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Review #1, by FOREVERHARRY468 Weasley's Wizard Wheezes

2nd March 2012:
Brilliant! I love the way you write Ginny.

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Review #2, by Mysterious Weasley's Wizard Wheezes

29th February 2012:
This is amazing! I absolutely love it! Please write more soon! :)

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Review #3, by Green_Eyed_Doe The Headmaster's Office

28th February 2012:
That was interesting. She was punished by beingsent into the forest though, along with Neville and Luna.

This was very indirect but it was still pretty cool.

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Review #4, by Green_Eyed_Doe The Wedding

28th February 2012:
Wow! Very clever! I love the stories that don't contradict anything, and fill in the blanks! Nice Job! I think you captured Ginny very well.

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Review #5, by Johanna The Headmaster's Office

6th January 2012:
You are really, really good. So is this story! Please continue writing it?

Your language is beautiful and your characters are amzingly captivating, and so true to canon. You like write Ginny as I have always imagined her, a bit scary actually... ;)

But Please continue the story?

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Review #6, by BrightStar The Wedding

1st September 2011:
Hi! BrightStar here with an extrememly late review. I'm just finishing up all the requests before I close the thread :D

I wasn't sure what I was I would think of this, but I was surprised. You didn't over glorify Ginny (and that's coming from a huge Ginny fan), or change the facts to make her look better, like I presumed from the title.

A scream; a simple scream was written so well, with all the careful, brave feelings behind it - because it was brave. She went against her mother, and her own want to be near harry, ron and hermione.

Oh, it was all so... Ginny! Everything! So well done, really. Her role, as the daughter of others was soo well put together, everything was reasoned so well!

Well done! I'm going to favourite this and read on another time :)

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Review #7, by Dilys Derwent The Headmaster's Office

18th August 2011:
I think I prefer the first chapter. But that is not to say I don't like this, it was just more long-winded and thoughtful. I really like the whole concept, I always wondered what was going through Ginny's mind throughout the 7th book. I think these moments are intriguing and seem to make so much sense. I am interested to see what the other moments are. :)

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Review #8, by halfbreed The Headmaster's Office

17th August 2011:
I love this. I've always been interested in Ginny; I felt like she was pretty underplayed for the saviour of the wizarding world's wife. This is exactly how I've always imagined her and yet so much more, and I adore the insight given into Snape in this particular chapter as well. I think you've not only done them both perfect justice, you've injected so much emotion into these chapters that it's really very sad that there isn't more for me to read right now. You have made me much less annoyed at what I always thought was an extremely strange pairing, and that is a feat in itself. Everything flows perfectly; your style is beautiful, so sensory and tangible that I can see and feel not only the words but the trials and love and longing they represent. But I'll stop this review now, or else what will I be able to say when I review the rest of the chapters?

Fantastic. Easily the best thing I have read on this site, and I love the way you've connected it to everything. Just... amazing, truly.

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Review #9, by Ravenclaw333 The Headmaster's Office

12th August 2011:
Amazing chapter. I don't know what else to say. I'm so glad I came across this story, you've done a brilliant job with Snape here. 10/10.

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Review #10, by Ravenclaw333 The Wedding

12th August 2011:
A great chapter! Good characterisations, very well written and fits perfectly into canon. Good work!

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Review #11, by academica The Headmaster's Office

11th August 2011:
Hey again!

So I'm a HUGE Snape fan, it's no secret, so I read your chapter summary and immediately wanted to read away :)

I love the attention you paid to your characterization of Snape. You painted his emotional complexity so well, and I love the doubt he felt about Dumbledore, perhaps exemplified best in that line about how even a first-year wouldn't have been stupid enough to put on that ring. I also love the individual attention given to the new leaders of Dumbledore's Army. It really made the resistance at Hogwarts come to life for me here.

Ginny's emotions came through so tangibly. Her hatred toward Snape and fierce desire to be a part of the "larger battle" were equally tangible. And I LOVED the way Snape responded to her strong will. The connections between Lily and Ginny were so incredibly original, and yet they make perfect sense. All in all, a VERY powerful chapter.

This really does deserve a longer review, but I can't find anything wrong to wax philosophical about, and I'm a little exhausted from the review fest going on over at the forums. Suffice it to say this: You're a genius. Keep writing more of this, please! :)

academica (Slytherin)

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Review #12, by thenameismg The Wedding

7th August 2011:
I love this. I love how mature Ginny is; she knows what's going to happen, she knows she won't like it but accepts it. I think Ginny is mature for her age (with everything going on, who wouldn't) and I think this is the first time I've read about this side of her. Amazing writing*sits down and waits for the next chapter*

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Review #13, by Person The Wedding

7th August 2011:
Amazing! 11/10! Write more! More! More! More!

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Review #14, by ilharrypotter The Wedding

1st August 2011:
Hello there! ilharrypotter/polkadot from the forums with your requested review.

Looking forward to reading these missing moments - I do love Ginny, and wish she could've been featured more throughout the series. Alas, she wasn't, but things like this always make me smile.

I love this. I really do. It's so powerful to read what you think Ginny must have been thinking during these times - and realistic as well. And when Ginny screamed to distract her mother, even though she knew she was letting Harry escape into danger - also, really powerful stuff.

