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Review #1, by Erised Isolation

11th May 2012:
Tagging you from the common room!

Wow. I mean, wow. What a wonderfully descriptive, emotional and moving beginning to what I'm sure is going to be an excellent story. I really felt Hermione's anguish, it just seeped out of every single sentence! You went into great detail about how she felt and what had happened, and personally I think it really paid off. I really felt as if I were inside her mind, feeling every emotion she felt.

I would have love to know who she shares a cell with, but I've no doubt that'll come up later in the story. I liked his subtle introduction right at the end of the chapter to keep the reader interested. Also your description of Azkaban itself sounds absolutely grim! I was almost ready to bust Hermione out of there, haha.

Excellent first chapter!

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Review #2, by apocalypse Isolation

10th May 2012:
Hey! This is apocalypse, here with your review!

Wow. Just wow. Initially, when I had read the summary of your story, it had definitely struck me as interesting but I had also been a little skeptical, wondering how you would make the entire scenario of Draco and Hermione being in prison realistic. Especially, Hermione. I had never, ever thought that I she could ever end up in Azkaban but I suppose that you made it completely believable to me. The way you presented the entire situation and showed us how she was accused by being completely found guilty, it almost made me believe that she indeed committed the crime.

Your writing style and the way you make sure that you handle every detail, that is just beyond anything I've seen. There were quite a few points where I wondered why the story had turned towards that scene but I found my questions being answered as I read on; really, for that attention to detail and the knowledge of what you reader might wonder, you actually deserve a round of applause. I have seen very less stories which make sure that they remember what the reader might be thinking and answer that. Wonderful job! Also, on one hand, where you've given detail, I'm glad that you kept some to yourself too. It was nice to be kept in the dark and to wonder what exactly had happened that she got accused in such a way. Great job! =)

You had a question about the plot being interesting. Personally, I think that even if your plot hadn't been that interesting, I would've read your story just because of how well it's written. Plus, I'm a huge fan of Dramione so nothing could've kept me away. =P But since you've asked about the plot, I'll tell you that it's amazing and quite brilliantly executed too. I really like how you're going to base your entire story in Azkaban and how my favorite ship is going to start in Azkaban. It's unique and quite a lot different than what I've mostly read. It's also interesting how you chose Hermione to be accused of Ron's murder out of the trio. It brings in a new perspective to the whole situation and makes you wonder how the author will explain the scenario between and Ron and Hermione that JK had set up. Really, excellent work! =)

Description! WHOA. Yes. WOW. It is magnificent, fabulous, wonderful and most definitely brilliant! I can not explain how awesome your description and your attention to detail is. I've read a few stories on Azkaban - even written one myself - but I think that you've done it more justice than anyone else. The effect of that environment had a huge impact on my brain while I was reading it and I felt like I was there. Like I surrounded by that darkness, by that hopelessness and by that feeling that I had nowhere to go because i was a criminal. The effects that everything had on Hermione, they were beautifully explained and I was amazed at how seemingly accurate it all was. Plus, I'm really glad that you're showing her mental state as almost stable right now. It'll be interesting to see how she would reach that point of insanity that everyone in Azkaban supposedly does reach at one point or the other.

There were SO many sentences in this chapter that I felt like crying on. They were so awesome I could've hugged those words. You've got a real talent with the way you use your words, the way you manipulate them to make sure that you've done justice to the feelings they're conveying; it's just.. mind-blowing.

One example: She rolled over in her bed attempting to cover her ears from the torturous sounds of remorse and regret which seemed to flicker across her skin like lightning as each voice joined in the unending chorus of anguish. That was just.. wow. I have no more words for it.

