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Review #1, by twitchy_pigeons A Barrier

9th March 2015:
You are absolutely cruel. That is all. I shall be starting the sequel now - and you better not make me wait long for the happy ending.

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Review #2, by twitchy_pigeons Stupid Secrets: #32-35

9th March 2015:
I am extremely happy to hear that this isn't the end. Though, it's obvious since, well, you've already published another chapter and the beginning of the sequel lol. Nevertheless, hooray!!

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Review #3, by twitchy_pigeons Stupid Secrets: #26-28

9th March 2015:
Please excuse me while I melt into a shivering little puddle of goo. *melts*

Yup. Perfect.

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Review #4, by twitchy_pigeons Stupid Secrets: #23-25

9th March 2015:
He does always know the perfect thing to say. I feel bad for my husband, because I'd leave him in a heartbeat for James lol.

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Review #5, by twitchy_pigeons Stupid Secrets: #21-22

8th March 2015:
And the heavens rejoiced!

.I may be a little over-expressive. But . . . just, love. That's all I have for this story: love. :)

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Review #6, by twitchy_pigeons Stupid Secrets: #19-20

8th March 2015:

Oh wait, have I said **SWOOON** yet??

Yeah. ***SWOON***

Love your story - I wish I had found it sooner. :D 10/10

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Review #7, by twitchy_pigeons Stupid Secrets: #16-18

8th March 2015:
Eek! Ah, confessions. Such tricky things. I mean, he could have said something more than just 'well,' but guys will be guys lol.

Two thumbs up! :)

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Review #8, by twitchy_pigeons Stupid Secrets: #8-10

8th March 2015:
Okay, I forgot to mention in my review for chapter 1 - your description of James. YUM. That's all. ;)

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Review #9, by twitchy_pigeons Stupid Secrets: #1-7

8th March 2015:
I love this. Very amusing Lily - very realistic feelings. :) 10/10

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Review #10, by Belly Stupid Secrets: #1-7

2nd December 2014:
Hey there,
Just wanted to quickly review and say that this chapter is awesome! Lily's so easy to identify with. I loved the part where James gets up on the other side of the ladder, smiles like an idiot and says "Hi, Lily". Just so flipping cute. I can't wait to read more!

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Review #11, by Jaya A Barrier

29th October 2014:
#dead. That was completely fantastic. The plot was enthralling, the fluff made me smile constantly, and you managed to be original while adhering to what actually happened. The grammar was fantastic as well; overall the perfect read. By far my favorite fan fiction ever! I can't wait for the sequel :)

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Review #12, by GinnyPotterForever A Barrier

5th December 2013:
I can say in all fairness that this is one of the best Lily-James I've ever read. And trust me, I've read a lot of them.
Their relationship is so perfect, so different from the usual. It feels wonderful to read such a beautiful story.
Thanks for creating magic - and making me love a fictional character I already loved even more.

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Review #13, by evans_4eva A Barrier

21st January 2013:
Wow, this was amazing :) I just sat down and read the whole thing in one go! I laughed so much reading this, but the ending made me so sad :( Looking forward to reading the sequel, it's been ages since I read a fanfic that was so realistic and so well written. Definitely 10/10 and adding to my favourites :) Thanks!

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Review #14, by Grace3 A Barrier

15th December 2012:
This is a wonderful story about James and Lily. Awesome job!

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Review #15, by Pittsy A Barrier

13th August 2012:
Lovely story, I really enjoyed it. While the ending was bittersweet, it makes sense for the characters. And yay! sequel! *runs off to read*

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Review #16, by Ravenclaw7 A Barrier

31st July 2012:
I get tingles from reading this.

Do you know how bad it is to fall in love with a fictional character?

Why does James have to be so perfect?

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Review #17, by relic A Barrier

3rd June 2012:
super cliched but so amazingly written! i adored it! i love how you showed them being in a bit of a bind and not perfect as everyone perceives them to be :) i can't wait to read the sequel too...awesome job!
( i also liked how the secondary characters had such a huge story even though you used so few words to describe was easy to derive a picture from the whole thing)
on the whole.great job! you turned a cliche into a great story!

Author's Response: glad to hear my cliche wasn't so cliche! I really like how you put it that way :) and it's so great to hear that you liked the story.

I really appreciate the review! thanks again :)

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Review #18, by Thank_You_JK_Rowling Stupid Secrets: #32-35

27th May 2012:
I-it-wow. I love it! I procrastinatwe study to read all of this! In fairness, I am generally pretty good at procrastinating but still, this is amazing!!

Author's Response: hahaha I do the exact same thing :) procrastinate studying and read HPFF!! and thanks so much for reading!

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Review #19, by A A Barrier

26th May 2012:
Aah, I loved it! This was an absolutely amazingly written story! It was happy, funny, adorable, romantic and just a little sad at the end! Great job, and I look forward to reading the sequel!

Author's Response: aw :) thank you! I'm so glad you liked it. the sequel's up now! more to come soon, I promise.
thanks again for the review!

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Review #20, by Silly Potter A Barrier

13th April 2012:
where. is. the. sequel.

i wanna know what happens.

Author's Response: the. sequel. is. now. up.
you can now know what happens!
thanks for the review :)

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Review #21, by heybulldog77 Stupid Secrets: #21-22

31st March 2012:
Finally!! You did it at just the right time too, because I was almost at the point of getting bored by Lily's internal debate. I LOVE your story! I'm not sure if you've written other stories but I will read them if you have cause I just love how you write!

