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Review #1, by maskedmuggle The One where Fred Introduces Fred.

28th June 2015:

This is such an interesting idea for a fic! I really love the idea of Fred helping Fred II out with his love life from afar - I've never read a fic like this so it's such an original and unique idea. This was a good opening chapter and set out all the characters and the scene for what is to come. I was so surprised to hear of Fred falling in love with Hermione but.. I guess it could happen! This was written quite well, and I think Fred will make an excellent narrator of this story. You haven't really updated this fic in quite a while, but I think you definitely should, given I'd like to read more about it, and I'm sure there are others who feel the same! I'm curious about what Fred can do to help Fred II - can they communicate? How much can Fred influence what happens? So I hope you do write on some day so that I may know the answers to these questions! ;)

- Charlotte
Ravenclaw, House Cup 2015

Author's Response: sorry about the long awaited reply but thank you for your words :)

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Review #2, by maraudertimes The One where Fred Introduces Fred.

14th March 2014:

So this is something I have absolutely never read before. And... I kind of, sort of, love it. It's so cool how you have Fred I watching over his (slightly less cool at the moment) nephew, Fred II. And really sweet.

It's a little bit cliche that the love interest is a 'different kind of girl from all the other girls,' but I think in the situation, where her brother is the jock, Mr. Popular type, it actually works very well. Also, I don't really like Chasity's brother. Am I supposed to, because he seems like an idiot as of right now (in the best way possible!).

Also, I absolutely love James, and the way you've portrayed him is really funny, especially because if Fred were alive, I could see him arguing with James over several things, so to see a little bit of that banter even if Fred is dead is really sweet.

The only thing I could say is that I think Fred might not necessarily have kicked Peeves out, considering so many ghosts live at Hogwarts, but perhaps they sometimes get into mischief together and/or have prank wars as ghosts.

But other than that this was really cool and hopefully you'll keep writing this because I think the premise is amazing! Great job!

Gryffindor vs Slytherin Blackout Battle Round 3 Review 10/20

Author's Response: thank you very much for your kind words :)

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Review #3, by MissesWeasley123 The One where Fred Introduces Fred.

7th March 2014:

Your banner is so awesome so I just had to read it ♥ I think your idea is really unique and it makes me wish I could be as creative! I also see there's no chapters after this :( but, I really hope you update one day, as this truly is amazing.

I think you got Fred's character excellently. I love how he was once in love with Hermione because I ship Hermione/Twin really hard :P This Chasity girl seems too good to be true, but I guess we'll see her flaws in the upcoming chapters!

I think the concept of Fred kicking out Peeves! Bahaha that was golden! I can totally see Peeves as a sort of rival to Fred!

One of the funniest and yet sweetest things in this chapter was when Fred was talking about Hugo picking his nose LOL! That was HILARIOUS! I also have a question, hopefully not a stupid one lol probably still will be, but can everyone see Fred? :) Or can only Fred 2 see him? Anyway, the whole concept is so amazing, and I really hope you update this soon! It has loads of potential ♥

Blackout 8/15

Author's Response: Hey love,

thank you so much for the review, even though I am 2 years late with response :P

I really appreciate everything you have said and will take it all into consideration!! This is the only chapter I have written another chapter to in over 3 years and hope to have it up by the end of the year!! :)

Thank you so much, and hope you're still around to read part 2, so some of your question may be answered!!

~Karni. x

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Review #4, by Unwritten Curse The One where Fred Introduces Fred.

1st March 2014:
Hello! I'm here for the Blackout Battle. :)

Let me start off by saying that this is such a unique idea! Fred has become the next Peeves! Oh my goodness, that is brilliant. So that means that Fred II can see him, right? So he's a guardian angel that can actually communicate with Fred and the other students. That's fantastic! I imagine all sorts of tomfoolery will ensue!

I like the playful tone here, but there's also a sadness to it. He discusses all the girls he's ever loved (it was interesting to see Hermione in that list) and then we realize--he can't love anymore. At least not in the traditional sense. It's sad.

Anyway, I see that you haven't updated this story in quite some time, but I hope that you return to it. This is such a great idea and I'd like to see where you go next.

-- Gina

Author's Response: Hey there, thank you so much for the review. And Sort of right sort of wrong. lol But i'm officially writing again now so now you'll get another update soon-ish !

Thank you for a wonderful review,

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Review #5, by NerdyTeddy The One where Fred Introduces Fred.

10th October 2012:
Fred is so sweet! Although I question how many times he's "fallen in love"... can't he meet a nice, available dead girl and settle down?
Also, do the students know about him being a ghost? I don't think they should, because then there can be a huge reunion thing at the end where he talks to Fred the second and George.

