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Review #1, by liltle One For Courage

2nd September 2011:
Such a funny conversation between Alicia and Blaise, which I guess could only exist when liquor is involved. Or even a conversation at all if not for their friend marrying off each other. The second story I read involving this pair and I like this dynamic better. "One For Courage", and courage indeed will we need when imagining this two(or the other mentioned couple). But I rather like it, for whatever reasons people could give for their differences and contras, this indeed will do.

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Review #2, by TenthWeasley One For Courage

14th August 2011:
Hello there! It's TenthWeasleyWriter from the forums.

Draco/Angelina is probably the furthest thing from my mind when I sit down and type a story, and it takes guts to pull off such an obscure pairing. My hat's off to you! I think it's interesting, though, that you tackled the story from Blaise and Alicia's perspectives, which would be the more uncommon angle for a story like this. It gives a bit of insight and backstory into the world that you have given your characters to inhabit.

Virtually flawless as far as grammar and spelling go, although the single apostrophe marking off quotations took some getting used to -- but that's a cultural thing, as I'm American, so it's nothing about your writing. :)

As far as flow, though, the story felt a bit dragged on to me. Blaise and Alicia repeated a lot of the same things time and again, and it got a bit tedious having to read repetitions of what I'd just read earlier. This story could have been shortened with the same basic principle, so just try and catch things like that -- maybe explore another vein of their thinking, or the like.

Your vocabulary, too, threw me a bit for a loop, because some of the words, while perfectly usable, seemed a bit eloquent and obtuse for people to use in normal language, and certainly while they're on the road to intoxication. Conversations shouldn't feel like we're reading a dictionary. :) I'd suggest just switching to simpler language, to give it a bit more realism.

Very interesting story -- I certainly wouldn't have clicked on it myself, so I'm glad you requested it! Thanks for posting in my thread, and I hope this review has been of use to you. (7/10)

Author's Response: Hi there,

Thank so much for this review. It was - IS - really helpful.

As for dialogue. I just thought of the way me and my friends talk when we're a bit drunk. It's mostly a repetition of the most pompous phrases. But that's just us. We're weird like that. Give us alcohol and we start to discuss the similarities between the Islam and Christianity and the roots of the Israel - Palestina conflict.

I guess drunkenness is different for everyone, but I'll try to change some words and sentences to make it less .. eloquent ;)

Thank you again for reviewing. Very helpful and I'm working on it!

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Review #3, by Atomic One For Courage

14th August 2011:
Hi there! It's Atomic responding your your review request from the forums!

This is definitely a very interesting story, I'd sort of like to read how Draco and Angelina got together in the first place. I know this is a oneshot, but a little background on Draco and Angelina might actually help the flow a little better. It was a bit difficult to really get into the story because I had no idea what Alicia and Blaise were talking about.

As for spelling and grammar, I couldn't find anything that needed to be fixed. =]

As for plot flow, it is a little choppy. But considering that Alicia and Blaise are drunk, I like it that way. I really liked the dialogue, I think it was very appropriate and IC.

Also, I'm pretty sure you had a Firefly reference in there. And if that's what you were intending, mad props to you!

Overal, pretty good story. I would just see if I could work Draco and Angelina into the beginning of the story so the reader knows what Blaise and Alicia are referring to.

Author's Response: Hiya,
First off thank you for the review. I'm still fleshing out Draco and Ange's back story - it has something to do with a gastropub where they are forced to share a table, bump into each other more often, grudgingly start talking, begin to feel more comfortable around each other, tentative friendship and then one asks the other out and so on.

And yaya! You found the firefly reference. Brilliant!

Thank again and I'll work on your suggestions.

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Review #4, by flufff One For Courage

14th August 2011:
haha, that was awesome! and hilarious too. i really like how you wrote blaise and alicia. And I loved the last part, it made for a nice ending. and the whole "paedophilic" thing made me laugh as well. great job on this! even though its 'the most unlikely couple ever' teehee :D

oh and, um... I would really appreciate it if you r&r'd my story "Darkest Night"! it's actually a dramione, but I'd love to know what you thought of it. so if you ever get the time, please let me know ;D thank youuu! :3

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Review #5, by Illuminate One For Courage

14th August 2011:
:) Hey there!

This is a pretty good oneshot. It's a very interesting idea, and your drunk Blaise and Alicia are quite funny. Angelina/Draco is something I'd never considered. I think you could improve by adding some description to help the pacing, but other than that I think you have a good oneshot here :) Good job!

Author's Response: I initially wanted to write a Draco/Angelina one-shot, but then this just worked for me but I wanted to keep the idea of Draco and Ange alive so I just "mentioned" them. I still need to flesh out their relationship ;)

Thank you for reviewing.

