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Review #1, by bookworm_hermione Forever on the Run

8th May 2012:
love the theme.
please please please continue the story.

Author's Response: Haha Thanks

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Review #2, by bookworm_hermione Padfoot?

2nd May 2012:
Love the story. keep it up!

Author's Response: I have plans to continue, but first I think I might go through and make some changes, explain a bit more Exc. So be sure to read those when they come out and then I shall hopefully get a fifth chapter up, and a new banner to go with it :D

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Review #3, by izzy Padfoot?

9th March 2012:
this is really good hope to see more:)

Author's Response: MORE SHALL BE COMING... I had a little writers block, but I have started on the next chapter,


I'm so excited :D

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Review #4, by siruslover Padfoot?

19th February 2012:
OMG this is great, its just so orginial. I have read loads of stories on this site but they differ from others but the storylines in some ways are the same whereas this has never been done before. I cant wait for the next chaper hope its up soon. Wonder what remus will say when he hears fred calling her Padfot after her dad.

Author's Response: Yeah... the storyline is a bit different.

I'm going to come back to this story after i have the last two chapters from a story that needs to be finished by the challenge day, because I really like this story and I haven't touched it in so long.

Thank you so much for showing me that you care about the story, it gives me more of a reason to revive it from the dead! For that I will dedicate the next chapter to you!

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Review #5, by Loony_Scorpy Padfoot?

23rd January 2012:
I'm loving this story so far :) I really love how you have almost blended her into canon! Just one thing though, won't Remus realise who she is once people start calling her Padfoot? Just a thought :P I can't wait for more :D

Author's Response: Nice, to hear you liked it. I'm not answering that though. Not at all.


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Review #6, by Secret Santa! The Foundations of A New Life

23rd December 2011:
Hey, here I am again!

This time, the present is in the shape of a packet of dress robes, coloured to match your mood!

You can see that this chapter skips quite a few years into the future which is good as it skips out some of her immaturity and battling emotions through puberty which I think is a clever writing technique! I'm still interested as to why she's been refusing to go to Hogwarts up until now?

Also wouldn't the use of underage magic such as transfiguring a messenger bag have been noted even though she wasn't officially recognized by the magical world? Maybe she'd have got a warning for transfiguring the bag? It would have been useful to have noted that in the story if it was true.

The use of muggle objects is also quite confusing in this story as surely she wouldn't have been able to afford a laptop or an ipod and they're pretty difficult to steal especially if you need to charge their batteries? Just a thought as it's well known in canon that muggle objects do not respond well to magical interference.

I love the idea of her being in Gryffindor so she will be in the same house and year as Fred and George which will b e interesting to see if she's as much of a prankster as they are and if her special gifts will be able to help her within their quest to become the greatest pranksters of all time.

The flashback with Sirius and Melissa is really sweet as it just makes us see how much of a good dad Sirius could have been which I actually really like!

Author's Response: Right, one thing I didn't make quite clear was that in this story the trace gets placed up on a child when they are 11 and arrive at hogwarts, almost as if signing a agreement of sorts, therefore when Melissa didn't go to hogwarts she didn't sign said "agreement" and didn't get the trace placed upon her.

Muggle Objects. okay, I really need an authors note on my next chapter to explain some of this. The laptop and iPod were her parent's old laptop and ipod, modern technology in the past. And as for canon well Harry can be around a tv with out interfereing, thats explained more next chapter.

i'm glad shes in Gryffindor too. It's vital to my story.

And Ii'm glad you liked the flashback, that was so much fun to write!

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Review #7, by Secret Santa! Forever on the Run

23rd December 2011:
Hey, me again!

This time the gift is wrapped in the shape of a shiny new pair of quidditch keepers gloves!

Another AU story! I'm really starting to get into these lately as I find ignoring canon to a certain extent can sometimes make stories so much more inventive which I think you've managed to do really well.

I like the whole concept of this story, the child of Sirius Black been left by both of her parents and having to live rough just to even attempt to survive.

However, the second paragraph really is a little confusing and wordy, maybe making the language more sophisticated and just sorting out the sentences could make it easier for that to come across how every thing actually happened. I'm intrigued as to why her mother was killed by the Death Eaters though.

The idea of her sleeping rough and running is also a little strange but I think you've made it more believable. Surely a child of a Black would have been well protected and at least been known by Dumbledore and surely have been well cared for but I think her sleeping rough is more effective to the actual story line!

The idea with Ollivander was nice as you introduced the Weasley twins which could possibly foreshadow a further friendship between them when she actually does go to Hogwarts. Although I'm interested as to why she wouldn't be going next year and waiting until she was meant to be in fourth year?

Anyway I really do like this storyline!

Author's Response: Yeah I havent looked at the story for a while and thinking back your critism is extremely accurate. I'm glad you like the story line.

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Review #8, by LilyAnna Black Padfoot?

13th November 2011:
love the story hope you update it!

Author's Response: I will, just I have a little bit of writers block on this story and I have a few chapters of one of my others to post but I will update again ASAP

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Review #9, by KidRiddle Padfoot?

27th October 2011:
yay! new chapter!

I like how you made Alex from LLAOG your mom :)

Author's Response: Yeah, Mel doesnt appaer in LLaOG cos with da twins timing wouldn't work, cos Mel would have been born October after Seventh Year

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Review #10, by NutellaMalfoy Familiar Faces

29th August 2011:
Very good storyline, I liked how you used actual content from the real HP story. I really liked the ending and you explaining Sirius Black's capture from Melissa's point of view. But you need to work on your grammar a bit.

Author's Response: Yeah I typed it on my phone, which doesnt have spell check.

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Review #11, by KidRiddle The Foundations of A New Life

27th August 2011:
wow man
i didnt get bored reading this, and you know the relationship between books and me, right?
:D awesomeness

Author's Response: Of course I know your realationship with books, Its nuts but thanks

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Review #12, by KidRiddle Forever on the Run

27th August 2011:
good job (y)
i like it

Author's Response: WOW thats amazing you actually read it!

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Review #13, by NutellaMalfoy Forever on the Run

26th August 2011:
Very good storyline. it kept my attention through the entire chapter and I wanted to read more after which doesn't usually happen with most stories. I bet you know who this is right? =P

Author's Response: Of course I know who you are! Thanks Nutella

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Review #14, by NutellaMalfoy The Foundations of A New Life

26th August 2011:
good storyline but you jumped too quickly between times. you said she ate, then went to dumbledore, then ate, then went into an alley and wanted to eat again. It was too quick.

Author's Response: I was trying to show the passing of the time, but yeah thats kinda true...

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