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Review #1, by NeverKnew Trust in Me

16th March 2012:

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) This is definitely one of my least favourite stories, and I really want to go back and clean it up one day, so I'm so glad that you liked it how it is, lol.


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Review #2, by DetectiveMenace Trust in Me

11th September 2011:
I have to admit I was hesitant about reading this. I love your writing and I loved Blood and Roses, and I have nothing against slash-fics. I had just never read one before now. I am glad I read this, though. :) It's very sad to see Gabriella's background and the beginnings of her relationship with Dominique, especially since I knew what was coming in their futures.
I found this very insightful, I guess you could call it that; I've known gay people before, but I guess I've never really thought about how confusing and frightening the feelings can be, especially after being told all your life that homosexuality is wrong (as with Gabriella).
I'm really glad I read this fic. I hope to see more of your work soon! I've gotta say, you're one of my favorite authors on this site. :D

Author's Response: Hiya. I understand what you mean about slash fics, even if it's not a principle thing -- although, of course, I'm actually straight. Poker straight, as Scorpius would say :)

I'm really glad you liked it. I personally don't like it very much so it's nice to know you did. Thank you for the review -- I'll be posting a new story soon.


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Review #3, by lemonpeeps Trust in Me

6th September 2011:
W-o-w! This really blew me away. I've always liked femslash haha it's fun to read but none of the ones I've read really had any depth to them. I think you should chop this up into like three or so chapters to help with the flow. The breaks in this are big enough the a chapter break would be more beneficial. I found that this story was a little rushed at times, I think if you broke it up you could see the areas I'm talking about and re work them so they're just a deep and intriguing as the rest of it. But good job!!

Happy Writing
Lemonpeeps ox

Author's Response: Hi!

Thank you for your review. I know, it seemed a little rushed, although perhaps not to that extent that I needed to chop it up into chapters. Thank you for your review and I'm glad you liked it!


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Review #4, by ravenclaw_princess Trust in Me

30th August 2011:
Hello, Ravenclaw_Princess with you requested review.

This is s stunning piece I have to say. Normally I find chapters anywhere over about 5000 words quite hard to read in one go, but this story really drew me in and I couldn't tear my eyes away.

You dealt with the very sensitive but very real issue of abuse in your story and I commend you for being brave enough to write about it. You were sensitive with it, showing more of the after effects that the actual events themselves.

This leads into Gabby's characterisation because it is her background that leaves her so afraid to trust. Her back story was very nicely crafted, from the abuse of her father, the lose of her mother and the expectations of her Pure blood family. All of these things were reflected in how she acted (lack of trust with guys, not letting anyone get close to her, difficulty doing something against her families wishes). But what I liked most was that the reasons were very subtly stated within the story through her actions and you could see how her background was shaping her.

Gabby's attraction to Vic is very understandable given her past. I like how she first gave Scorpius a go because at that point she was probably uncertain of what she really felt. The friendship through to relationship developed very naturally between them.

Vic was a lovely character. She had a lot more confidence that Gabby which was why she couldn't stand the secret, nor the lies. But you could also see that it hurt her to break it off and it was nice to see some reconciliation at the end.

I found the situation and truth game a little bizarre as a teacher initiated activity and maybe not the best way to get people to trust each other when they ask prying questions. However, I do see it's importance for the plot. I also thought that Scoprius finding out about Vic's mother before she had left Prof Longbottom's office was a little fast for the school gossip train. It might be better for Gabby to search for Vic and find her somewhere else.

Apart from those two plot points though, I thought the whole story flowed very smoothly with a lovely pace. There is a very good level of detail and description that absorbed me completely into the story. Grammar and spelling were also very good.

Once again, I commend you on writing a story which such sensitive themes. You have handled them well and compassionately and have really showed the effects abuse can hold on an individual. You are a wonderful writer.

Author's Response: Hello! I'd like to preface this response with an apology for taking so long to reply to this review, because it was lovely. Things have been so busy for me lately, that's all.

I agree with you re the length, so I am very glad you liked it nevertheless. And I'm glad you thought I handled the whole abuse topic sensitively.

Actually, Gabby's never even met Victoire; I think you met Dominique there :) It's good to know you thought they had a naturalness to their relationship because that was what I was most worried about, tbh. So thank you.

LOL... I have a tendency to include things that are a little odd in my stories. Um, suffice it to say that I know what you meant and in retrospect, I definitely would've changed it, but as you said, it was important to the plot. Plus, Professor Morgan is a rather relaxed teacher which is why she allowed that sort of behaviour. Times change and people change, I think.