I think I'll comment on characterization in the review on the next chapter. I'll have more substance to comment on. =) I hope you like this one and that it helps you! =D

~Recenseo '12

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Review #3, by bookworm530 Gratitude

23rd April 2012:
The second chapter was very surprising...not at all what I expected. When I read that Draco and Hermione were in Azkaban together, I assumed they would grow closer and fall in love during their time together, one would get our earlier than the other and the other would fight to get their soul mate out of prison. But instead you throw a twist in the mix and now I have no idea how this will go. I am eager to see how Hermione acts once she sees who she is sharing a cell with and I hope you reveal more about how and why Ron died. I am also curious to know where Hermione's friends and family are during all of this...where is Harry, the Weasley's, her parents, etc?? Update soon!

Author's Response: Hi,
Thank you so much for reviewing.
I guess, I really wanted everything about this story to be a complete mystery, I want to keep readers guessing about what is going to happen in the next chapter and with the characters, and in a way I'm sort of glad, though slightly worried that it wasn't what many people were expecting.

While there's an aspect of Dramione to this story, it's not necessarily going to occur for a while I'm afraid, I don't think the romance needs to be rushed, I don't believe it's really important to the story at this early stage, though I'm not going to say about it's importance later on :P

I think at this stage there's quite a lot that's still a mystery, and hopefully there's quite a few more surprises on the way - the good kind I hope. But all will eventually be revealed! That's something I can confirm! :P

I'm currently writing/editing the third chapter so hopefully it will be up fairly soon!

Thank you so much for your review!
~ In The Shadows I Dwell

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Review #4, by AriesA76 Gratitude

23rd April 2012:
I really like this story so far, can't wait for more..

Author's Response: Hi,
Thank you so much for your review!
I'm glad you're liking it, I absolutely love writing this story, there's certainly something great about it that I just seem to enjoy so much!

The next chapter should be up soon, I just have to finish/edit and it'll be up!


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Review #5, by adluvshp Gratitude

23rd April 2012:
Hey! Great going!

This was a nice chapter, a good insight into Draco. The Unbreakable Vow was an interesting twist. I am eagerly waiting for the whole mystery behind it to unravel. Also looking forward to Draco/Hermione interaction.

Good writing!



Author's Response: Hey!
Thank you so much for reviewing, while I didn't reveal it in the first chapter the point of view will be changing between both, as there's quite a lot of the story which takes place in the past, which makes the mystery even they're trying to solve a little more interesting to read, I hope.

It's certainly going to take a while for there to be really any Dramione, but you'll know when it happens, although really, that's all I'm willing to reveal at this current stage in the writing process. :P

I'm glad you liked it!


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Review #6, by ashling586 Isolation

7th January 2012:
I love the use of descriptions. By the end of the chapter I felt as if I was right there with her in that depressing confinement. I could easily envision each little detail of her cell. I could feel the desperation and hopelessness that she was feeling.
While at the same time I am left wondering what exactly happened to Ron? Where was Harry during all this? What evidence did they have on her? How had she actually been an accessory to Ron's death? I am now so completely engaged that I just have to know more.
Now I am waiting in tense anticipation to see what is going to happen next and hope that you post another chapter to this story soon.

Author's Response: Hi,
Thank you so much for your review, I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to reply!

All will be answered across the story, I'm really hoping to leave no question unanswered, but exactly what happened to Ron will begin to be answered in the next chapter which is only in need of editing before I post it, so it should be up in the next week or so! Thank you so much for all your lovely comments, I'm glad the descriptions worked well, because I was a little worried about giving them too much attention when they may have needed less considering the focus was on the desperation of Hermione in this situation.

Thanks once again for your review!
~ In The Shadows I Dwell

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Review #7, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Isolation

7th January 2012:
It was a bitter and sickening taste in her mouth, the realisation that she would too someday share the same lack of will to go another day locked away, beyond the sight of the outside world. In time, she would be reduced to nothing but a frail body disappearing rapidly beneath ever loosening robes, the shell of a woman tied implicitly to a sentence that was not hers, but that would, nevertheless follow her until the end of her days like a sickening and foul odour that lingered within the air.

