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Review #1, by Selma Black Charm Those Words

21st September 2015:
I like it, very fun sweet piece.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review =)

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Review #2, by WittyRaven Charm Those Words

25th April 2015:
Very cute and well written. I liked how it started quite subtle and then guided the reader through the experience. Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #3, by ArtsyTigs Charm Those Words

7th April 2015:
I loved it. I really like the heated crushing bickering they do. Thank you for sharing!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #4, by ScarlettTulips Charm Those Words

21st March 2015:
Really enjoyed it. Loved the banter.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you didi!

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Review #5, by Maelody Charm Those Words

4th February 2015:
I'm not a big fan of Dramione since most of the time I think the scenarios are a bit unbelievable, but I can actually see where you're coming from with this. Honestly, if Hermione and Draco worked together and had to see one another in close quarters like that every day, I'd see them at least fulfilling a crush dream anyway. So yay to you! :D I like this little piece! ;)

Ahhh, those magical elevator moments that I think every woman dreams of at least once in their life. Am I right? Maybe I'm not, but I can't deny I haven't thought about it a time or two. ;) Especially if it were with someone as good looking as Tom Felton. :3

The whole thing actually, in a way, sort of reminded me of Fifty Shades of Grey. If you haven't read it, there's a little elevator scene sort of like this one. Only, it does go a little farther, but I like yours much better. Far more believable. ;)

Like I said, I'm not much of a Dramione shipper, so I don't have much to compare with other stories or anything, or have many expectations of these two, but I think you did a really good job with the scene here. And I think the ferret boy bit was just too funny. I'm surprised he didn't squirm at the memory! xD I'm sure she doesn't want to charm the words anywhere on his body now, either. ;)

Great job, m'dear! It was definitely different for me, but in the best possible way! I promise! :D


Author's Response: Hey! I'm glad you like this little piece especially since you're not a Dramione fan. I love Dramione and I enjoy reading it a lot so it makes me happy when other people like it when I write the pairing!

Haha those magical elevator moments indeed - I may have stolen the idea from one of my own life experiences (with my ex) xP They sound a lot nicer in writing than in real life though, haha.

Oh dear, I don't know if it's a good or bad thing that it reminded you of Fifty Shades, but believe me, I wrote this way before I read (or even heard of) that book.

I am happy you think I did a good job with the scene and stuff and you found a little bit of funny in there too. Thank you!

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Review #6, by Hermione Granger Charm Those Words

23rd January 2015:
I am SO glad that none of my friends or colleagues know how to use the Internet, for once I'm relieved of their ignorance to Muggles and their technology.I'm flattered that you chose to write a story about me but I would be beyond mortified if this got out to anyone I know.

Let me just say, snogging my colleagues in the lift at work is definitely not something I make a habbit of. It was awfully hot in that meeting room, and um- I hadn't had lunch that day. Obviously I wasn't feeling quite right...


As someone who appreciates a well written story, I found your writing very enjoyable, even if I spent most of my time reading it blushing furiously.

I must offer my compliments on how you described the kiss. And what a kiss it was...Oh lord, what is Draco Malfoy doing to my head? I wish I'd cursed those words on his head while I had the chance, he definitely wouldn't have snogged me if I had.

Do me a favour please? Don't tell Ron and Harry about this. They'd kill me.

Author's Response: Hey Hermione! Wow, you're kinda like my idol so it's an absolute pleasure to receive a review from you! I must say, you're so much more cute and hilarious in person ;)

Haha I'm glad none of your colleagues read this either. My, my would they have been shocked!

Of course, I completely understand your reasons for snogging Draco Malfoy. Besides, he's kinda irresistible so yeah. *smirks*

I am glad you enjoyed my writing style and liked the description of the kiss as well. I wrote it exactly how I felt it would have happened between you two xP

No worries, I won't tell a soul. *zips mouth*

Thank you! :D

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Review #7, by DmsSlytherinPrincess Charm Those Words

7th July 2014:
Loved it. Written well and flow was smooth.
I loved what was between them and how you created it in such a short time.
And it wasn't a over done make out session, and there was no "im in love after first kiss" either.

For 2014 house cup review challenge

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing! I am glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #8, by Ju Hana Charm Those Words

6th December 2013:
Drooling..LOL..loving it!

