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Review #1, by CrimsonCharmRose Mine

17th June 2013:
ooohh keep writing! please

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Review #2, by hailee Mine

30th January 2013:
Update soon please and I loved the chapter just please update soon

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Review #3, by xMsFiggx Mine

23rd September 2012:
I really like your story! It is quite dramatic and Ella seems to have a bunch of enemies but it's definitely an interesting plot that keeps you going. I like the relationship between her and James and I hope he won't get drunk anymore or do anything stupid. It was very sweet when he told Spencer he loved Ella. I like that your characters are consistent in who they are. You've given them all distinct personalities. I really hope that Spencer is not as crazy as the other girl who tried to hurt Ella before.

Also, I adore your chapter images; they're really beautiful!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review#1 reading them all makes my day! :D,
i love writing certain characters into the story like James, Freddie and Dom, and of course Elle!
My story is very dramatic but i feel like i always want something going on :)
And as much as i'd like to take credit for my beautiful chapter images, i can't, they are down to the amazingly talented fayeswonderland@TDA :)

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Review #4, by TimeSeer Mine

22nd September 2012:
So now Ella has someone else who hates her. This is a very dramatic year for her. I love Ella and James though, it seems like James becomes a better person when Ella is around him. Freddie's response to the story was the best and totally like him. And what will Spencer do now? I am a little worried because the last time did not turn out well. Anyway please update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you for your review!
James definately is a better person with Elle, I love writing Freddie, i fell he is such a fun person and never has anything bad to say about anyone! Spencer will have a few suprises in store for us i'm sure :) I will try and update as soon as possible :)

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Review #5, by horseyrosyrb Mine

17th September 2012:
I'm so glad you posted another chapter! I really enjoyed this one, particularly the interactions between Ella/Spencer, James/Ella and Spencer/James. And, as usual, Freddy being adorable and Louis and Dom being sibling-y.
Sorry, I would write a longer review, but I have coursework to do (yes, already) and I need to finish it tonight. Congrats on another great chapter and just let me know when you want the next one beta-d :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! I know what you mean I've been back at college a week and I have tons of work to do -.-. I'm happy for you to beta them whenever you can! I really enjoyed writing this chapter, the next one will be up pretty soon to! Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #6, by leeemmaK You never know what you'll find in the shadows.

16th September 2012:
I like this story a lot but you need to work on your spelling and grammar. It drives me insane to see such a good idea not be executed to its fullest! Please work on the grammar! Thanks!

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Review #7, by TimeSeer Broken

22nd August 2012:
Well now I feel bad for wanting to punch James in the face... Oh well at least this was a good chapter :) please update soon!

Author's Response: -thank you so much for your review!
Next chapter is in the validation queue!

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Review #8, by claire5555 Broken

14th August 2012:
so i just read all of your story so far at at first i thought it was the norm stuff but when into it it get better because i never really read a story with so many different things happening but i have to say your story's a good read ! :)
update soon

Author's Response: -Thank for your review! :)

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Review #9, by horseyrosyrb Broken

8th August 2012:
Another brilliant chapter, well done. I do love Fred in this. It would be cool to hear what he thought of it all, although obviously this story is only narrated by Elle so that wouldn't be possible. I'm glad that her and James are back together though and that they've made up. I'll be interested to find out whether anything else will get in the way of their relationship.
By the way, I emailed you the next chapter fully beta'd so hopefully you received it. I'll try and do the next one soon.

Author's Response: -thanks for your review :)
Next chapter is going to focus on other characters :)
I did receive it thanks!
I'll try and get it up as soon as possible :)

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Review #10, by AlexFan Broken

6th August 2012:

Just thought I'd point that out.

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Review #11, by PrincessGoose Broken

6th August 2012:
Your story is really cute. But things tend to happen really fast, and your characters live in a magical fairytale world where girls aren't girls in the sense that they don't hold grudges. Beside from those things, i really like it.

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Review #12, by TimeSeer -Lets play a love game.

26th July 2012:
Can I punch James? I can't believe he did that! AH! Please update soon!

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Review #13, by cathilde There's a reason it's called the shrieking shack.

20th July 2012:
There are so many psychotic students in this school it's borderline ridiculous.

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Review #14, by Aaliyah -Lets play a love game.

6th July 2012:
AGH You have to update now! I can't believe James would do that though. Please make him an Ellie make up and get back together after this either huge fights, or cold shouldering. I love this so much, but if James and Ellie don't stay together, I will have a serious problem. ;)

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Review #15, by howdoyounotlikeit -Lets play a love game.