Also, the part when three of her brothers shielded her to protect her during the battle, since they knew she couldn't really use her magic - beautiful. Honestly, it was. It was a simple paragraph, but it shows you so much about the Weasleys and about their family bond. I loved that addition, even if you didn't mean as much with it as I took from it.

I really enjoyed this - looking forward to seeing more from you.


Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review! Ginny was one of the characters I was always intrigued by early on, since she was always just in the background and seemed to be waiting to have her "big moment", similar to Neville in my mind. I was a bit disappointed that she didn't get a bit more focus in the final book, but it leaves lots of room for me to write my own interpretation.

I'm glad you liked the scene with her brothers shielding her--I think Ginny being the youngest of the family and the over-protected (at least in her mind) plays a major part in her character development. This was one of my favorite parts to write, as I've always seen her as having a special bond with her older brothers, particularly Fred, George, and Charlie. The chapter I'm working on now is set at Fred and George's shop over Christmas break, so there should be more fun family bonding time ahead.

Thanks again for your kind review, I really appreciate your taking the time to do this!

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Review #15, by academica The Wedding

31st July 2011:
Hey there! academica here with your requested review :)

I really liked this chapter. Your writing is very smooth and I didn't notice any spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes, which is always a plus in my book. Your descriptions were really beautiful, like when you spoke of the memory of the wedding lighting the dark path ahead for our beloved trio. I also liked the imagery in phrases like "her throat burned with dry fire".

I think your characterization of Ginny was just perfect. The piece is relatively simple, just an expansion of the inspiring quote, but you really ran the full spectrum of emotions here. She's jealous of her brother and Hermione, confused about where her place is in Harry's life, and discontented about having to stay behind instead of being able to help out. You provided a much fuller picture of her than the one I got when I read her in the original series, and it helped me begin to appreciate a character I usually dismiss as too simplistic.

To answer your question, I don't think this is overdone at all. I've seen a couple of fics about Ginny's time at Hogwarts during Book 7, and a few Harry/Ginny romantic pieces about the long-distance relationship they have while he's traveling. However, this seems to be a pretty original idea, and a good one at that. As I alluded to with my critique of your characterization, I also don't see any obvious cliches here.

I'm having difficulty finding any flaws here (pat yourself on the back at this point, because I'm not one of those reviewers who never offers actual critique along with my compliments), so I'll move on to your last point, appealing to a wider audience. That's difficult to do when you're focused on one character (although I think the focus is great). My only suggestion would be to look at a good variety of moments through Ginny's eyes so that you get at different aspects of her character: her adventurous side during the battle, her intelligent side during the Horcrux search, her romantic side when she's alone with Harry, etc. If you do this, just make sure that you continue to make her a complex and thus imperfect character, not amazing at everything she does. I'm not sure how much of the story you have written, so this idea may not be helpful, but I think the story is just fine as is, no real adjustments needed.

Thanks so much for requesting a review. I genuinely enjoyed this, and I hope my comments are helpful to you. I'm going to file this in Story Recommendations on the forum under Ginny or another appropriate topic so others can check it out, too. Feel free to re-request when other chapters are validated :)


Author's Response: Thanks very much for your detailed review, I really appreciate it. The challenge I gave myself when beginning this piece was to develop Ginny into a more fleshed-out character than we see in the novels, while still making her actions agree with canon, so I'm glad that came through in the writing. It's by no means the most complex or involved idea to base a story on, but it's good to hear that this topic isn't too overdone.

I'd like to thank you in particular for your suggestion about including a variety of different "sides" of Ginny--I've been changing the setting in each chapter, which has necessarily changed the mood and tone to reflect the different events, but it was a good reminder to make sure I'm depicting all aspects of Ginny's personality, and not just throwing her into different scenarios for the novelty of it. I tried to show her more restrained side in the next chapter, when she'd like to act but knows she can't, so hopefully it will be a good change from the first chapter and show a different kind of bravery from Ginny. Making sure to depict her flaws and not have her be overly perfect is something I've been having to constantly remind myself about and probably my biggest struggle while writing these, so the extra warning was quite helpful.

Thanks again for your comments, they were definitely very helpful and I think it's awesome that you are willing to help other authors out by letting them request reviews. I'm really grateful, and I'm sure many other reviewed authors are as well.

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Review #16, by emylee94 The Wedding

28th July 2011:
Wow, this is good. Really2 interesting. And i like your idea for this story.

Author's Response: Yay, thank you! I really appreciate your taking the time to review.

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Review #17, by goodbyetoyou The Wedding

26th July 2011:
I absolutely LOVE this! it's so interesting and well done, something that I never really expected. so original, cannot wait for more!

Author's Response: Thanks very much for your review! It's good to hear that this isn't too overdone a topic, there's so many good fics now that I always find it hard to do something new.

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Review #18, by magicmuggle01 The Wedding

26th July 2011:
Well what can I say but an excellent start. I like the way that you incorporated the unseen scream as Ginny doing it. I can't wait to see what your next short story (I take it it will be the 2nd one of the 5?). So 10/10 and plz update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! I'm glad you enjoyed this piece, I thought it would be interesting to tie it in to the canon by making Ginny the one who screamed. This is the first of five scenes, the second is waiting for validation and should be up soon.
Thanks again!

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