Wow. Just wow. I was skeptical at first because I could never imagine Hermione in Azkaban. I wouldn't want to, it's a horrible place! I just thought this was amazing, beyond amazing. The attention to detail was just...I cringed because I could see her in the cell and I actually heard the yells in my head. Do you know how eerie that is? I have goosebumps. Oh and the italicized part up top was my favorite part because I almost cried out for Hermione. That's how powerful I thought this piece was. I'm just in awe.

I'm sure she didn't kill Ron but I wonder who did and why or how and why she got sentenced instead. So many questions!

This is going to the favorites!

Author's Response: Hi,

Thank you so much for your review, I can't believe it's taken me so long to getting around to replying to it - that honestly makes me feel horrible. But I think the thing I aim for when I'm writing this is detail, and I'm glad that sort of shows because confined to a single room, there isn't exactly much else to carry the story in some ways when they are in there - when it flashes back is a little different and I sort of try and use that to expand the story and reveal more piece by piece. It's always going to be a mystery to the end, because I always like writing something a little different.

But I'm so glad you like the chapter, even if it's a little creepy and eerie, unfortunately it's mostly all going to be similar, it's not a very happy story unfortunately. Thank you so, so much for your review and thank you so much for placing it on your favourites!

~ Ash

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Review #8, by daliha Isolation

25th December 2011:
Hullo! I know I've read this before but last time I forgot to review (sorry) But here I am! :) Anyway his chapter was beautifully written my only problem is the spacing I feel like the paragraphs are all sumushed together (but ignore me if you want I have eye problems so it might be that) So moving on, your description was awesome and Hermione (in that small piece of dialogue sounds like Hermione) So great job and merry christmas!

Author's Response: Hi!
That's perfectly fine! The chapter spacing is probably my fault, I have an awful habit of writing long paragraphs and just can't bring myself to separate them all, although I am working on that, and hopefully I'll come back and edit a few things later this week that will resolve a few of the issues that have been pointed out to me.

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and for pointing out about the paragraphs being crushed together a little too much!

Thanks for taking the time to read and review!
~ Ash

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Review #9, by Secret Santa! Isolation

20th December 2011:
Wow, poor Hermione! I can't believe she was found guilty of killing Ron. I'm very interesting to see what exactly the evidence was that convinced the jury that she killed the man she loved.

You wrote this beautifully. I can practically feel the darkness that surrounds Hermione in her awful cell. You have a real talent for description and making the reader feel the emotions your characters feel. Very nicely done.

The only critique I would have is that the flow of the story is a little confusing witht the flashbacks in italics. I got confused a few times, but I was able to figure it out. I would just suggest making those a little more clear.

I'm interested to see what comes next, and what happens with her new cell mate.

Happy holidays!
-secret santa

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Review #10, by CambAngst Isolation

13th December 2011:
Hi. This is your review from the Review the Person Above You thread in the common room. Sorry about the mix-up. I hope this review is helpful.

First off, I have to say that you have a real knack for describing emotions and associating them with physical conditions. The way you intermingle the horrible details of Hermione's cell with her deteriorating mental state paints a very vivid picture for the reader.

I think you've supplied just the right amount of information to lead the reader into future chapters. I know that Hermione was convicted of killing her husband, but I'm left wanting to know why. I know she believes that she's innocent, but I'm left wanting to know what really happened. It seems that her family and friends have abandoned her, but I'm left wanting to know whether that's really happened. This did a great job of pulling me in.

The characterization of Azkaban was very well done. All the atmospheric details seemed spot on. The awful conditions, the noise, the screams... a perfect depiction of a place you don't want to spend a single night, let alone four years.

I did notice one small grammatical issue in the third-to-last paragraph: "Never again would she be able to set foot into society without fear of judgment again..." I don't think you need both occurrences of "again". Otherwise, your writing is very solid.

Overall, this chapter worked really well for me. I think this is a story I'd like to read more of. Well done!

