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Review #1, by Doug Hiser Puzzle Pieces

6th March 2015:
This is a good story, but why take Harry's abilities away, that just sucks!

Author's Response: Lots of reasons, all plot related :) Read on and all will be revealed...

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Review #2, by amandajewls Planning the Chase

28th February 2015:
The twisted plot lines have been amazing and I am really enjoying this whole series! In this chapter two things struck me odd:
One mentioned already: Arthur's refusal to side-along apparate Ginny... since we know it isn't a nono.

The second is Ginny performing under age magic on a muggle taxi cab driver - she has the Trace on her and the Ministry will automatically know who and where performed this magic!

Can't wait to see the consequences unfold...

Author's Response: Liberties taken to advance the plot :) Ginny's going rogue and the consequences may be a bit different than expected... it's certainly a turning point for her character to finally force her to figure herself out. Happy Reading!

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Review #3, by amandajewls Hotel Harry

23rd February 2015:
A wonderful jump into a new book, good touching on the Harry at Home story line, Hermione at home (I see a knight bus in her near future?) and Ginny storyline...

Good on Hermione for going (didn't she turn 17 before Harry and is now officially 17?) out on her own, I look forward to the fall out of her muggle parents thinking age 18 is "adult".

Author's Response: I changed a few details such as some of their ages for the benefit of this storyline. I hope it didn't take you out of the story too much, I know how frustrating it can be to know how something is supposed to be and then have someone else change it :) I've made Luna older while making Hermione a touch younger. There'll be a few other things you may notice as strange... but I promise I was cognizant of all changes I made and it was not an oversight or error, it was for whatever reason my plot required. But, you will get to see Hermione's birthday party later in the story if that makes up for it :) Happy reading!

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Review #4, by Mrs_H Moving On

12th October 2014:
After reading the first two of your stories, I am quite disappointed knowing that the third was abandoned and never finished. The first two were good -- although a good editor would have helped with minor grammar and word use problems like "site" instead of "sight", and would certainly have cut out some of the too-long chapters that didn't add to the plot.

Author's Response: Well, you can save your disappointment because you clearly don't know what's happening...The third story isn't abandoned. I've been trying to validate my chapter and am on my now fourth attempt as my first three were rejected. They take exception to the scene between Luna and Miles and I've been trying to make it acceptable for over a month now. As to the grammar issues, I am fully aware of them and the fact that I don't edit as carefully as I do in my own writing because I just want to get chapters up quickly for readers. I've acknowledged several times that there are issues or use of a wrong name... I'm not happy about it, but I have two full time jobs, one of which I am the manager in, I write my own work and I work in independent film so fanfiction doesn't always get the time or attention to detail that I must have in the rest of my life. I agree some chapters are too long and that's because of my writing style. I don't have a plot... I have no idea what's going to happen until I sit down and write each chapter and so sometimes I get a bit off topic but never too far from the main plot that's developed. Perhaps it bored you, but I must say, I very much like exploring characters in depth and so it can't always be about action. Hopefully a my fourth and last attempt at this new chapter will pass validation... I do have three other chapters past this problem one finished and will happily post them once I can get this one through validation. Thanks for your review, whether you continue to read or not is up to you, but this story hasn't been abandoned.

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Review #5, by Gary B. Escape From Azkaban

24th September 2014:
Drake will fix him.he will make him better...stronger lol

Author's Response: Maybe... or maybe he can't quite fix everything...

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Review #6, by Gary B. Tales From the Jailhouse

24th September 2014:
They going to get caught!

Author's Response: Will they now? :)

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Review #7, by Gary B. Birthday Wishes and Everyday Problems

24th September 2014:
Happy birthday to harry! another great chapter

Author's Response: Thanks :) More birthdays to come... it's time every character be recognized on their day of birth and not just Harry!

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Review #8, by Gary B. Confronting Reality

20th September 2014:
Whose Ron writing too??

Author's Response: All will be revealed in good time :)

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Review #9, by Gary B. Planning the Chase

19th September 2014:
Great chapter! Ginny is being a stubborn brat!

Author's Response: Yes, she's going through quite a bit and not acting herself... hopefully something changes soon ;)

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Review #10, by Gary B. The Truth is Out There

17th September 2014:
A million word chapter?? I would read that!

Author's Response: Yet there is a word count and a max of 15,000 words per chapter... sometimes it's hard to be able to cut off at the right place.

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Review #11, by Gary B. True Deceptions

8th September 2014:
Harland is going to eat draco!

Author's Response: Or worse. ;)

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Review #12, by Gary B. A Giant Quandry

5th September 2014:
Early graduation! great chapter

Author's Response: Thanks! Had to find some way to get Harry through school :)

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Review #13, by Gary B. Aftermath

4th September 2014:
Crazy girl is back lets see what she tries next

Author's Response: She tries a whole lot... ;)

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Review #14, by Gary B. Revealing Research

3rd September 2014:
They going to get in trouble!

Author's Response: Suspense! Thanks for reading!

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Review #15, by Gary B. The Devil is in the Details

3rd September 2014:
Hermione is in trouble

Author's Response: She did run away from home after all... :)

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Review #16, by Gary B. Hotel Harry

3rd September 2014:
I am surprised these stories don't get more reviews. I think that these stories are awesome!

Author's Response: Thanks! So glad you're enjoying them :) They are more of a pet project for me that I've only kept going for the few regular readers I have... and because I'm also curious to see how it'll eventually end :) But it is lovely to receive reviews letting me know whether or not something is working and I'm happy for every one I receive. Thanks for continuing to read, hope it continues to entertain you!

