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Review #1, by Rosy Girl tells boy

12th August 2013:
Please continue ): I love it so much!! Please please please!

Author's Response: thank you thank you! x

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Review #2, by Rosy Detention

11th August 2013:
I love this! You are a great writer at first I was iffy but I adore the story now (:

Author's Response: hahaha thank you! ahh i know i looked over some of the older chapters the other day and was shocked how iffy! xx

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Review #3, by Elley / BarbeeSka Hogwarts Again

11th August 2013:
Hey, Mrs K Black! This novel of yours is so lovely I read stories like this really rarely. Love the charachers and the whole thing. Great work. :))
But I am also wondering if you'd allow me to translate it to my mother language, Hungarian. Would you? With all the credits and such, of course, because I think more people should read this amazing novel of yours. If you consider my offer please will you send me an e-mail to sebi.barbara(at)gmail(dot)com? Thank you if you do so, and also for the great reading experience. :)

Author's Response: hahaha wow wasnt expecting that from a review! yeah go ahead just credit me and message me a link to the finished article! cheerrrss xx

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Review #4, by ilovefood20 Birthday Party

13th August 2012:
Hey, okay here goes...

I haven't reviewed any chapter yet because I honestly couldn't stop reading. This is definitely one of my favourites because you've written it really well and it has a great plot. I especially like Pete's naive-ness it makes me crack up every time. I've written Sirius/OC fanfic it's not nearly as far as yours is though. Maybe you could check it out and give me some feedback?

xx favouriteness etc from petra all the way from New Zealand

Author's Response: Woo thanks! Was worried abouth the last chapter because of how long I'd left it :) I always worry mine lacks plot so that's good!
I'm always on the lookout for a good Sirius/oc so ill have a look :)

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Review #5, by accioshadow211 Shanice

10th May 2012:
I love your story, its amazing. Mia is such a great character and I cannot wait to see what happens with Sirius. Please update soon, when you get the time between exams and everything... :)

Author's Response: wooo almost finished next chappie as in will be in queue today :) thank you xx

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Review #6, by accioshadow211 Pranks and the Claw

10th May 2012:
Great chapter - Jay is really cute :) one tiny thing - I thought James was meant to be on a date but then BAM, he is there at the snowball fight - just some minor confusion but otherwise great chapter :)

Author's Response: Thanks for pointing that out! I know some of my earlier chapters are.iffy and will look through them/edit over summer

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Review #7, by accioshadow211 Detention

10th May 2012:
I love your story. Mia is a great character and I can't wait to see what happens between her and Sirius. Keep up the great work! :)

Author's Response: Gracias! :P

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Review #8, by hpfanno1 Shanice

22nd February 2012:
lol at shanice.. i've seen a lot of guys do that-- only, with cars. :P
and yeah, i noticed, but that's not a bad thing if you keep the main plot in mind so that the story doesn't rocket off course.
otherwise, random inspirations just make you and your story unpredictable in a nice way..
i'm loving mia more than ever these days and i wanna see more of an insight to pads feelings... othrwise the chapter is amazing!
update soon!

Author's Response: I was thinking that.having a chappie soon which is probably going to be 75% sirius pov depending on how it works out :) thank you for the review xx

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Review #9, by hpfanno1 It's a new dawn

11th February 2012:
hey there!
this story just keeps on getting more and more interesting!
mia is a wonderful character and i'm beginning to like her more and more each day...
and the i-don't-like-the-marauders issue wih jem sounds quite touchy.. i just hope they end it because of something relative, not because he was cheating on mia or something...because that's like- old news now.
anyway, i hope yo update soon!
adding you to my bag of favourites,

Author's Response: thanks for the review :) yeah dont worry they definitely dont break up because of that.I know because ive already written the break up scene...but god knows when its going to happen! will try and update soon xx

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Review #10, by hpfanno1 Slughorn's Christmas do

28th January 2012:
i don't think you'd have any doubts left by now that i'm hopelessly in LUV with this story!
i just luvvit!
please update soon!
i'm one permanent reader now!

Author's Response: getting a bit stuck on chapter 13 (im supersticious so convinced this is why) and at school but hopefully should have it posted in the next week or so. Thanks for reviewing all these chapters by the way! commitment :) xx

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Review #11, by hpfanno1 Jeremiah Wood

28th January 2012:
reputation for what???
Man, I hate these cliffy's!
nice chapter!a bit fillerish, but nice.
I'm nearing the end of you updated list, so u better get you arse infront of the computer/laptop unless u wanna be avada kedavra'd in your sleep!

