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Review #1, by princesslily_36 Test Run 2.0

27th April 2017:
Hey! Here for CTF!

Honestly, I'm reading the most amazing set of Next Gen during this game.

James Potter II *eps*. I know people are fond of Albus, but James is my guy (either I or II, haha!). That dream was so funny! Looks like he's having second thoughts? Or is it just nervousness?

He is so cranky throughout! Wondering what's going on with him and Henrietta.

I considered just calling Henrietta ugly so that shed retort with something ridiculous that I could mock. - Haha! James just feels so real here. I love how you have written him so far. He's not exactly the guy you would love, but you can't really hate him because he just seems to be in a bad mood. And a self-destructive bad mood at that. Though it seems to be clear that she's stifling him.

Amelie and shell be jealous. - Ahhh now it becomes clear why James is doing this! *makes mental note to read rest of the story*


Ok. I had to get that out of my chest.
But seriously? seriously???

I love the next gen gang here. I did feel a little bad for Henrietta, but I'm a James girl so I'm going to go ahead and say that sometimes people do stupid things for people they like. Sometimes boys do really really stupid things for girls they like. I guess Henrietta isn't someone we would hate, but through James' eyes she's annoying and that's why we see her that way.

This was such an interesting read. I have to be back!

Cheers for now!

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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Test Run 2.0

27th April 2017:
someone would be kissing me and they smelt wonderful and everything was blissful and amazing. The world was made of jelly.

Um, Ill take James for 1000x Its James. She has to be dreaming of James. I mean he HAS to smell good at least. I feel like he would smell good. Like earthbut a good earthy smell. Not like roses or any other flowers and not like grass but a dewy earthy natural (not bad odor natural) smell.

I mean, I think I should have gone with a skirt, at least. Its pretty hot today.

Im coming smack dab in the middle of this story and I am thoroughly annoyed by this girl. I mean shes just bringing me back to high school, an awful time, where everything small mattered. God, the perfume, the make-up, the dressing up. I dont care for any of it anymore. Why isnt it acceptable to just be clean and wear comfortable clothes? Why do we have to doll ourselves up and James doesnt even care, which really is like every decent out there like. Why cant I find a James? Im ranting. Sorry but James sounds wonderful.

was Henrietta prejudiced against gingers?

HA-HA. Thats hilarious. I love James and you know what for what its worth I know Im supposed to dislike Henrietta and yeah obviously I do but I kind of feel bad for her too. I mean, yeah shes into him for his money or his name or whatever but she obviously still has feelings if shes worried about how shes going to look in front of his family and she actually questions if he loves her.

Aww, Henri,

EW. This made my skin crawl. Come on James, youre better than this.

No! Henrietta! Keep your legs together!

I snorted too.

Ah. I love this. I loved the second part. I mean the dinner and meeting the family was pure golden. I just love being inside Jamess head but when they went outside to play Quidditch. It was short and sweet, perfect really. James is so desperate it hurts. I think hes funny and he seems like a nice enough guy but he clearly lacks common sense. Woman just want men to own up to their mistakes. If they did that then at least we could take the steps to forgive them and work everything out. He needs to learn and hes clearly only hurting himself by staying with Henrietta.

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Review #3, by CharmAurorG The End

30th March 2016:
I feel so emotional right now! It's one of the best last chapter I ever saw, and I'm not talking just about fanfiction. You are truly amazing writer. I found your stories quite late (didn't read anything but Harry/Ginny until recently), but I was lucky to read them both within 2 days. I was just waiting for this chapter. :) It's so realistic... I've had all the feels... I'm so sorry it's over. :/ I'll keep checking your work. Hope that you will have some original work that I can read. I will miss Amelie and James. Until nex time. :)


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Review #4, by pottered The End

30th March 2016:
Aww this was so cute even though my heart feels a little heavy now aha but really, i loved this! im so glad they sorted themselves out in the time they took and that they rekindled their friendship.