Hmm... in my school, gossip spreads round very, very fast. I know Hogwarts' gossip train is similar to that of my school, because rumours and news are always spread at lightning speed, really. I suppose I will bear this in mind if I write anything like this again.

Thank you so much for the wonderful review, and curse me for not responding to it sooner!


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Review #5, by fauxthefox Trust in Me

26th August 2011:
Hey! This is fauxthefox from the forums with your review!

First off, I'd just like to say that this is awesome. Gabriella is a really deep, well-written character. Your writing is really elegant and honest.

There are a few sentences that could use clearing up, such as: "Yet it never went to the extent that my father hurt my mother, and as selfish as it sounded to my ears, I was grateful for it." (Not too many, though.)

It seems kind of strange that Gabriella and Dominique were totally fine after their big first-kiss moment. I was kind of expecting at least one of them to freak out - but maybe that's cliche? I just thought that they held their cool a bit too well - almost unrealistically.

Also, I think I'd have liked it better if you had made up some sort of illness instead of giving Fleur cancer... I would imagine that Wizards would have some way of getting rid of tumors, just like I wouldn't expect AIDS, influenza, etc, to affect them. This is your choice, though! :)

Overall - amazing, amazing, amazing. I LOVE all of the thought you've put into your main character! Feel free to request again if you'd like another review!



Author's Response: Hello, there!

I'm glad you liked Gabby as a character. And wow... you think my writing is elegant? Such praise I do not deserve, really. *blushes*

Ah, those sentences. I am feeling rather lazy at the moment, but if I do decide to edit it in the future, I will definitely refer to your critiques for that.

Hmm... I'm not sure. I kind of think that Gabby and Dominique just wanted to be in the moment sort of thing after they first kissed, and it's not like they were completely cool about it. They did briefly discuss that it was... wrong etc., so it wasn't all happy-go-lucky. It is rather cliche for one of them to "freak out" as you put it, and I wanted to avoid this.

I am not very creative in coming up with magical ways to die, so I stuck to a Muggle concept. Tumours are terrible, and I don't think wizards could find a way of removing all of them safely. Sorry.

Despite your criticisms, I'm glad you thought it was amazing :) So thank you for the thorough review!


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Review #6, by macadamia Trust in Me

25th August 2011:
macadamianwonders with your requested review here. I'm terribly sorry this took so long to get to, btw.

I have to say, I was completely blown away by this. I normally can never read such a long one-shot in one go, but I got so into this that I didn't notice the length.

I haven't actually read that much femmeslash here, so I'm glad you've written this. I especially liked how you described what it might be like from a traditional wizarding family. I never even thought of it from that perspective, but it seems like something that would happen.

Gabriella was portrayed very well. Right from the beginning, I liked her voice. It felt different to any character I've ever read and much more like a real person that I actually know. Her backstory was so intense and also very real. Abuse is such a sensitive topic - so many people try to avoid it. I think it's amazing that you not only wrote it, but wrote it well.

I think you have a great writing style, especially the dialogue. It felt so natural and blended in with the narrative. I didn't see any mistakes in your writing (i.e. spelling, grammar), so have a cookie. ;)

And I actually recognised that Malorie Blackman quote!

Author's Response: Hello there! Wow, these reviews are really blowing *me* away! And making me blush :)

The length -- I considered cutting it, but I realised all the backstory was essential to the plot.

You liked Gabriella? That's the second time someone's said that, and you might be surprised to hear that I didn't actually like her very much. In fact, if you want to find out what I've done with her, read Blood and Roses :D

I agree that abuse is a sensitive topic, but I think I have handled it well here. Writing it well is a whole other matter, however :)

And I'm a massive fan of Malorie Blackman! It's nice to finally meet a fan of her online. Having had five betas, I can't have had many spelling/grammar mistakes. I'm also a beta, so I am normally okay in that respect, save the odd typo.

So thank you very much for the thorough review and I will definitely drop you a note for the sequel!


