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Review #1, by jetteblack Always

6th May 2012:
you write what jk didn't.

Author's Response: I think this is a compliment? If so, thank you so much!

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Review #2, by hdawg Always

13th December 2011:
Rachel, this is just too lovely. This makes me feel better and yet worse at the same time. I want to cry but I want to smile. I WANT TO CUDDLE RON ALWAYS. PLEASE?

I actually love it. And you know what I love most about it? Not only the fact that you stick by JKR and don't kill Lavender, but the way that you make Ron remember her. It's just...wonderful.


Author's Response: HANNAH ♥

Aww, thank you so much. PERMISSION TO CUDDLE GRANTED...even if he's not mine to offer...

That was a really important part to me. I didn't want to kill her off explicitly but definitely continue what JKR did in making it up to the reader's interpretation.



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Review #3, by UH60TI Always

2nd November 2011:
Very nicely done.

Good luck with future writings.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for such a lovely review. I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #4, by Hogwartsishome Always

31st October 2011:
That was amazing. Brought tears to my eyes. Purely stunning.

Author's Response: Thank you so much - I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #5, by BlahBlah123 Always

6th September 2011:
It was very good possibly confusing for those who have not read the books but still good

Author's Response: ...
If you haven't read the books, I'd be a bit confused by what you'd be doing on a Harry Potter fanfiction site, I'll be honest.

Thank you though...

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Review #6, by SnitchSnatcher Always

29th August 2011:
I promise I'm not crying - it's just raining on my face.

This was, in one word, gorgeous. You are the Queen of Description, I'm convinced of it. Your words and the way you weave them evokes such emotion from your readers that it's impossible to deny. I This took my breath away, something that continues to happen with every piece of yours I read.

Really, Rachel, you are probably the most talented writer that I've ever had the privilege to talk to and befriend. Your gift is truly awe-inspiring.

Author's Response: Mollyyy ♥ I miss you (and Georgia) terribly. I'm so happy that you'll be ready to come back soon.

You are just...well, I have no words to say. You were one of the first writers I ever read on this site and even now - ages on - I get all nervous every time I see you've reviewed. And then to read something like this makes me want to go and hide my horribly blushing face from the screen.

I HAVE NO WORDS LEFT. I'm just stammering and rambling and I love you ♥

Thank you, thank you, thank you


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Review #7, by tangledconstellations Always

29th August 2011:
Hello again, lovely. Lazy Monday afternoons bring a tonne of interwebs surfing and reviewing, so I've come to clog up your unanswered reviews section all the more!

This was so, so beautiful ): It's actually made my heart ache reading it, because I've always tried to imagine what would happen after it was all over, what everyone would do with themselves. I feel like this is how it should be, because they, Ron and Hermione, have got so many open wounds and so much heart break. This was just wonderful and so amazing.

Ron and Hermione are the only couple in the whole of the Potterverse I can say belong together, because we've seen them grow up. You've captured this moment so well. I can't explain it, but everything about this just feels right. It was so lovely. Thank you for writing this

Author's Response: Laura ♥

Haha, it's never clogged up, lovely :P I'm a good responder!

Thank you. This really is a moment that I'd always envisaged and DH2 really inspired me to get it down on paper. I wanted heartbreak, I wanted everything and the characters to NOT be okay but to know that they could be, eventually. A mutual, silent understanding really was the key point.

I completely agree. I don't know why anyone wouldn't ship them. They're completely perfect together.

Thank you so much for such a lovely review!


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Review #8, by Telewe Always

26th August 2011:
Perfect. Exactly as they should be.

Author's Response: Thank you so much ^_^

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Review #9, by Singularity Always

18th August 2011:
This is really beautiful. It so raw, and real, and honest, and I adore that. Ron and Hermione are my favorite ship. I love the feistiness and the bickering back and forth and the passion in their relationship. This is a completely different view of them, but it's no less true, and I love it just as much.

The ending is absolutely brilliant. The idea that love isn't about flowers and gifts or even kissing and sex, it about intimacy. It's about being there for one another and understanding each other.

This just seems like such a realistic interpretation of their relationship post-battle. I love it. It's brilliant, it's beautiful, and I'm adding it to my favorites. Thank you for sharing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I think every writer wants to hear those words said about their story and I never get bored of hearing them. I love this ship and I go through phases of being happy with what I've written here and worrying about it. It's certainly a different take on them than anything we've seen in canon but again, we've never seen them being exclusively them. I like to imagine moments like this in scenes where Harry's not there.