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Review #5, by blackzero The End

30th March 2016:
The ending brought tears into my eye. I have read since Raining's first chapter and it has been a wonderful journey.Thank you for all the hardwork ,the long hours you have put it into it.You are hero.The ending was handled fantastically . Good luck and God Bless you.I don't know you will continue to write here or not but being last communication with my favorite author's is leaving myb eyes watered. Thank you ,Thank you once again.

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Review #6, by blackzero Part 2: The Penultimate Party

26th February 2016:
You have this chapter on cliff hanger.Do update and finish this awesome work of your. When I started reading it again...I was afraid that it wouldn't be as.good as it was.Trial run was one of my favourite chapter but you have a magic in your writing that whatever you conjure it is beautiful. And that rain related dialogues were just awesome.They have related the story in a excellent way. I wish James/Amelie all the best...Update soon please.

Author's Response: Writing the final chapter now! On the home straight! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #7, by kenpo Quidditch and Pumpkin Pie

2nd January 2016:
Hey! I'm here from the BvB battle!

Aand I didn't realize that this was a sequel... eep, I'm sorry! I just decided to read the first thing on your AP. I still enjoyed it, though! If I do make any comments that are explained by context, just ignore them!

I enjoyed the chapter a lot. I tried to jot things down to mention as I was reading, but I kept getting distracted by... ya know... reading it! Which is a good thing, I guess, I just have less to comment on.

Some of the little things that I saw was how much I loved your opening, specifically the description of the people dressed up as cannons. In the next paragraph, I liked how often you repeated "top box". It gave me a good look into her head and gave a lot of information about her character, even to someone jumping in without reading the first novel (again, sorry!). I liked that James didn't seem to be this huge superstar chaser. I see that a lot and sometimes it gets stale, so you've kept that occupation original for him.

One thing I wondered is whether or not it would be awkward to run into people you haven't seen in years? Maybe I just feel like the interaction with Fred seemed off because I know I would be really awkawrd about it. I suppose I'd have to get to know the characters a little better.


I loved all the little additions, like mentioning what Victoire and Lavander are doing. Those little world-building notes always show a well thought-out story and they're like little waves saying hello from other characters!

One thing I saw a few times was that you used "and me" where it should have been "and I". I think most of them were in dialogue, which is okay, as long as your character would say it. I think one time it might've been in narrrative, though.

Overall, I really enjoyed this chapter!

OH and I'm not sure about the Georgia character. That's my name, so I might just have weird feelings about it being used for a bad character, haha! It intrigued me, though!

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Yay, Ravenclaw! Hi there!

Yeah, sorry I think that’s my fault! It used to say sequel to Raining on the description but I changed it when I rewrote this story! Will edit that asap! And it’s nice to know that you were distracted enough by the story to stop writing comments!

Because it’s a sequel (sorry) I needed to ease people back into the feel of the story as well as the characters, and also factor in some backstory and introduce new people and see where everybody’s at, kinda thing. If you were able to get a grasp of the characters quickly without having read Raining then I suppose that’s a good thing? Although James does turn out to be a huge superstar chaser, but he’s a huge git and super full of himself, so…

I think I might need to make it clearer that Fred and Amelie have seen each more recently, and her and James have not. And I’ll take a look at the I/me thing, it’s a bad habit I have in real life, I didn’t realise it had translated into fanfic!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by hermioneism Quidditch and Pumpkin Pie

13th December 2015:
Hi, still love the story, rereading per your suggestion. One thing, at the start when it says that James invited her, there is an extra word "when" in the sentence. It had me rereading the sentence over and over confusedly. "Invited me to a Quidditch match when and he had got me tickets..."

Cheers! Looking forward to reading more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for pointing that out! Changed it as per your instruction - hope you enjoy!