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Review #7, by leannemariesnape Trust in Me

25th August 2011:
This was really gorgeous.Honestly. Femme-slash is a seriously underrated thing on HPFF, so it was lovely to read this. I liked the backstory to Gabby, which I thought showed effectively why her character was like it was- for example, her lack of trust for people. I liked the pairing of the two, also. It was really well written and didn't go over the top. Her thought process was good to- e.g. the I'm not a "lesbian"- I'm gay thing for example, because I have a lot of friends that feel like that, so it was nice to read. The ending was really bittersweet, with Fleur being diagnosed with cancer and Gabby being the one to comfort her. It was just really lovely to read. It was also flawless in grammar and spelling. I can't find anything to criticise. It was just beautiful. :')


Author's Response: I agree -- femmeslash is rather underrated. But often, there's a reason why: a lot of femmeslash stories portray canon characters as OOC because they're actually canonically straight. Thankfully, Dominique is canonically unknown re her sexual orientation :D

I'm glad you liked Gabby's backstory and the pairing. And you thought it was well written? Thank you very much.

I wasn't sure how to end it, and I'm really happy you liked how I chose to end it. I plan on writing a sequel to that, although if you're curious as to what eventually happens to Gabby and Dominique, I've written a sort-of sequel, Blood and Roses. The pairing is primarily Scorose, but Dominique/Gabby feature rather heavily in it.

I'm so, so pleased this story's got a good reception on HPFF. It's been giving me a lot of grief, tbh. And I honestly don't know if it's good or not, even with the response on HPFF.

Thank you for the lovely review and I hope to see you again soon :)


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Review #8, by JuniorHufflepuff Trust in Me

24th August 2011:
It was wonderful! I know I'm supposed to give you things to work on in a review, but this was to perfect to need any work! Bravo!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! This story is by no means perfect; I'll always have things to improve on. But thank you, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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Review #9, by Atomic Trust in Me

24th August 2011:
Hi there, it's Atomic from the forums with your requested review!

This story was very well written! I didn't spot one grammar/spelling error, and I loved wide vocabulary range. You did a really great job with it.

I absolutely loved your OC Gabby, too. I think she was a great character for Dominique. I think you did a great job with Gabby's background. I can definitely see an abusive father (great portrayal of Blaise, too. With a mother who murdered so many husbands I can definitely see him being abusive) leading her to distrust men and prefer women. I think you did a great job with the Slash relationship. Gabby was a true Slytherin, and her and Dominique's fight is a very common problem between homosexual relationships.

Really, the only critique I have for your story is the plot. I realize Professor Morgan is a muggle-born, but I'm not a fan of the muggle games. It is Hogwarts after all, and the muggle games really felt out of place to me. I also found it hard to believe that Scorpius would have known about Dominique's mom so quickly, considering Dominique hadn't left Professor Longbottom's office. I might suggest having Gabby find her someplace else. But that's just a suggestion.

Overall though, I think you did a marvelous job with the story. It was extremely well written, and you created a perfect OC for Gabby. One of the reasons I don't like reading One-Shots is because the romance is usually rushed, but you did a great job with the romance and I think it flowed perfectly!

Great job!!

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thank you for the wonderful review. I think I had four or five betas for this piece so that's why you couldn't find many errors. And the vocab... thank you.

I don't like Gabby much as an OC, but I'm glad you thought she was well-characterised and that her background was well-done. I have had a lot of grief re abusive!Blaise, because really, with his character, you can go two ways -- one, that he's actually a lot more evil than you originally anticipated and he was quiet/aloof for that reason, or the other, which is that he was quiet, aloof and apart from the Slytherins and was actually a redeemed character. Of course, I chose the former, and I wasn't entirely sure about it, tbh. But thank you.

Hmm... I made it pretty clear that Gabby didn't particularly like the idea of playing a Muggle game. And I do think that they were more tolerant of that sort of thing, given how long after Voldemort's demise this is set in (it's something like 25 years after the battle of Hogwarts).

And I must say, Hogwarts has always been a gossipy school in my opinion. Even Dumbledore said so. So I think that on that basis, Scorpius would know pretty quickly about Fleur.

Despite your issues with the story, I am glad you liked it and you thought it was well-written and stuff. If you're interested, this was a follow-up oneshot from my short chaptered fic (it's four chapters and completed) called Blood and Roses.

Thank you for the thorough review!


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Review #10, by Roots in Water Trust in Me

23rd August 2011:
It's Roots in Water here with your review!

This was such an emotional piece. Truly, truly, truly stunning. The way you handled their emotions... It was great.

Gabriella's story was very well handled- it definitely isn't something that you can just get over or forget. Her mother tried to protect her, but it wasn't enough. Her father- I could definitely see Blaise becoming this person. He didn't have a stable home- his mom killed her husbands, he never had a father figure... And then her distrust in men... It worked and it worked well. Of course she would find it hard to trust people, with her family life the way it was, and of course she wouldn't trust males, because of her father.