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #9, by APerkins Charm Those Words

21st August 2013:
Hey, read it, and .. thought it was ok.
Think you did quite well for a one shot, but I would have needed a little more time to get "into it" if you know what I mean.
The first part was setting the scene, and explaining the background - it wasn't really telling a story so much, and so it wasn't till the second half that the story really started. I think that was a shame, because it made the interaction quite short.
the interaction they had and the dialogue was actually really good (although having draco and hermione mutter french at each other was a little odd, as romantic as the language is!)

I think the bit that I would improve would be the setting of the scene. Perhaps rather than paragraph after paragraph of background information, that could be dropped in-between the lines of dialogue or interaction in smaller "chunks" to make it a more seamless part of the actual story, as opposed to just being information we need before we can start the story?

once we got into the story - now that part was really well done, well written and the dialogue was great. Just a little too short! ( Perhaps there was a word limit, which would have made this even harder?)
Overall, considering it was a one shot you did well :)

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for reading and reviewing.
Oh I know what you mean. I wrote this quite a while ago, so I am not sure if I'll come back to edit it, but if I do, I'll try to make more of the interaction.
I am glad you still liked the short interaction and dialogue though, even though you found the French bit odd.

I'll definitely think about your comments when I edit, so thank you.

There was no word limit (as far as I can remember) but I am a person who usually prefers writing short one-shots/chapters.

Thank you.

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Review #10, by AlexFan Charm Those Words

4th July 2013:
FINALLY! A Dramione story that is actually believable! I am being completely honest when I say that I have never come across a Dramione story that was believable before and this is the first one ever that did not make me want to stop reading.

I congratulate you on making me like a ship that I absolutely hate. This actually made sense, Hermione didn't fall for Malfoy as soon as they started working together, it took a while for Hermione to trust him and for them to get along which is what I loved about this.

I know I'm gushing but I'm just so happy that I've finally found a Dramione story that makes sense. Not once while reading this entire thing did the words "this doesn't make sense," cross my mind.

I also love that it was so light-hearted and easy to read. Even though I dislike Dramione I'd be up for reading a story about the ship of you wrote it.

Awesome job on this

Author's Response: OMG this review totally made my week. I know I am way too late in responding but when I read this, I loved it, so thank you.

I am over the moon that you found my story believable especially when you say you've never come across a believable one before. It means a lot to me.

I am pleased this made sense to you. It's always unrealistic when Hermione and Malfoy just instantly fall for each other and I tried my best to make it seem as realistic as possible in just a one-shot.

Haha I love your gushing. I am so happy that you're happy with my story.

I am glad you found this light-hearted and a good read. Thank you so much for your amazing review!

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Review #11, by MalfoysCarolinaGirl2010 Charm Those Words

17th June 2013:
I really liked this . I thought it was short, sweet, and to the point. It had a good flow and didn't feel rushed. I'm glad you took the time to develop Draco and Hermione and give some background information that led up to the scene and conversation in the elevator and I liked the fact that you took their usual bickering and made it funny instead of filled with hate. That is all for now I guess so until next time.

Peace , love, and waffles


Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! I was surprised you chose this one, it's quite an old work! I am glad you liked this, and that it didn't feel rushed. I wanted to experiment with this bickering-into-funny thing so glad it worked. Thanks!

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Review #12, by Lululuna Charm Those Words

9th May 2013:
Review tag! :)

Aw, this was a cute little story!! I really liked how effortlessly you set up the context of the story in the post-war world. It seemed very realistic, and I liked how everyone went down slightly different paths than usual- like Ron and Luna being together, and Harry going on to play Quidditch. It kept the story fresh!

I also liked how you set up Malfoy and Hermione's flirtation: it wasn't like a spontaneous change in character where they loved each other, but a gradual progression of bantering, flirting, and finally this lovely little scene here in the Ministry. It was really cute! :)

I love the idea of charming the words ferret-boy on Malfoy. Hopefully Hermione will continue to hold it over his head if he every annoys her! :P

I liked this, and I think you did particularly well with writing the dialogue which flowed naturally and was engaging to read. Good job! :)

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing! Sorry for the delay in responding!

