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Review #1, by a A House of Darkness

20th August 2013:
LOVE LOVE LOVE :') Your writing is so perfect!

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Review #2, by meg A House of Darkness

2nd June 2013:
Please keep writing! Your story is my favorite!Its so genius!

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Review #3, by malfoygirl101 A House of Darkness

8th May 2013:
This is incredible! So gripping!

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Review #4, by Lovely Jane A House of Darkness

20th February 2013:
Please upload soon! This is just bloody amazing and so very enticing ... I am so curious as to what Mrs. Malfoy will say and how things will then out.

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Review #5, by Dark Whisper A House of Darkness

7th October 2012:

Oh, where do I start? I suppose with your words, "less alone." *cries* This implies that he still feels 'alone', but just less so. ;(

I love his kiss and how it was so natural to her. She would definitely have regrets, etc... if she were kissing a Death Eater. I love how you incorporated these very believable thoughts into her head and revealed them to us. Excellent job on her feelings.

She is right to be worried about how she looks while going to see his mother. And Narcissa having sent the dreams was brilliant and unexpected. Bravo!

"She's not a bad person." Awe... Draco speaking of his mother, so sweet.

I love how you wrote the gate and this creative magical element that you gave it. Wonderful! I LOVE magic and I think sometimes HPFF writers forget to add magic to their stories. Very creative. I loved it and thank you for it.

It is so sweet of him to give her encouragement just outside of Malfoy Manor... and I loved his threat to the gate.

I noticed that you haven't updated in quite some time and want to encourage you. I know you have it in you to complete this story. You have given the readers your answer to the mystery of who sent these dreams, now you just need to wrap it up in a beautiful package and put it to words in the way that only MagicintheMoonlight can.

I understand fully how time flies by and life gets in the way. Trust me on that! But you seem to be so close in your accomplishment. This is your baby and is probably near and dear to your heart.

What will MagicintheMoonlight write that will give Dramione lovers closure in a good sigh, cry, or awe moment? It is somewhere in you tucked away within, I just know it. :) No pressure, of course, just friendly encouragement.

Regardless if you finish, I want to congratulate you on your success with your beautiful story. As of this moment... 91 have Favorited and this will be your 186th Review and who knows how may thousands of reads. That, my dear, is success in my book. I want to encourage you to go back and read every single one of those Reviews, feel good, and take a bow.

Congratulations and thank you so very much for one of the most memorable, angsty, beautifully written stories I've read here. I'm so sorry that it took me so long to get back to it, but I'm so happy that I did.

A well deserved TEN/TEN!
Can you hear my applause? I do hope so.

Dark Whisper

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Review #6, by Dark Whisper When Words Fail

7th October 2012:

Ah, Dramione first kisses... so lovely and dreamy. *sigh* You wrote it so sweet.

I love how formal he is. "I am aware." LOL!

Great job on his "crafted" reply to her about disproved theories. That is really an excellent way to describe the change in his feelings. Very creative and well done.

And I love how he carefully contemplates what he says to her. He is wonderfully thoughtful with a intelligent vocabulary ("mavelovent intentions") as if every word counts. Your characterization is perfect and I truly appreciate that you've stayed true to writing precisely what Draco would say. Honestly, I love reading your Draco. Awesome job.

I have no idea who is sending these dreams, but can I say that I'd love for it to be Snape? I shall soon see what your brilliant mind has come up with... can't wait. :)

10/10 for your Draco!
Dark Whisper

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Review #7, by Dark Whisper Saved

7th October 2012:
In reading this chapter, I am reminded of how well you can write so vividly so that your readers can really picture these dreams. You write them so well and clear.

You've done a gorgeous job and I applaud the way you have taken your imagination from your head to pen so eloquently. Your talent is inspiring.

I love his confession about the kiss. You are so right and we are on the same page as far as that is concerned. She is the only one who has ever truly cared about him. *sigh*

You mentioned in your author notes how difficult this was for you to write. I fully understand that sentiment and want to encourage you along. I truly believe that when it gets hard and authors push through, concentrating on precisely what they want to convey, that their writings become better for it. Writing can be hard, but your end result was beautiful and WORTH IT. Congrats on persevering and giving us something that flowed so flawlessly.

10/10 for your 'sapphire water' and the pictures you painted so well for your readers.

Dark Whisper

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Review #8, by Dark Whisper A Failed Interrogation

7th October 2012:
Oh, friends are wonderful things to have. Ron was so sweet to hold her like that. Awe.

I love your description of Draco, the Malfoy swagger and your use of the word 'lifelessness'... such a powerful word and so sad that it is perfect.

You wrote about them holding hands and not remembering how to let go. That was really sweet but I was mad at Draco for ruining that little moment. LOL!

And when you wrote him pushing her wand aside and putting his hand over her mouth, I got so excited! I loved that characterization and action at being a bit rough and I could totally see it happening in my mind.