I really believe in the importance of the whole love vs romance thing. That's not to say that the two are mutually exclusive, but you can definitely have one without the other. I don't imagine Ron and Hermione going to Madam Puddifoots or getting sappy at Valentine's Day.

Thank you so much for such a stunning review. I'm so glad that you liked it!

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Review #10, by onestop_hpfan18 Always

13th August 2011:
Happy Birthday, Rachel! Hope you're having a great day!

I absolutely adored this piece; you did such a good job showing Ron and Hermione in this moment, nothing else to worry about while in each others' embraces. The natural chemistry and feelings they hold for one another just came off the page, turning into reality (or rather canon) as I read them from your perspective. It's exactly as I would have imagined they'd finally get a moment together after Harry defeated Voldemort. This is definitely going into the small stack of my favorite Ron/Hermione stories because not many people can write their love and get their characterizations to leap off the pages with their feelings for each other, but when a story comes along that does it perfectly you can't help but add it to your favorites. Anyway, squee'ing aside, I enjoyed this story. Great writing, lovely! (: 10/10

Forum Name: onestop_hpfan18
House: Hufflepuff

Author's Response: Thank you, Leslie! It was a lovely day.

I'm so glad that you liked it. I love this pairing and I was really worried about how it would be received. I really wanted to get across exactly how much these two need each other and for them to seem real (or like canon) to you is a huge compliment.

Thank you so much, Leslie. I really am so happy that you enjoyed it! Ron/Hermione stories are very hard to come by.


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Review #11, by French_Voldemort Always

13th August 2011:
Rachel! This! Just ... so unbelievable and lovely and I'm pushing aside a couple tears as I write this because Ron/Hermione was my first ship, and one of the few canon ships I can't let go of, and your wrote the two of them so beautifully and perfectly. THIS is why I love the ship so much; small and powerful pieces that capture them.

This is not romance. It has never been about that. This is them. This is Ron and Hermione and two souls finding the part to make them whole.

That, essentially. You've captured my thoughts on this entire one-shot so much better than I ever could. I can't tell you how happy I would be if you decided to continue this, but even if you don't this one chapter is so perfect I wouldn't even be able to be upset. Love this and love you!

Author's Response: -squishes-
Thnank you, lovely. I absolutely adore the two of them and I was so worried I'd screw it up so it's such a comfort to see you react like this. I don't think Ron and Hermione need countless long-chaptered novels. I love them in one-shots and short stories; I like snippets.

I never thought Ron and Hermione to be a lovey-dovey couple. I can never envisage them going on dates or anything; they just...are. I would love to write them again though I won't promise anything.

Thank you so, so much, lovely

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Review #12, by Toujours Padfoot Always

13th August 2011:

This Powerful. There was such little dialogue, but with the few words Ron and Hermione said, a LOT of emotion was expressed. It was very real - I felt like I was sitting in the common room with them, feeling a little unsure, a little lost, and very exhausted. The victorious high is fading, and now reality is beginning to creep in on them - the tragedy, the loss - how Hogwarts itself is broken and places and so are many, many of the people who lived to see the end of the war.

Hermione and Ron are so well-suited to each other, and it shows remarkably in this one-shot. And the shock of seeing Harry when they thought he was dead - you described that so well. The emotions in this story are dark and strong and sad, and a little overwhelming because of the connection we as readers felt to the dead - to Remus and Tonks and Fred. I'm not even sure how to eloquently describe how this made me feel - the best I can do is express that your writing is such a force. You don't just paint a scene - you paint the feelings, too. Everything from the sofa flecked with blood to their hands falling together, entwined, when Ron begins to cry - the memories, the distance already set between last night and today - it feels like a million years of war. It's exhausting, and it splits my mind into several different memories with the barest of prompts - Lavender kissing Ron, Fred lying on the cold floor all alone and all that he would never grow to become, Remus and Tonks getting married and having a baby...Colin and his camera... And to make me react so strongly to that in so few words is nothing short of brilliant.

Really, truly well done.


Author's Response: THANK YOU, LOVELY ♥

So little dialogue because I am so bad at dialogue that I try and keep it at an absolute minimum and get the message across in as few words as possible. I'm really glad that you felt a like that though: means I'm doing my job properly. To be honest, that's kind of how I was feeling when writing it :P

I love writing that kind of comedown and I know that sounds quite awful but I just find it really interesting to tackle it. I've written stuff before about this period but never anything worth posting!

I think that Harry image was really important. I know that if I thought my best friend was dead, the image would stick with me for a long time.

Wow. It's never been described as that before but I absolutely cannot complain. I think I might strive to get that across now. I always aim to make my writing tug at someone's heartstrings - especially the angst - but I'd never, ever have considered it as a force.

