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Review #1, by panggea How To Save A Life

27th January 2012:
This story is amazing i really dont no how you dont have more reviewers! but please update soon! Ash is awesome and i love how she just punched fenir. it was awesome!

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Review #2, by plo How To Save A Life

15th November 2011:
no patience for sport?!.. i guess i see your point, i'd rather be in bed a lot of the time, but i get to see friends so they make it more fun ;)
ahh yes, it is quite amusing when something like that happens, i feel bad for them sometimes though
oh yeah, loads of year 11s and 10s are having exams about now, so erm good luck :P i'm doing my first year of a-levels now, i've take biology, chemistry, maths and a couple more too, they are much more work than GCSEs were, the stuff isn't that hard if you are good at the subject but there's lots of it so if you don't get part of it you can get lost pretty quickly.. i'm sure you have been told that already though and i've hardly started so its bound to get much harder :( not thinking of taking english lang or lit?
aww that's nice, but you don't have to you know, your the one who does the work, all i do is say thanks :)
..YAY for this chapter! they all came back :D and there was a fight! fights are good, general action is good though not too much of it.. you space out the action/fight scenes well, making it more believable, as well as that you skip forward in time every so often so its actually been longer for them than it seems for us.. i guess there will be more fights now though as everyone is back, even if they are just as passing comments right? anyway please just keep doing what your doing/have planned to do as its still all good ;)
p.s i have started looking for a movie buddy :D
p.p.s. you got this chapter up faster than i was expecting, well done :P

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Review #3, by MoonyistheBestMarauder How To Save A Life

15th November 2011:
Good job!! I couldn't wait until this chapter! I liked it a lot! : D

Author's Response: akdfsjhadaihaklhghdajklkalhsidlhh < roughly translated to thank you! I wasn't sure about this chapter, but then I thought I could never quite make it perfect, so I decided to publish it and possibly re-do it later if need be, but apparently I didn't ruin it like I thought I would, so thank you fro the re-assurance! Love you muchly xxx

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Review #4, by plo Little Dress, Maybe Less, So Consipicuous

8th November 2011:
spelling is not one of my strong points either, i mean as long as it has pretty much the right letters in people can read it right? so i'm generally not too careful with my spelling - annoyed my english teachers a bit :P humm i might watch the movie then, but i'm kinda lazy so it wont be for ages ;) wish i knew someone who was fun and watched films ect, well i probably do i just haven't bothered finding them (yeah i am that lazy). pfft, haven't ruined it yet - you best not, or i will be sad :( yeah that's right you'll have a sad face on your conscience, don't want that do you? :P
anyway all the things Ash dislikes; i agree, and saying they look like ducks in the photos made me laugh (certainly true) oh and i think a while back you asked what was thought about nessa and carrots, personally i like them so it's nice having them pop in being helpful from time to time :)
so your doing GCSEs? i did mine not long ago, any idea what a-levels you want to do, if any? i just picked the stuff i was good at, i should probably have done some more fun and 'easy' ones, but i couldn't be bothered to change... okay i probably sound really lazy, i play sport and work quite hard at studies, so there, i'm not that bad ;)
anyway ending my waffling, i'm looking forward to the orders christmas.. please continue! (i know you've said you are but i always put that).. bye :P

Author's Response: On spelling, I agree. Some of the classic books have different spellings of words because they put what they wanted at the time, so really I'm just like Austen. And you don't need to justify your laziness to me. I'm princess of lazy, and I have no patients for sport.
The duck reference actually came from this girl on fb. It made me laugh really hard, half because it's true, half because she is one of those girls ;p
GCSE mocks are in full swing for me, but they're giving us a bunch of actual GCSE exams too, so the mocks are not as high on my priority list as they should be. A-levels I'm thinking Phsycology, Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Philosiphy for one year. Glad you like Nessa and Carrots, I'll keep them popping in then :)
If your looking forward to the Order Christmas, then I feel a Chapter dedication coming up, cause your my favourite reviewer and you're worth it ;p
PS. You should find the fun movie friend, we make great companions ;p

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Review #5, by chris With All The Style Of The Marauders (All For One and One For All)

19th October 2011:
Great story can't wait for the next update

Author's Response: Thanks for the onslaught of reviews... but I'm still not sure, did you like it? Were you mocking my pleas for reviews chris? Nah, I don't care anyway, so long as you liked it xxx

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Review #6, by chris The Good Slytherins (Oh, and Some God Awful Ones)

19th October 2011:
Good stuff as always...

