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Review #1, by ms4aisa Girl Talk

15th October 2011:
like this story so much! :) haha I think the confused Lily is so funny, couldn't stop laughing :D
looking forward to the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the sweet review. =) I'm glad you like the story so much!

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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 99... Red Balloons?

26th September 2011:
Lily is so dense I want to grab her by the shoulders and shake her. Haha! But besides that it was a very good chapter, I feel like now that she's finally starting to question things a bit more and is starting to realize slightly who James is things will get even more interesting.

Author's Response: She is pretty dense sometimes, isn't she? Now that she realizes that James might not have been doing everything just to be an ass to Snape, there is definitely potential for more to happen between them hehe. Thanks for all the lovely reviews! =)

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Review #3, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Couldn't Resist

24th September 2011:
Ah, you added some Slytherin action again! I'm itching to know what they're all going to do, how they're going to accept Snape and go on with plans for the Dark Lord while in Hogwarts.

Sirius and his food was hilarious by the way. Your chapters are so lovely I swear, you make everything such an easy read!

Author's Response: Thanks! I promise, I know exactly what the Slytherins have been assigned to do. You'll just have to keep reading to see what happens!

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Review #4, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The New Team

24th September 2011:
You know what I realized? You mention Snape a lot and I really like that because in most James/Lily stories it's 'I hate Snape' and then that's it. He always seems to just be mentioned once or twice but you mention him periodically where it's not too over-whelming but necessary because Lily is still trying to get over everything with Snape but she's still stuck with the memories they shared. Anyway, I'm interested to know who Aurora likes, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a Slytherin but then again maybe I would. Who knows!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you like how Snape is still mentioned fairly frequently. Since he was one of Lily's best friends for years, I don't think she could just forget about him so easily and not be bothered by the Mudblood incident. Thanks again, I'm glad you liked it. =)

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Review #5, by GinnyWeasley_13 Chapter One: Where a Man Once Stood

23rd September 2011:
Very nice, a good introduction. I saw no flaws in your writing. The way Voldy addressed everyone was completely in character.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I hope you like the rest of the story as much as you liked the first chapter.

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Review #6, by Opalpixiechick 99... Red Balloons?

22nd September 2011:
Damn finally Lily. : ) Love this chapter. : ) Can't wait for the next one. :)

Author's Response: Haha yeah, Lily is a bit of a slowpoke sometimes. Thanks again!

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Review #7, by Opalpixiechick Couldn't Resist

22nd September 2011:
Great chapter. I can't wait to read the next chapter. : )

Author's Response: Thanks again for reviewing. I'm glad that you like the story so much.

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Review #8, by Opalpixiechick The New Team

22nd September 2011:
Who does she like? Love your story. Can't wait to read the next one. : )

Author's Response: Thank you very much. =)

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Review #9, by Opalpixiechick Past the Point of No Return

22nd September 2011:
Poor James. She has no clue how much he really likes her. :) Can't wait to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you for another positive review. I'm glad you liked it and I hope you like the rest of it too. You're right, she really doe shave no idea how much he likes her. =)

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Review #10, by Opalpixiechick Of Transfiguration and Tryouts

21st September 2011:
Poor Lily. : ) It will all end well. : )

Author's Response: Haha exactly. Now, to just get them there. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #11, by Opalpixiechick Beginnings

21st September 2011:
Love this chapter. : ) Can't wait to see what you do next with the story.

Author's Response: Thank you. I hope you like the rest of the story as well... I know I do hehe. Thanks again! =)

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Review #12, by Opalpixiechick Chapter One: Where a Man Once Stood

21st September 2011:
Never thought about the story from this point of view. Keep it coming. :)

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #13, by MeganManagedMischief 99... Red Balloons?

21st September 2011:
Great story! I love a good Lily/James fan fiction. I like how even though Lily and Snape aren't friends anymore, you still focus on them some. Other stories that happen after the 5th year just show Lily hating him, and thats that. You are actually showing how it affects her. I like how James shows he likes her in subtle ways, not the all out obnoxious self he usually is. Keep Updating!

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I'm glad you went through the entire story and that you've liked it so much. I feel like Lily and Snape's relationship, even though it has currently disintegrated, would still affect her. I also think James is adorable, so I'm glad you like the way I've been portraying him. Thank you for the lovely review! =)

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Review #14, by Generic Euphoria Couldn't Resist

6th September 2011:
I really like the story. It's interesting that you began in sixth year and not seventh, like most do, as that's the year Lily gives James a chance. I wonder what you have in store.