You depicted pureblood life very well. Gabriella's shame, or hesitance to declare herself lesbian, was very understandable, very real. Her own mother, the one she had the most faith in, said it was unnatural, that it was wrong. She wasn't ready to come out. She probably wouldn't be ready for a long time.

And yet Dominque's reaction was perfectly normal as well. I wouldn't like to be someone's dirty little secret. She had more self-confidence than Gabriella, she had a better (I'm assuming) home life.

Their relationship worked. It felt natural, not forced. They spent time together, many weeks, and they grew close. Of course, it was probably the liquor that finally pushed them together. They wouldn't have gotten together if it hadn't been for the alcohol.

I think you handled the long term consequences of her home life very well. Even though your ending didn't really feel like an ending (only a beginning), it was natural. Gabriella wouldn't have felt comfortable in the relationship knowing that Dominique wanted them to come out, Dominique wouldn't want to get back together without knowing some of Gabriella's reasoning behind her reluctance. However, you ended when they were back on the road to becoming something more. You ended with an incident that will push them closer together, give them something more in common.

All in all, I think this was a beautiful piece. It flowed very smoothly and the characters you wrote were very real. I very much enjoyed reading it.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! I'm actually in awe at the glowing response this story has got on HPFF, because I really and truly hate this story right now. >.>

Anyway, I'm glad you thought Gabby's story was well-handled; as I've said in previous author's responses (although you by no means are obliged to read them) I have had a lot of grief with the whole abuse thing. And you're right -- Blaise is definitely a person who's likely to become the monster he did. So yes.

I'm not used to writing Slytherins, so thank you very much! Especially proud purebloods... it took a lot of work, let me tell you.

I'm glad you understood Dominique's reaction, and while you are correct in that Dominique's home life was better, it does take a turn for the worse when Fleur eventually dies. Just sayin' :)

LOL... I've never drunk alcohol before and I don't intend to, and yet I do think that it can fuel the spark that starts a relationship. I do think that this is the case for Gabby and Dominique. Although they would've eventually got together, I think. The liquor just pushed them in that direction :D

The ending definitely isn't an ending, and I do plan on writing a sequel one day. So thank you very much, and if you want to read more Next Gen stuff by moi, I have Blood and Roses.


Thank you very much for the gorgeous review and the praise I definitely do not deserve :)


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Review #11, by academica Trust in Me

21st August 2011:
Hey there! I'm here with your requested review :)

Your portrayal of Blaise as an abuser brings you into very dangerous territory. It's very important to handle these matters with the seriousness they merit, and I think you did that well. It was a heart-wrenching touch to talk about the affectionate pinches turning into violent wounds without reason. I could really feel Gabriella's hatred as she watched her father help bury the woman he had killed.

I thought it was creative how Gabriella funneled her distrust of men into her lack of attraction to them. I also liked how you had her go out with Scorpius and "try" to be with him before coming to terms with her lesbianism; I'm not a lesbian myself, but I've heard that it can often begin that way.

I also liked the intricacies of Dominique's relationship with Gabriella. The contrast in families is quite striking, and you aroused a great deal of pity in me for poor Gabriella, who will never know what it is like to have a doting, loving father.

I really liked your take on Truth or Dare! Very creative.

In response to your question, I think you handled the slash relationship well, especially for your first time. It was interesting how you added to the traditional "it's unnatural" and "don't tell anyone" conflicts between the lovers by including the Gryffindor/Slytherin rivalry as well. A lot of times slash fics don't include this discussion of whether or not the relationship is morally okay, which is a shame, because I think it's likely a realistic part of entering into a gay relationship, no matter what background you come from.

The ending was a real surprise, and I think the emotions and reactions of both girls were portrayed realistically. Again, you've got some sensitive issues here, and I think you did a great job with them. I'm happy to see that Gabriella and Dominique were able to reconcile over the extreme circumstance. You've certainly created some curiosity about this pairing in the reader, so I wouldn't be surprised if some reviewers from this piece went over to read Blood & Roses.

Very well done! Everything flowed very smoothly, and I saw a few missing punctuation marks but no other major technical errors. Your imagery was nice as well. Thanks for requesting a review, and I hope my feedback is helpful to you :)


Author's Response: Hello!

