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Review #1, by justanothergirl05 Dragon Snot & Lion Puke

10th December 2012:
god, simply good. I share tally's fear.

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Review #2, by padmoonyfoot7 Dragon Snot & Lion Puke

4th May 2012:
Very good! I do not like Megan - though I'm guessing that I'm not supposed to?
I think that Tally is a great friend, revenging for Victoire and all. Lysander and Tally - Lally - N'aaww they're so cute!
Keep up the good work!!

padmoonyfoot7: over and out!!
(Revenging is an awesome word!)

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Review #3, by Alessandrina Dragon Snot & Lion Puke

2nd May 2012:
Write more! Also, Megan's surname should be Vane, she must have Teddy under a Love Potion! Love the story :')

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Review #4, by Courtney Dragon Snot & Lion Puke

2nd May 2012:
Well, I wonder why Teddy is acting this way. I thought at first it was to maybe see if Vic would get jealous, but he is now just pushing her away. While Vic wouldn't have had a right to be really mad about him dating Megan, she is justified to be angry for him treating her like this. I am interested to see how everything gets worked out.

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Review #5, by padmoonyfoot7 Eyes That Roll

8th April 2012:
loved it!! please update soon!! oh yeah and whos the actress you used for Vic on the banner? just curious.
Keep up the good work!!

padmoonyfoot7: over and out!!

Author's Response: oh gosh i can't remember now! sorry :/ thank you :)

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Review #6, by Emily Eyes That Roll

2nd April 2012:
I've been checking this story every week for months and months,I'm SO happy that you updated! but I get what you mean about laptops and hospitals, I'm always in and out of hospitals so don't worry about it :)

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Review #7, by Emily Tally

16th February 2012:
This is great! Tally's head was interesting, we found out things that we wouldn't know i mean. Please write more ASAP!! ♥

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Review #8, by hey Saved by a Parcel

5th February 2012:
erm. I thought her Owl's name was Carrot.
And how is Fred's hair bright? I thought James was the one with orange hair.
But other than that, I love your story!!!

Author's Response: oh it was. oops my bad. and Fred's hair is bright cause he's ginger. thank you! :)

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Review #9, by Damn that went by fast Tally

1st February 2012:
URUG@!!! WRITE MORREEE!~~!!~! i cant wait for the next chapter!! HURRY UP AND STOP THE BRAIN TORTURE!!! oh, and i like your fanfic btw. Tedoires are one of my favorite

Author's Response: thank you!! :)

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Review #10, by Emily I can do Non-Verbal spells.

11th January 2012:
I love this! please write more ASAP!
btw i hope you're ok ;)

Author's Response: thank you :) on both counts

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Review #11, by Ashley Malfoy Ravenclaws aren't Crazy

22nd December 2011:
OMG! I love this story so much so far! Angry Victorie is a little scary! Also, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO TORI TEDDY?!

Author's Response: haha thank you :)

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Review #12, by Emily Clunky Shows Up

18th December 2011:
This is so great! Please write more!

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #13, by ritz97 Clunky Shows Up

13th December 2011:
Good chapter!
But I am desperately waiting for some T/V action!

Author's Response: all in good time, my dear, all in good time.

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Review #14, by Emily Clunky Shows Up

12th December 2011:
This is absolutely amazing, please write more! In bigger chapters maybe too. I love this story I'm completely hooked ♥

Author's Response: thank you! i do try and do chapters as long as possible, but sometimes i can only think in sort of thousand- word chunks. but i will try!

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Review #15, by Loony_Scorpy Clunky Shows Up

11th December 2011:
Haha I still love the name Clunky! And I'm glad that everything is hunky dory between Ted/Vic/Sander/Tally! Can't wait for more :D

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #16, by Emily Stalking in Peace

6th December 2011:
More! This is really good, could you please continue? I'm going mad!

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Review #17, by justanothergirl05 Stalking in Peace

4th December 2011:
another amazing chapter! I do think this story is amazing i know they end up together but the journey is the best part i find. do you have a tumblr? The wait when one has writers block is good because when one finally figures something out it is usually great and you have enforced this theory for me. Teddy is amazing i want one :) Tori is annoying in a lovable way, none of your characters have done anything completely out of character which is nice change.

Author's Response: thank you! no i don't have a tumblr, mainly cause i can't figure out how to use it... so sorry. thank you so much!

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Review #18, by Emily Stalking in Peace

3rd December 2011:
I am really enjoying this story. I think that it is creative and romantic. Please write more!

Author's Response: thank you !!

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Review #19, by kristi Stalking in Peace

3rd December 2011:
i check this everyday to see if you've updated it. its on the first tab that opens when i open the internet ! i love it (:

Author's Response: oh gosh, thank you so much!!

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Review #20, by iluvdraco Ravenclaws aren't Crazy

28th November 2011:
Omfg ur stories amazing! I luuv ittt!!! But please can there not be any fake stupid dramam between vic and ted? Its sosososos good all my friends r reading it!

Author's Response: thank you! what do you mean by 'fake stupid drama?'

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Review #21, by MoonyistheBestMarauder Ravenclaws aren't Crazy

27th November 2011:
Hey, great job so far! I really love this story!!! Teddy/Vic pairings are one of my favorite, and this is brilliant! I like Tally, she's really awesome!

Author's Response: thank you so much! :)

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Review #22, by cheeni The Not-Being-Me Phase

19th November 2011:
awesum awesum...and i loved d joke.!!!keep writing!! and post fast.!

Author's Response: thanking you :)

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Review #23, by kristi The Not-Being-Me Phase

17th November 2011:
i think its cute with teddy and tori in the end!

Author's Response: thanking you :)

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Review #24, by Bluestreakspirit The Not-Being-Me Phase

17th November 2011:
Nice! That joke was very lame. FYI. Kthnxbyee:)

Author's Response: yeah, the fact it was lame was kinda the point. thanks :)

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Review #25, by Loony_Scorpy Fingers In Ears

9th November 2011:
That was awesome! Or should I say totally judias guays ;P haha I really love how Teddy's hair changes with his moods, it is really interesting, and funny! For the potions seating arrangement I was like yep Vic and Ted are definitely going to be next to each other, but no stupid Melanie got in the way. Haha I love that Teddy was jealous (I think) of the attention everyone (ie. Vic) gave the teacher! Unless there is some big thing going on there :o haha I don't know :P oh just one thing, you just need to make sure your tenses stay the same as you swap them around a bit - not that I can talk :P but yeah, I don't mind but I thought you might want to know :P anywhooo I loved the little bit you put in there with Neville and Luna! It /was/ kinda sad though D: ooh and do we find out (total mind blank of her name)'s real parents are? Or are they just some randoms? Haha Well I need to sleep so I'll finish up :P I can't wait for more because your story is totally awesome ;D

Author's Response: oh wow thank you!! And i don't know if we will find out her real parents, i'll have to see where it goes :)

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