Nice Eddie Belfour quote. :) I only knew him from his short stint in Toronto at the end of his career, but good netminder.

Author's Response: I chose to start in 6th year because I didn't want to show Lily going from one extreme to the other so quickly, which I hope is coming through. I'm glad you like it so far and I hope you continue reading (I put chapter 6 in the queue 3 days ago with a 1 day validation time, but it's still being validated). In response to your PS... That's where I knew him from as well, even though I'm not a Leafs fan (yay Sens!).

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Review #15, by padfoot4ever The New Team

5th September 2011:
I really like this story, it's going straight to my favourites. James and Lily are such believable characters, which is sadly quite rare in J/L fics. They're both extremely likeable, and James isn't a total twat begging Lily to be his girlfriend every five seconds. I like how gradually Lily is coming to not dislike him anymore, and I can see a realistic relationship blooming in future chapters. The story is also very well written with no spelling or grammar mistakes, so it gets two big thumbs up from me!!
Looking forward to an update :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much for such a sweet review. I'm very glad that you like it so much and that you favourited it. I've been trying very hard to avoid the most common Lily/James pitfalls, so I'm glad you think I'm doing a good job. The next chapter went into the queue two days ago, so hopefully it will be up soon. Thanks again! =)

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Review #16, by Jade Sterling Chapter One: Where a Man Once Stood

2nd September 2011:
You are a beautiful writer! I can't wait to read more, more, more!! *off the chapter 2*

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed chapter one so much and I hope you like the others just as much. =)

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Review #17, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Past the Point of No Return

1st September 2011:
Hello! Dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap here with your final requested review! My how the time has gone, I'm already at chapter four!

Well, since you are waiting for chapter four to get re-validated with your editing I won't mention the tense-changing because you know! So instead I will say that the quote at the very top was fitting for the entire situation. It sort of foreshadowed what was to come (a Severus encounter) which I was looking foreword too.

I'm glad that Lily stood her ground, I mean she never really did go back to him, instead she fell for her James but I'm glad she not only stood her ground with Snape but with James also. Having their 'friendship' rushed has never been a favorite thing of mine so I like the slow pace you take between them and the fact that you also don't make her so insufferable around him that she's yelling nonstop and whining all the time about that 'toe-rag James Potter.'

I was also excited for the mere mention of what was going on 'outside and inside' the castle. I'm looking foreword to you digging deeper into events but I suppose everything can't start happening in the first four chapters, it does finally seem like it's getting darker now that you mentioned what's going on and she's sort of got the questioning thing with Remus on her mind (well, she's not questioning it exactly yet) and Lily wants to do better than Snape in Potions. Competition is always good in a story!

You've also mentioned Sirius and his problems which I'm sure you're going to dig deeper into at some point so I'm also excited for that. I felt like this chapter is finally setting up the action that you started in chapter one so what's to come should be good!

I'm going to favorite the story because I want to see where it goes. You can request a review again but I'm a pretty good reviewer when it comes to my 'favorite' stories so I'll most likely be around again!

Thanks for requesting and I hope I helped!

Author's Response: Thank you for a fourth review, I'm glad that you like the story so much that you favourited it! Chapter 5 is now up and I can tell you that Chapter 6 shows what's going on with the Slytherins more. It is tempting to make Lily not hate Snape because I know that he ended up loving her for the rest of his life, but he was an idiot for a long time. There is the occasional chapter from James's point of view, and you get to see more of Sirius then. Thank you again for your reviews! =)

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Review #18, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Of Transfiguration and Tryouts

1st September 2011:
Hello! Dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap here again with your requested review!

Once again I don't have much to say. You're making my job as a reviewer much too easy! Or perhaps hard? Haha.

You're writing is still wonderful and the descriptions you add in. You're one of the few authors out there that actually writes out class scenes (I know I don't...maybe I should...sigh...haha). And you write them where it isn't boring but you also focus on the year and what they should technically be doing (not flicking and swishing and other basic things).

