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Review #1, by TimeToTakeAStand EPILOGUE: REWRITTEN

12th July 2013:
Absolutely breath taking iv read this set of storys the full way through and they were absolutely magical! We want more

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25th March 2013:
dude awesome stories the end was very nice. totally awesome and col!

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Review #3, by Celtic_Dreamer7 PROLOGUE: DARK NIGHT

10th March 2013:
Wow, I wasn't expecting that ending. I know this is just the prologue but it did kinda felt rushed to me. Like the details were being skipped in order to get to the main plot. I didn't see any misspelled words or grammatical errors. Fred and Dobby seemed in character, even though they were dead. Overall, a good start and I'm anxious to read more. Good job.


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Review #4, by SpeechlessFan EPILOGUE: REWRITTEN

24th July 2012:
Iv'e been reading the saga for a while now, but never managed to review.. yes I know I'm a terrible person, but I'm not good at reviews.

I honestly don't know what to think about the ending, such a great story. But everything that is great must end, right?
I so believed Ginny had killed Harry, he sacrificed himself for her so she could be pure and Godric seeing the mistakes he did, helped build up the wizarding world. But no (guess i'm terrible at guessing how your plot would go on) he time-traveled back, so none of it could happen to save the wizarding world, and all the struggles Harry had been trough, would be nothing more than a dream.
Excellent! I never would have guessed it not in a 100years! Really well written, altough I am a bit sad aswell, because I liked the "powerfull Harry".

I'm speechless, Excellent work! Brilliant! Amazing!
And now off to the next adventure in 'Hallowed'! :)

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for reading my stories. It is enough for me to know that someone reads and like the way this saga went. the review is the icing in the cake.

Yes, the twist at the end was really unexpected, wasn't it? even I didn't decide to end it like that until the end of the story.

I am sad too to say goodbye to a power Harry and start a new story where he starts fresh.

Thanks again and hope you will like the Hallowed. Be warned though. It is far different than my other stories. The founder saga might all be about war but it is also about all that is good and worth fighting for in the world of magic.

The Hallowed is all about darkness, despair, tragedy in a world of make belief. It is a much darker and disturbing than my other stories. Characters may not act like you are used to. Nonetheless, I hope you will still be trilled and hooked on it. thanks again and hope to hear from you again

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Review #5, by spencefa EPILOGUE: REWRITTEN

9th June 2012:
Great saga, great stories, the ending was perfect.

Author's Response: Thanks my friend, I am glad you like my stories. A lot did not like the way I ended it.

Hope you will like my new story, the Hallowed existence. It is set in a darker, more mature, controversial setting and it is getting a lat of flak from the validators. Still, i wouldn't have it any other way. :)

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Review #6, by mad cop EPILOGUE: REWRITTEN

6th June 2012:
So the source of all magic is safe and Casandra doesn't need to travel back in time?

Author's Response: Yes. What Godric did was to create another anomaly to offset Harry's anomaly. In the end, everything that happened in the last four stories never happened at all :)

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29th April 2012:

Ron took Hermione back after she skanked around on him with the Death Eater who poisioned him?

He'd be better off dead.

Author's Response: thanks for the R and R

Remember, with the history rewritten, Hermione 'skanking' with a death eater never happened :)

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Review #8, by aldumbledore EPILOGUE: REWRITTEN

17th April 2012:
I like all your stories but in this one their is some conspiracy here it is - Salazar learns horcruxs magic from harry's time travel visit so why their is it neccessory to erase salazar's memory if harry is not time traveling ? Hope I have cleared my view.

Waiting for your reply
Great writing I never got such a good story in HPFF

Thanks for stories

Author's Response: you hit it bulleyes!! That is actually the paradox that Godric has to make. if harry did not time travel then Salazar wouldn't have learned to make horcrux that would force Harry to time travel. and if he did not time travel then all the past events would not have happened and Godric need not travel back to erase Salazar's memory.

Remember, by timetraveling Harry also made a paradox. because of his time travel, salazar learned to make horcrux. but his horcrux was the one that forced Harry to timetravel.

Thanks for liking my stories. Keep on reading :)

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Review #9, by matthew EPILOGUE: REWRITTEN

9th April 2012:
this was an amazing series i read them all and loved them :D great wrighter you are aii in the 3rd one i was shocked to see Neville bretrad harry :( but was good still loved it cant wait for you to finnish the other stoy u r doin i read a lil of it and its good so far keep up the wright plzz :D

Author's Response: Thanks for the R and R on my series. I am glad you liked it :) I'm trying to finish the new story but really having a hard time not on the writing but on the submission :)

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Review #10, by parashar_harry CHAPTER SIX: THE NEXT GENERATION

11th March 2012:
oh god now lupin and black are back and i am sure harry's parent are also back in this mortal world, that's why none of them came back in first chapter.

all chapters are so so good. i do not want to waste my time in leaving a review.