I am glad you found this cute as that was my aim. Its a relief to hear that you think the whole post-war context was realistic, and found that the little details made it fresh!

Haha yeah. I always thought two people can't just suddenly love each other so they need to go through this attraction-fueled flirting phase etc. so its good to know you liked it all.

Haha Hermione will definitely hold it over his head in future xP

I am pleased to hear that the dialogue was good and you liked reading it. Thank you!

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Review #13, by dreamer21 Charm Those Words

28th April 2013:
hello there,

I'm here from the review tag.

woww, some heated discussion. ;)

I enjoyed it, all the smirks and flirting. Seems so real.

A grea t shot but thenyou are a great writer so no point instating the obvious. lol

i amglad i read this, worth it!


Author's Response: hey thanks for reading and reviewing. I am glad you enjoyed the heated discussion, and all the smirking and flirting. Haha really great writer? thanks for the compliments. I am glad you liked it!

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Review #14, by Splendiferously_Awesome Charm Those Words

3rd April 2013:
Nice fic, well done! It was definitely short&sweet and I thought you created an interesting characterisation of both Hermione and Draco. You outlined the context/backstory very clearly at the start in order to set the scene, which was definitely helpful for me as a reader. Overall it was a very enjoyable read :)

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing. I am pleased you liked my characterisations of Hermione & Draco, and found the backstory helpful. Thank you!

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Review #15, by alicia and anne Charm Those Words

16th March 2013:
I really like that Harry became a Seeker instead of an Auror, that's very different and I really like the idea of it :D
And Ron with Luna was also another great added touch, I like seeing all of these differences, it brings a freshness to the one shot that I really like.
I really like the mentioning of how Draco and Hermione flirt and bicker with each other at work, and that he was now working with her. I think that that would cause some nice tension between them :D
That ending was really good! I loved that they wanted to charm words onto each other, and the build up to that kiss was some great writing.
A very brilliant one shot, I loved reading this, it's not too often that I've read a Draco/Hermione and I really like this one :D

Author's Response: Hey Tammi! Thanks a lot for dropping by.

I am glad you like the idea of Harry becoming a Seeker, I really thought he'd have had enough of dark wizards =)
Ah I like Ron/Luna too. I am pleased you liked the small details, thanks.
Haha I love Draco/Hermione bickering.
Ooh I am always wary when it comes to writing kissing scenes and all so it's good to know you found it nicely done.
Yay I am so happy you liked it, thanks!

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Review #16, by thornheart9366 Charm Those Words

3rd March 2013:
I really like the way you write its very professional and the story is really good. wish it was a novel :( I enjoyed it though your an excellent writer. You have a real talent! Luv Thornheart xxx

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing! I am glad you liked my writing style, and the story. I am not good at sticking with novels haha. I am glad you appreciate my writing, thanks a lot!

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Review #17, by Jg Charm Those Words

8th February 2013:
Loved it. It wasn't overdone like so many other ones.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, glad you like it!

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Review #18, by weasleywitch Charm Those Words

8th February 2013:
Oh my god so cute! Love it :)

Author's Response: thank you for reading and reviewing =)

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Review #19, by Eli Charm Those Words

4th February 2013:
It was good, and longer it would have been even better :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing, glad you liked it :)

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Review #20, by Msalimarie20 Charm Those Words

3rd February 2013:
I loved this! Refreshing different since I just came across it a pre valentine fic if you will

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! I am glad you liked it!

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Review #21, by Adeline Charm Those Words

1st February 2013:
Nice fic! I loved all of the interaction btwn Hermione and Draco :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! I am glad you liked it =)

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Review #22, by patronus_charm Charm Those Words

30th January 2013:
Hello! It's patronus_charm from the review tag!

I liked the idea of Harry being a seeker, as I always thought he would be a good one, and I almost want to go and see him play for England. I also liked how you provide a little background to the other characters so you knew where they were, and what they were doing.

I liked the banter between Draco and Hermione, as that was funny to read, and you could sense there was some chemistry between the two, especially with the French, given that's the language of love!

It was realistic, by the way you said that they forgave Draco, as it showed that there had been a transition, and that they hadn't just fallen in love, as that's quite unrealistic!