I just find myself wondering what happened to the action of the first chapter. This chapter just seems to be a continuation of the second chapter which is fine because you're still setting the stage of the story and all of them in Hogwarts but nothing is really going on. They have class, they have conversations and there's no mention of Avery (I'm sure they don't really pay much attention to him or are in the same social groups obviously) but maybe a snippet on what he's doing? I suppose you know where you're going with the plot I'll just have to wait and see but that's just one of the thoughts I had.

Also just one small thing:

- Lily didn't like the way the was going.

Do you mean: Lily didn't like the way the conversation was going? Or do you mean 'this' instead of 'the.' I think you're missing a word so you might want to fix that.

Other than that everything else was good!

Author's Response: Thanks again for another lovely review. I'm glad you only found the one thing wrong, because it makes editing that much easier. I realize that this chapter is also a bit slow, but I wanted some Lily/James interactions. More drama is coming up, I promise! I hope you like the next chapter more. Thanks again! =)

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Review #19, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Beginnings

1st September 2011:
Hello! Dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap here with your requested review again!

Let me see. What shall I say. How about...hello, what an enjoyable chapter! Not much happened here, it was more of a meet and greet of characters but it was still rather good. It flowed wonderfully and I didn't find myself scrolling down or skimming words because normally I find introduction chapters to be rather boring. This wasn't the case, your writing style is wonderful I like how you add small descriptions here and there so it's not overwhelming. I find myself wondering well is so and so a pureblood, do so and so get along, how does so and so act. Yet you answer all the questions that arise in my head at a good pace so I can actually remember in the future and you do it in such a way where I have to sit back and go 'huh.' In a good way of course!

Your descriptions I think are so wonderfully done it makes the story so easy to read and enjoyable. I like the way you add one word, one little word that says so much about your characters. Oh! I'm forgetting. I also liked that the profession that you have Sirius studying for. Most put him as an Auror but I can see him as being a Muggle activist because in the end Auror's do fight for the rights of wizards/muggles and the protection of the Wizarding World which would be what Sirius is doing except in a different aspect.

And bravo for giving Peter a voice to speak with!

Author's Response: I'm glad you thought this chapter was enjoyable as well, even though it was an introduction to most of the characters. Sirius's chosen profession really is fitting for somebody who becomes a full time Order member, which is why I chose it. I don't think that all of the "good guys" would want to be Aurors after all.

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Review #20, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Chapter One: Where a Man Once Stood

1st September 2011:
Hello! Dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap here with your review request! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond but I have started my new semester in college and it's taking up a lot of my time!
Now, let's get started!

Since you said you wanted feedback for your other chapters this won't be such a long review but I always feel like starting from the first chapter helps me understand the other chapters as well.

I have to say this chapter is perfect. I'm actually a bit confused as to why you haven't gotten feedback on the other chapters. I was so intrigued as I read. The tension that filled the room when the Dark Lord came...I felt goosebumps. I shivered because I felt like a Death Eater watching him nervously (not that I'm a Death Eater...cough, cough) filled with anticipation because I'm so young, surely he's going to kill me or something.

I love that you are using Avery as a clear main-character. I'm sure you're going to have several central characters but we don't see much coming from the DE side that often in stories. I'm excited to see what you've got going on in the next chapter!

Excellent job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter so much. Avery does show up, although somewhat sporadically at first, and he plays an important role later. Thanks again, I'm off to reply to your next review. =)

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Review #21, by Phoenix_Flames Chapter One: Where a Man Once Stood

29th August 2011:
Hello there! Im here with your review as requested. First off, I just wanted to say that I am extremely sorry for the long wait. I've been in the process of moving into my dorm and school has started and all of that. But I finally made time for it! And I'm so glad I did.

This was a great opening chapter! You set up the scene perfectly and really pulled the reader into your plot right from the very beginning. You captivated me and intrigued me. You had elaborate descriptions as you jumped right into what will clearly be a crucial point in your plot. Really great job. I'm so curious to see how you will use Avery. :)

Really great job! I'm very excited to learn more about the plot and see how you write the Marauders.

I will be back for the next chapter soon, but since my queue is currently backed up, I'm going to empty it out and then I will return for the next chapter. However, if you haven't heard from me within a few days, feel free to come request again. :)


Author's Response: Thank you for the review. =) Don't worry about the long wait, starting university/college is exciting and time consuming. I'm glad that you enjoyed the story so far. Thanks again!