Great chapter! 10/10 :D
Dark Whisper

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Review #9, by Dark Whisper Origin

6th October 2012:
It only proves that he... "finally went off the deep end." Hahaha! So true. It's what someone does when they are in love. :) Very cute.

And awe... he said Ron was a lucky man. Boo hoo. *sniffles*

Can I say that I LOVE your dream piece and wish that was the way it really ended... with Draco tossing his wand to Harry? Excellent storyline for fans of Draco.

And your cliff hanger?! I love this! Having Harry worry that someone is sending her the dreams is Excellent. It adds intrigue and mystery to your story and leaves your readers wanting to know who it is!

Great job! 10/10
Dark Whisper

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Review #10, by Dark Whisper Proving It

6th October 2012:
Wow, I'm really behind in reading your story. Sorry about that... :) I know I read this long ago, but thought I had reviewed it. Oopsie.

Anyway... on to this chap. Poor Draco... He was so desparate to find her, even though he was in such great pain. Poor thing. I'm so glad that she was able to fix him. I thought you really did a great job on describing his pain and then his passing out. I felt that it was very realistic.

I absolutely loved this line... "... the ugly truth was poisoning the very air they were breathing." Wonderful writing. I wish I was better at coming up with those kinds of lines, giving an intangible thing an action verb. I can't remember what that is called in technical writing terms, but I love it. :)

As far as the story, this chapter really shows an important turning point as he trusts her with the truth, agrees to help them, and then 'proves it.' And I love, love the way he proves himself. :D

One last thing about this chap is when he asks her if she really thinks Harry can defeat the Dark Lord. I pretty much let out a bit of a gasp at this. You wrote as if he held some hope for it to be true. Awesome!

Anyway... great job. I'll be reading on...

Dark Whisper

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Review #11, by ILoveHarryPotter A House of Darkness

30th September 2012:
I'm going to go mad if you don't update soon! It's been ages so please update! I have to say I think the most recent few chapters are not quite on the same level as the first ones,they were truly incredibal but they are still great! I know you said you've run out of steam but maybe if you just re-read everything you'd written so far it would help? This is such a good story and it would be such a shame if you have up on it :( I love it so much especially Draco so please please please carry on! ;)

Author's Response: Agh HELLO kind reviewer. I am so sorry I've been so MIA, and you are correct, the quality of my work is definitely sliding. I just have zero time to write between practicing cello, cooking my own food, cleaning, and doing homework. :c HOWEVER. I always write A BUNCH during Winter Break, which is a month-long for me this year. So I promise I will make it up to you then if I can't get this updated before. My break starts December 22nd. I know that's long to wait, but I work every weekend and have school five days a week so it's just not very likely I'll have time to produce a truly good chapter. Thank you so much for stopping by, you truly are lovely, and I'm so sorry for this terrible wait.

Much love,

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Review #12, by Sara_Sj A House of Darkness

13th August 2012:
WOO kudos to you for picking such a fantastic character, that would make so much sense and is just perfect.
Something bothered me when I first (re)read your fic and you mentioned Narcissa not doing much, just denying the fact that Voldemort could even hurt her son.
and BAM you hit me with this.

Your writing is amazing and I'm so happy I decided to reread.
It's wonderful seeing your story advance and, though I'm sad I've hit the end of your updated chapters, I look forward to new ones.

Author's Response: Hello my dearest. This review is from FOREVER ago but I'm going through and finally replying. Thank you for your kind words, you are truly wonderful.

It looks like I'm not going to have much time to write (see the response I left ILoveHarryPotter) but I promise come December 22nd I will be writing like CRAZY.

Hope you're doing well,

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Review #13, by Sara_Sj When Words Fail

13th August 2012:
Hmm...may I guess who it is that's sending the messages? As much as I hate your cliffie and just want to go to the next chapter I'd like to have the full "reading experience."

My first guess WOULD be Dumbledore...if I didn't know your writing better. Dumbledore would be the obvious answer, but he's got so much other important things to do.

So my guess will be...Narcissa Malfoy. Not a popular guess I'm sure, but based on the character of Narcissa that I have in my head (and my fanfiction), this would fit perfectly.

I'm excited to find out and hope you do tell us in the next chapter.

Author's Response: You're brilliant, you are. ;)

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Review #14, by Sara_Sj Saved

13th August 2012:
Oh wow 7 AM, it's 5 AM here :D DO YOU SEE MY DEDICATION?

I ESPECIALLY loved getting to see Draco's dreams. They were beautifully worded, especially the one with Hermione helping him "see outside of his prison." That was brilliant.

I see you trying so hard to keep Draco in character and I must say, it is definitely working.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, you have no idea how much that means to me!!!

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Review #15, by Sara_Sj Origin

13th August 2012:
“Harry and Ron aren’t going to be easy to sway. I hope you know that. It’s going to take a lot for them to believe you.”

