of my favourites out of all of your stories. I think you captured Ginny's emotions perfectly and when she and Harry felt happy, I felt happy.



Author's Response: Thank you!!! So, so, much! I'm super happy you liked it that means so, so, much to me. I'm so glad you liked it!

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