Author's Response: in case you don't notice I skip out a massive chunk of Mia/Jeremiah getting to know each other between this and chapter 12.thats just because those chapters would've been even MORE fillerish...sorry about the filler...necessary evil

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Review #12, by Hpfanno1 Halloween

28th January 2012:
well, this just has to happen, doesn't it???
Can't say I liked the Sirius-and-the-mesie part. But then, you have to get some twists and turns to get a story it's ok...
Well, reading on tO see see mia's reaction...

Author's Response: yeah sorry this was one of the "dodgy" chapters :S my baaddd

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Review #13, by hpfanno1 Waking up

28th January 2012:
so now lils knows how she feels, but james has given up...
reading on...

PS: I sympathize with the guy problem... It's always uncounted for! :)

Author's Response: AH i completely messed up with the whole Lily/James situation...was totally set on them getting together in the sixth year but I was reading Harry potter 5 when I was writing this and Harry gets told they get together in their seventh year and im trying to be accurate so massive curveball there :s awks

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Review #14, by hpfanno1 The Match

27th January 2012:
hey, nice chapter!
i didn't see any mistakes.. or maybe i love this story too much to notice a mistake-- even if it's running around naked wearing dobby's tea cozy!
i loved this chapter and i'm growing more and more fond of this story day by day..
mia's hurt!
howz siruis gonna react to that?
i really loved how he told james to fuck off and let her stop the laps.. this shud be interesting...
well, lemme read on!

Author's Response: hehehe my story's interesting...thank god! ill just respond to your other reviews :)

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Review #15, by hpfanno1 Detention

27th January 2012:
now i'm beginning to wonder why this story didn't get more reviews.
this was one interesting chapter!
so sirius is now beginning to like-like mia, but she's still a blunt axe..
oh well. lemme just read on and see what happens!

Author's Response: whyy thanks no some of the chapters are a bit.dodgy shall we say.ironing out the creases etc.

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Review #16, by hpfanno1 A date, a prank and a kiss

27th January 2012:
quoting prongs: "well, that was clever"
nice and easy way to get your way and leave the cassinova dumbstruck!
nice chapter... reading on..
i'll review soon!

Author's Response: aww its nice to wake up to all these reviews!

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Review #17, by hpfanno1 Quidditch

27th January 2012:
hahahha! a silly sausage!
*shakes her head*
so, this chapter was another nice one!
can't write much... gotta read the other chapters.. :D

Author's Response: I dont even know where the end bit came from! was reading through saw the "you are what you eat" bit and was like boom...whether its funny or not i dont know :P

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Review #18, by hpfanno1 Truce

27th January 2012:
interesting chapter! i'm liking mia more and more by the minute! =D
yup, i thing i'm definitely one permanent reader!

Author's Response: She is a bit likeable...i dont know whether she's too predictable but working on ironing out a few creases in chapters 12/13ish

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Review #19, by hpfanno1 Hogwarts Again

27th January 2012:
hey, nice start! just telling you before i move on to the next chapter... if i like how the story goes, then you've just gained a permanent loyal reader with a hell lot of reviews to boot!

Author's Response: haha thanks!! will be good to have :D

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Review #20, by Stars Dream Lola Pranks and the Claw

5th January 2012:
Ah! Reali good :) loving Sirius xx

Author's Response: Good to know :)

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Review #21, by Stars Dream Lola Halloween

4th December 2011:
I LOVE YOUR STORY! It's one of the first fan fictions I ever read - and it was brilliant! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU X

Author's Response: Aww thanks :) reviews really help especially at the moment.having slight writers block x

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Review #22, by loony_lovegood101 Waking up

2nd October 2011:
:D love this swet when mia wakes up with sirius favourite part!
anyways YAY lily finally admits!haha
yeah so cool chapter!


Author's Response: aww thanks :) loved writing this chapter

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Review #23, by bester_jester Waking up

27th September 2011:
I really love this story! The first few chapters had some confusing grammar, but its way better now. More! More! please :)

Author's Response: i know! my grammar is shocking for being english :S being trying to work on it though.point anything out if you see it!

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Review #24, by Immi Waking up

27th September 2011:
Loved it. no other way to explain:) keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Yey :) thanks keep reading

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Review #25, by 19 whitehorse Waking up

27th September 2011:
The best story EVER!
Did that help? Well then update ;D

Author's Response: haha thanks :)
ill update as fast as I can!

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