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Review #6, by Keira7794 One For Courage

13th August 2011:
I love this conversation. You can really tell that they are slowly becoming more and more drunk :P
You're right - it is an odd couple! But for some weird reason.. it's still kind of realisitc!
The grammar is good and the story flows really well, the only query is that Fred is still alive but Draco is still an ex-Death Eater? It's literally the only point I could come up with - so good job!


Author's Response: oh wow, hadn't even thought of that. Fred's dead. Completely slipped my mind. Thanks for pointing that out and thank you for reviewing.

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Review #7, by Iloenchen One For Courage

13th August 2011:
Hahaha! I loved that last sentence, it was so hilarious.

This is a great one-shot. Despite becoming completely unrealistic and so out of character for Draco and Angeline that it could never happen, I loved it. The conversation between Alicia and Blaise was so much fun to read. My favourite part is when the two admitted what they told their friends about what would happen in their marriage.

The bartender throwing in a word every now and then was great as well. I still can't see this happen and still love it. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review. Even though I wrote I also think it's quite unbelievable to have Draco and Angie marry, but I guess that's what fiction is about; making the unbelievable, believable ;)

(I still can't believe it though, that I wrote this and uploaded it)

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Review #8, by CoLorful DreaM One For Courage

13th August 2011:
This was, indeed, the strangest pairing ever. Ok, the pairing of Angelina with Draco was even weirder, but let's get back to the main ones. It was a funny piece to read, though. I really liked the idea of the story. I could always see Alicia stick by her friend, but, whoa, Blaise was really a surprise.
Even though the pairings were nothing but creepy chosen, I cannot say I have anything to complain about. The whole idea was really believable. I guess the humor and sarcasm of both Alicia and Blaise made it all.
Honestly, I would always read a sequel of this if there is to ever be one!


Author's Response: Yupp, the most unlikely couple ever. Twice in one story! But I enjoyed writing it - mostly because Alicia and Blaise's dialogue was really fun to write.

Glad you also liked it ;) and thank you for reviewing.

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Review #9, by wit_beyond_measure3 One For Courage

13th August 2011:
Hello! Phoenixflames19 here with your review.

This is cute. Well, most of that opinion is based on the last little bit. But I liked it anyway. It has a certain charm. So believablility is good. It definitely sounds like two drunk people complaining about their friends (I'm not sure if I believe Angelina would marry Draco or vice versa, but other than that I believe it).

I liked the fact that they ended up supporting the marriage. They seem like decent people underneath all their annoyance and drunkenness.

As for general flow, I think you might want to proofread this a little better. A few places, I found words missing. But other than that, the flow was good.

Overall, I definitely liked it. Good job!


Author's Response: I re-red it, yeah, and found the missing words. I had to read it really slowly, because since I know what the sentence is supposed to be, it's really hard for me to spot the missing words ;)

And yeah, Draco - Angelina. I had a whole idea about them which I've already forgotten - probably because it was so bad :p - but I wanted to know how Alicia and Blaise would react to their marriage. Thus, this one-shot ;)

Thank you for taking the time to review.

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Review #10, by Lunnah One For Courage

12th August 2011:
Hi there!!

This is absolutely adorable! I love it and I love your weird pairings :-) Aside from the witty plot, this is wonderfully well written and fast-paced, which is such a delight to read! You've written the dialogue in a very convincing way and I believe all of your characters, even though they aren't ever portrayed this way in canon :-) I love how they banter about the end of their social lives and how appalled they are about what is about to happen. This is such a cute scene. Love it!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review. Wasn't too sure about the dialogue - this has never been my strongest point - but I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #11, by Erised One For Courage

11th August 2011:
Hi! This is Erised with your review. Although forgive me for my stupidity because I thought that it was Angelina talking, not Alicia because the names are similar! Hahaha. So then I re-read it and it all made sense. :P

I thought that this was a very well written and funny piece. I think your strongest point is your dialogue - it helps bring the chemistry between Alicia and Blaise alight. I do love a good Blaise story, and it's nice to see him done well. I also thought that it was good that they were both drunk, because it's probably the only way that it was plausible that they were sitting together!

What I also loved was the implied romance between Blaise and Alicia. The closing line was just great!

Unfortunately, I wasn't entirely sold on the Angelina/Draco pairing. It seemed a little too odd to me. I'm not sure how they would have met, or have built a relationship together. It might just be because I've never seen it before, but it was a little odd in my mind. I think it might be because Draco is such a developed character and made his hatred so obvious. But still, the way you wrote it was beautiful and I really enjoyed reading this.