Author's Response: He will meet a nice dead girl soon I promise :)
He just has some issues to contend with first :P
You will find out more in the second chapter which will hopefully be posted soonish.
Thank you so much for your lovely review :)

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Review #6, by Beeezie The One where Fred Introduces Fred.

16th October 2011:
(Ugh, my account is doing that weird thing where it won't let me leave a review logged in again... Oh well. Review tag!)

There's a little typo in the second paragraph - "I have been in love multiple a couple of times..." ;)

Anyway! This story promises to be really cute - I love the idea of Fred helping Fred, especially with love, and I really liked the way you depicted Fred's feelings for different girls - it seemed really realistic and reasonable that he wouldn't have just been madly in love with Angelina forever. At first I wasn't sure I liked the Angelina/Alicia/Katie sequence, but between George's comment and thinking about who the people you're most likely to fall for often are, I ended up actually liking it a lot. :)

It's a great start to the story!

- Beeezie

Author's Response: Hello ^_^

That is quite alright, do you know what I forget, the third e in your username O.o how naughty am I !!

The typo? God damn it! I keep fixing it and it just keeps coming bacl! I don't understand, -.-

Nawww, really? Well I am glad that all the girls he liked, paid off in your books!! ^_^

Thank you for your review hun :D x

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Review #7, by rosmione The One where Fred Introduces Fred.

3rd October 2011:
this is brilliant! sounds like just the sort of things fred would do in death. But you have to be afraid of death to become a ghost.

Author's Response: I know that's what it said in the book, now - LOL. that I asked at the forums anyway, so it has made a little hold in the plot line, but I will fix that later on and so he will be afraid of death!! :D Thank you for pointing that out !! ;) x

Also, that you for your review :D x

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Review #8, by imaginary lines The One where Fred Introduces Fred.

25th September 2011:
imaginary lines here with your requested review!

i think its a nice beginning to the story. i defiantly would have loved to have been told more, but the characters are established. i feel bad for fred, who is forced to watch his family grow up as he remains the same age as a ghost.

can they see fred? i don't understand if he's a ghost that everyone can see or if he's a ghost that no one can see. i do like the sarcasm that seems to be coming from fred and the honesty that is also coming from him.

good start.

Author's Response: Hello!!!

Really? A Nice start? That's great ^_^ I didn't actually want to give too much away as it is only a prologue but when chapter two is finished, It will explain a lot more. :) All the main characters are esablished, but one ^_^ There is one main character who will be introduced soon enough :) I feel bad for Fred too, the poor fellow, having to watch, as you said, while his family grow old, get careers, start a family and all he can do is watch.

This will be explained later in chapter two also if they can or can not see Fred, I wont give too much away ^_^ I can not do Fred/George Weasley humour, and at first I thought it says I don;t like it, I was thinking too myself neither do I lol :) but I am glad you liked him ^_^

Thank you for an honest review hun ^_^ xx

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Review #9, by leannemariesnape The One where Fred Introduces Fred.

23rd September 2011:
Hello! Here with your requested review!

Strangely enough, I have been meaning to review this for the last couple of days :). This is a really interesting concept, and I really like the narrative of the story in this. It does seem like Fred's voice, which is awesome. :)

Awh, I loved the bit about Fred loving Hermione. It's so sweet, and deep down, I wanted those two to be together, so that was a nice touch.

I also loved how Fred had kicked Peeves out of Hogwarts and become a ghost his self. I can only imagine the amount of hassle that would have caused. ^^

I liked some of the smaller touches also, like with Hugo picking his nose and things like that. I like also how he has a preference over Fred, which I think would only be natural for him.

It is very well written, with no spelling or grammar mistakes, and I really think it is an interesting concept.

I look forwards to later chapters of this, because I'd love to read about how things go for Fred and Fred. :)

Leanne. :)

Author's Response: Hello!!! Welcome to the page of horridness, however I will defend you from those evil creautres and we will later tak e a skip in the park ^_^ Make any sense? Probably not ^_^ Onward...

:O Really? and you only just stopped by *shakes head* but you are here! :D and that is what matters most! Your the second person who has said that it does really sound like FredI and To be honest I can not write the Weasey twins at all - weird coming from someone who has humour as their fortay O.o - so for to people to say that makes me smile lots ^_^

!!! I know! I so wanted them together as well, they do sort of make the "it" couple as an item, and I am now a firm believer of if you are bestfriends or too close of friends almost like brother and sister you should stick that way, which is probably why I didn't like Ron/Hermione.

Poor Peeves... o.o Poor thing, evil Fred!! Maybe it didn;t cause hassle? x Hugo, the idiot... Picking his nose!! -.- Gross little child :P yes ^_^ Preference ... x

No spelling or Grammar mistakes?? Must be a miracle!!! O.o My Grammar, spelling is horrid !!! :D

I hope ou come back for futurue chapters, when I can get a grip on them O.o Silly things, chapters, they really are. Specially when you have a serious case of writers block. :P

~Karni. xx

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Review #10, by Illuminate The One where Fred Introduces Fred.