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Review #11, by Cleopatraa Isolation

8th August 2011:
Happy Gryffindor Monday!!
Hmmm seeing I haven’t read a Draco/Hermione for such a long time and this one seemed to have an interesting plot I really had to read it. Wow Hermione in Azkaban – makes me wonder how the hell did she got in this particular situation seeing you wouldn’t expect it from her but Hermione can be truly nasty sometimes so I can imagine her sitting there actually.
Cleopatra ( Slytherin)

Author's Response: Hi!
Thank you for reviewing my story as part of Gryffindor Monday! :) I do love Draco/Hermione in a strange way, and this is unique even for me in terms of the plot and the stucture of the story itself, so I hope it turns out well. The whole idea of Hermione in Azkaban is strange, and yes, it raised a whole heap of questions even more me, when I'm writing, but hopefully all if not most will be answered by the end of the novel.

I do agree Hermione can be nasty, however this time, she's not in Azkaban entirely of her own fault. The plot really does centre around how the two of them came to be in the same cell, and how their stories collided without one of them actually realising it as well as how one is more guilty than they realised, and now I just realised how confusing that sounded... Moving on before it get's way too confusing for us both!

I'm glad you could picture her in there, I was actually worried people wouldn't be able to see it because she was a bit too good during her Hogwarts years, so I'm hoping this adult Hermione can slide into the world of Azkaban a little more nicely.

Thank you so much for your review!
- In The Shadows I Dwell

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Review #12, by maskedmuggle Isolation

8th August 2011:
Oh wow, this was a really amazing story! Your writing is simply amazing! You were so descriptive and really got Hermione's thoughts so detailed and very interesting to read! Obviously I am dying to know more about Hermione - how she got in this situation particularly. Until I know that, I suppose I can't really judge the characterisation.

I really liked the flashbacks as well, they really helped to build the idea that prison made anyone insane. You really evoked a deep sense of the atmosphere while I was reading it - I could imagine all the screams, the feeling of being doomed for four years in a tiny room.. really great writing! Very interesting plot as well, keep writing!

- maskedmuggle, Ravenclaw :)

Author's Response: Hi!
Thank you so much for stopping by to review, I'm sorry that it's taken me such a long time to reply, but life has been in the way these past couple of months! I'm glad you enjoyed the first chapter, the second is almost done and it should give a little more insight into how she got there, although it might not be all that much considering it's from Draco's POV. Of course, how she got there is one of the biggest secrets of all, so it won't come until later... But it will come eventually!

I really wanted Azkaban to be this awful place, and for me their cell was really like my worst fear - being trapped in an elevator and I used that to build that sense of being trapped and afraid in this confined space. It's not a fun situation to be in that's for sure! Although it does make writing this a little easier... Can't say I've been to Azkaban though!

Thanks so much for your thoughts and encouragement and for taking the time to review this as part of the House Cup!

~ Ash

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Review #13, by TheDoctor Isolation

3rd August 2011:
Hello, Astoria Viana here from the forums!

Wow, this is really well done! It all flows together well and is really intriguing. I love your description of Azkaban *shudders* it's very well done and gives the reader a rather terrifying image. The idea of the mark to identify Hermione as a criminal is also really good. I love the affect it has on Hermione.

I like your characterization of Hermione though it might be good for her to at least try to stay calm and reasonable when she is first sentenced but then she starts to panic. I'm assuming the prisoner next to her is Draco so I can't wait to find out why he's there and how things unfold between them.

I think you have a really good premise for your story (and I'm usually someone who can't read stories where any of the trio dies so that's saying something) I can't wait to find out who did kill Ron.

The only thing I would suggest is to have had Hermione imprisoned a little longer than six days, since you said she already is showing sings of malnourishment it's a bit more realistic if she's been there for at least ten days. Along with this I would suggest her feeling really disturbed about Ron's death. You've already somewhat done this but since Hermione has pretty much lost everything including Ron it might be good to give her a little more reaction to his death.

Though almost all your descriptors are marvelous I would suggest going into a bit more detail on how her cell was separated from her neighbors, it was a tad confusing.