Great work :)

Author's Response: Alicia - Angelina. It's easy to mix them up ;)

I actually didn't really think it through. I decided, one day, to write about Draco and Angie, and I have a lot of snippets about how they got together and thought it'd be fun to write what their friends thought about it.

Honestly, it's the weirdest couple ever and I don't really know what I was thinking, but I'm enjoying writing about them.

My Draco is a bit spoiled and demanding/bossy, while Angelina is like the mother figure that puts him in his place time after time.

I'm glad you liked it anyway and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by adluvshp One For Courage

11th August 2011:
hey there.

I saw you posted in the Prophet Leads in the Pit saying that this was a very weird couple and I was intrigued so came in to read this.
And it was totally worth a read!! I truly enjoyed this!
It was really fun and the way you wrote it made it all the more funny.
I loved the 'drunken' banter between Blaise and Alicia.
I was quite interested to know who the couple was whom they were talking about and was totally shocked when it was Draco/Angelina. I must say a very different and brilliant plot idea!
The ending paragraph made me smile. It was so sweet.
All in all, this was a very cute and amusing fic and I totally enjoyed reading this!!
Marvelous job here!! Thumbs up!!

end of an era review extravaganza: house cup 2011
forum name: AditiDraco95

Author's Response: So glad you came to read and leave a review. Don't know why I chose Draco and Angie. I just woke up one day and thought, hey, I want to write about them even though there's no significant reason they should be together. I mean, it highly unlikely and just as Blaise and Alicia are saying: it's wrong~!

I'm glad you liked it and thanks for reviewing.

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Review #13, by WeasleyTwins One For Courage

10th August 2011:
Hi, WeasleyTwins here for the review extravaganza!

You will find that I am one who loves a well-written, totally-not-plausible pairing. I was laughing the entire piece. It's scandalous, delicious, delightful, disturbing, and brilliant. It's bold and over the top. I think I love this fic - scratch that, I /do/ love this fic. I love that you have dared to write [and post!] what few writers would! You have defied odds, per se, and accomplished what few could - a well-written, savvy fanfiction that's not cliche or disgusting. I think I might be rambling, but I'm trying to figure out a way to tell you that I love your piece and your style. It's all so awesome.

Excellent. Favorited.


Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to review. So happy you liked it, because seriosuly, Draco and Angelina. Nuff said.

I do think Blaise and Alicia might be compatible ;)

Thank you for the favorite and good luck with the review extravaganza - even though you're the "enemy" ;)

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Review #14, by DracoFerret11 One For Courage

10th August 2011:
DarkRose from the forums, here to review!

Terrific job here! I really thought it was wonderful. Very funny, but serious at the same time.

I'm really glad that Blaise and Alicia supported the WEIRDEST couple ever, haha. That's what friends are for and I think you portrayed that really well.

I think Blaise and Alicia are a much better couple than Draco and Angelina...but that's just me... :] Either way, I think you wrote this wonderfully.

For flow and feel, I have no complaints whatsoever. I think it was awesome. No problems at all.

On believability?'s a fanfic, isn't it? So it doesn't have to be perfectly believable. I don't think you should worry about it too much. You used a lot of characters (minus Draco) that don't get a lot of attention, so I don't think anyone can really say what's believable and what isn't.

Great story! I really liked it.

--Emily (DarkRose, Ravenclaw)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review (:
I know, they're too weird. I just woke up one day and thought, hmm, Draco and Angelina. How would that work. But I couldn't write about them - it just wouldn't work - so I thought, fine, what will their friends think. And this was born.

I agree, I like the "chemistry" Blaise and Alicia have. And since they're somewhat stuck with each other - after all, no one will talk to them anymore - I might write another one-shot where Blaise and Alicia get together and Angelina hires a hitman to kill Draco ;)

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Review #15, by CheeringCharm One For Courage

10th August 2011:
The conversation is realistic and the whole set up for the story is great! your way of telling it is so realistic and i can see everything happening before my eyes and i really like the way Alicia and Blaise are so against the whole thing...

my only problem is that Draco marries Angelina... any other characters would be perfect but i really cant see that! :)

It's a great story and them sitting in the bar is really funny, so unlikely I really liked that they're both seen as blood-traitors and that there's objections from both sides and that their friends towards the end have to accept their differences and that when it's love blood-line doesn't matter!


Author's Response: They're officially the weirdest ship ever. I think if I changed it to Theodore Nott and Katie Bell - just saying something - the story would be the same, since it's all about Blaise and Alicia, who I, after writing this, think are quite compatible ;)

Thank you for reviewing.

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