OOH PERFECT OPENING FOR DRACO TO BE SNARKY! Something like "Darn, so a kiss each won't be enough?"
gah that sounds terrible but you get the point

and OMG cliffhanger is evil.
Thank goodness I can read on after I send in this review. Once again, fantastic.

Author's Response: AHAHAHA wow, in a less serious story I would TOTALLY do that, bahahaha.

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Review #16, by Sara_Sj Proving It

13th August 2012:
AH! PERFECT ENDING for the chapter.
I absolutely loved it! I'm so glad I came across this again and decided to reread/catch up!

I must say your story is that much more amazing than what it used to be...and that's saying something! I love it I love it I LOVE IT.

One little teensy weensy thing *hides* (I know you hate me and were so glad to have gotten rid of me :P) is that I don't believe Draco would be able to call Voldemort "Voldemort" right now. Maybe a little later, as he slowly turns "good"? I'm pretty sure at this stage he'd still be calling him "The Dark Lord." Just a thought.
Oh and maybe he wouldn't call Harry by his first name, but his last. Let that friendship progress perhaps?
Or ignore me completely.


Author's Response: Hmmm, some good points. I'll keep them in mind, thank you!!!

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Review #17, by Sara_Sj The Blackest of Hearts

12th August 2012:
Okay. So you may or may not remember me, but I was an avid reader of this fic once upon a time. It's been a while. I grew up, went to college, etc. :P
I had the fic bookmarked up until the chapter I had read and figured I'd just continue from there (even though I barely remembered the fic :/).

Then I read my last review, and your super kind response to jog my memory. It helped, but wasn't quite enough. Oh and your sweet response was encouraging (:

I then went to the next chapter and saw my username up top thanking me for some tiny thing I did and sngjgks it was so...idk how to explain it. I didn't expect that, and it was incredibly sweet of you to thank me. Really, it was, and is, nothing.

So here I am rereading your entire fic so I can remember and see the edits you say you've done. i am once again already in love with this fic (: I LOVE IT. I can't wait to catch up and read more.
Thank you so much! xx

Author's Response: Thank you dearest, I really do owe you for all of your help. :)

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Review #18, by Gin_gin06 A House of Darkness

12th July 2012:
Magic! Please will you update? I miss this story and you, so please update! Much Love, Gin-gin

Author's Response: Gin-gin!!! I am sooo sorry I haven't updated. I completely lost my steam on this story. Soon I will get back to it, I promise! Feel free to PM me on fanfiction dot net!

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Review #19, by Iris Kuusi A House of Darkness

3rd July 2012:
I've been away from this story for a while, and hadn't had a chance to come back to read. I'm so glad I did - you're truly a very talented author! I can't wait to read more from you! (:

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Look for an update near the end of December!

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Review #20, by Evie A House of Darkness

26th June 2012:
You said we'd get to read about it in the next chapter... Its been a while, wheres the next chapter???

Author's Response: I'M SO SORRY. :( Look for an update near the end of December, I won't let you down!

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Review #21, by Jacy A House of Darkness

6th May 2012:
Hey magicinthemoonlight29 !
You are an absolutely magnificent writer! Keep up with it!
You capture people with your work which is a marvelous peace of art!
I love the way you write! And if I could, I'd give you a rating of about 1000/10!

Author's Response: Jacy, wow! Thank you so much, that absolutely makes my day!

Since you wrote such a nice review I'm happy to tell you that I'm just a few days away from being done with school - Which means I'll be back to this story. :) So keep your eyes peeled! Thanks again, you have no idea what your words mean to me!

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Review #22, by Victoria A House of Darkness

24th April 2012:
This is wonderfully written. Update right now please!

Author's Response: Thanks for your patience Victoria! And I'm happy to say I'll be getting back to this story in less than a week! :) So please keep an eye out for an update! And thanks for your review!

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Review #23, by kristen A House of Darkness

4th April 2012:
Really good! Can't wait for the next chapter!! Xoxo

Author's Response: Thank you Kristen! I'll be back to this story in about a week, hope you come back!

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Review #24, by Evie A House of Darkness

3rd April 2012:
Please make more! Your story is really good and has some mistery that keeps you coming back to read more.

Author's Response: I'm so sorry for the late response, but thank you Evie! I'll be back to this story in about a week, I hope you find your way back! :)

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Review #25, by Tamsin A House of Darkness

10th March 2012:
Great story!!
Can't wait to read more!!
Stayed up late reading it!
Please write the next part quick because I love the story so much!!
I thought it could be Pansy that was doing!!
The story was surprizeing which made it so good!!

Author's Response: Thanks Tasmin!

I thought I should finally reply to your review - I was hoping to bring good news, but the truth is I've lost some steam on this story.

I'm not abandoning it by any means, but I've lost my motivation to write since I've been so busy.

However, please keep checking back - I'll get back into it as soon as I can! Thanks again for reading/reviewing!

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