You have a tendency to give capital letters to things that don't need them, so rereading this story will eliminate them, as they're easy to spot:)

It was a nice little one-shot to read, you just need to sort out those capital letters really, Kiana :)

Author's Response: Hello again! I love your reviews so thanks a ton for reading and reviewing!

I am glad you liked the little background I provided on other characters, as it was important to me to show what they were all doing to allow the readers to accept Draco and Hermione. I always imagined Harry as a Seeker too, rather than an Auror (since he must have had enough of dark wizards for a lifetime) so glad you liked that!

I always struggle with banter, especially if I attempt to make them funny, so I appreciate that you found it realistic.

I didn't realize I did that! Thank you for pointing out to me about the capital letters. I wrote this one-shot a while ago when I was still working on my English so I guess that's why the mistakes. I'll edit asap!

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #23, by EnigmaticEyes16 Charm Those Words

2nd January 2013:
Haha, this was an awesome story. I'd read it before when JRose did the challenge, but for some reason I had thought it ended differently, maybe I'm confusing it with another story though.

Anyway, this is my last review for the Secret Santa. And this one-shot is both amazing and hilarious. I love a flirting Draco and Hermione. And I probably always will. Although Ron and Luna? That's one I could never imagine.

Anywho, I love the bickering/flirting between them, especially the 'haven't seen you in ages' when they had just seen each other that day. And I like how some of the Wizarding World were able to open up to Draco and Narcissa after the war, instead of persecuting them for their previous ways. I personally love a Draco who's given up his overly-pureblood ways but still keeping his arrogance and such. It really would be hilarious if they had done their threats to the each other, with the permanent sticking charm and the forehead charm.

And I loved this kissing scene. I think you write those things very well. Although hopefully they didn't go too far considering they're still in a Ministry hallway.

You're stories are all awesome! I would have reviewed more but out of the ones you wanted reviewed, these were the only one's I hadn't previously done. And I'm sorry again that these are a bit late, especially this last one. I know you're like way ahead of me in the time zone situation and I was too tired last night to finish them.

But I hope you had an awesome-packed holiday and that the 2013 is even more awesome and fun!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! People seldom pick this story, but its one of my favourites, so I am glad you chose this to review!

Amazing and hilarious? Haha you couldnt have described it better, thanks! I love a flirting Draco/hermione too. Ron & Luna have sort of always been my headcanon and I like to use them at whatever chance I get :P

I struggle a bit while writing bickerings so I am glad that you liked it. I like such a nice Draco too! And yeah, that would have been really hilarious :P

Lol, dont worry they didnt go too far, not in the Ministry hallway at least, hehe.

Thanks a ton for your lovely reviews. Dont worry about the time and stuff. I took my time responding to you after all! I had a great time reading your reviews and then responding to them. thank you!

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Review #24, by Jchrissy Charm Those Words

1st December 2012:
Hi darling! I was looking for something fun to read, and found just that! This was a nice little escape from RL, even if only for a few minutes. To be honest, I don't love this pairing, but I love the whole hate and love sort of dynamic, and loved that you played with some friendly but still not comfortable sort of teasing.

Obviously these characters can't be completely in character to be able to write them together in just a short one shot, but I think you did a good job keeping them similar to there canon selves but giving us enough that we'd be able to see who they are so attracted to one another. If I could make one suggestion, it would be to remove the part about her two top buttons. It's just not very realistic that a professional woman would do that while she's still at work. Mainly because it would be really humiliating to come across your boss and him see that you've unbuttoned the top few buttons of your shirt :P. And you don't need it to get across the fact that he's clearly attracted to her.

This was a really fun one shot!


Author's Response: Hi! I am glad this made for a fun read for you. I absolutely love the pairing and like to write them in this form usually - flirty, yet sort of uncomfortable awkwardness, lol.

I had the impression that I actually wrote them far from canon (as I usually do), but hey thanks for the compliment!

Hmm, well I like to spice up my "romance" stories, that's why I put in the two top buttons part, but I'll look into it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Review #25, by Seacoastmuggle Charm Those Words

4th November 2012:
I can't believe you got such a good story out of a ride in an elevator and an empty lobby. What the heck man.where is chapter two??

Author's Response: Haha thanks a lot. Sorry it was just a one-shot but I might just write a sequel if I get hit with inspiration lol. Thanks!

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