Overall though I really like your beginning! It flows well and really puts you in the scene. You've done a great job at making Azkaban terrifying even without the dementors. Really good job. Update soon I wanna read more! :)


Author's Response: Hi!
I'm so sorry it has taken me so awfully long to respond to your review, it makes me feel awful, but real life has a way of getting in front of the things we have to do in the online world!

I really wanted to throw whatever I could at Azkaban, I wanted to portray it as the most awful place I could, and I certainly wanted it to be terrifying, purely because the situation I imagined when I first plotted this was based upon one of my greater fears - Getting caught in an elevator. I really wanted to use that to create a strong image of the most awful place I could. Although whether she is or isn't a criminal is something that is still be discovered.

I think the placement of Draco was something I was really unsure about. It's one thing to put him in Azkaban as well, but for them to share a partially separated cell? That was something else entirely. It was a decision I wasn't entirely sure about and I feared it would be cliche in some way, so I'm hoping it wasn't... Seeing as I wanted this to be a story about a lot of things really, and finding comfort in the most unlikely of places was one of them.

I have got an explanation for the undernourishment of Hermione, I haven't gone into the holding cells prior to the trial yet, but they should come up in about Chapter Three according to my planning, so it will be explained. I actually had to do some research for this, as I'm not exactly medically knowledgeable... I will have to take her attitude towards Ron's death on board, if you noticed a lack of her feeling disturbed then that is something I need to address. Although the cell too is explained in the next chapter which is being sent to my beta this week!

Thank you so much for your review! I will look at correcting and addressing the points you've made in the upcoming chapters!

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Review #14, by Brittanique Isolation

30th July 2011:
This, I must admit, is a very gripping first chapter.

I cannot wait for the next one!! Keep them coming and I shall keep reading.

Author's Response: Hi!
Thank you so much for your review! I'm glad you found it gripping as it was one of my main intentions when writing it to pretty much draw the story to a massive start in the space of a single chapter, something I'm usually quite awful at!

I'm currently writing the next chapter and will be sure to continue writing as I really enjoy writing this story despite it being quite different from what I first anticipated.

Thank you so much once again!
- In The Shadows I Dwell

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Review #15, by katiefelton Isolation

28th July 2011:
Wow, what gripping writing!

I was hooked from your summary, and decided to read on. And i'm glad I did! I really can't wait until you introduce Draco. Keep up the great work!


Author's Response: Hi!
Thank you so much for stopping by to review! I'm glad the summary was hooking, as I'm usually quite terrible at summaries and they usually sound like the complete opposite of my stories! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and Draco will be appearing very soon, in the next chapter in fact, which hopefully isn't all that far away!

Thank you once again,
- In The Shadows I Dwell

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Review #16, by Deltaris Isolation

28th July 2011:
This is absolutely remarkable. There is so much I want to say right now, but am unsure of how to word everything.

From the first paragraph, I knew this was going to be different than anything that I've ever read before. The thought that THE Hermione Granger is in any sort of trouble, let alone Azkaban, is just stupefying. I can't believe it, I don't want to believe it, it just can't be real.

And yet every little detail you pen makes it so. It's incredibly believable, as much as I hate that fact. Her memories of the sentencing fit wonderfully into the present happenings without detracting from the flow, and give us everything we need to know from the start. I just refuse to believe it, absolutely refuse to.

You have done a truly fantastic job with this first chapter. I am completely, absolutely in love with it, despite the fact that I just can't bear the thought of Hermione in prison.

I came across this in the beta needed section, and thought that I wouldn't like it, as it's given as a Dramione. It's not a pairing I normally like, because it tends to be so unfounded with no reason for the two to be together at all. It's not like that here. If Draco is the man sharing her cell, oh my. I see so much potential with this story, so much.

Please don't ever give up on this, even if you are unsuccessful at finding a beta. This chapter absolutely broke my heart, but I think it would break more to see you discontinue this.

