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Review #1, by magicmuggle01 Girl's Bathroom

26th October 2011:
Well it looks like I might have been right in my last review, and there may be a love interest starting here. 10/10 and plz update soon.

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Review #2, by magicmuggle01 Whomping Willow

26th October 2011:
I think there maybe something more to this anger towards Sirius than meets the eye. Another good chapter and 10/10. Moving on.

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Review #3, by magicmuggle01 Cronies

17th October 2011:
Let battle commence. I have a funny feeling that the Mauraders are going to regret what they did.
A great chapter and I await your update with much eager relish. 10/10 and plz update soon.

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Review #4, by magicpuffle Potions

12th October 2011:
Haha i like it! :) very nice. so r u a slytherine at heart? xx

Author's Response: what me ? no i just enjoy writing from their point of view seen as no one seems to do it. The only problem is i always make my slytherins too nice :S

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Review #5, by magicmuggle01 Potions

9th October 2011:
It just goes to show that not all Slytherins are tarred with the same brush. Cleo seems like a nice person, though maybe a bit to nice for Slytherin. A nice start to your story and 9/10 and plz update soon.

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing and i've been working on a few chapters for it. But i most probably won't upload them for a while as i am focusing on my other story "An Untold Tale" :)

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