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Review #1, by Blaise Zabinis Fiancee Why did you leave me?

10th October 2011:
Love. I really liked your portrayal of the Harry/Pansy 'ship, that it was a sort of changing relationsip, and that they balanced one another in a way. I wonder how he died? I have always been a fan of this 'ship.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm happy you liked it :). Nice to know I'm not alone in my liking for Harry/Pansy hehe. To answer your question, when I wrote this, long before DH came out, I envisioned that he and Voldemort killed each other but Harry didn't come back to life.


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Review #2, by LovelyMioneWeasley Why did you leave me?

15th September 2011:
Sigh. Misty, how beautiful. And Vintage Misty!!! So fantastic!! I loved this truly and you're about to get a rambling review about why I loved it so much.

So, Harry/Pansy is quickly becoming an off favorite of mine. I've found some insanely well written stories by puttering around online. There's some real tension between these two characters that I don't think enough authors or readers are noticing and tapping into. So, for the get go, I knew I was going to be a fan.

So, my second favorite thing was the beginning; you began it with a smile and I knew that it was going to end happily. I think that was sort of an epic poetry moment, defining the the theme and the driving force in the story's opening lines. Very swift, Mist ;).

I also loved the playing with colors you managed to throw in here; the emphasis on nature and how natural their relationship seemed to be. It was all very well put together and very intricate in the way that you wrote it.

I loved some of the old school Misty and I miss the present Misty very, very MUCH! Pop me a message soon, please please please

Author's Response: Eek, Lindsay, you're so sweet you give me a toothache *blushblushBLUSH*.

They're such an underrated ship, aren't they? So much potential for an angst-fest. I've read one or two good fics of this pairing but there's this one amazing Ron/Pansy fic whose name escapes me at the moment. But back to Harry/Pansy. I'd love to read your interpretation of it. *coughsubtlehintcough*

Would you believe that was entirely unintentional? :P I didn't have the heart to give Pansy anything other than a, if not happy then hopeful ending.

Nature was definitely meant as a sort of secondary character in this fic, a substitute for Harry if you will. Very perceptive of you to spot that! I actually thought I overdid the description in certain parts but this was my phase where I was desparate to improve my description skills.

Aaaww, thank you so much, darling. I miss Lindsey as well, in every and all eras. This month has been a killer but November's the start of my holiday so I'll definitely shoot you a message soon. There's this new one-shot I have that I'm on the fence about posting and would love your opinion on it.

*massive hugs*

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Review #3, by anonymous diva Why did you leave me?

1st September 2011:
Hey ! I am shaheen from the forums .Here withyour review as requested.

Well I am not much of a harry/pansy fan but when I read it I couldn't stop . It was so appealing , enthralling and well-written that I had to go on.

Thats what I like about a story and I also liked the way you presented it. Every part every description revealed the inner turmoils she was going through and you just have to empathize with her. I especially liked the last para.

Just one suggestion.
I would like you to write a prequel to it .Only if you want .I think it would be great. I'll surely be there for help when needed. :)

Author's Response: Hi Shaheen! So sorry for this super-late response.

Well, it's a relief to hear that you liked it in spite of the pairing. It was one of my concerns when I put up this fic. A prequel? What a compliment! I don't really have any plans, or even ideas for one but if I do, I'll definitely let you know. Thank you so much for such a nice review!


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Review #4, by NaidatheRavenclaw Why did you leave me?

4th August 2011:
I'm not a Harry/Pansy shipper. At all. But this was such a well written one shot! If I pretended it wasn't Pansy, I could enjoy it :P No, I enjoyed it even knowing it was her, because you wrote it so well!
Your descriptions in this were my favorite part. Every part of it was just overfilling with emotions and despair. I never thought I'd pity Pansy so much. It was absolutely incredible.
I love your last few sentences especially. Just the way you described that, "like ice water through her veins". I really understood what she was going through.
Like I said, excellent job with this! You are an amazing writer!
-NaidatheRavenclaw, Ravenclaw

Author's Response: It's an acquired taste, even I'm willing to admit that. Mostly, it's just my personal way of going against Dramiones, which I hate :p. But I'm glad you can overlook the fact that this is a Pansy-centric story, much less review, which is wonderful! It's especially great you liked my descriptions. I wrote this at a time when my description skills weren't my strongest suit. The last part is my more recent attempt to salvage this. But thank you so much, for both the compliments and this lovely review!


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