Firstly, I've had a LOT of grief re abuser!Blaise, and I know I put myself in rather dangerous territory. So I'm very glad you thought I handled the subject matter sensitively; it's not something I'd ever take lightly.

I'm glad you thought it was creative, and yes, there are a lot of people who "try" to see if they're straight by going out with people of the opposite sex. It happens a lot. I'm actually straight, which is one of the reasons I had such difficulty writing this.

Gabriella and Dominique were intentionally very, very different. It's interesting to know you pity her :) And Truth or Dare was my favourite game when I was younger!

The thing is, if every slash fic had this discussion about being gay as morally right/wrong/unnatural or whatever, it would all be a bit same-y. So I think it's better that not every story has that, although when it is included, I agree that it is definitely realistic, particularly considering the upbringing Gabby had as a Slytherin.

If you want to read more about Gabby and Dominique, I have written Blood and Roses -- it has enough reviews, which is why I don't think it's right to request them from you. However, if you're curious, feel free to check it out and if you have the time, drop me a line and tell me what you think :)

I'm so glad you liked it. I must say, I've got much better reception about this story on HPFF. I don't think it deserves it, personally, but I'm very happy you enjoyed it -- the fact that I didn't like it notwithstanding.

Thank you very much for the thorough review, and I will definitely request another review for the sequel!


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Review #12, by TheGoldenKneazle Trust in Me

21st August 2011:
Hi there! It's me off the forums with your review :)

I've never really read much slash before, but this was a beautiful story. Gabriella was one of the best-portrayed characters I've ever come across; her backstory was affecting her present and her actions just enough to make it believably real, because she thought of her situation often enough, but not so much that it was annoyingly so, as often fics can do when there is a lot of focus on said backstory. Here, you had her balance just perfect.

With Gabriella's backstory, you gave us enough information about her mother and father to feel a connection to them, but didn't ramble, and started feeling the same emotions as Gabriella when we saw how her mother's death and father's attitude were creating repercussions on her life. Her relationship to her fellow Slytherins was really interesting but done very well - it wasn't all 'I am so sorry for myself because I'm the loner nobody likes' nor was it 'they're all cows, I hate them all'; you had reasons, and a cold indifference to them.

Gabriella's relationship with Scorpius was also very well described. Even as i read it, it felt wrong somehow, and it all made a lot of sense when Gabby started having feelings towards Dominique. The way you introduced her, Dominique seemed almost magical, and straight away I was entranced as Gabby. Their developing friendship was nicely introduced, and built up very well to the climatic kiss when Scorpius and Rose walked in - that was a really clever detail, by the way. I really want to see more of them later on :)

But when Dominique walked out on Gabby, it felt horrible - and her reaction to Scorpius's words was just fantastic. I so hope that Gabby can trust Dominique in time! Their conversations are so sweet, and the whole 'lying' topics they were talking about seemed rather this-is-so-going-to-be-important-later-ish *sorry can't remember the word*.

This has got to be one of my favourite stories of all time - you write extremely well, and all your characters are so real, it's unbelievable! I love how you have zilch cliches too :D
Totally keeping watch for your next chapter, 10/10!

Author's Response: Wooow. Thank you so, so much for the amazing review. Okay, point by point:

I've never created very believable OCs (that's why most of them, in my chaptered James/Lily fic, Checkmate -- which is complete -- are really minor and don't play a huge part in the story) so for you to compliment me on that means a lot. Thank you.

I've really got into slash. Before, I was a bit iffy about it, and not because I'm prejudiced or anything, but because I didn't think I could see it in canon. But some of the best stories I've ever read are indeed SSPs.

I'm glad Gabby's backstory didn't put you off! I was worried it would, and honestly, I pretty much hate this story now, particularly for that reason.

I'm a firm Scorose shipper, so I didn't think Gabby and him would have the most perfect relationship. I did, however, think that they would make an okay couple, at least at Hogwarts. Never forever, though; their personalities clash too much :)

LOL... Dominique is a witch after all, so it's to be expected that she seems magical. If I was Gabby, I'd probably fancy Dominique as well, hehe, except I'm straight. >.>

My Scorose story, Blood and Roses (it's chaptered, but it's only four chapters and again, it's complete) covers more of Rose and Scorpius's relationship and also goes forward a few years. I think you might enjoy it more than this one, although of course, that's a matter of opinion.

Dominique had a reason to get annoyed at Gabby. She didn't want to be Gabby's dirty little secret forever. So in that sense, her actions were definitely understandable.

