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Review #1, by jenkent Strange

5th August 2012:
Very nice. I really liked it. Very well-written and great job with the development of the characters feelings throughout.

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Review #2, by mindifislytherintom Strange

5th September 2011:
I know what you mean about having a song in your head. I've had one in my heasd for days. You are a great writer, and I loved this story. It's a great "what if" scenario. good job!

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Review #3, by bluecharlotte Strange

21st August 2011:
I totally agree-that song was perfect for them! I already knew it too, so it was playing in my head the whole time. And they may have been slightly OOC, but it was worth it. Parts of it were totally in character as well, so it's okay :P
Overall I thought this was sweet and touching, and I love how you portray their conversation. I alsolike that they don't harbor any really deep feelings. It makes it more realistic. I applaud you on a great songfic! :)

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Review #4, by annella_grace Strange

9th August 2011:
I listened to it while i read. it really fits well. good job =)

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and listening. Glad to hear you enjoyed both the song and the story.

Happy reading,

Hecate's Apprentice

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Review #5, by Enerald-eyed Cat Strange

7th August 2011:
Please do write a sequel. Aren't Draco and Hermione just perfect for each other-if u think so, please write a sequel.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review. No guarantees on a sequel, but how about a novel-length story instead, hmm? I didn't mention it in my author's note, but I should start posting for my new story within the next 2 months. The characterizations I used in this story will be very similar, so if you liked them here, I think you should enjoy them in that story as well. I've started posting some details on my blog if you're interested.

Thanks again and happy reading,

Hecate's Apprentice

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Review #6, by Phoenix_Flames Strange

6th August 2011:
Hello there!

Wow, such an interesting story!

I do wonder if Hermione had actually gone there and seen if if anything of the sort would have happened. At such a time, Hermione is vulnerable. So who knows!

This was so intriguing. From the very beginning you had pulled me into the story and I was looking forward to the rest so much.

Everything actually seemed really in character, so well done there.

This was such a nice piece! And it does fit the song. ;)

Great job!

Forum Name: Phoenix_Flames
House: Hufflepuff

Author's Response: Hi there,

Thanks so much for the review. I'm really glad to hear that I was able to keep them in character when it's a difficult challenge with such an unlikely couple. I especially appreciate the detailed review because the more details the better when it comes to improving.

Thanks again and happy reading,

Hecate's Apprentice

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