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Review #9, by pottered Part 2: The Penultimate Party

11th December 2015:
ohmygod what even
OK ok firstly, im sooo glad you updated, i was really looking forward to what would happen next and eeppp, im just so ???
like, ok. ok ok so i love!!! amelie. she's finally realising her wrongs and feeling guilty about it and making right decisions and i love! that. your characters' character development is so! good and realistic. i love love love that.
aww ewan! he's so cute. also: i don't even know what to say about james because all those emotions amelie felt about him, was honestly me. i feel sorry for him, but at the same time, i think he deserved that and that was sort of like a slap from reality to him. also: his harsh words to amelie //: ugh he's always messing something up, like always. i hope he also goes through some development and actually, properly, without some alternative purpose, apologises to amelie and henrietta as well! but im so sad that their friendship has come to this ): i hope they can at least go back to being friends if not lovers because i totally understand why amelie doesn't want to be with him right now.
ah, anyways, loved this like always xx

Author's Response: Hi! Your reviews are always so lovely so thank you!

Yay Amelie, she's the best. Ewan is also cute, I'm 100% sure boys like him do not exist in real life. And James! What an idiot. But an idiot that Amelie used to like, and probably wants to see happy and functioning, with or without her, because she knows how important their friendship is. They've been through some tough times together (I don't know if you've gone back to read Raining yet) and she doesn't want to let it all go at once.

Thank you again for reading and reviewing! Will hopefully update soon but who knows.

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Review #10, by Ruby Part 1: The Penultimate Party

17th October 2015:
Hello! This is my first time leaving a review. I went through a huge harry potter fan fiction phase five years ago (can't believe it's been that long), and somehow I ended up coming across "Raining", which really resonated with my probably-too-young for it 13-year-old self. The story and characters were so glamorous and compelling, it seemed like the ideal, albeit kind of twisted, romance. I would stay up late reading through the chapters, and eventually moved onto "Sunshine" when that was published, looking for some resolution for James and Amelie. I've had your page bookmarked on my old laptop for the last five years, but eventually I stopped checking for about a year because I thought it was something you'd kind of left behind. Well, today I checked, and it made me so happy to see an update! Your voice as a writer has matured, and James and Henrietta have been given so much more depth. That all your stories are set in a such a familiar universe just calls back my younger days even more. I'm writing this on a rainy Saturday and I plan on going back to read through all of "Raining" and "Sunshine" for a blast from the past. I just wanted to thank you for publishing your work here over the years, and I'm sure there are more in my boat who have been reading without ever letting you know. You have a real talent for fiction, and I do hope this means you'll finish "Sunshine", but I also won't be surprised if one of these days you post a link to your new non-HP related debut novel. When it happens, please let me know. If you ever want some serious, less gushy feedback or to chat, because I'm very curious about the person behind the stories, please shoot me an email :-)

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! Honestly, this means a lot. It's really nice to know that people are still coming back to HPFF and Raining after years of not being active (ahem, ahem, myself, kinda) and that you're coming specifically back for my story is so nice to hear.

I only two or three chapters planned after this one, so even though I wait years and years between updating, I know there's (relatively) so little left that I should just finish it for the sake of OCD. But reading this review has given me an extra push - you are really too kind with your comments that I 100% don't deserve, and again, it's so nice to know that Raining/Sunshine is something to keep coming back to. I get that feeling - these characters have been with me since day one.

I would think twice about going back and re-reading Raining - yeesh, early writing!

Thanks again!

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Review #11, by pottered  Part 1: The Penultimate Party

15th September 2015:
OHMYGOD. ohmygod. oh my god.
im so unbelievably happy!!! henrietta finally called james out on his bs and stood up for herself, and neither did she shame amelie or blame her for anything. that was just brilliant! i LOVE henri! i feel so bad for her :c this whole time she was being lead on and fooled with, but im just so ecstatic because she finally realised that. i just loved loved loved! that bit. i feel like a proud mother lol.

and agnes, then, telling off james lol. GOOD. he needed people to knock him off his high horse. i did feel a tiny bit bad that he was getting disappointed looks and talks from everyone, but honestly, he deserved that and i hope his character from now on realises that and he doesn't muck things up eep.

but ahh, im just so happy for henri! it was the biggest highlight of this chapter. im sooo excited for the next update! xx

Author's Response: Hooray! AU where Henrietta and Amelie skip off into the sunset (pertinent) together and start a home brewery. Basically, the fic is getting a bit preachy and the readers weren't meant to like Henrietta because she was getting in the way of James and Amelie and because she wasn't one of your typical 'I'm not like the others' OCs. But yayyy! Because I like her and she's done nothing wrong and she's standing up for herself and it is super fun to write!