This cannot possibly be one of your favourite stories. It's one of my *least* favourite stories. I actually do hate it, although I definitely have a better perspective of it now you and nitenel have reviewed it. So thank you.

(Oh, and I don't like cliches.)

I'm afraid this is a oneshot, but I do plan on a sequel, so watch this space! Thank you again for such a wonderful, substantial review. I really do appreciate it, and if I do request from you again, I won't mind concrit :)


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Review #13, by nitenel Trust in Me

21st August 2011:
Requested review!

This is actually the first slash story I've read! It's not that I don't like it, it's that it isn't my favorite thing to read.

Overall, this was a well written story. I found few grammatical errors which is always good. It flowed well and it was engaging. The plot was a classic one that you changed well.

I like the pairing of Dom/Gabby because it could easily happen! We never even meet her in the books and Jo's never said anything about her. Also, I liked the characters in general and they were realistic. The only part when I didn't like either character was when Dom got angry at Gabby for fearing her dad. Dom should've been more understanding and if Gabby was so in love with Dom she should've trusted her.

So yeah I liked this fic! Good job!

Author's Response: Hello there! Wow, your first slash... you should really get into it. It's great, and I think SSPs tend to be more realistic and less fluffy than most het ships.

I'm glad you found it well-written. And judging by the number of betas I had, I'm not surprised you didn't find too many grammar errors. And the plot... it took a lot of work, it really did. So thank you.

Dominique had a right to be angry -- she really liked Gabby and didn't want to keep their relationship a secret because that implies that Gabby was "ashamed" of her or something. I am planning a sequel, so watch this space... and I will request a review again soon! Thanks for the review.


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Review #14, by flufff Trust in Me

16th August 2011:
I just read the first paragraph, and before I forget, I just want to say I think it was a REALLY good start to the story. Nice.

And... now I just finished the story. Woah! That was so... intense! I mean, it was so unlike anything I've ever read before, and the writing was amazing, so great job! I loved all the description you put in, and also your portrayal of Dominique (and Gabriella, she was very realistic for an OC). Plus, all of the dialogue was really well-written, and I think it was probably one of the best one-shots I've ever read. Really, I think you did a good job with this. Also, it would be nice if you could expand a bit on this. I mean, this had enough plot twists to be a novel if you spread it all out. So yeah, it would be nice to see more from you! :)

And also... well, I would really appreciate it if you could R&R my ff "Darkest Night." Its a Dramione, and I don't know if you like those or not, but if you're interested it would mean a lot to me! Thank you! keep writing, this was awesome ~ flufff


Author's Response: WOW. Thanks so much. First off, this story has given me so, so much trouble. It's gone through so many rewrites and criticism that I honestly hate it now. So to hear that someone out there actually likes it... yeah, it's rather overwhelming. And flattering. So thank you.

I did originally intend for it to be intense -- and I suspect it is partly due to the fact that it is a rather long oneshot. And you liked Gabriella? Squeee. Thank you. Dialogue, I have been told, is one of my stronger points, so it made me happy to hear that you thought so too.

This cannot possibly be the best oneshot you've ever read! I'm only a humble fifteen-year-old trying her hand at writing, playing with JKR's toys -- there are plenty of people out there who can write far, far better than me. But I really do appreciate the compliment anyway, even though I must disagree with you. :)

I am planning on a sequel. My first beta told me that I had to write a sequel, as did another beta, so I think I will. RL commitments are getting in the way at the moment, but as soon as they're over, I will give it a shot, and I hope you can read and review it.

I'm afraid I have a passionate dislike for anything Dramione. Although I'm sure it's great, I'll have to decline your request, because I'm more into canon ships -- or, at least, ships that *could* have happened in canon (such as Lavender/Blaise). If you happen to write any canon ships, feel free to drop me a line. I'm Soraya on the forums, so shoot me a PM if you want anything canon or could-be canon stories reviewed. Although, now I come to think of it, there are people on the forums whose sole job is to review stories, so you could check that out.

Once again, a huge thank you for taking the time to review. Dominique and Gabriella feature in my other (short) chaptered story, Blood and Roses. That said, the main pairing in that story is Scorose, so if you don't like that, perhaps the story isn't for you. But feel free to trawl through my author's page -- I have a few other oneshots on there if you want to read them. Thank you thank you thank you! Heart heart (since I can't do actual hearts in review responses :D)


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