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Review #17, by Druna 4ever Moving On

28th August 2014:
This is an amazing story. I've read this and the previous one and am looking forward to #3. The detail you've put into it is incredible. I hope you enjoyed writing them as much as I've enjoyed reading them. I'll be looking out for future stories, not just the continuation of this plot. Just a suggestion, well really more like a plea, keep Hermione and Fred together because I don't think I could read #3 if you didn't. Good luck writing and thank you for many hours of enjoyment.

Author's Response: Muwhahaha... no couple is safe! Actually I say that honestly because there is no plot or outline and I have no idea what comes next until I sit down to write a new chapter armed only with notes of what's already happened (to keep track of all those details) :) When I started the first one, I was a total H/Hr fan and only once the story developed and I saw where it was going did I change my mind and am now a huge fan of all but one of the couples I have (not liking Ron and Jacey which is probably why they keep having so many problems) So I can promise to not consciously split up Fred and Hermione, but there are just no guarantees until the end I suppose. Thanks so much for reading, I'm very happy you've enjoyed them and yes, for the most part I have loved writing them. (I had started the 1st one before HBP came out and after it took me awhile to get back into the enjoyment... same thing happened after DH. You can probably tell, it's when the stories start to drag and get boring until I wrote myself back into something interesting happening) Please forgive the wait once you catch up to the new chapter... I have two jobs, my other writing and freelance in the entertainment and editing fields so sometimes I can't get to the FF as often as I'd like. Thanks again!

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Review #18, by Druna 4ever Fighting to Go Home

27th August 2014:
Just wondering, U mentioned Parvati in this chapter a couple of times, is she here as a vampire or did u just write Parvati instead of Padma? Thx
Btw the story is great and I'm looking forward to #3. Thx for bothering to continue a long, but awesome fanfic. I know I would have given up in the early stages of #1

Author's Response: I probably made a mistake... so many names, I actually do it often (I think this is also the chapter where I accidentally wrote Simon instead of Colton when Ginny is being rescued) Parvati is at the vampire colony at this time.

Glad you're liking the story... I am a writer and so it's hard for me to give up anything I write (and it's hard to find a proper ending as you can tell) :) I was a huge HP fan.. until the 6th and then the 7th book, so getting to write it out how I want has reawakened my love for the first 5 books which is one reason I keep going... the other is that I like to entertain, I'm an entertainer by trade and so knowing there are others like yourself who actually like these stories is a strong motivator to keep going until I do find a place to properly end it. Thanks so much for reading, you all make it feel like the effort is worth it :) Happy reading!

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Review #19, by toothfairyliz Moving On

29th June 2014:
ugh loved it so much! cannot wait for the journey to continue in the next installment, truly one of the most brilliant stories to be found on this site.

Author's Response: Thank you! So glad to know you liked the story, it makes me feel the effort of writing it was worth it :) See you next story!

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Review #20, by toothfairyliz Ron's Birthday

29th June 2014:
i can't believe its almost over! I can't wait for the next journey to begin!

Author's Response: It had to end somewhere... otherwise this would become more the Neverending Story than HP :) Still a lot to come in the next sequel though so stick around, I'm glad to have you as a constant reader!

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Review #21, by DUMBELDAVE Moving On

27th June 2014:
Loved every minute of this story and can't wait to get to the next one !

Author's Response: Awesome! Thanks! And the first chapter of the new one is already up :)

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Review #22, by DUMBELDAVE Ron's Birthday

17th June 2014:
Brilliant game for ron. LOVEDIT

Author's Response: Thanks! I've posted the final chapter of Coven of Warriors so look for it and the first chapter of the next story soon!

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Review #23, by Doug james Dealing With Dangerous People

17th June 2014:
Wow this is really a novel of truly epic proportions. I thought the Ring of Mykele was good and you have somehow managed to continue the interest into this, so far excellent, tome. I do enjoy the elements of suspense you conjure and your action scenes are ever interesting. Nice that you have saved Ginny but will you be able to do the same for Ron? Draco is developing nicely too and you can feel the tension you are maintaining between the characters. Just some 40+ chapters to go and I'm looking forward to them. Many thanks for all your efforts.

Author's Response: Thank you for an awesome review! So glad such a long story is able to hold interest, especially since it's all made up chapter by chapter... it's nice to know that it all fits together- I haven't really had a chance to read it as a whole myself lately because of time so I can only hope I'm making sense to everyone :) A lot can happen in 40+ chapters, so look for a lot more action, drama and mystery!

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Review #24, by DUMBELDAVE Restless

14th June 2014:
Oh CRAP. You can't just stop there. !
Keep writing

Author's Response: I had to stop there, I ran out of room :) I've posted the next chapter and it's in the validation queue where the wait is currently 4 days, so look for it soonish :)

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Review #25, by Pri Restless

10th June 2014:
I think it's going too slow coz of so many things. waiting for the next chaps.

Author's Response: Agreed! It's going slow right now because I'm wrapping up to end the story and start the new one... it's long/slow in general because I ramble and have no plot planned so each chapter just comes out as it does which is generally longer than it needs to be :) Plus I like having the story from so many character POVs, but it takes a lot of time to establish everything that way. But alas, it is what it is, and it's looong and sometimes a bit slow... but I do hope it at least tells a full story :) I've posted the next chapter and it's in the validation queue where the wait is currently 4 days, so it should be up soonish. Thanks for reading!

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