10th September 2011:

This is a great beginning to a story. I never thought about Fred coming back as a ghost, it's certainly an intriguing idea! It's also very desirable, cause I actually think Fred would want to come back, I think he would think that he had his life taken from him before his time. I like the idea of him helping Fred the second, and I can imagine they get up to all sorts of antics.

I think you could slow down a bit to help the flow, but other than that it's a nice starter chapter :) Good job!

Author's Response: Nwww hello ^^

Ill take into consideration the slowing down part :) Thank you for the tip :)

Also, I always believed that Fred would come back as a Ghost so I was pretty happy when he did, in my story anyway ^_^ Thank you for my lovely review hun :D Even if it was for the Tagging process ;) lol x

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Review #11, by Phoenix_Flames The One where Fred Introduces Fred.

6th September 2011:
Hello there! I'm here with your review as requested.

And oh. My. Gosh. I am so glad you requested! So glad. I am so excited for this fic and I can't wait to read more of it. Before I even started to read it, just by reading the summary, I knew this would be a fic that I would absolutely fall in love with. So I favorited it. :) And I am glad I did.

Just by the summary, I could tell that this was one of the most original fics I have ever come across. Not once did I ever consider that Fred may become a ghost! How clever of you to think that! And so, I couldn't wait any longer to begin the story, and I'm so glad that you requested. :)

So, let's get into the actual story! I could tell that you used this as a somewhat prologue/introductory chapter. (Obiously :P ) Therefore, I know that it's a given that it's supposed to be shorter. So the length is easy to look over and ignore. Everything else was simply spectacular.

I love that is from Fred I's POV. You add so much life and personality to the story by making this way, and you develop Fred's character so much faster. I think you have done a great job with his character and he seems really in canon. His humor was fantastic and definitely spot on, I feel. At some points, I think I was grinning like an idiot. You really did brilliantly with him, and there were some parts in there that you added to Fred's character all by yourself that I think only perfected him further. That he had feelings for Hermione, etc.! That was fantastic and unexpected! And Fred's mission is wonderful. It just says what a great guy he is, and it excites the reader for the rest of the plot.

Other things that were just little mentions in the descriptions only further show how great you are as a writer and how great Fred's personality is as well. These sorts of things were the mention of the 'plain Jane girl,' the kicking out of Peeves (which I think is Fred dead-on :P )and the idiot cousin picking his nose. All of these little things that you just throw in there simply and so easily flow perfectly into the story and just breathe life into it. It's brilliant.

This is fantastic. Original and unique. So, characterization I think, so far, you have hit spot on. I can't wait to see how you write the next gen characters.

Read ability is an A+ as well. You have done it so lightheartedly and so enjoyably. I feel as if anyone who enjoys all different types of fics, either romance, horror/dark, action/adventure, etc. could enjoy this fic just within the first paragraph. It's easy to follow, and compelling and gripping. You have fantastically made it a brilliant fic that anyone could enjoy because of its wonderful originality.

I'm sorry that's all I can say, and I hope it was somewhat helpful. I really didn't have much CC, I know, but there wasn't much I could think of! If there was anything, it was maybe a simple comma slip up in a spot or two that can just be fixed in a quick edit. :) Really wonderful job. I will be able to give you further input as the story develops.

I am so glad you requested. Thank you for introducing me to this piece! Be sure to come request again when the next chapter is up! :)

PS: I watch 90210. Only thing I know that guy from on the chapter image from. I think Dixon fits PERFECTLY as Fred II. :)


Author's Response: Hello!! I'm going to start with this... Do you know how hard it is too answer these reviews that you make me blush over every time I see your username pop up :P

Really your glad I requested? O.o Wow that means alot too me ^_^ Oh really? You favourite it, nawww thank you so much!!! My Summary was actually taken from the first chapter As I couldn't think of anything else to write.

I'm not entirely sure if there are many stories out there where Fred has become a Ghost, so I thought I would place a spin on the story and make him come back as a ghost :) Different? I hope so :P I'm glad I requested such an honest review to review my stories!!

Yes It was a prologue as I wanted to get the story set in place :/ I start most of my stories with a prologue as I can't just jump straight into a story without one, unfortunetly I haven't got the talent yet. Spectacular? Wow, I don't think any of my stories have ever had that sort of word given to them before ^_^ So thank you!!