"It was too late for him, for them both." So powerful.

Author's Response: Hi,
Thank you so much for your amazing review, I've really been meaning to getting around to answering it so much sooner, but well real life has a habit of getting in the way sometimes! I have to say, the thought of Hermione in Azkban still makes me shudder when I write this, it's so completely and entirely out of what we expect of her, sometimes it's a real struggle to place her within this place, one which there is no reason for her to be within, and yet I battle on for the sake of the story... It's still rather hard for me to get my mind around when I'm writing, there's so much back story in this still needing to be written!

I really strongly believe that everything in writing belongs with the detail you put in, whether it be something as small as names for characters in passing and reasons for this or whether it be something that's going to come up 80 chapters later, I really strongly and firmly believe in the power of detail and it's really something I've only just begun to get a grasp on as a writer, something it took me years to be taught and learnt a little to late for my own good.

Thank you so much, I really am working towards creating a scenario where Dramione is completely and totally possible given the circumstances as I really believe in the pairing's potential, I want to actually try to work on creating something that does come across as entirely believable in the long run so I'm glad it's coming across as a believable situation to begin with given the completely AU nature of all that happens in the chapter!

You can trust me when I say I have no intentions of abandoning this, probably for the first time in two years I finally feel this strongly about an idea that I cannot bear the thought of abandoning it for any reason at all, so never fear, because I think it would also break my heart if I were to give up on this Hermione and this Draco, they are quite vivid within my mind, so much so that to let them go in 23 chapters is going to be a struggle!

Thank you so much for all your amazing comments and the brilliant review overall! You would not believe the smile that spread across my face when I read this, I only wish I could have replied so much sooner!
- In The Shadows I Dwell

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Review #17, by aurevoir Isolation

27th July 2011:
ohmygoodness. I saw this banner over at TDA and was like hey, I really like that banner, I want to see what the story is about!! and I have to say.I'm hooked. I will be stalking often to see when the next chapter is posted!! The details are just perfect, the phrasing, and everything. You captured what Azkaban is perfectly and I can't wait to see what comes of this =) (though I think I can guess who her cell mate is ;) )

Author's Response: Hi!
Thank you so much for stopping by, and after seeing the banner as well! I have to say enchantress has done an amazing job with this banner, it's absolutely remarkable! Thank you so much for all your lovely comments, I'm really working on cramming as much description of Azkaban in as possible considering we know so little about it, I really have the whole world of my imagination to work with on that aspect of this story!

Sadly, yes it's probably just a tad obvious who her cell mate is probably going to be, (I hope it's at least a little mysterious... Probably not, I'm not exactly good with mysteries!) I'm glad you enjoyed it, I'm hoping to have the next chapter up pretty soon, I'm currently working on it so hopefully it's not all that far away!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading and reviewing!

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Review #18, by StarryKnights Isolation

27th July 2011:
very intruiging beginning if i do say so myself! nice job with the descriptions:) very realistic!

Author's Response: Hi,
Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read and review! I'm glad you found it realistic as it was one of my major concerns with beginning this piece, was that we never are given a description of the inside of Azkaban, so I had to go off what I'd seen in the films and my imagination, which is always quite a bit of a risk.

I'm glad you found the beginning intriguing, there will certainly be a lot more mystery to come in later chapters!

Thank you once again for reviewing!
- In The Shadows I Dwell

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Review #19, by Bookworm045 Isolation

26th July 2011:
This is really depressing. Exquisitely, wonderfully, beautifully written, but really, horribly depressing. It's like an addiction--I don't want to read anymore, lest I get even more depressed, but I can't help but crave the next chapter (so update, 'kay?), because I just need to know more about Hermione, and the man in her cell, who I'm assuming is Draco. Its such a strange piece of writing, this story. I don't think I've read one where Hermione is a prisioner, much less being accused of helping murder Ron. What was Draco's crime? Was he the one who actually killed Ron? If not, then who killed Ron? Who framed Hermione? Why do the prisoners only get one meal a day? Who are the other people in the other cells? What were their crimes? What is wrong with the ministry? Is this a 'Voldy is back for the third time' story? Why do you make me ask millions of questions?

