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Review #1, by wingsatmidnight Tomorrow

1st September 2011:
Descriptions were great!!! :) I'm not exaggerating here, because they really were. Except maybe the part about Wales, or maybe that's just me.

How did he feel? What a thought-provoking question, I've never actually thought about it. I kind of just accepted the fact that they did live happily ever after. But now I feel that the epilogue did have something missing. Harry must've felt sort of empty after his 'purpose in life had been fulfilled'.

Again, a wonderful one-shot! Grammar was great. Paragraphs, descriptions, charaterizations...excellent!

This is my final review for you - but rest assured I'll be coming back to check out more of your stories ;) Thanks for participating in the challenge!


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Review #2, by Nici Tomorrow

21st August 2011:
That was really good. I was aspecially touched by the end.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! I'm glad you like it. :)

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Review #3, by Mad Hatter Tomorrow

20th August 2011:
Personally, I don't describe anything and that's my problem. XD But I don't think you *needed* description here. We know what Harry and Ron and Hermione look like. We know what Gryffindor Tower looks like. An aside about how...I dunno, how pretty the moon is would have just felt out of place. I love this just as it is.

I don't usually read Trio -- or Hogwarts era, for that matter -- but the summary sucked me in and also because it was short. XD And I liked it! I think it was all very in character and I can see it happening. The emptiness they must have felt after it was over is perfectly shown here -- they're so lost now that it's over that they go back to their tent and just pretend, just for a night, that it's them and the countryside and they still have a purpose. They're lost, now, especially Harry, but Ron doesn't want to face the fact that Fred is dead and Hermione doesn't want to think about what she's done during the war. Hermione, when you think about it, did some horrific things, so I think it makes sense that all three of them would want to get away, just for a night.

Ack, that got away from me. Regardless! I liked this a lot. Simple, short but fantastic.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! I'm happy to hear that I managed to get you to read this even though you don't usually read Trio fics (I usually don't read or write them either ;) ).

I'm so glad that you like this one-shot. It was a spontaneous idea when I was wondering about how Harry would feel in the days after the battle and then I came up with this. And now you've inspired me even further with your comment about Hermione - maybe I'll write another one-shot about her.

Thank you! :)

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