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Review #22, by fauxthefox Chapter One: Where a Man Once Stood

28th August 2011:
Fauxthefox from the forums with your requested review!

You've done really well in keeping this compliant to the canon. Everybody seems in-character, too, which is always nice.

I love the "malleable minds" paragraph and your Voldemort characterization as a whole. The way he thinks is so Voldemort-y. I'd like to see more of it!

This is really cool and original! Feel free to request again if you'd like another review!



Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review and the 10/10! I'm glad that you enjoyed it, especially the Voldemort portrayal because, as I'm sure you can imagine, I spent a lot of time on him, trying to make sure that he was as close to canon as possible. Thank you again! =)

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Review #23, by Atomic Past the Point of No Return

27th August 2011:
Hello again!!

I absolutely love the title of this chapter!! The quote at the beginning was really great, too. It makes lot of sense for Lily to feel that way.

I'm glad we finally saw some interaction between Severus and Lily. I'm also glad Lily held her ground. It was nice to see the plot getting somewhere, and it'll be interesting to see if Severus tries to approach Lily again.

The only critique I have for this story is the tense change. In the middle of the chapter, you switched from third person to first person, and it really made things confusing. Considering your first three chapters were in third person, I might suggest you edit this chapter back to completely third person and stick with it. Third person just makes the flow a lot easier, while first person stories can get really messy.

Otherwise though, this was an amazing chapter. I'm glad you had Slughorn teach the exact same first class to the sixth years as he did in HBP. It seems very canon of him to always teach from the same syllabus.

You've got an amazing story going on here. Keep up the great work and always feel free to rerequest when you get more written!! I apologize for taking so long to review this time, but hopefully I will not take as long next time!


Author's Response: I changed tenses? Dang it! I will definitely have to go fix that. The last thing I wrote was first person, so I suppose I slipped back into that and... gah! Thank you for pointing it out! Haha, I also picture Slughorn as a "if it works, don't change it" kind of guy. Thank you for the nice long reviews, and don't worry about it taking awhile... real life > writing (even though it sometimes sucks). =)

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Review #24, by Atomic Of Transfiguration and Tryouts

27th August 2011:
Hello again!!

This has been another wonderful chapter as always!! You have a marvelous writing style, and the chapters flow ever so nicely. I never feel like I'm just waiting for the chapter to end.

You really do a great job with writing classes, and I definitely appreciate that you put enough time and effort into looking up with normal sixth year transfiguration students would be working on. I get really fed-up with authors who have six years trying to turn matchsticks into needles, that is first year work. Thank you for putting so much effort into your story!!

While I absolutely love your story, I am beginning to wonder where you are taking the plot. Besides the first chapter, we haven't seen much plot action yet, and I am getting a bit antsy to see some plot development.

Otherwise though, you're doing a brilliant job! The dialogue is believable, your imagery is great, and I love your OCs. Keep up the wonderful work!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm also bothered by classes that are completely off, so I can totally agree with you there. I suppose this chapter is another fairly slow one, but I promise that it will pick up. The balance of being boring and having everybody know too much is a fine line (as is having Lily fall in love with James after 3 weeks when she 'hated' him, but I suppose that is just plain ridiculous!) so I will try to pick up the pace. Thanks again! =)

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Review #25, by Atomic Beginnings

27th August 2011:
Hi there, it's Atomic with your requested review (finally!)

This was another very lovely chapter! It is ever so wonderful to read your story. You write so very well, it's really refreshing.

I love how you didn't portray Lily as an older Hermione. It's nice to know that she hates early morning classes just as much as the rest of us do. I also really like her friend group. I feel like Lily really would have been friends with girls from multiple houses.

You did a great job describing the atmosphere of the time, too. I feel it's a very common mistake to forget that this was when Voldemort was just getting started, and that it was an era of mystery and fear. I think you captured that feeling very well, overall.

You did a wonderful job with the flow, too. I normally find that class chapters can be quite boring, but you definitely held my attention the entire time.

I wish I could find something to critique for you, but I really just can't! Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you, your review made my day (well, night, since it is midnight). I'm very flattered. I'm glad you think that the atmosphere and Lily's friends were portrayed well. I know that she typically only has Gryffindor friends in fics (and that they're usually all of the canon Order members from the first war!), so I'm glad you also think she would be friends with more than just people from her house. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! =)

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