Yeah, James is a git, more to follow on that.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by pottered  Florence Beauregard

15th September 2015:
omg so uh i definitely do /not/ like amelie's mother :c she's too.., brash. i don't know what other word to settle for her or articulate my hATRED because it's basically just frustrated screams escaping my mouth lol.

aw poor amelie having to be shoved into a photoshoot whilst suffering a hangover ): ewan is just too cute, honestly! i cannot handle is cuteness, it's too much for my little heart. ;o

the past james/amelie scene was so cute aw, and yes, it did make me think that o wait james wasn't always such a git. ;p i /do/ love james, but sometimes his decisions and views just give me a headache. xx

Author's Response: Yeah she's super annoying! It's almost surprising that Amelie is so down to earth!

And yes, Ewan is so cute! Yay Ewan! I like him and all the readers should too but I bet they don't because he stands in the way of Jamelie happiness.

100% James is a human headache. Thanks for stopping by again!

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Review #13, by pottered  A Stern Talking To

15th September 2015:
omg i love! agnes. she voiced out my thoughts on the henrietta/james/amelie situation perfectly. i also really like jack aha he's a really fun coach to work with.

eep the mansfield thing! the fact that his arm is unnatural is a bit disturbing, how far does someone go to get their position back on the team welp. i hope he gets banned from quidditch for basically taking steroids in the magic sense ;p i really want james, my (very) problematic fav, to continue being the permanent player on the team. although, i do hope his ego doesn't suffocate the other players on the pitch ;p

and eep, i love james/amelie moments, but yes, the fact that you're focusing on a subplot and things other than romance in their life as well is great!

P.S. im probably saying this for the fiftieth time (i like to exaggerate, clearly :0), but i love!!! amelie so much. my absolute favourite.

Author's Response: Yes! Agnes is great. I love how James' life is filled with these amazing women who do no harm but take no crap and yet he is still the world's no 1 idiot.

Lol this subplot! Literally I have no idea where this came from. These little snippets of story are meant to show how entitled James thinks he is, and how much h'es obsessed with Amelie, how he thinks that being with Amelie will solve everything. Which is cute, I guess. But, like you said, it's also v problematic.

Yay! Amelie!

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Review #14, by pottered  Mind Blown

15th September 2015:
ohmygod yes! james is indeed very, very fit. why does he have to be so suave, it's not good for my mental health, i may also go through some heartaches.

eep aw amelie feeling guilty about kissing james, but the fact she told ewan is so great! she didn't lie about it and lead ewan on. she told him and he accepted the apology, aw what a cutie :c i hope james told henri as well hm.

mind blown. the chapter title omg it's sort of a pun, isn't it? like, the explosion and then everyone messing up with Amelie's mind. or maybe it's not a pun :0


the part when james just appears with the woman on his shoulder and shirtless: nice. very nice. lol
james is so determined to make amelie's his girlfriend, it's so cute! but maybe he should also come clean to henri and have a quiet civil little break up (well.., probably won't be quiet or civil since it concerns henri buttt, let's wait and see). he bought flowers for amelie, aw! so lovely and adorable. i think my eyes have just turned into little hearts.

Author's Response: I'm here to make you confused about who's side you are on, grey morality, etc. etc. and that's made a lot more difficult by how hot James is and how often he gets his abs out. He is very suave-ish, but it doesn't cover up his idiocy.

LOL James telling Henrietta anything is pretty laughable. Yay that you love Ewan though! At this point, I'd be surprised if anyone didn't - but then again, he /is/ getting in the way of James and Amelie being together.