3rd July 2012:
This story makes me laugh, cry, and scream. It's not good for my family because I'll be on constant mood swings.
And too many cliff hangers! Me no like!!!
And is James for real? Like for realisies? Why in the world is he drunk?! I know that he was hurt and she almost got killed, but he didn't have to get drunk.. Wait a second I get where you're getting at. This all makes perfect sense now. Anyway, James is a bastard. Just putting it out there.
Great plot as story so far!

Author's Response: Thanks for your review!
I like cliff hangaers :)
Jame is a bastard, you're right!

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Review #16, by howdoyounotlikeit Speak Now

2nd July 2012:
I think I died from laughing. Seriously.
Hating on twilight and adding that part about making a movie about James' dad childhood was HILARIOUS!
Great as usual.
Sorry I haven't reviewed every chapter..😓

Author's Response: Thanks for your review!
I loved writing that in there, i thought it was fitting :)

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Review #17, by AccioTeddyLupin -Lets play a love game.

25th June 2012:
well.did NOT expect that.

waiting for the next chapter(:

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Review #18, by horseyrosyrb Incidents with pricks and forks.

10th June 2012:
It's me again about the beta thing. My username on tda is horseyrosyrb. I had a look for you but I couldn't find anyone with your username on here so I was wondering what you had it as over there :)

Author's Response: I have contacted you over at tda :)

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Review #19, by horseyrosyrb Full of awesome people and prats.

30th May 2012:
This was a fantastic opening chapter, with just enough detail to keep the reader interested. The characters were relatable and fun. The descriptions were very useful, although if you have them all in chunks like that, the reader may forget all the details by the next chapter.
Well done!
I can't think of another way to send my email to you so I can beta the next chapter, but if you have an account on the forums I can send it to you over pm there. My username is horseyrosyrb :)

Author's Response: -I don't have an account on there, i do have a dark arts acc though, if you have that?

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Review #20, by Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot -Lets play a love game.

27th May 2012:
Hi.. this chapter had loads of grammatical mistakes :( not as good as the usual.. you should go through them again and fix it up.. or get someone to beta it..

Author's Response: Thanks for pointing that out.

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Review #21, by horseyrosyrb -Lets play a love game.

27th May 2012:
I really enjoy how this story is coming along, both in terms of plot and characterisation. There was plenty of drama and I particularly liked the ending, although I still totally think that James and Elle are an adorable couple. It will be interesting to see how they work this one out :) Overall, a very good job.
If I had to critique, I would say that some of your spelling and grammar are sometimes a bit off, but that's a minor problem. Have you thought about getting a beta? I'd be happy to give it a go if you'd like, or there are lots of people willing to do it on the forums :)

Author's Response: That would be really cool :) if you give me your email adress somehow i'll send you my next chapter and you can have a read through it?, Thanks for your review!

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Review #22, by SexyAuror -Lets play a love game.

26th May 2012:
Aw I loved James! Poor Elle...
Love the writing, keep it up.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review!

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Review #23, by AlexFan -Lets play a love game.

26th May 2012:
Wow, James just keeps screwing up doesn't he? Okay well I wonder why he did that to Ellie. It was probably something that Cassie said to James that convinced him. And why has nobody just killed Cassie already! She's a crazy sociopath who is also a very obssessed fangirl. Not only does she deserve to be locked up but she should be put in a straight jacket, locked in a casket, buried 6 feet under and encased in a box made out of cement.

She is that cray cray (which is my word for crazy).

Author's Response: Haha she is indeed crazy, things are going to get a little weird for a while :) thanks for your review!

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Review #24, by FOREVERwithYOU -Lets play a love game.

26th May 2012:
Oh my Rowling... This was NOT ment to happen. 'Cold as you' , eh? That JERK! He was Ellie's boyfriend not 'hers' (whoever the hell 'she' is)! Explain, please...? I can be really slow sometimes, as you can see. ;)

Author's Response: Haha!
i thought i'd give the story a twist, as someone pointed out in a earlier comment "Cold as you, a Taylor Swift song about a careless boy." i needed to re-inforce that point :) The girl will be introduced properly in the next chapter :) Thanks for your review

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Review #25, by Me -Lets play a love game.

26th May 2012:
LOVED THE DOCTOR WHO REFERENCE! Awesome story! Keep on writing! xx :)

Author's Response: haha, thank you for your review!

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