Exhaustion is the main thing I wanted people to pull from this. I wanted to show the ache and the pain and how it all still matters so much. Them being together doesn't save them from what's happened straight away, it's just somebody to share it with.

Thank you so much for such a gorgeous review, Sarah. It's really made me think about my own writing.


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Review #13, by EpicPenChutters Always

12th August 2011:

Rach, this gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. Seriously. I think this might be the best piece you've ever done. It's heatfelt. It's gorgeous. It's brilliance in a bottle. Sort of.

I think JKR would applaud you for this. If it was a film it would win an Oscar. If it were a book it would win the Carnegie medal. If it was a pen it would be the awesomest goddamn pen you've ever seen. (I was running out of things).



Author's Response: I HAVE NOT BEEN HIDING IT! It's been right there, crying for a Jenny review all aloneee.

Thank you so much, lovely. It's not my best by a long, long way but I'm glad you think so.

YOU'RE AN AMAZING PERSON TOO. Thank you for such a STUNNING review, my lovely. OODLES OF LOVE FOR YOU.


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Review #14, by MRS MCGREGOR Always

12th August 2011:
as if you wrote a Ron/Hermione! I am so glad you did. Mainstream is usually something to shy away from, but YOU DID THIS SO MUCH JUSTICE! I got bored of Ron/Hermione moons ago but you showed me everything that is soo good about the pairing. They're so perfect for each other, and despite their tempestuous relationship they're just made for each other. much like you and me.


Author's Response:

Mainstream is nothing to shy away from. How dare you suggest such a thing :P




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Review #15, by RonsGirlFriday Always

11th August 2011:
Rachel, my love, my light:

Imagine my excitement when I, after - ahem - maybe slightly stalking your MTA thread, clicked on the link to your archive page to see what fantastic things you've written since I disappeared off the face of the earth a few months ago, and saw at the top of your recent stories a Ron/Hermione fic with a brilliant tag line. The squee reached a pitch only dogs can hear.


It's not romance, it's love. Brilliant. This is the reason I love this ship. They are not really romantic - in fact, as individuals, they're probably two of the most unromantic characters you could imagine. But the appealing thing about them is their bond and friendship and how they support each other through everything.

And I'd just like to remark on how well you've written Ron here. He is, as you know, my favorite character, and I love writing him - but, that being said, I find him a challenging character to write when it comes to feelings and emotions. It's so easy for a writer to either oversimplify him by not giving him enough emotional depth, or to make him wildly OOC by making him express too much emotion or having him express it in a flowery way. I think you've found the right balance here.

Stop writing things I wish I had written. :-P

Seriously, though - so glad to be reading you again!


(And for purposes of the review fest:)

RonsGirlFriday (Ravenclaw)

Author's Response: Melanieee ♥ You can stalk me whenever you like, my love.

It's so true in my mind. I just can't picture them going on dates - especially not in the early days. They know so much about each other and understand each other far more than either would probably care to admit. Their relationship was great to write.

Wow, that means the world from you. I think I was surging on the wave of having just watched DH and reread it and desperate to carry the story on just a little bit longer. It came relatively easily. I wanted this moment to be this release of emotion that he would probably never allow anyone else to see. He just wanted to see her and have someone who understands there.

I'll stop when you do ^_^

Thank you, my lovely. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it :D


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Review #16, by presi Always

9th August 2011:
Smile, this is beautiful. A true missing moment.


Author's Response: Thank you so much - I'm really happy that you liked it :D

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Review #17, by faerieall Always

6th August 2011:
This was such a beautiful "missing moment" type of piece... you could feel the weight of the previous day, the sorrow and the heartache, but it's written very subtly. They are aware of what has happened, but it hasn't quite sunk in yet, which includes Ron and Hermione's new relationship and it's just very realistic. Everyone's characterized spot-on and fglsdfgslkgh it's just so perfect! I love the little details and the way you managed to flesh out the moment. So lovely.

Nisha/faerieall (Ravenclaw)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Nisha! You've hit the nail on the head in terms of what I wanted to get across in this story. I didn't want it to be too floaty. I wanted that horrible heaviness to be an undercurrent to it. And of course, anything being deemed realistic is always, always what anyone wants to hear from a reviewer.

Thank you so, so much. I'm really glad that you liked it ♥


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Review #18, by SlythindorGirl Always

28th July 2011:
I just wanna say this is beautiful!!! I don't ship Romione or any other cannons as you said, but after watching the last movie I'm kinda liking the two of them. Especially the kiss and the cute thing... "Stay away from my girlfriend you numpties!" Sorry, I'm rambling, but as I said this is simply inspiring and lovely!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a lovely review! I am a Ron/Hermione shipper but not in an obsessive way. I like them together but the final film really, really convinced me.