Yes! Pun! Congratulations on getting it!

Nooo but also yesss? You love James, you love him not. He's extremely problematic but also very good at wooing and courting etc. You have hearts in your eyes, but should you? Hmmm... he is determined to make Amelie his girlfriend, but she also (hopefully) has some say in the matter, and he's technically still got Henrietta, and chasing after another girl when you've still got a girlfriend is nawt a good idea, and doesn't really show that you're boyf material, you get me?

Thanks again for reading and reviewing! I love your reviews!

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Review #15, by pottered  An Engagement Party To Remember

15th September 2015:
ohmygod nooo, amelie just did turn into georgia watson and james is an absolute GIT. but they're both so much in denial and are so cute, what to do what to think lol.

anyways, i had to get to the end part first because, like, it just sort of smacked me in the face: i am shocked. amelie, darling, he cheated on you and now he's cheating on his current girlfriend with /you/, and that's very worrying aha :c i really liked the parts where amelie slapped him around the head; i would like to do that, too! but then as much as a complete ba.stard james is, he also has his cute moments where i just want to squeeze his cheeks :<

but i feel so, so bad for ewan and henrietta! james outright admitted in this chapter that he's using henri and amelie is kissing james, and ohmygod!! it's just so awfully unfair to ewan and henri ):

but this also shows just how realistic this story is and the characters are just going through things, and realising the rights and wrongs and i LOVE that! especially, i loved flawed characters (cough james cough amelie) i love love love them.

eep i hope they both soon sort all of this out and come clean to their partners.

Author's Response: She did! Yes! Thank you! And James is suave and romantic, yes, but also an absolute GIT - but they are both so cute! Urghhh, who knows what to think! I don't even know and I am the author lol wat

I was kinda hoping Amelie would have higher standards but she's just been through so many things with James, friendship, family issues, previous lovers, etc., that she's invested in him, and has been wondering what it would be like to kiss James, to see what it would be like to go back there. She's a girl who does what she wants, and at that moment, smooching James was high on her list.

Mostly sad for Ewan, obv, the cutie.

Are they right? Are they wrong? Who knows? Grey morality... which is obviously a big and heavy theme for this light-hearted, fluffy romcom.


Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #16, by pottered  Albert Greybeard and his Fascinating Stories

15th September 2015:
eep grace still doesn't know who amelie is, i actually am baffled at her. but then it's all good since it works with amelie escaping grace's screeching screams lol.

And omg, ewan is such a cutie! i adore him! he's just wonderful and understands situations, and the way he hugged amelie: such an aw-ble moment ;p

Author's Response: Yeah Grace is a douche! But enables Amelie to get away with lots of random stuff that she should probably get in trouble for!

Yayyy Ewan! Ewan's biggest fan over here. I needed someone to challenge James' suave-ness.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by pottered  Test Run 2.0

15th September 2015:
ohmygod i can't decide if i find henrietta annoying or not, but it's mostly the former: yes, she's annoying. but then she has her cute moments! moments where i also feel sorry for her and want to punch james in the gut. if henrietta is really a gold digger then uhh, but if not, then she should just look after her happiness and LEAVE james. he's clearly not good to her, also the fact that he's quite smitten by amelie, and just wants to be with henri (cute nickname eep) to make amelie jealous :/

ahh alice and fred, going all their way out to make james and amelie happen. true friendship!

henri and the wotter family gathering was so awkward and weird, just absolutely hilarious! i loved every bit about that. and rose!! i love rose. she has such a bubbly, striking personality.

when henri played quidditch; eeppp, that was so funny. james' remarks were so offhand, but quite funny. i feel bad for laughing :c also: yes, amelie was quite right about james being a misogynistic a.rse. he sometimes does come off as that and it just makes me -_-

"you're a creep, james" the truth! lol ;p

this chapter was so humour filled, i loveddd it! xx

Author's Response: People were meant to find her annoying because she 'came' between Amelie and James, but really she does nothing wrong. Personally, she's just a bit beige, a bit meek. She doesn't stand up for herself, really (but she may do later!). She's being totally used by James for his own gain, really, but she would do anything for him because she lurrrves him.