Author's Response: Yes, their back! I love writing the marauders. They are such fun characters

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Review #11, by parashar_harry CHAPTER THREE: ALPHA AND OMEGA

11th March 2012:
no way how dare u killed him???

now moine is alone once again. i was hoping someone will come and saved him probably moine, but u killed him . u are cold hear ted too.

cono ron for baby girl...:)

Author's Response: I really tried to redeem him, this misunderstood Slytherin Prince. However, as my story progressed, it became apparent to me that he needed to die to bring about a change to Harry and most especially to Hermione.

but that doesn't mean I am finish with this character already :)

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Review #12, by parashar_harry CHAPTER ONE: AFTER THE PURGE

11th March 2012:
owo nice chapter i must say...
i am too angry with harry , atleast now he should tell moine the real reason behind keeping secret from her. i am sure she will understand or i am afraid he will loose her.

congo ron ( my fav ) got married atlast. what abt moine and draco?
hope i will find them in next chapter?
so now i am sure america is going to come in picture in this story.

Author's Response: Great to hear that Ron is your Fav. Yes, he finally got married. as for Hermione and Draco? you probably know by now what happened to him :(

America will play a prominent role here

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Review #13, by parashar_harry PROLOGUE: DARK NIGHT

11th March 2012:
now i have started this last series, i have decided that i will leave a review for every chapter.
as all ur stories deserve thousands of review.
so harry is wounded and ginny is against her or may be it is just a possible future ( i don't know !!!)
is she ginny or somehow lady ginerva came back from death?
i too was shocked to find fred and dobby ?
going for next chapter...^_^

Author's Response: Thanks thanks

All your questions will be answered as the story progressed. I don't wanna spoil the surprise

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Review #14, by JLA_1053 EPILOGUE: REWRITTEN

10th March 2012:
Well, the ending is an easy way out. I would be OK if you have an alternate reality to JK
But I must say I did enjoy the 4 stories and thought they were all exciting. I also like the fact that you still allowed the characters time to be themselves as this is also why I read the stories. I miss the characters from JK's stories so this is a chance to visit with them again

Author's Response: Thanks a lot. I did played with the concept of diverging from JK epilogue but the more i thought about it the more I realized that there could no fitting ending for Harry and the rest than that of JK, at least for my Founder series :)

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Review #15, by TeddyLupinPotter EPILOGUE: REWRITTEN

2nd March 2012:
Loved the ending!!!
I'm kind of depressed that it's over, but can't wait for your next one!!!

Author's Response: Thank a lot :) :)

Hopefully, I'll be able to upload new story soon

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Review #16, by Aurorofthelight EPILOGUE: REWRITTEN

2nd March 2012:
And so this wonderful saga closes with a badabing badabang! And my wand is safely tucked away in my wrist holder so you don't have to duck! Great ending to a brilliant, magnificent story! I'll be waiting for your next one with my R&R pen ready! On to the Hallowed exsistence!

Author's Response: Thank you thank you. You'd been R and R me since Story 1 and it is trully appreciated. I am glad you liked this saga and how it ended.

And really really glad I managed to evade your killing curse :)

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Review #17, by phild24 EPILOGUE: REWRITTEN

2nd March 2012:
Awful cmon...I knew you couldn't finish it well... great job up until...no more harry potter...extremely dissapointed

Author's Response: aw...you're breaking my heart man but I guess I can't win them all. Sorry I didn't live up to your expectation. Nonetheless thanks for the R and R

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Review #18, by harrygin05fan CHAPTER THIRTY EIGHT: WHITE WASHED

28th February 2012:
Last chapter? There better be an epilogue

Author's Response: Surprisingly, yes last chapter indeed. I had to stop myself or this story would go on like forever. Don't worry though. Everything will be wrapped up nice and tidy

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26th February 2012:
With luck Ron will get to kill Hermione and Neville who deserve death ten times over regardless of what they think they are doing.

Author's Response: Ron will probably too busy fighting Remus to think about Hermione and Neville right now.

Hope the subsequent chapters have enlightened you of Hermione and Neville's plan

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25th February 2012:
I knew it!

maybe some of us forgot that Harry is connected to a fey, so he's immortal (Like Aurorofthelight there... :p ), but i remember it... hehehe (Are you still having fun, author ?)

Anyway, isn't it still the same objective that Gryffindor has ? To kill Harry ? It's just the motivation that change.
In the begining, it's simply his "jealousy" that pushed him over the edge and wreak havoc, but now, he's still want to kill Harry, because it is the right thing to do ? Because his existence cause a serious problem in the past ?