Author's Response: The endless questions that can be raised from a single chapter, although there's several I can put an answer to several of the questions without giving away the plot so I'll do so right now:
Who are the other people in the other cells?

The people in the other cells range from teenagers who have committed horrific crimes, (male and female) to those of an older nature who have spent a large portion of their lives so far in the prison. (I actually have a diagram of the cells around them drawn and the crimes and names of the prisoners.) Although you'll learn more about them later.

What were their crimes?
They range, from being a Death Eater to something like repeated stealing, although this Azkaban is overcrowded, there are very few prisoners with small crimes, mostly large harmful ones which have caused large amounts of devastation.

Is this a 'Voldy is back for the third time' story?
Nope, there is a criminal of sorts, however that's not all that revealing considering the bulk of the story takes place in Azkaban.

Why do you make me ask millions of questions?
Because I love questions!

Believe it or not, this was not initially meant to be entirely depressing, it just got that way fast, although at the moment, it's going to get darker before it get's better, which I think need's to happen to an extent before everything starts to become revealed. I don't think I've ever had one of my stories described as an addiction before... I quite like it... I'll be certainly updating soon, I'm working on getting a beta as soon as I can and am working on the next chapter as I respond to this lovely and incredibly awesome review!

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and read and review, I hope it's an addiction of the good kind (like Harry Potter) in the end!

- In The Shadows I Dwell

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Review #20, by Hot_sexy_babe Isolation

26th July 2011:
Hi!! :)

Only one chapter so far and im hooked. Im really excited to read more. I love how much thought and detail you put into describing things. It really helps you get a mental image. Keep up the great work. Can't wait to read the second chapter!!


Author's Response: Hi,
Thank you so much for your lovely review! I was really worried about posting this, for a moment I thought I was heading into too much detail into a place that wasn't exactly easy to visualise, however your review has confirmed that perhaps I didn't and it might just have been the right balance, so thank you! I'm currently working on the second chapter and am expecting it to be be posted some time in the near future, once I've found a beta for this as well to make sure it is as good as it can be!

Thank you so much for your review, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!
- In The Shadows I Dwell

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Review #21, by adluvshp Isolation

26th July 2011:
hey there! I am AditiDraco95 from the forums. I asked you for the link to your story and I'm glad you gave it to me! I really like how you have started the fic. This seems a very different and unique and totally amazing plot and I can't wait to see how the story unfolds. A very remakable job for a first chapter too. You've got me hooked already :D

looking forward to the next,



Author's Response: Hi,
Thank you so much for taking the time to take a chance requesting a random Dramione link from me and reading and reviewing it as well! My main aim was to create something completely and totally unique in terms of the Dramione stories I usually create and wanted something dark and completely unique, and so this was born!

I'm really glad you liked the first chapter, I wanted it to reveal so much but at the same time very little because if I gave away the entire plot, well there'd be nothing left for me to talk about in the next 22 chapters! I'm hoping to have the next chapter up in the near future, and already working on it, so hopefully the wait isn't too long!

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and read and review!
- Ash

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Review #22, by Gaby Isolation

26th July 2011:
Just from reading the first paragraph I was hooked. This first chapter is amazing. You really showed the atmosphere in Azkaban. I've never been able to picture Azkaban and the environment until now. I can't wait to hear what happens further on in the story :D

Author's Response: Hi!
Thank you so much for your review! I really wanted to create something new here with Azkaban being pretty much one of the only actual settings of this story, and well we don't know that much about it aside from a brief look at what it looks like in the movies, so I guess I have a lot of space to work with there! :)

Hopefully the next chapter shall be posted in the near future, although I'm still writing it, and it's already longer than the first! Thank you so much for reviewing, it means so much to me!

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