I can't remember if you have read Raining or not (I think you mentioned that you hadn't in an earlier review?) but this chapter contrasts with another 'test run' that the Wotters do to Amelie, when James first brings her to the Burrow.

I'm glad you liked it, and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #18, by pottered  Sarcasm

15th September 2015:
omggg. this chapter was brilliant. i love love love amelie! i also understand her anger at james for cheating on her, and the fact that she wouldn't let him just walk all over her. it was such an amazing thing to see that she's a fierce and strong willed character, i absolutely adore her!
and eep ewan is sooo cute! but i sort of feel bad for him because amelie is clearly in denial aha. also the bit about amelie imagining her and james' child was so adorable! i could just imagine a tiny little kid with dark hair, green eyes and a smatter of freckles on his nose. so unbelievably lovely!
ALSO: i love! fred and alice. and emily and andrew, too! they'd be good together and the fact that andrew writes on a typewriter just makes me love him even more aha. vintage, indeed.

Author's Response: Hi there! I love your reviews!

I feel like Amelie is kinda turning into a Mary-Sue, a little bit. This sequel mostly focuses on James€' pitfalls of personality, how problematic he is, and how he tends to obsess over how 'destined' his and Amelie's relationship was, how nothing can stand in their way. While focusing on this, I sort of left Amelie's character development at the wayside. Pretty much her only flaw is that she gets distracted during arguments and doesn'™t take things as seriously as she should.

I'm glad you're liking all the characters, though! I love all the secondary ones whenever they pop up.

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #19, by pottered  Jack Goddard: King Of All Men

15th September 2015:
omg aw i feel so bad for henrietta ): all she needed was someone to believe in her. but i hope she comes to believe in herself and realises that she doesn't need james for that. jack was so right! just because she likes to dress up and wear makeup, doesn't mean she's not a good person. he hit the nail on my thoughts aha.
and james..., he's sort of a git (a FIT git but anyways) eep. his conceited nature just makes me want to poke my eyes out and the fact that he cheated on amelie just ignited the anger more! as i said, i hope he goes through character development (-:

by far im lovinggg this story sooo much! xx

Author's Response: Henrietta is the best! She literally hasn't done anything wrong apart from wear the wrong clothes and be interested in the wrong things, and I think that she should get together with Jack because I think they would appreciate each other and they would look after each other. They would hit the nails on each other's heads, I think! HACK! HENRIETTA! I'm conducting shipping wars for my own characters...


Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by pottered  Lavender and Lunch

15th September 2015:
well grace was so horrid! the way she treated amelie and on top of that, calling her a wrong name and the absolute ignorance she possessed was so :c i felt so bad for amelie, dealing with her would be a complete riot.
and lavender omg that bit was just hilarious! it was so lavender brown, you wrote her character so spot on. i would hate my job too if i was in amelie's place :/
james; he drips with condescend and always sound patronising when he talks, i can see why amelie is sceptical on pursuing a relationship with him. especially after he dismissed henrietta like that! im not a big fan of henrietta, but that was just awfully rude of james. i hope he goes through character development eep.
right so ive mentioned this but i adore amelie sooo much that: i /adore/ her! she's so realistic, her narrative is my favourite.

Author's Response: Yahhh, Amelie doesn't have it good in terms of workplace colleagues. But at least Grace doesn't know who Amelie is - she thinks she's called Dorothy - and that means that Amelie can get away with stuff posing as Dorothy, or Amelie, I don't know. She's able to get away with stuff, basically.

I love Lavender! So fun to write! I have this head canon about her just following the footsteps of Professor Trelawney and wearing all these shawls and jewels.


Thanks for your review!