I Loved the Twins when they where together and when One wasn't dead so I decided to t take it from his PoV, I originally had it in FredII's PoV but changed it, :) . && :O OMG I did something in Canon!! I did something in Canon... Sorry for the excitement its just I don't normally write in canon, AU seems to be my fortay, as is humour ;) lol. I didn't know weather or not to make him FredII's Gaurdian angel or not? But in the end I went for it!! So I am glad I did..

I wanted the humour to be in the story with the Peeves part, but I didn't want it too over done.The plain jane girl is the only way to describe Chasity really :P She's too nice and just . plain.

I am really glad you enjoyed reading this!! ^_^

Anyone could enjoy reading this story? Wow, you flatter me too much!! But thank you soo much . x

Ill look over the Comma issue ^_^ and don't worry about the CC, I understand, sometimes I can't find much too say abot stories either. But thank yo sooo soo omuch for your lovely , honest review!! :) It makes me happy to have honesty and not too sugarcoated..

*Inserts heart here*

Love ~Karni. xx

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Review #12, by Houlestar The One where Fred Introduces Fred.

4th September 2011:
Hello, this is Houlestar with the review you requested!

This is a pretty good start to a story. I think that you have really captured Fred here pretty well. The tone feels just about right for an introductory chapter told by Fred. I think that the idea that he kicks out Peeves is hysterical, (hence why I'm making a next-gen exception and reading this).

This is a pretty good prologue of sorts, since it lays out the characters, plot, etc. Personally, I'd prefer a little more showing and a little less telling, especially when it came to setting up the next generation characters and their romances. I think that that part could be conveyed better in another way instead of through Fred's narration.

Overall, this is a pretty good chapter. Your story shows a lot of promise and is very interesting. (There were a few grammar errors, which does happen even if it's been beta'd, so maybe you should have another person look over it).

Thank you,

Author's Response: Hello :)

I know you said you didn't like next gen but I just thought i'd try as it isn't really next gen but it is but it isn't... perhaps I should put this in the Other catergory :/

Yes.. Fred kicked out Peeves. :D Cause he wants to be the trouble making misfit :P mehehe.

I'll take into cosiderration your narration part and mre showing less telling ^_^ I love honesty *inserts heart here*

:O A none next gen fan liked it ^_^ nawww. Thank you xx I'll look over it again shortly :D Thank you though for your wondeful words :D xx

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Review #13, by Avanelle The One where Fred Introduces Fred.

31st August 2011:
As one who always thought it very likely that Fred would choose to become a ghost, I have to say that I love the idea of this story. You've made a great start. I hope that you continue with it.

Author's Response: Nawww ^_^ This is so kind of you; Thank you soo much. *insert heart here* I know what you mean about fred becoming a ghost. But there will be a little bit of a twist in this story. :D x

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Review #14, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The One where Fred Introduces Fred.

27th August 2011:
Oh wow. I think as this story progresses it's going to be a bit of a tear jerker. Fred's ghost? Sounds so sad but you can't really blame him. The last part 'even if it tears me in two' really...I don't know I felt it, I felt something, what I don't know but wow, I'm favoriting this, I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Maybe just a little bit of a tear jerker, but i'll try hard not too make it soo :) I promise. x
Nawww thank yuo for the favourite ^_^ xx Your adorable :)

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Review #15, by TwinkleStarx The One where Fred Introduces Fred.

15th August 2011:
Love the story so far;)

Author's Response: nawww thank you :D xx

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Review #16, by magicmuggle01 The One where Fred Introduces Fred.

15th August 2011:
The ghost of Fred Weasley, this should make very interesting and (I have a feeling) funny reading. 9/10 and added story to favs so I know when you update.

Author's Response: possibly not funny :P but i'll try to put a little humour in it. Thank you so m uch for the fav and review!! *inserts heart here* x

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Review #17, by adluvshp The One where Fred Introduces Fred.

15th August 2011:
You know I like it, I don't even need to say =P

But still, it is good, even without my betaing!! I just hope what I sent wasn't too confusing!

Anyways, good start. Even though I swore off reviewing for next 2 weeks, I thought I would leave a review for this one! The plot is brilliant and I love the characterizations.


P.S. I am sleepy and lazy right now. Result: this good-for-nothing review. Lol.

Author's Response: You didn't need to say it at all ^.^

it wasn't confusing at all ^.^ The Characterization is a little different because Fred isn't really himself anymore :| but meh :P x

p.s - This lazy review is still good!! x

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Review #18, by TheHeirOfSlytherin The One where Fred Introduces Fred.

15th August 2011:
Hehe. Fred helping Fred. It's a story I like already. I love Fred. ^.^

I will definitely be favoriting this story, awaiting the next chapter! I'm excited to know what's going to happen already!


Author's Response: Nawww, thank you *Inserts heart here*

This means alot too me ^.^ Fred is very mischevious ^.^

meheheh, thank you for your review!! xx

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