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Review #7, by chris Talk About Holding A Grudge

19th October 2011:
Still think that its great

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Review #8, by chris Up From the Ashes

19th October 2011:
Loving it and all that jazz

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Review #9, by chris Wormtail, Prongs and Albus's Detour

19th October 2011:
Loving it you know how it is

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Review #10, by chris Then Fix It Dear Henry, Dear Henry,

19th October 2011:
love it, great story and all that jazz

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Review #11, by chris I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good

18th October 2011:
loving the story so far

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Review #12, by plo With All The Style Of The Marauders (All For One and One For All)

17th October 2011:
a lemuck sounds like a fine purchase indeed! who wouldn't want one? ;) anyway back to the review.. your characters and adventures are still fine with me, i really doubt that will change so looks like i'm going to have to find new things to comment on.. okay so the movie references and music - i've never seen or read the three musketeers :O shock? horror? i might read it if i ever come across it, so you can't be too mad that i haven't ;) Madam Helga.. i believe it's Madame (it doesn't actually bother me, just thought i'd tell you though) you seem to listen to the same sort of stuff as me, and have seen pretty much the same movies which is cool.. don't expect that to continue though as i don't watch loads or listen to that much :P i'm going to end the review now - as i can't do it subtly i thought i'd tell you, nice of me right? so ending as usual - please keep writing! its really good and so are the things you reference! :)

Author's Response: Okay, actually loving you right now ;p
You are right about the spelling, (I think - I didn't check) unfortunately that isn't my strong point and unless I have the time and patients I rarely check the chapters.
I haven't read the 3 musketeers, yet... but the new movie is amazing, and the fact that it is steam punk and stars Logan Lerman just enhances that. Expect more crazy book/film/movie references because I am one of those girls that has an endless capacity for them :)
I'm glad I haven't ruined the book yet, hope it stay consistently to your liking because your reviews make my day xxx

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Review #13, by Anonymous Meeting for the First Time

15th October 2011:
I really like your characters and this is a creative story! I hope you continue writing! If you have time check out the story "The Continuing Story of Ainsly Hallow" it's not my story but I loved it and hope it becomes more popular. It is kind of similar to your story since they both have 2nd Generation Marauders. I hope you like it!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll check out the story sometime, but right now I'm in a major James/Lily phase :L
Hope you continue to enjoy my story xxx

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Review #14, by undercover witch Talk About Holding A Grudge

12th October 2011:
i have to say im really enjoying this story. its similar enough to the books to make me love it but it has its own twists and turns so its not boring. whatever you do: keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you - I promise, it's not looking like I'm going to stop writing anytime soon :) I think this book will go until after they graduate, so I hope you enjoy the rest of it too xxx

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Review #15, by plo The Consequenses of Exploding Ice Cream

30th September 2011:
i did not write a pity review!.. okay it does seem a bit like one but thats just because i'm bad at reviews, sorry :P so yeah anyway this is probably my favourite story on here. i'll be honest i haven't read loads of them yet but i've read a fair few and this seems most unique and has me waiting for more. luck has it that you have been quite fast at posting chapters so there wasnt too long a wait :D glad that your characters have been consistant in how they act, and its cool how you are bringing the dead back - as far as i know its an original way. i like the pranks, and that ash has a duck - with a good name too ;) so yeah, like i said im not too good with reviews, but again please keep up the good work as i really enjoy it :)

