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Review #1, by RavenclawWayToBe Summer: Tom Part II

2nd January 2012:
DONT ABANDON THIS STORY! :D keep writing, i like it :)

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Review #2, by RavenclawWayToBe 4th Year Predicaments

2nd January 2012:
Um, i like your story and everything and i was quite shocked that Tom and Draco were gay... but i DO NOT have anything against that at all, but usually you don't expect that. I think your story was more original, considering it was an OC with Luna and Draco, and normally you don't see things like this. I think you should definitely keep writing even if nobody reads it, because whenever i write it makes me calm and serene to just let it out. I think your story is very good :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah.. I'm not sure wether Tom is gay or not, or just a flirt, you know? I'm pretty sure that Draco is gay, though, but he's like conflicted about it. I'm glad you like it, and this review has changed my thoughts about the story.. and now I think I can start it again.. I just have to wait for tomorrow so I can get it started again. :D

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Review #3, by magicmuggle01 Them

19th October 2011:
Another good chapter. No story would be complete without mentioning Ron's passion for food.
I felt sorry for poor luna. Though maybe a bit of friendly rivalry between Ginny and Luna for Toms affections could be in order.
10/10 and moving on.

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Review #4, by magicmuggle01 Luna Lovegood

19th October 2011:
I think (if you've not done so already) you should add a bit of love interest between Tom and Luna.
A good chapter and 10/10. Must move on.

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Review #5, by magicmuggle01 Hogwarts, Finally

19th October 2011:
You are missing things out with this story. Such as you could have Tom meeting some new first years on the train and also the train arriving at Hogsmeade and also the description of the new first years first sight of the school from the boats crossing the lake. You see what I mean, you can easily edit in all these details quite easily.
You have what I think is a good story here, but I am a stickler for the finer details. SORRY.
Another 9/10 and to move on.

Author's Response: I can't even remember when I wrote this, it felt like such a long time ago.. but yes, I guess I'm not very detailed..

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Review #6, by magicmuggle01 Start

19th October 2011:
This is quite a good start to your story. I like the sound of this Tom character you've come up with. He sounds very adventurous.
I spotted a few minor spelling mistakes, like an e at the end of Dumbledore. But their easily corrected.
And Tom would not have a whole car to himself as the train would be to crowded for that. He might have a compartment to himself.
9/10 for your start, and to read on.

Author's Response: Ah yes, well you can probably tell that I've never ridden a train before :P

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Review #7, by 19 whitehorse I Am The Lighthouse

4th October 2011:
It is our fault please forgive me :D But if it helps I LOVED the chapter and it is midnight on a school night with a math test in about 9 hours and I'm reading your story so all's fair?
Update soon:D
if I fail the math I'll blame you, naw just kidding :P

Author's Response: Haha, that's understandable :P
Thanks for reading, AND ESPECIALLY REVIEWING!!!

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Review #8, by annalia You Look So Fine

24th September 2011:
go macklin!!!:D write moorree!

Author's Response: :P dsufsdhfsdf

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Review #9, by Lily (cause my god damn account got deleted D:) You Look So Fine

21st September 2011:
Bonjourno! Apolgies for not reviewing in like ages, I've had so much work to do it's been painful :(

ANYWAY, that was AWESOME! I'm actually in love with this story now :')

Update again soon!


Author's Response: WHAAAT? That's really stange that your account got deleted. >.

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Review #10, by hermione101 Luna Lovegood

7th September 2011:

Author's Response: :3 thanks!

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Review #11, by Annalia Start

23rd August 2011:
macklin, this is so awesome! its inspiring me totry and write one! i dont think that it will happen, but still!! good inspiration :b i like the use of the name anderson too :)

Author's Response: Why thank you! And you SHOULD SHOULD SHOULD write one! It's actually really fun! And anderson's the first thing that I could come up with :P

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