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Review #1, by Ally Chapter 2

6th April 2012:
perfect!! your story is exactly the kind of fanfiction i've been looking to read for ages!

great job! :)

Author's Response: So glad you like it! It's my first fanfiction, so it's a little shaky, but i hope you enjoy it!!! :)

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Review #2, by Jacklyn Chapter 12

7th November 2011:
I just started reading your story today and its really good! i love how theres always more drama going on all the time! rose and scorp are my favorite couple! i cant wait 2 read more so you must update soon! until next time


Author's Response: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! its so great to know ppl like my writing, you have no idea! im so glad you like it, and I'm going to update pretty regularly after the vacation period (possibly before then if my second chapter for Lemondrops and Lilys is validated in time) its' pretty short, but again, I'm really glad you like it :)

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Review #3, by lightningninja Chapter 12

3rd November 2011:

Author's Response: so do you! Love you!

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Review #4, by lightningninja Chapter10

3rd November 2011:
awesome. job. you're a wonderful writer!

Author's Response: aw thx darlin!

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Review #5, by lightningninja Chapter 9

4th October 2011:
so you're awesome. love the suspense, xmas will certainly be interesting. mwahhahahaha

Author's Response: u kno it! gona kick ass!

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Review #6, by lightningninja Chapter 8

29th September 2011:
kegan seems awesome! can't wait for more.

Author's Response: wel she was kinda based on my real life best friend so...of course shes awesome!

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Review #7, by lightningninja Chapter 3

24th September 2011:
uhm... awesome. love your story girl. =D

Author's Response: thanks so much! sry i havnt been on i a while (but u knew that) so i havnt been to r/r but i did take ur advice on that little situation thats comming up in my story and made some editations so yeah...

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Review #8, by lightningninja Chapter 7

16th September 2011:
uhm... you're awesome. btws my next chapter is up! =) love ya

Author's Response: I SHALL READ AND RATE! btw, how awesome is quidditch? i mean seriously! best thing ever!

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Review #9, by lightningninja Chapter 6

11th September 2011:
yay an update =) congrats girlie!

Author's Response: thx yahabeeby!

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Review #10, by rClaw2017 Chapter 5

7th September 2011:
i like this story. its cool to see a russian rather than just another american, you know? the language is cool. nice touch.
keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!!! I'm so glad you like the russian!

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Review #11, by lightningninja Chapter 4

6th September 2011:
your story makes me happy!!! =D

Author's Response: u make me happy =D

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Review #12, by victoriaaaxD Chapter 5

4th September 2011:
i think that your story has some good concepts, but being honest, you really need to expand EVERYTHING. chapters need to be longer, characters further developed. also, your sex confusion pregnancy plot is approaching (i know this is harsh) soap opera territory. which isn't always bad. but really, just keep it somewhat in the realm of reality.
that being said, you have a good writing style with a lot of potential and the humor in the story is really great.
good luck, i really do like the story and want you to do well.

Author's Response: back handed compliment right there...i shall return it...THANKS BITCH!

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Review #13, by lightningninja Chapter 5

1st September 2011:
russian is awesome. i love your fic darling

Author's Response: russian is awesome thats why i put it in there

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Review #14, by Kelly Smith Chapter 4

29th August 2011:
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Author's Response: um...ok...i guess...?

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Review #15, by lightningninja Chapter 2

24th August 2011:
uhm you're cool.

Author's Response: as are you!!!

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Review #16, by lightningninja Chapter 1

22nd August 2011:
you are amazinggg

Author's Response: thanks =)

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