Author's Response: Ahh, I love your reviews pity or not ;p You really think this is your favourite story?... I love you! I'm quite proud of my characters, because I've read a few storys were they've been kind of dry, and I'm so glad people are digging the raising the dead thing because I was worried that'd be kind of weird. The duck is actually a personal ambition of mine, to own a guard duck called Canard and breed it with my friend's lemur (that he has also yet to aquire), would you be interested in buying a lemuck? Hope you enjoy the rest xxx

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Review #16, by SirhcSinister Up From the Ashes

27th September 2011:
I LOVE YOUR BOOK SO FAR XD XD XD you must love colors x] the main character's name consists of 3 of them lol Amethyst Opal Black lol XD

Author's Response: Haha - your responce made me giggle ;p
I was going for the hole stone thing actually :L
Amethyst is my favourite stone and will be the name of my child (the husband gets little say)
Opal is my second favourite stone. It was going to be Amethyst Onyx Black, but then I remembered Opal is a stone of bad luck, and it seemed more fitting :L
Glad you LOVE the book xxx

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Review #17, by SiriuslyRedPadfoot Up From the Ashes

25th September 2011:
Wow I love the plot of this story it is so interesting XD
I love Ash she is amazing character and is so awesome! I wish I had colour changing hair ;D & James in fact!
I love how they are all coming back, well all the good people are kind of sad the baddies will be back as well as I think it will end sadly again D: but don't kill my favourite characters J K Rowling liked to torture me by killing of my favourites D:
But anyway I love your story so far it is amazing and I can't wait to find out what happens next so update quickly :D


Author's Response: Thank you, I'll try hard with the whole killing thing because I too was devestated with JKR, I could barely carry on reading after Sirius died, and Tonks, Lupin and Fred! I'm updating as fast as it validates because I have a rather unhealthy obssession with fanfics :L hope you enjouy the rest!

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Review #18, by ImarriedGEORGE Never Say Die

20th September 2011:
I really like this story and where it is going, it stays pretty much with cannon which is great as it is just like a follow up. I love Ash's character and how her and her friends make the marauders, although I would like to see more of Jake. The underworld and bringing voldermort back with others to balance the good and evil is a brilliant idea and I haven't seen it anywhere else, it's nice to see something original :) anyway thats enough rambling from me I hope you continue with this story because it is truly great!

Author's Response: N'aww, I loved your rambling :) I'm glad you like the story and I must admit I was proud of the balance thing myself (I just wanted the Marauders back) ;p There is alot more instore for Jake too, poor thing... she's going to become the kind of Lily to the Marauders - the girl that isn't officially one, but turns into their sister. Hope you like what I do with the story xxx

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Review #19, by plo Dark Mark and Dances

10th September 2011:
as if there are so few reviews.. anyway i like the story so far, i think you have got some good characters and complications/twists to work with. i dont mind it being like harry potter either, i mean your kind of continuing it so for the start of the story to be like it is just logical, naturally as you progress the story will become more your own - like you have said. i just wish there was more to read as of present ;) so continue when you can please :)

Author's Response: Thank you for your pity review ;p I'm on my eleventh (have I spelt that right?) chapter, so I'm going as fast as it validates, hope you enjoy it as it does xxx

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Review #20, by Plz write more XD Dark Mark and Dances

9th September 2011:
Great book, a little too much in common with the original HP books, but still.

Author's Response: Thank you. I promise, though it is quite similar at the start, it's going to start getting different. Hope you like the rest xxx

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Review #21, by Katie Bell I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good

9th September 2011:
This is great, I love it. It's actually similar to my idea, where the girl (Cameron) is a metamorphmagus! I think that it's a little too similar to Harry potter, it should be a bit more original but I still really like it!

Author's Response: Thank you! I think I'll check out your story sometime. I'm kind of nervous about the story line, because it is like a cross between Harry Potter and the Marauders, but I think the similarities will start to fade further into the story. Glad you like it xxx

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Review #22, by Zoe A Fury Little Problem

27th August 2011:
Omg! I really like it! I've never read anything like it! Please write more soon!

Author's Response: AH!!! You're my first review! Sorry for screaming at you :L
Thank you, I'm glad someone likes it! xxx

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