Author's Response: haha why thank you :) I think I ended it at the right time, too!

and I have indeed written other stories- there's a sequel up to Stupid now, as well. hope you'll check it out!

thanks so much for the review!

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Review #22, by charlottetrips A Barrier

26th March 2012:
I canít believe Iím here at the end. What a wonderful story overall. Youíve actually made me like Lily/James. Of course Iíve always known that they were canon but my heart went out to the bittersweetness of Lily/Sev. Plus most authors Iíve read made these two so clichť and so sickening that it was hard to swallow them. But here, youíve got the love/hate, the imperfect Lily, the imperfect James who sees his flaws and youíve got bonus awesome Sirius. This has turned out to be such a cute and fluffy story.

I love how youíve started out this chapter from Jamesí POV. While Iíve come to appreciate him through Lilyís eyes, itís nice to see it from his POV.

Except now that I continue readingÖgar, maybe you arenít going to give us a happy ending.

Ah, the point where heís choosing between his friendís secret and his love for Lily. I like how youíre dragging it out. My Angst Monster is chomping away happily. Especially with your descriptions of Jamesí heartbreak.

Except, quite honestly, this turn from Lily seems sudden. Like she would really decide not to be with him because he was gone three nights and the first time she confronts him he wonít tell her? Iíd think sheíd give him more of a chance to try to explain and then heíd fail and then sheíd break up with him.

Regardless of all that, I look forward to reading the sequel. Youíve come a ways since the first chapters of this story and I love how your descriptions have become that much moreÖdescriptive (sorry, not feeling terribly vocabularized at the moment). I hope that we take it from Jamesí POV too as well. Or you can do the omniscient sort of 3rd person. I like that too.

Anyway, well done on completing this! :) :) :)


Author's Response: once again, a huge apology for the lateness of this reply. but I simply can't NOT reply to your amazing words.

I can't believe I made you like Lily/James!! not only is that an astounding thing to hear, but I can't really understand why you didn't like them before- seeing as I'm sort of diehard Lily/James :)

thank you very much for your critique on Lily 'turning' quite so quickly. when I come back to this story to revise, I'll definitely look back at that, because I agree with you. unfortunately, I was sort of straining for a reason for them to break up (I'm a horrible pesron, I know) and I just had to go with it! but I'll defintiely be taking your suggestion to heart.

once again, thanks for the amazing review(s)! you make me smile and laugh :) the sequel's up so I might be checking out your thread to see it you're still open!!
thanks again,

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Review #23, by charlottetrips Stupid Secrets: #32-35

26th March 2012:
Oh look, Lily is ready to just about give it all up. Her journal/diary. A girlís most precious thing. That really does show love and care there. How sweet that sheís even thinking with that.

And then this moment when James gives her the necklace. Itís beautifully done. Lily has come a far way. She was snarky a little, sarcastic and hella nervous a lot of the time and clumsy but she did everything just right here. She really made it a beautiful moment in telling James that she loved him.

And Jamesí little story of buying that for her when he was twelve! How precious is that? Too precious, really. I canít even imagine any twelve-year-old acting like that these days but James is of a different cut, ainít he.

Author's Response: it's taken me years to reply. I'm sorry!!

I feel like your description of Lily is very poetic as well! haha :) I couldn't have said it better myself.

I really love reading (and re-reading at this point) what you have to say about Stupid. thanks so much!

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Review #24, by charlottetrips Stupid Secrets: #29-31

26th March 2012:
The extra bits about how to do transfiguration was a very nice touch. Made the story seem more authentic.

Ah, and now we have Jamesí other activities starting to catch up to him. He must be struggling over telling Lily. Obviously, by the time Harry is born, she knows but how do they get over this little hump here.

I am a piano player and I can appreciate Lilyís own passion for it. Playing the piano is so satisfying and its true that thereís this magic to it. Itís a feeling. I love art and music and playing. It can really transform one and take one someplace else to be.

What a nice touch to put a past incident there that showed just how much James really did care. Also smart of you not to have James call it the Room of Requirement since it doesnít necessarily announce itself that way.

Oh geez. Teenage hormones everywhere people.

And also cuteness. Very nice. (Iím sorry Iíve stopped the spelling and grammar critique but now I just want to reach the end of this adorable story and see where you leave off.)

Author's Response: wow. I did a super-great job of replying to your reviews.

but I appreciate them so much. they are so thorough and helpful. thank you thank you thank you!

I'm glad the transifguration felt authentic- I was worried it wouldn't!

ooh I'm glad you seemed to really connect to the piano playing part. that's really good to hear from an actual piano-player's point of view (seeing as I don't play it!).

so, again, THANK YOU. you're amazing!

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Review #25, by charlottetrips Stupid Secrets: #26-28

26th March 2012:
This story is so fluffy. So fluffy I could die. Really.

her mind about [em] or anything - me

I like Charlotte. (And not just because of her name) Sheís catty but nice at the same time and a loyal friend in addition to being beautiful and a boy-hog at times :P

And I canít believe the teachers! Such gossipers and secret romantics the lot of them!

I didnít feel it was ]appropriate to mention - youíve got a lose bracket in there

Aw, look at these two. Plus look at how flowerly Lily is getting in her language. Sheís gone from this analytical, very confused and logical girl to this. Itís adorable really and beautifully done. Plus you do these kissing scenes so well. It isnít like ďthey snoggedĒ but something thatís emotional and heartfelt.

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