Gryffindor has found mistakes in his action, but the possible outcome is still going the same as the beginning ?

Man, I'm finding it rather difficult to process in my brain. Better train my Legilimency then, to take a peek inside that brain of yours. And if I find anything interesting in there, I "might" contact Aurorofthelight to take "action". (Avada Kedavra-- shiver--) ...


:) :) :) :) :)

Author's Response: Yup. I am still having fun. This has been quite a thrill ride for me with lots of ups and down righting this story.

Indeed! Harry is immortal and couldn't easily be killed and you got it right... in a way. His motivation has changed but his objective remains the same: to erase Harry's existence.

How he'll do it, well...I hope you and Aurorofthe light will like the next chapter so that I will not have to try and duck from a killing curse.

Next chapter, you will take a journey with Godric as he reasons out what he must do and why

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Review #21, by Aurorofthelight CHAPTER THIRTY EIGHT: WHITE WASHED

24th February 2012:
Your stories have more twists and turns than a slinky! Good thing I held off on that avada kedavra - I forgot Harry was immortal! Ginny about had a stroke when she thought she killed Harry - Gryffindork is lucky he hit that time-turner before he took some bat-bogeys with him! I have a sneaking hunch that Ginny losing her dark aura, Goddork being mortal and his coming to his senses has something to do with the battle back in time! Can't wait to find out! You've won a reprieve! ;D

Author's Response: Thanks for the reprieve. Last chapter is coming out soon. GOdric will make his final move against harry :)

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24th February 2012:
OMG! You are an amazing writer! This is an awesome series! I LOVE IT!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot :)

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24th February 2012:
Hello there...
First of all, I'm sorry if my english is poor. It's not my first language, so I hope you understand if there's (plenty of) mistake here and there...

What a way of ending a chapter... :p
But, i'm not worried. I know that Harry (and you, the author) have something up in his (and yours) sleeve.
(I won't say much, afraid it will spoil the author's fun hehehehe...)

Anyway, great chapter, and overall great story (Wrath of Gryffindor). But there's something that has been nagging me from the beginning of this story. It began in your first story of this "quadlogy", The Legacy of Slytherin. In That story, Gryffindor "posessed" Neville Longbottom (and The other Founder posess someone from their house) to defeat Slytherin. There's also a portrait of Gryffindor hanging around in the secret room. Isn't that weird ?

I mean, it would suggest that Gryffindor (at that time) is already dead, proven by the fact that he can posessed Neville, which is something that a soul (without a body) would do, and the talking portrait which (in my understanding) only happen if the "real person" is dead, like the Headmasters portrait in the Office .

But in this story (Wrath), it is said that Gryffindor is not dead (yet) since the Founder Era. All this time i waited for explanation in the following chapter as this story goes by...

But, now i sense that this story is nearly reaching the end of the tunnel, so What i'm asking is, will there be any explanation about this "phenomenon" in the next chapter, or this can be explained right away ?

Sorry for the trouble... Just curious...

Anyway, great story, great chapter, can't wait for the next chapter to know what will happen next...


Author's Response: Thanks for such a lengthy review. That particular knot has actually been nagging me as well. I have planned since book 1 that Godric is alive and bidding his time yet I needed him for the Slytherin plot.

I had written this convoluted story wherein Godric in his musing explained how he managed to deceived everyone by creating a portrait while he is still a live but I found it too complicated so I had to delete that part.

Anyway, lots for the Wrath didn't reach the final story that I posted and I am thinking of working on the plots that I erased and going back through Wrath and add them back once I polished them :)


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Review #24, by Aurorofthelight CHAPTER THIRTY SEVEN: LOVE FOR ALL TIMES

23rd February 2012:
I am thoroughly stunned! Porter gave Harry the blood red sword instead of Damocles?! This didn't exactly turn out the way Fred and Dobby said it would! I thought Harry was supposed to defeat Ginny but instead Ginny killed Harry?!? Gonna be kindof hard for Harry to defeat Gryffindork if he's dead! The only reason there isn't an Avada Kedavra heading for you right now is because I know none of this is as it seems and you have to finish the story! But I'm keeping my wand handy just in case! Can't wait for the next one! :0 :D

Author's Response: Please...please...bear on me. Porter wouldn't have been able to dig up the sword without Damocles' approval. it involved deep magic. The explanation or rather porter's musing on the matter was one of the part that didn't reach the final version I uploaded.

DObby and Fred said Harry needs to fight and defeat Ginny...the question I had to work on is how can Harry defeat someone he loves, someone who can draw power from him, someone who has the source of magic? ...the answer to this question will be revealed on the next chapter :)

stay tuned

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21st February 2012:
Nice going!! Hope you will publish the next few chapters early...

Author's Response: Thanks. Next chapter will be out soon... I hope :)

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