I'm so glad you liked it, in spite of you not being a huge Ron/Hermione fan!

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Review #19, by justonemorefic Always

28th July 2011:
Rachel ;_; homg this. I adore Ron and Hermione in canon, and this is just perfect. It fits so seamlessly into a moment of the war and the lingering traumas of seeing so much death and madness.

You captured both of them perfectly I think. Not too much, and yet my heart went out to both of them. When I saw this line: "They are empty, exhausted, both aware that there are only three people on this earth who truly understand what has happened.", that reminded me of how heavy their burden is.

♥ keep being lovely~ and if you ever need a banner! 8D you know where to gooo

Author's Response: -squishes-

I'm very glad you liked this. Perfect's a massive exaggeration though :P I really wanted this to feel a little heavy, like an ache, to try and get it to fit into that aftermath which must have just been horrible.

I'm not sure if I've not accidentally stolen that off someone, actually :P Any claims may be made to it freely and I will apologise. I do think it sums it up quite well, though.

Thank you sooo much, lovely. I AM TOO SCARED TO ASK YOU. You must throw yourself at me :P


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Review #20, by Celestie Always

28th July 2011:
Rachel, this was so melancholic and sweet and sad. I think I'm just abusing adjectives at this point, but it was so spot-on and poetic without attempting to be. I think it added more of a proper send-off for the characters JKR kind of dismissed as being dead. It was painful and honest.

And I've always shipped Ron/Hermione since no other option sounds normal without becoming kind of nauseating. But this makes Ron/Hermione seem so compatible. It makes sense for them to be together and the way you show that is spot-on. The love versus romance thing is beautifully contrasted.

A short, but well-written one-shot is kind of rare these days. Well done! :D

Author's Response: I love youu. I'll take your adjective abuse any day :P

I do think that even just getting this down on paper - it's really taken straight from after I'd finished reading DH for the first time and what I imagined would happen straight after - really gave me more of a sense of closure than the past 4 years have, surrounding the series.

I completely understand and agree with the first half of that second paragraph. To know that you think I've made that come across is such an enormous compliment.

Thank you so much, lovely. I'm so glad you liked it.


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Review #21, by ericajen Always

28th July 2011:
Baww, Rachel. Your writing never ceases to amaze me. Honestly. I thought this was super lovely. I rarely read canon ships like Ron/Hermione, but I make the occasional exception, and I usually find that the exceptions are worth it, and this one definitely was.

The emotions were so tangible and real, and I love that in any story. When Ron was breaking down I just wanted to jump into the story and give him squishy hugs. But I think Hermione took care of that pretty well. ;)

This was really amazing, Rachel. :D

Author's Response: Eeps, actually thought I'd replied to this -runs to hide in corner in shaaameee-

Thank you so much for such a lovely review. It's absolutely undeserved but ♥ anyway. I rarely read them too - mainly because it's hard to find something well-characterised - but I've been on such a Ron/Hermione high of late that I just had to write this. I'm not sure it's any better characterised than anyone else's but I tried :P

Anyway, I'm rambling. I really just want to say thank you ever so much for such a lovely review. I really do appreciate it and I'm so glad that you liked it ^_^


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Review #22, by nextgenoration Always

28th July 2011:
I LOVE ABSOLUTELY EVERY BIT OF THIS WITH ALL MY HEART. Heh. Hokay. Rachel you are a completely tremendous writer who I think deserves a LOT of publicity. Fantastic job. You know I love yo' stuffs. :)



Thank you very much, lovely -squishes-


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Review #23, by Roxy Always

24th July 2011:
I really liked your story. I have read a few of the romance fanfiction and I think some of them are just too far fetched where as yours keeps in pace with what Rowling already established. It was very sweet.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I was trying to keep this real and I'm really glad you thought it was. Everything's still very raw for them and I'm really happy that came across!

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Review #24, by Brianna Always

23rd July 2011:
I really enjoyed this. Your writing is well done!
Great job

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #25, by Cedrics Blueyed Girl Always

23rd July 2011:
This was brilliant. I can't wait to see the last movie and I'm sure it will only make this piece even better once I do. The writing style perfectly captures the bittersweet tone you're going for. It's absolutely perfect. Just perfect. I can't say much more than that, love.

~ Alex

Author's Response: Alexxx ♥

You're in for a treat, lovely. It's absolutely made me a bigger Ron/Hermione shipper than I ever was before :P Thank you so much for such a lovely review.


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