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Review #21, by pottered  Will For Rain

15th September 2015:
omg so this was in james' POV and the chapter was SO good! usually male povs are difficult to write and just somehow come away as very /off/, but you managed to write it in such an incredible way. i loveddd his POV; his confusion, his confidence, his affectionate thoughts for amelie and ohmygod i thought they were just former bestfriends, but they're also ex's! i didn't expect that eep, it just made the plot a whole lot better! there was so much sexual tension between them; they definitely still fancy each other.
and Amelie, ohmygod she's now one of my absolute favourites OC on this site, i completely adore her! her rather detached nature and the instinct to make jokes to lighten the situation is so very relatable so i love!!! her. her dialogues are amazing as well. did i mention i love your writing because eep i should again: i love your writing!
lily!! she's so feisty and fierce, i adore her character! she also understands her brother and the fact he does still fancy amelie is so cute and their sibling relationship is great!
henrietta.., well. i actually like her character; she /is/ annoying and comes off very strong aha but her personality is written so well, it just screams that yes! she's the picture of a 'head-up-in-the-skies' and silly girl. although, she is somewhat cute, tbh.

Author's Response: Hi there!

I really feel like James is completely different from Amelie's POV than he is from his own, you know? In Amelie's he's so much more suave and smooth, but his chapters, he's a total dork/a total idiotic mess. He obviously puts on a facade whenever he interacts with Amelie, I'm guessing, or my writing is just wholly inconsistent.

Yay, fancying! You picked up on a lot seeing as you haven't read Raining.

Thank you so much for your kind words! I love your reviews! I'm glad you like all the characters as well, I'm a sucker for a 'strong woman', who can defend herself and put others in their place. While Henrietta doesn't look like much, she ends up standing her ground. She's just a bit nervous in this chapter, poor hun, but who wouldn't be intimidated by the entire Wotter clan and your boyfriend's super cool ex-girlfriend?

Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #22, by pottered  Quidditch and Pumpkin Pie

15th September 2015:
hii. i /just/ started this series and let's just say im not a wise person since you did advise reading the prequel to this would be a wise thing to do .-.
WELL. anyways.
eep so i love!!! amelie. her narrative is so interesting to read and your scenes are descriptive but not /too/ descriptive and it just captures the attention, and i can just imagine all of it happening aha. i love your writing!
fred was so cute and funny! and his relationship with alice is just so adorable, i really liked them both.
ALSO: ewan!!! he's so charming and borders on nervousness and confidence. the combination is just so adorable and fit! ;p
amelie and ewan's cute, flirty banter flowed out so nice. it was lovely, their chemistry is brilliant!

P.S. i loveee the face claim for amelie! leighton meester just fits her character so well.

Author's Response: Hi there! Yeah I would recommend it but hopefully it works out as a stand-alone, maybe? Basically James and Amelie were bffs, then they went out, then James cheated on her, and then they broke up. This is them three years later having met again at Platform 9 and 3/4.

I'm so glad that you like the characters from the off - I suppose other readers have had a prequel to meet them and make opinions - so I guess that's good news! Ewan is the new love interest, so I'm also glad that you like him and find him charming.

Yes! Big fan of Chuck and Blair way back in the day (although I didn't like Gossip Girl post-season 3) and they were in my mind while writing!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by blackzero Part 1: The Penultimate Party

15th September 2015:
I thought it was abandoned forever. Well you have changed a lot of story.Reading again and enjoying it.Thanks for the update.I sincerely hope that you find the motivation to complete your outstanding work.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Glad to hear you're re-reading as well.

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Review #24, by AUBS Florence Beauregard

28th July 2015:
This story is quite good so far and I would like to see if they ever get back together again and what happens with Amelie's mom. I would also like to see Alice and Fred's wedding. Thank you again and please continue this story!!

Author's Response: I am trying! Thank you so much for stopping by.

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Review #25, by Grace Florence Beauregard

7th July 2014:
I'm so addicted to this story. Really hope James and Amelie would get back together like before. I know James is a jerk and everything, but I feel like Amelie can always bring out his positive sides unlike anyone else. Ewan is already perfect he doesn't need Amelie to fix him. Please update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you! I will try and update asap!

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